Evenflo Tribute Convertible Car Seat, Charlotte

Evenflo Tribute Convertible Car Seat, Charlotte

The Evenflo Tribute Convertible Car Seat combines safety, comfort and ease for the ultimate value in child restraints. Compact in size, the Tribute provides a great vehicle fit while providing side impact protection. Try this seat for a top notch extended use option at an affordable price.

Main features

  • Plastic, Polyester
  • Compact size for great vehicle fit
  • Up-front harness adjustment for easy access
  • 4 shoulder strap positions accommodate growing children longer
  • Removable cup holder for convenience
  • 5-point harness system provides a secure fit

Verified reviews



Ok there are many things wrong with this carseat, the cheap material, the cheap feel, however the one thing that stands out.. LOOK CLOSELY TO THE PICTURE, the lap buckles are actually not placed to wrap around the baby’s lap but around their THIGHS! HOW DANGEROUS!?!?!?! When I placed my baby (11 months old, 90th percentile for height and weight, weighing in at almost 22 pounds) the lap buckles were placed indeed around her THIGHS not her lap/waist… I called the company Evenflo and they said she might be a little small for it O_o… and they would send me a free carseat pillow thing for her to sit on that would supposively help. I told them to forget it, if they sell this thing knowing they made need to give parts away for free when it doesn’t work properly I am not using it. I bought the Graco Comfortsport and couldn’t be happier now.

Kimberlee Baker, FL

Great Carseat!!

I recently purchased this car seat for my granddaughter to use in my vehicle. I couldn’t believe how well it was put together. Instead of the usual plastic clamps, this one uses metal. The instructions were great, and I had it in my car in no time. It is the best quality for the price, and for the ability to use it from our baby’s weight of 5 lbs to 70 lbs. I would recommend.

Beverly Winterthur, DE

Nice and compact

I need to fit three carseats in my little Subaru, and with this one in the middle, the other two (booster seats) all just fit safely. Facing backwards, the front seats also have plenty of room, and don’t need to be adjusted at all to accommodate this carseat. I find it annoying that carseats are so gigantic and take up way more room than is necessary to be safe and comfortable. This carseat, however, is nicely sized, and my nine-month old loves using it.

Elena Arabi, GA

No padding – returned

This has no padding at all and does not look covert comfortable. I imagine the kids bottoms would hurt sitting on this for an extended time. It has no extra cushioning at all. I returned it thanks to Amazon and got a Britax which is super comfy and my kids are very happy (as am I).

Janelle Roseburg, OR

Fits in small cars

This fits in our small car well. Easy to use. Like all car seats the buckles always seem to twist the wrong way on the straps, but for the price we can live with it. The fabric is not as soft as it could be, so I bought a cover for it.

Donna Parsonsfield, ME

Very Satisfied

The price was a great deal on a great brand for $46. The seat is durable and very cute for my toddler. Will probably buy a second for the other car. She loves her new big girl seat!

Karen Wayan, ID

Fantastic Seat for Us

This isn’t the most expensive seat you can buy, and it lacks a decent cupholder (the one given with it, the collapsable one, is a joke and should just be thrown away), but it’s a very simple, small, soft carseat. We are using it forward-facing for our almost 2 year old. It sits up little higher than our other car seat for our 3 year old (he sits in a Sunshine Kids Radian 65) so she struggles to climb into it on her own, but she is secure and happy when in there. Installation was so easy, considering we can’t use the latch system due to the rear of Dodge vans only having one latch in the middle back seat and we have two car seats installed on each side in the back, but it doesn’t budge and feels safe using the seatbelt.

Cora Remer, MN