Evenflo Tribute 5 Convertible Car Seat, Richmond

Evenflo Tribute 5 Convertible Car Seat, Richmond

The Evenflo Tribute V Convertible car seat provides your child with the comfort they deserve along with great convenience features for parents. This seat, along with all other evenflo car seats, meets or exceeds all applicable United States. Federal safety standards and evenflo’s side impact test standards. The 5 point harness securely fastens your child while providing up front adjustment for parents. The tribute V convertible car seat also has 2-position recline and a new body pillow and head pillow, enhancing the comfort of your child. The tribute V convertible car seat can be used rear-facing for children 5-35 pounds. And forward-facing for children 20-40 pounds.

Main features

  • Side impact teseted
  • 5 point harness
  • EPE energy absorbing foam in headrest
  • Upfront harness adjustment
  • Fold down cup holder

Verified reviews


Saved my daughter’s life!

We purchased this car seat as an extra to be used by her care giver and for travel as is lighter weight than our other one.We were on a trip over the holidays this year and involved in a very severe head on car accident.My almost 2 year old daughter walked away with a tiny bruise on her chest/neck from the strap (my one complaint about comfort with this seat is it has no cloth gaurd for the straps at the neck line) and was playing with my brother’s dog later that night while the rest of us (4 adults with seat belts) were in critical to severe condition and in the hospital for many days.I am purchasing another one to replace and can say from experience this seat did it’s job!Always be sure your kids are correctly in their seats!!!!

Jerri Haskell, OK

Great price, love the color, does it’s job.

We bought this because our 4 month old daughter prefers to be more upright than laid back in an infant carrier car seat. It’s a pretty purple color, seems soft yet durable, and she seems to like it. My only two complaints are the head pillow doesn’t come down far enough for a baby. It needs a longer strap. Also in the rear facing position, it has to be reclined so that the arrow on the side is level with the ground. In order to do that it takes up so much room and doesn’t fit even in my minivan without touching the seat in front. The leg buckle seems to sit more on her lap and if you’re not careful, you can easily pinch baby’s thunder thighs in the buckle, which is not fun (believe me). But as she gets older I think it will get better. I still really like this seat and would recommend it. Can’t beat that price!

Effie Monitor, WA

Decent, basic seat

This is a good basic seat. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but is a good value for the price and the color is adorable. I wish it had a little more padding, but in this price range the amount of padding is about what you can expect. No complaints

Erica Altus, AR

great carset!

Ok, I HATE the color, but the carseat itself is wonderful! My 12 month old is sooooo much happier now in this over the infant seat. He can see out the window and seems to be very comfortable. It was easy enough to instal rear facing and I have not have any trouble with the buckles being hard to snap. I’m really pleased with this purchase

Rebecca Drake, ND

An “I love you, BUT…”

I really loved this car seat at first when I bought it for my huge baby boy. At 4 months he was a whopping 19lbs and ready for a bigger car seat. Anyways, I still really want to love this but can’t say that I do. It’s a great price and FAA approved for flights like I needed.But my number one complaint is getting the cover off. The back is held down by elastic loops , the sides are held down by plastic clips, but the front almost seems to be glued down. I can not figure out how to get the front end off without feeling like I might break something. All the manual says is that the cover can be taken off and is machine washable. I google for hours and all I managed to get was a few reviews from people that had a hard time with it and either 1)gave up or 2)finally figured it out without giving any details of HOW. This is very annoying and I’ll feel like a fool to ask customer service. (Please give me a comment if you figured it out with some details!) Also the belts do tangle about once a week, and I have to be careful to not pinch my son’s legs when buckling him in.

Natalia Irasburg, VT

Great Carseat

I moved from an infant seat to this one and so far it has been great. I have been able to adjust it so that she is tilted back far enough to rest comfortably and her head is not bobbing forward. It does the job, is easy to install and easy to take her in and out. I like it so much I bought a second for our other car, and now I don’t have to shuttle it back and forth.

Rosetta Hartland, MI