Evenflo, Top of Stairs, Extra Tall Gate, Hardware Mounted

Evenflo, Top of Stairs, Extra Tall Gate, Hardware Mounted

The Top of Stair Extra Tall gate helps parents keep their children safe from common household dangers, especially around the stairs. The four point hardware mount combined with swing control provides a secure top of stair mounting that is easy to install with minimum tools required. For your convenience, the gate will swing in one or both directions depending on how you set the swing control. A one handed release handle will allow you to pass through the gate quickly and easily, but the two motions to unlock the gate will be too difficult for baby. If your space is limited, don’t worry, because this gate will also retract as you open it.

Main features

  • Four point mounting hardware makes installation a cinch
  • Gate swing open: one or both directions making it convenient for high traffic areas
  • Removable Swing Stop: prevents gate from swinging over stairs
  • One hand release: easy for parents, but two actions to unlock make it too difficult for children
  • Great for pets, too

Verified reviews


… And This Gate Makes 4!

I have one of these at the top of the stairs, both entrances to the foyer, and now at the entrance to the dining room. It is so easy to use, everyone except the baby can operate the latch — and secure enough that not even my son has managed to damage one. When we don’t need an area blocked off, we swing the gate open so that it is flush with the wall, but when we do need to close an area of the house off, it’s as easy as closing a door. My son (19 months) has destroyed a pressure gate, and learned to close (and sometimes open) the long gate from another company, but he can’t open these gates – and my 7 year old respects the gates enough to ask permission before letting herself through. A great gate – I highly recommend it!

Marguerite Pembina, ND

Awesome gate

This thing is great, we installed it on our way to the basement. Very easy to install, comes with this little poster that you put on the wall and drill through it, it’s so easy, that if you get it wrong then you probably shouldn’t have children…..It locks very well and opens easy enough for us and 7 year old.

Gertrude Harlowton, MT

Very sturdy and easy to use

We installed this quickly into the wall and banister. Very sturdy gate that provides peace of mind at the top of the stairs. It’s nice that when the gate is not secured, it can swing back and be flush against the wall, providing a large walkthrough space as if the gate is not even there. No squeezing through a small opening!

Pauline Ingomar, PA

Easy to open and close

We installed it 3" higher to make the gate taller to make sure my grandson can’t climb over. So easy to open and close with a sleeping child in my arms!

Amalia Oxford, AL

One-handed convenience!

This is being used as both a dog and baby gate. The installation (top of the stairs) was EASY! The gate works well for its job: keeping the dogs downstairs when we’re out of the house, and keeping the baby upstairs. Both the dogs (300 lbs of them) and baby (1 year) can shove, grab, and attempt to move the gate, and it won’t budge. But it’s easy for an adult to open and close the gate quickly with one hand and minimal skill. Visitors have been able to figure it out quickly. Looks great, too!

Wilma South Wellfleet, MA

Pretty good

It’s nice and tall, and easy to install. Once installed it’s pretty solid.It’s raw wood, which I don’t find very attractive, but if you paint it it’s not going to slide well as another reviewer found.It lifts out of the hinges way to easily when it’s not latched, and it’s very hard to get back in. I understand the intention is so you can remove it when you don’t need it, but it could be a little harder to get out!

Hester Great Falls, VA