Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat, Ella

Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat, Ella

The Evenflo Tribute 5 DLX convertible car seat combines safety, comfort and ease for the ultimate value in child restraints. Compact in size, the Tribute provides a great vehicle fit while providing side impact protection. With a plush head pillow and integrated body pillow your child will ride in comfort while you’re on the road.

Main features

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  • 100% Polyester
  • Made in US
  • Side impact tested; Meets or exceeds all applicable federal safety standards and Evenflo’s side impact test standard
  • Designed and tested for structural integrity at energy levels approximately 2X the Federal crash test standard
  • Multiple-shoulder harness positions for better fit and longer use
  • Upfront harness adjustment and buckle release allows easy and convenient adjusting
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Integrated body pillow gives added comfort to baby and an easily removable head pillow for older children

Verified reviews


Good value for price

We bought this seat for a bunch of air travel we did this past summer. It’s a really light seat and pretty compact for a convertible. It also feels sturdy and safe, and was surprisingly easy to wipe clean when our son got car sick in it at one of our destinations. However, after about 20-30 minutes of riding in it, my son started complaining that his bottom hurt. He only napped for about 45 minutes at the most in it, compared to 1.5-2 hours in his usual seat (a Britax), and it was really difficult to adjust the straps so they weren’t digging into his neck. I still think it was a good choice for a travel seat, but it wouldn’t be my first choice for a daily one.

Dolores Stoneville, NC

Great car seat, has everything you need!

It’s a great car seat! We were on a budget so price was the primary reason for choosing this car seat, but it turned out great! The seat fabric might not be as nice and cushy as more expensive ones, but my 6-month-old is perfectly comfortable and well protected in this seat. No unnecessary bells and whistles to make it bulky or heavy!Pros:- Light-weight and narrow. I’m petite and not very strong at all, but it was very easy for me to get it in and out of my car or carry it up and down the stairs. It’s pretty narrow so I bet you can fit 3 of them in the back of a Sedan!- Easy to recline. There’s a piece underneath the seat and all you have to do is to just flip it forward for rear-facing, and flip it backwards for forward-facing. You can not recline the seat when the car seat is already installed in the car, but most likely you will be using it for one kid and won’t have to adjust the recline all the time so it’s not a problem.- Easy to adjust the shoulder strap height and crotch buckle position. You do need to rethread them, but it’s super easy to do.- Front adjuster for shoulder strap length. You just push the button in the front of the seat and pull the shoulder straps to loosen them, put the baby in the seat and do the buckle, and then pull the strap on the adjuster to make it nice and tight.- Comes with a latch system and a tether. We don’t use this but it’s a nice option to have. And there are little loops on the back of the seat to hang the latches and tether when not in use, so that they won’t strangle the baby or hit them.- Comes with a little head support for the small one.- The head support and the low-back/bottom part of the seat cover are made of vinyl type fabric, so it’s easy to wipe clean.- The whole seat cover comes off easily and machine washable.Cons:- The cupholder that comes with it is pretty flimsy and doesn’t attach very securely to the seat. And the instruction manual said not to use it for plastic cups but only for paper or foam cups. Since the rider will only be using a plastic sippy cup, I don’t think this cupholder is very practical.That’s the only con I’ve found so far!Couple of things:- When you install it rear-facing with a seat belt, you have to remove the front part of the seat cover to reveal the slots where the seat belt goes through. The front part is attached with a little plastic piece on both sides, so you do need to use a little bit of force to remove it at first. This was a little tricky for me at first so I thought I’d mention it.- It does rear-facing from 5-35lbs, and forward-facing from 20lbs (and at least 1-year) to 40lb. I use it for my 6-month-old rear-facing and it works great. The other day, I used it for my 2 1/2 nephew, and the seat seemed to sink to a deeper recline position because of his weight (29lbs), which was not very comfortable for him. So I think to use it for a bigger kid rear-facing, you should probably make the seat non-reclined.- There’s an arrow on the side of the seat that’s supposed to be level with the ground. My car’s back seat is at an angle so I had to put a rolled up blanket underneath the seat to make it level.

Nancy Powder Springs, GA

Did not work in my 2004 Nissan Altima

I was excited to get the car seat because it the ratings were good, my only hesitation was the car seat not having a latch system. I spent over three hours attempting to get the seat belt tight enough that I would trust my daughters life with it. I went through all the instructional videos, and made numerous adjustments to get it to work. In the end, it got no where near tight enough that I would trust my baby girl’s life with it.

