Evenflo Tribute Sport Convertible Car Seat, Daisy Doodle

Evenflo Tribute Sport Convertible Car Seat, Daisy Doodle

The Evenflo Tribute Sport Convertible Car Seat combines safety, comfort and ease for the ultimate value in child restraints. Compact in size, Tribute provides great vehicle fit while providing side impact protection. With a plush pad your child will ride in comfort while you’re on the road. Rear-facing 5 – 35 pounds and forward-facing 20 – 40 pounds.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Made in US
  • Side impact tested; Meets or exceed all applicable Federal safety standards and Evenflo’s side impact test standard
  • Designed and tested for structural integrity at energy levels approximately 2X the federal crash test standard
  • Multiple shoulder harness positions for better fit and longer use
  • Upfront harness adjustment and buckle release allows easy and convenient adjusting
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Rear facing up to 35 pounds for added safety

Verified reviews


I liked it but my child did not.

This seat has a maximum weight of 40 lbs, and my daughter is 27 lbs.Originally, I posted a very positive review of this seat. However, after under a year, I have to downgrade it. My new recommendations: true fit premiere for a child 8-65 lbs, and britax frontier for child 60-100+ lbs. yes, these two seats are hideously expensive. However, I know my child is safe AND comfortable, which means less whining and crying before and during the trip. They both also have very easy latch connectors, so they can be moved from one car to another without much effort. The tribute latch was easy to put in, but a bear to remove, for me.NOTE: at 31 inches, she’s already at the highest shoulder strap adjustment. Both true fit and tribute had to be front facing based on the strap height. If you have a tall child, please read the instructions on your car seat. Apparently, the shoulder straps will not restrain your child properly in the rear-facing position when they are at the higher setting. I was very surprised to read this ( in the instructions for the tribute) because I thought I could keep her rear-facing until she hit the weight limit, regardless of her height.UPDATE: at 35″ tall and 30lbs, the center buckle between her legs is very close to her body and hard to buckle. I’ve pinched her snapping her into the carseat. Also, she started to ask for the other carseat ( true fit premiere) instead of this one. Finally, I’ve discovered that booster seats, which I planned to buy when she outgrew this, do not have 5 point harnesses. Because of these issues, I ended up dropping $200 on ANOTHER carseat, the britax frontier. It’s good for children 20-100+ lbs, and will keep her in a 5-point harness until 85 lbs. the center buckle is adjustable, so it won’t pinch her. Finally, she is very comfortable and happy to get into the seat.ORIGINAL POST: My primary seat is a first years true fit premiere carseat, which cost 3x more than this seat. I recommend the true fit for an 8lb to 65lb child. However, for a 25lb to 35lb, the tribute is the way to go. No, the fabric and padding isn’t nearly as nice. It was very easy to install front facing, and feels as safe and secure as the true fit to me.

Tamika Moyie Springs, ID

Great For Airplane Use

I bought this as a secondary car seat to use while traveling, specifically on an airplane, because my daughter’s primary seat has non-removable armrests that make it too wide to fit on one. It worked great on the plane, and in the rental car when we got to our destination. It is light enough to hang off the back of the stroller while racing through the airport (as long as you leave the baby in the stroller) and a great, compact size, even rear-facing (which is how I used it) for small cars. My daughter is also very comfortable in it, and we now use it as a secondary seat in my husband’s pickup, and it is easy to put in/take out, which we have to do every time we use it in his truck because it is a work vehicle. Adjustment of the strap height was very easy, and only took a few minutes. However, the button/strap used to adjust the tightness of the straps is a bit hard to use in the rear-facing position. You have to be careful not to pin the strap between the car seat and the vehicle seat when you’re installing it. The button you push to loosen the straps is hard to reach, however, no matter what you do. I imagine this is not a problem forward-facing. Also, once you get the button pushed, the straps adjust easily. We have had some issues with the straps twisting and it is a pain in the butt to have to fix them 50% of the time I put my daughter in the seat.

