Evenflo Triumph 65 DLX Seat, Lincoln

Evenflo Triumph 65 DLX Seat, Lincoln

3821956 Features: -Convertible car seat.-TensionRight harness tightening system for a snug fit.-Infinite slide harness adjustment system promotes for proper fit and no rethreading required.-Increased weight ratings.-1 Rating by a leading consumer magazine.-Designed and tested for structural integrity at energy levels approximately 2x the federal crash test standard.-Meets or exceeds all applicable federal safety standards and side impact test standard.-Triumph 65 combines safety with advanced innovative design features. Color/Finish: -Color: Lincoln. Dimensions: -Rear facing weight: 5 – 40 lbs.-Forward facing weight: 20 – 65 lbs.

Main features

  • Polyester, Plastic
  • Side-impact tested
  • Infinite slide harness adjustment system
  • Tension right adjustment system
  • EPP energy absorbing foam

Verified reviews


Top rated for a reason

I just got this one, baby outgrew his infant carrier.While I was browsing these at a local Babies R Us, I settled on this one because I liked the harness tightening system. The more expensive seats only seem to get you fancier LATCH connectors, and since I don’t anticipate un/re-installing this very often, it seems completely unnecessary. I looked it up on consumerreports.org and was pleasantly surprised to find this was the top rated convertible seat. It was really easy to install and really easy to use.The installation instructions were really easy to follow (had to switch the LATCH straps for rear-facing mount) and the harness system is really easy to use.It would be nice if the buckles had a little more friction so they don’t slide to the bottom (then I have to reach under him to find them) every time you strap him in, but aside from that, I have no complaints. The patterns on here are so much better that the one they carry in the Babies R Us store.

Lula Martinsville, VA

very comfy, arrived broken and didn’t work well

After reading such good reviews on this carseat I really wanted it to work. It arrived about a week ago. Took me an hour & a half to install in my newer style Mazda 3. I tried the side w/ latch, the side without, the middle with, the middle without. Finally I got it leveled and tight on the side after several attempts. It is a BIG carseat. I am 5’0" and with my seat all the way up the top of it was hitting my seat. My daughter was really comfy in it. The install was a pain, but I got over it. Then I went to put my daughter in it for a car ride. With it rear facing the knobs are pushed into the seat pretty bad. It is really hard on my hand when trying to turn the knob to tighten. HAving to do it for the next year or more while she if rear facing (currently 9 months old) is going to be a pain. Still I can get over that because my daughter is comfy and it’s highly rated. When I went to take her out, the harness system jammed. I tried several times and could not get the harness to loosen at her waist. I called Combi and they said I would have to remove the seat and troubleshoot it with them. I said if I had to remove, it was going back. Back it went to Amazon. Hopefully it works for other, just not me. Once my daughter was stuck in it I was done with it and wanted to throw it out the window. The crank ssytem just kept jamming everytime it got used.

Johnnie Piffard, NY

I like it, but it’s not perfect…

I’ve had this seat for about 6 months, which I think is a good amount of time to formulate an opinion. I did a lot of research, and didn’t want to spend the crazy amounts of money on a Britax, but wanted a safe, comfortable seat for my daughter. I also drive a hatchback, so I was concerned about size. Here are my pros and cons:Pros:
• Nice-looking seat for the money. The cloth is pretty soft.
• I’ve been able to keep my daughter rear-facing until she’s 2, and will keep doing so as long as she puts up with it. Our second seat is an (arguably cheap) Graco Comfortsport, and she outgrew the rear-facing position several months ago.
• My daughter seems really comfortable in this seat.
• I have only had the straps twist a few times, and it was relatively easy to un-twist them.
• So far I haven’t had to remove the cover to clean. Usually I just turn it over to shake out the cheerios. I assume that this is because the fabric doesn’t show dirt.
• The adjustable harness is easy to slide up and down, but I find that it does ratchet down overnight sometimes and I have to adjust daily (see “cons”)
• It’s pretty light compared to some other seats. We move it between cars for longer trips since it’s the safer, more comfortable seat, and it’s easy to handle.
• Easy to install. I’ve only installed it rear-facing, and I followed instructions I found from other reviewers. Standing behind it, fold over the top at your waist and pull the straps tight while using your bodyweight to push it down. Rock-solid every time (we use the LATCH system and we do use a noodle).
• Fits rear-facing in a Scion Xd hatcback with a little room to spare so the front seat doesn’t have to be pushed ALL the way forward. My old Graco Carrier required the seat to be all the way forward, so that was uncomfortable for my passengers.Cons:
• The “easy adjust” harness is great for adjusting to different outerwear, but I find that the straps tend to ratchet down overnight, and I have to pull them back up in the morning. It’s a little irritating, but not a deal-breaker for me.
• I actually don’t like the system for tightening the harness. My car seats must be deep, because I find that the upholstery on my car seat is pressed right up on the tightening mechanism, which makes it hard to turn and loosen. Plus, my daughter doesn’t like that it tightens from below – usually it’s REALLY tight on her legs until I distribute the tension evenly with the top half of the harness.
• It’s pretty wide, which means that it’s impossible to seat 2 passengers in the backseat with it. Even my little 8 year old niece is too squished to sit in the middle seat.
• I don’t know why they even include the “cup holder”. It’s silly, and wouldn’t be able to hold an empty paper cup, let alone a full one.
• The tether strap should have a clip or something to help keep the slack from flapping around. There’s a place to hook the end, but the directions say you should “secure with a rubber band”. Really? I lost the rubber band right away, and now it just gets in the way.I don’t think my “cons” are that big of a deal. I think the more expensive seats are probably nicer (from what I’ve seen) but this is a good seat for the price.