Shanna Radford, VA

pleasantly surprised

I was looking for a back up car seat for my husbands truck. Wanted a good quality but didn’t want to spend a bunch being that it isn’t used often. Got this one and was surprised by the higher than expected quality of the seat. Gave it 4 stars because it isn’t quite up to the standards I would like for a primary car seat but is a great seat!

Bertha White Oak, WV

I loathe this seat.

I purchased this seat in March 2013 for my husband’s vehicle, a 1999 Ford Explorer. We didn’t want to spend as much money as we’d spent on the Britax Marathon 70 that is installed in my car, and the positive reviews I saw were encouraging. My disdain for this seat developed very quickly. Because my husband’s vehicle doesn’t have LATCH, we needed a seat belt install, and even though the seat belt locks, the locking retractor causes the seat to tip to one side. That isn’t unsafe, but it drove me nuts putting my son in the seat and trying to get the harness secure. I also found the seat got loose over time. I finally used the locking clip to stop the tipping, which did a better job of keeping the seat tightly installed and upright. This was a minor annoyance, however.My biggest complaint are the harness straps: they twist very, very easily. This is caused by the vehicle’s seat belt pushing up against the harness straps along the belt path. The harness is one continuous loop, so it’s very easy for the sides to become uneven. It’s a rethread harness, which isn’t a huge problem when the seat is installed rear-facing, as it is in our vehicle, but would be really annoying if installed forward facing. You have to be very careful when rethreading the harness; the first time I put my son in it after doing so I tightened the harness and one of the straps came completely off the splitter plate.My husband was growing very impatient with my continuous fussing over the seat, but proper use is important to me and it’s darn near impossible with the Tribute, at least for me in this vehicle. As it is, the seat has a short shell – a full inch less than his Britax seat. Our son was at about the 10-15th percentile for height until his 18 month check-up; he’s hit a growth spurt and is now above average. The short shell means he is running out of room to be rear facing in this seat, something I did not expect when I bought it a year ago. He’s not yet two, and I had hoped to keep him rear facing longer. So, given my hatred of this seat and the fact it won’t work for us much longer, we replaced it with a Graco Headwise 70 for my husband’s vehicle. I installed the Tribute in my parents’ car with LATCH, and that was slightly easier. For ease of installation,the Britax is the hands down winner; the Headwise in my husband’s vehicle (even with the seatbelt) is a close second.I don’t have many positive things to say about the Evenflo Tribute. It is very light, and even though it’s not well padded, my son has always seemed comfortable in it. That’s about all I can think of.

Annmarie Bozrah, CT

Ok if forward facing

We purchased two of these based off of reviews stating they are made for more compact cars. It is true they are not as bulky as most seats but if you have to place the baby rear facing the seat needs to be reclined to almost a laying down position. In our small cars (Kia’s) this pushes the front passenger seat forward. When our whole family rides in the car I have to sit in an uncomfortable position as I can not recline my seat back. Long car rides are pretty miserable. I’m sure it will be fine once we flip it but that is still a long ways away.

Selma Kiester, MN

Great seat for travel

We currently use one of those 2-piece Graco base+carseat things at home, but when we were set to take our first plane trip, we wanted something lighter and more manageable.This fit the bill. It is only 11 pounds or so, much better than the Graco, and it has all the LATCH straps to make it easy to install in a rental car. Also, it’s reversible, so the next time we fly (which probably won’t be for a couple years), we can use it as a front-facing seat also.Most airlines will let you check the carseat for free too. I’d suggest getting a large laundry bag to store it in so it doesn’t get all dirty in the cargo hold.

Sherrie Pittstown, NJ

Does what it needs to.

Evenflo is a trustworthy car seat manufacturer. Their car seats have consistently made the ‘best-of’ list in consumer reports. This seat doesn’t have all the fancy padding and super-easy-to-adjust- straps like the more expensive seats, but it’s a safe choice and an excellent value. Be aware that the weight limit is 45 lbs on this car seat, while a lot of other convertible car seats are good until 65 lbs.

Carlene Bonita, CA

Cost is in line with quality, works fine as an extra car seat.