Aisha Aurora, NY

Good for what it is

Just like the title says – you get what you pay for.We wanted a cheap car seat to have installed in my car (as a back-up to the main car seat that we have in the other car), and this fits the bill. Once I got it installed it’s pretty firmly held (although does move around more than the other, when pushed), and it seems to hold our daughter nice and tight.It’s a bit of a pain to adjust the height of the straps and how far in or out the buckle is, but once they are at the right spot, adjustment for getting the kid in and out is easy (although the different sides can be different lengths – it’s once continuous strap, so when you loosen it, it doesn’t let out an even amount on both sides, necessarily, but this hasn’t proven to be a real problem). The metal clips get very, very hot in the summer sun, but that’s a problem with most seats.As for installation, the instructions are a little vague, but once figured out, it wasn’t that hard. I gave it three stars mainly because moving the straps is a pain, installation could be easier, and it doesn’t feel as tightly installed as our other seat. Overall, a pretty decent seat if you’re looking for a second seat or simply can’t afford the more pricey offerings.

Hollie Honaunau, HI

Evenflo Car Seat

I purchased this as a Salvation Army Angel Gift. I didn’t take it out of the box, but the picture looked nice. I trust the Evenflo brand, so I bought it. Hope the recipient is happy with it.

Lavonne Simsboro, LA

Very great seat for the price

My daughter loves this seat. It sits pretty straight up and down in the rear facing way, so it isn’t ideal for long car rides if you have a rear facing child. It is very comfortable otherwise, and does not take up too much space. My son’s booster is next to it in my Explorer and they both have plenty of room. Installation was a bit tedious rear facing, but after about 7 minutes we got it. Overall, a great seat for a small price.

Lynnette Smartt, TN


This is a perfect car seat for my new granddaughter….it comes in operating order, which means I did not have to put anything together….yippee!!The color is perfect for a little girl, so that was a big plus. Also, the appearance in the picture looks for some reason “small” which it is not. It is of substantial magnitude to safely carry my beautiful Annie.

Brenda Huletts Landing, NY

Great for Travel

We bought this for our second car and with travel in mind. This carseat is very lightweight,it installs easily and seems very safe. I was able to install it in minutes at the airport parking lot and you could kick this seat and it won’t budge an inch. Our everyday carseat has a lot more padding and a cupholder. It is probably more comfortable for long car trips. However,it weighs a ton. For our Christmas trip where we were in out of taxis, and several other cars for short trips, it was *perfect*!

Juliet Sun City, FL

Love the carseat….but….

Ive used Tribute carseats for years with all 3 of my girls. My husband recently bought a car; I bought him carseats for all 3 of our girls. I bought this one for our youngest daughter. We loved the color and feel of it but it was so hard to get into his car! The latch system wasnt long enough to reach for it to be back facing. So we had to use the seatbelt which isnt a big deal but I feel safer when we use the latch system. The Tribute carseat I have in my car reaches just fine. I guess every car is different. I have a Journey and my husband just got a Dart. My sister has the same issue with her new car as well with her carseat. So Im assuming if you have a new small car, it may not work with the latch system. But all in all, its a pretty good seat. I know there are "safer" seats out there or at least thats what ppl say but I love this seat! I wouldnt use a different one!

Jesse Curtin, OR

Great for traveling

I bought this seat to use it when i travel to my family. I left it there and whenever we visit, we use it.It’s big enough for a 3-4 year old however I used it for my 18 months old baby as well and it was just fine.And for the price ($50), you can’t go wrong.I recommend it for a second car or to use when traveling like I do.

Marlene South Egremont, MA

Great Car Seat

We got this seat for travel that required frequently taking it out and reinstalling it. It was great for that, as it was easy to securely install and adjust. Much better than the Costco Scenera that we were replacing.

Rosalind Index, WA

Super fast shipping!

The car seat shipped in two days and is perfect for my daughter. It is going to be for my mothers car when she is a little bigger.

Sherri Auburndale, FL

Thumbs up

It is awesome car seat! My LO loves it a lot to be able look around. We live AZ so i needed one that dose not have material that keeps her hot. Its prefect..

Antonia Mount Airy, LA

good car seat for planes

After reading the reviews here and multiple other sites I selected this car seat purely for travel purposes. We were taking a flight to Hawaii and needed a good car seat to use on the plane. This was a good choice because it is light and narrow. It fit easily in the seat on the plane. It is a no frills seat, but that also makes it very easy to use. The cover is really cute, but the padding is a bit thin. I would not use this as my primary car seat for that reason alone. However, for a secondary car seat you can’t beat the price. after the trip, I have been using it in our second car which has been nice. Much easier than moving a car seat between cars.