Daisy Kasilof, AK

Love this seat

I LOVE this car seat. It’s so easy to adjust and is extra padded and comfortable. I especially like that it can be used with children up to 65 pounds, which is more than many other seats at this price range. I’ve only used it a short time, but no complaints so far…seems like a great product.

Marci Whittier, NC

So far so good!

We’ve had this car seat for several months. Its installed in a 2003 Honda CRV rear facing, our daughter was about 13 months when initially installed and about 23 lbs. We had it professionally installed by the local pediatric hospital and the tech said this is actually one of the models they sell (albeit cheaper/if only we knew ahead of time). In any case, our daughter is much happier with this than her infant seat, she sits upright and can see over the back of the seat. Its got more than a little room for her to grow and is feels very comfy and soft to the touch. We didn’t have any issues re-installing it recently ourselves and the knob to tighten the straps is easy to access.Note that when we initially installed it, before assistance, my husband had the wrong strap connected and and the connecting straps were laying over the knob making it difficult to turn (I wonder if others had the same problem in reviews where folks mentioned having difficulty access the tightening knob had the same issue and just didn’t know it).The other issue I’ve seen noted is sometimes folks have difficulty loosing the belt straps via the knob. I have had the same problem a few times and I finally realized its only when I have the straps on my daughter very tight. If I just pull the straps down over her thighs a little then try to loosen the knob/straps I don’t have any problems.In any case I am very happy with this car seat, I especially like the knobs on the side to tighten and loosen, much easier in rear facing than pulling the strap between their legs. I have a friend that has an older model for his 6 y.o. son and he is also very happy with it.

Jane Hamilton City, CA

Evenflo Carseat

I’ll be honest, I was choosing between this & the Graco My Ride 65. I decided, aesthetically speaking, I liked the Graco more. I went to the store & bought it. We came home, installed it, tried to strap our rear facing child into it, and put it back in the box. We then went on Amazon.com & bought one of these Evenflo Triumph 65 DLX. The Graco has that tether you pull between the child’s knees. Well, when your child is rear-facing, that’s almost impossible to tighten because the seat is in the way. I received the Evenflo, and fell in love. I bought a second for my toddler to have one as well.PROS
• It rates very well on Consumer Reports
• You don’t have to remove the straps in order to change the height. Instead, the straps move with the child, so, I canswitch my infant & my toddler back & forth & never change a thing, just strap them in, and tighten the straps!
• The tightening mechanism is fool proof, seriously, anyone can do it, no matter your strength. You literally just crank aknob & it does all the work…to loosen, you just push a lever & pull the strap as loose as you want it…genius!
• Per my toddler, it’s a very comfortable seat, to quote, “I love my new carseat! It’s super comfy!”CONS
• The cupholder is so flimsy its ridiculous, but, it’s a cupholder, and it holds cups 😉

Francesca Loachapoka, AL

Strap tightening and release difficult when rear-facing

Overall I like this carseat, but the straps are a pain when in the rear-facing position. We used the Graco Snugride 35 until my son was a year old, then we transitioned him to this convertible seat. We plan to continue to keep him rear-facing until he is 2 (he’s 22 months now). But, the knob to tighten the straps, and the tab to release the straps, are right up against the back seat. We have a Honda CR-V, and there is no room to get my hand around the knob to turn it comfortably. I miss how we could just pull the strap to tighten in the Snugride. Over the weekend, our son rode in our friend’s car, and she has a Britax Marathon. I never realized how much I hate the Evenflo Triumph’s tightening and loosening mechanism until I put him in the Britax. It was SO much easier, and he seemed a lot more comfortable. Overall, I like the safety and affordability of the Evenflo, but the straps are definitely a pain.

Bonita Saint Francis, ME


I got three seats for my baby, a Britax, Recaro, and this one. I took it out, and put it back in the box within 10 minutes. This carseat does not seem comfortable at all, it feels hard, there is no cushion. The cup holder is flimsy and it is really hard to recline. I had to try for about a minute to get the seat reclined. The other two seats reclined immediately. Also, the latches are weird, they are flimsy clips, not the normal latches that are on the other three carseats that I own. This carseat may work for a cheap carseat but it is not for me. It just doesn’t seem safe or comfortable compared to the other two brands.

Bertie Nottingham, MD

Love it!