Thankfully, I only bought this to use as an extra car seat in my mom’s car, so it rarely gets used. It’s very small and lightweight, so if you will be moving the seat back and forth a lot or have a very small vehicle and only drive short distances, this seat will work out just fine for you. And I do really like the way it looks.My issues with the seat are:-When my 16-month-old falls asleep in it, his head slumps forward, which does not happen in his other car seats. It’s a little too upright, or something. This is the #1 thing I don’t like about it, and why I recommend not using it if you plan to take longer car trips where you want your child to sleep.-It just doesn’t feel "sturdy".-The optional cupholder is completely useless. It is basically a thin plastic circle clip thingy. My mom said the book says only to use paper or styrofoam cups in it. I don’t know about you, but I’m not really comfortable giving a toddler a styrofoam cup, especially in the back seat of a car. I like the built-in double cupholders on the car seat I use regularly because I can put toys, sippys, snacks, whatever in there, and it’s super convenient. It would be hard for a younger child to even reach the clip-on cupholder for this seat, so I think it’s pointless unless you have a coordinated and well-behaved 3 or 4 year old in the seat. There’s just really no room for any extras in this seat.It is VERY basic, but seems to be just fine as an "extra". I would NOT recommend using this as your main car seat.

Taylor Union Furnace, OH


I bought this car seat for use in the back of my 2000 VW Beetle. We normally take my daughter places in our Jeep, and I wanted this for a second seat. I like this one 10x better than the more expensive one we bought for our main vehicle.Evenflo Titan Elite Convertible Car Seat – Camille. We have had no trouble with the straps twisting like the other one. I am seriously considering switching the two. This just goes to show that a higher price doesn’t always equal a better product!

Beverley Chokio, MN

Great seat at unbeatable price!

My grandson is very happy in this seat. He is small for his age so we will be able to use it for years. The buckle was hard for me to undo with my arthritis but I purchased the Buckle Bopper and it works easily. I saw these seats on sale for under $43 and bought two more, one for my other car and one for my daughter’s car. We are very pleased with the comfort and safety.

Francine Saxon, WV

Does not get hot in a baking car

I visit my parents in Vegas a lot and if you have ever left your car in an uncovered parking lot for more than 2 hours in the desert, you can attest to the oven your car becomes. We did this and forgot to put the car seat in the trunk to avoid it melting…The car seat was warm, but not hot and even the metal clasps did not burn my skin when I tested them.This is a great product, and compared to what I have seen, it’s a great value for the price. I would recommend this for parents who have an anchor lock on their seats.Works great for 12 month old!

June Louisville, CO

Nice affordable second car seat

We have a much more expensive Britax Marathon but needed a second carseat for another car. This did the trick. It is easy to install, comfy for my son, and doesn’t take up too much space in our Honda Civic. The front passenger can still sit comfortably infront of this being used rear-facing. The only reason I gave 4 stars is that it feels lighter and cheaper than the other carseat. Just the quality of materials and fabric is obviously cheaper, but it is worth the price! Great deal.

Marcia Catron, MO

Well worth the money, and compares to much more expensive seats

We got this seat to be an auxiliary seat and for use with airline travel. We didn’t want to spend a lot. When this seat arrived, I was amazed and impressed with the quality. Our other convertible seats are Britax Boulevards, and since the price on those is so much more expensive, I expected that this seat might be visible cheap or flimsy. I was surprised to find that it was not.What this seat certainly lacks compared to more expensive seats is ease of installation. The LATCH clips work adequately but are old school metal clips–no fancy red buttons or easy to use latching mechanisms. When installing through LATCH, this seat doesn’t tighten separately on each side, rather, it has one strap that tightens the seat in. That works fine and adjusts easily enough. It installs very similarly to our Graco Nautilus, for anyone familiar with that seat.This seat was also great for use on an airplane because the base is narrow. You can easily carry it down the aisle of an airplane, and it fits well within a plane seat.I feel secure with my toddler using this seat. I still prefer the Britax for our everyday use, but if that isn’t an option in someone’s budget, I find that this seat is of worthwhile quality and is well worth the price tag.

Briana Pawlet, VT

Very cheap and flismy

This might be good for a travel seat but it is pretty cheap overall. I wanted something a little more substantial for protection.

Charlene Cameron, MT

Great seat, great price point.

We purchased this seat for my parent’s car so we don’t have to bring ours when we fly. While the upholstery isn’t quite as nice as the (very) expensive one we purchased for my car, I can tell you my toddler has no complaints. He rides, naps, plays just fine in this seat. The straps are easy to adjust and use and I find the crotch buckle to be well situated for taller toddlers who are still riding rear facing. The only thing I don’t love is how far back it sits to have it level with the seat, but some of that could be the leveling required for our vehicle. Overall, great convertible seat for the price. I’d definitely purchase another Evenflo in the future and I can say I never thought I’d have that opinion before using this seat for a while (we’ve had it for about 9 months as of the date of review).