Tricia Sprague River, OR

Good value

For the money, this is a very good car seat. The pattern is cute and it’s easy to adjust the tightness of the straps. It’s not a fancy model but works great for those of us not wanting to spend $300 on a carseat.

Helen Everglades City, FL

large, not the best for rear facing

cute car seat and good for the price. However, this car seat is pretty large. I had trouble with it rear facing because it is so tall reclining it was an issue because there was not much room to recline it even in an suv. I had to add a head support for my infant which wasn’t a problem. I really like that the belt adjuster is right on the front for convenience. Installation is simple but once the latch belt is tight removal is difficult.

Miranda Dalbo, MN

Pretty and perfect!

Safety, looks, ease of use – what more can you ask? My granddaughter loves her pink seat in Gramma’s car!

Marva Core, WV

Cute carseat

We got this car seat for our 13 month old daughter. Out of the infant & into a big girl seat. Its so cute, made well & will defiantly last for many years. Pretty floral design !

Margery Uniontown, AL

Great value

Bought two for my sons as a second car seat at my parents’, so it’s a perfect price and sturdy product for that purpose. Bought them at 50 a piece and sure they’re daisy print for the boys, but they’re going into rental vehicles and my boys don’t have color preference, I wasn’t gonna pay an extra 20 for the boy print. Shoulda read they were for up to 40lb so maybe I’ll have another year use for my 3-year old or maybe the kid will plateau until booster height…still, I don’t regret it!

Claudia Poolesville, MD

My daughter loves it!!

We had a normal Cosco seat and then I bought this for a trip to the grandparents for their car and loves it so much I bought another to replace her Cosco!! Easy to change strap heights and clean and put back together!! Just take a photo before you take it apart!! It’s also sits about 5-6" higher than a regular car seat and she can see so much more and really enjoys car rides more!! Great price and not too heavy! Love this!!!

Rowena Gates, NC

Love this.

It’s just the perfect car seat. My Grand Daughter is very happy with it and so are her mom and dad.

Vera Devils Tower, WY

Great buy!

Great especially for the price. She’s still a little small so we got her a little neck pillow to keep her head from flopping and now it’s perfect. We love the colors too!

Adrienne Redlands, CA


It is a good car seat, my little girl enjoy it a lot, she is happy and comfortable after we change it…

Maggie Holdrege, NE

Great for airline travel

I purchased this for airline travel. I didn’t want to check our Britax carseats with the possibility they would be lost and that you have to replace a car seat if your car is in an accident but I am going to let the baggage people throw it around?It is very light weight, we actually carry it through the airport and gate check it.the only thing we added was the cushion straps around the neck.It is not a car seat I would use everyday, seems flimsy, but wonderful for traveling.

Leona Santa Barbara, CA

kinda confuesing

kinda confuesing to get use to but i figured it out saying this is my first kid i didnt really know how to use it and i didnt know there were different kinds of carseats my fault

Gertrude Hoytville, OH

Awesome Carseat

I love this carseat. Its easy to install, I used it rear facing, and forward facing. It seems like it will last me and while, I’ve already used it for over a year.

Francisca Gans, OK

Quite good for the price

I bought this to solve a logistical problem while traveling alone on a plane with both kids. I don’t like to check car seats because you don’t know if they got dropped, so I ordered this sent to my destination so it would be waiting for me, and just traveled with one seat. The Tribute is light and easy to use. They’ve improved the strap adjustment since I bought my Triumph, and the cover is very cute. I dinged it one star for two reasons – One, the cover feels rather slick, not as comfy as the one on my older Triumph. Of course that might make it easier to clean. And two, this thing feels really light and insubstantial. I have a hard time believing my kiddo is as save as she is in her more substantial Triumph. She might be, I have no idea.Remember everyone – rear-face as long as your car seat will allow for extra safety! Happy kiddo schlepping to you all.

Lynne Mineville, NY

Great car seat

My daughter likes this seat much better than the one she had before because this one leans back a bit and when she sleeps her head does not fall forward.

Tina Ambrose, ND