Chris Sperryville, VA


Affordable and easy to install. My son liked the switch to sitting more upright. No complaints about this seat! Dark color will hide stains, too.

Addie Ruby, AK

Flawed design, hard to install

We bought three of these car seats to use in three different vehicles — two minivans and a small sedan. It has worked fine in one of the minivans, but we weren’t able to use it in the other two vehicles. The problem is this: When using in rear-facing position, the seat will pivot backwards at the point where the belt slides through the back of the seat. The seat would have to be re-tightened and re-leveled after every use, and would often tip my daughter backwards to an unsafe angle while in use. It’s also difficult to install because there’s no level indicator — the instructions say to line up a level with an indicator mark on the side of the seat. Learn my lesson… buy a higher-quality seat and avoid the waste.

Brittany Syracuse, KS

Extremely lightweight car seat, great for travel

I bought this car seat specifically for travel. Our Britax is wonderful for day to day use, and receives the highest possible safety ratings. However, it weighs about 20 pounds and is very difficult to travel with.On the plus side, this car seat only weighs 9 pounds and is SUPER easy to carry around. It also gets pretty average safety ratings from Consumer Reports (similar to all but a couple of car seats reviewed). It’s made of plastic vs. metal, but supposedly it performs OK in a crash.On the downside, on our leather seats it really requires a towel underneath to stop it from slipping around. It’s also so lightly padded that our daughters head just flops around when she falls asleep in it.

Marilyn Hopkinton, IA

bought for use IN FLIGHT, great vacation seat

we bought this to use on flights from the east to west coast and it was great. FAA approved and very comfortable for our 14 month old. we wanted to purchase seats for both of our twins but the flight was full so only one had the car seat and one had the lap— the car seat twin slept awesome and felt more secure since kids are used to sitting in car seats. we use expensive diono seats in our vehicles which are great but WAY too heavy to bring on a plane. this seat does the job and is very LIGHT to carry through the airport. we also purchased the JEEP brand car seat carrier to use the shoulder strap through the airport and that was perfect too. we did use this car seat in the rental car at our destination and it was easy to install. PERFECT if you are looking for a great light seat for air travel. as far as everyday use we still will stick with our super high quality heavy seats.

Deloris Kintnersville, PA

Does the job but straps a little difficult to use

Overall this is a solid carseat and my daughter is comfortable in it. The straps tend to get flipped and then it’s hard to tighten. That would be my only complaint

Lea Wainwright, OK

Great carseat for the price!

This car seat was very easy to install and is perfect for my 6 month old, still rear-facing of course. I would choose this car seat again for purchase in a heartbeat!

Tameka Grand Junction, IA

I highly recommend it

I bought this car seat after very long research, it is very high quality and the price is the best.

Cleo Rockwood, IL

Great Seat

I’ve used several brands of car seats and always seem to like Evenflo the best. I bought this seat because it is not quite as wide as most other seats, but still roomy enough for my son. Easy to install and use.

Jessica Twentynine Palms, CA

Works great!

My parents bought this seat for when we came to visit them. It was so much nicer than the seat we had that we bought one when we got home. Have used it both as an infant seat and a toddler seat. Works well both ways.

Marlene Beallsville, PA

Great second seat

This is a great carseat for the price. We use it as a second seat in my husband’s and sister’s cars. It’s not as comfortable as the more expensive models and the cup holder is useless, but it’s very easy to install and get my child in and out of. I highly recommend this as a secondary seat that isn’t used as much or for someone looking for a less expensive seat.

Jill Huron, OH

Good rear facing seat

We bought a really nice car seat for our daughter and then discovered it doesn’t face backward. We want her rear facing until she is 2 so we needed a temporary seat for about a year. It is decent but not very comfortable and the cup holder is too flimsy to really hold anything. The seat also cant be leveled very easily so you may need a towel to get it to the right recline.

Vera Essie, KY

Good product

We ordered two of them for our twins and they seem to find the seats very comfortable. They fall asleep during the car rides home and to Grandmas.

Charity Bedrock, CO


I love this carseat. My munchkin is 4 months old and I needed a second carseat since we upgraded to 2 vehicles and I just hate the infant carrier carseats because they are so heavy to carry around and my son hates being in it so I purchased a baby bjorn for outside of the car and this carseat for inside and he loves it. He gets to sit up more so than in the infant carrier and I can covert it to front facing when he is 2. The fabric is sof and the adjustable head cushion is great.

Tiffany Hope, AK

Good car seat

Love how light this car seat is. It is also comfortable and secure for my son. I would purchase again.

Blanca Saginaw, OR