This is a GREAT car seat! We have owned and used this car seat for about two months now, and we absolutely love it. We upgraded to this car seat from the infant carrier we were using because our eight-month-old baby had gotten too big. This car seat gets excellent safety ratings. We like the infant cushion/insert that comes with the DLX; it makes our baby very comfortable and safe. While this car seat is significantly bigger than our old one, it also goes to 65 pounds. We love that it is both rear facing and forward facing and has the LATCH accessories for easy installation. It fits well in the back of our Toyota Camry (we didn’t have to move the front seats). Our baby seems to really enjoy riding in it and has actually traveled much better since we started using this seat. We were worried that it would be really wide and take up a lot of space in the backseat of our car, but it isn’t too huge. Adjusting the straps for growth is EXTREMELY easy to do and not at all cumbersome, like some other car seats we’ve seen. The fabric cover comes off/on very easily (but doesn’t fall off with use or look cheap) and is machine washable.When we were purchasing the seat, we were choosing between this car seat and the Graco MyRide 65 convertible seat; we are so happy we bought this one instead! Though the Graco seat is a little cheaper, I saw it in a store and it looked really cheap (fabric cover falling off, etc). The Graco seat also looked a lot wider in the store because of the two cup holders in the arms.We HIGHLY recommend this seat to everyone!

Addie Grand Isle, ME

Great from 3 months – 4 years

My son is just getting too big for this seat. He turned 4 last months and is 42″ high. (We have the same seat with a discontinued pattern.) He is still under the weight limit, but his shoulders are almost higher than the top strap position. I have loved the self adjusting straps and easy strap tension release button. (If you get one with a difficult tension release button, return it for another one as it should be easy to operate.) We have two – one installed in a 08 Highlander and one in a Ford extended cab pickup. We have also had it in a Honda Odyssey – middle and back rows.My friend that has Britaxx seats says his daughter complains about her legs hurting as they dangle. This seat is flared out on the sides. I often see my son sitting with this legs drawn up, lotus style and the sides of this seat accommodate for that which I think is very important for comfort.Once you get the seat in, the latch system works great. If you will be changing cars frequently with this seat, you may want to upgrade to the Symphony that has the more sophisticated latch system.

Ofelia Hiawatha, UT

Soft, roomy, and comfortable.

I did so much research before purchasing a convertible carseat for my son. I read all of the reviews and had my mind set on another brand of carseat. I went into the store and by chance saw this one on display and fell in love. It’s so soft and plush and seemed very simply to use. I purchased it and absolutely love this car seat. It is easy to get my son in and out and I love how easy it is to adjust the harness straps. My son has plenty of room to kick his feet and it reclines so he falls asleep in it easily. This is by far the best carseat I have ever owned and I have gone through 4 between the both of my kid’s. I highly recommend this and will be purchasing a second one when we get our new car.

Justine Gotebo, OK

So easy to use!

I absolutely love this car seat. It’s so easy to get my toddler in and out of the car and very easy to adjust the straps depending on how thick her clothes are. We have a Britax Boulevard in my husband’s car, but I honestly like the Evenflo Triumph MUCH better, and it’s cheaper. Haven’t been in an accident, so I don’t know how it holds up, but it seems extremely safe, and my toddler is very comfortable in it.

Lucinda Underwood, IN


My son is only 1 month old, but so far I really like the car seat. He falls asleep on short 5 minute trips and recently stayed asleep for 3 hours between feedings on a road trip, so I assume it’s comfortable for him. It is big, but looks and feels safe and sturdy.I didn’t give it 5 stars because the installation was challenging – my husband spent 45 minutes on it, though we are new parents and have never installed a car seat before. You may also want to purchase some kind of strap protector for their sweet little faces.I would buy this car seat again and I do recommend it to friends.

Sheila Laie, HI

I like it

Surprisingly bulky but it fits the baby well. Bought two, one for the jeep liberty, other for the nissan sedan. Both required fit adjustments using a noodle pool toy and a special buckle provided by the fire department when we had it safety checked. Baby fits well, getting him in and out is not any more difficult than my siblings’ infant carriers. The knob that tightens and loosens is a good thing but was a little difficult to access at first.

Margie Brighton, CO

Great conv. car seat

I just put my baby girl in this car seat she is 6.5 months. Easy to install and fits great in my backseat (I have a small SUV) I think my baby is more comfortable in this seat vs her infant seat (she is on the taller side) I chose this one because it is the top rated in Consumer reports for crash safety. I would recommend this seat to anyone looking for a quality, comfortable, well priced convertible car seat.

Betty Malone, FL

Very nice, but Evenflo Symphony provides more head-support and grows with child

This is a really nice carseat, and the safety reviews on it are awesome! However, my second carseat, I purchased the Evenflo Symphony, and I LOVE the Symphony much more – it will provide more growing room for my child (she’s fairly tall – 95 percentile), and provides more head support. My daughter easily falls asleep in the car, and I don’t like how far her head falls to the side in the Evenflo Triumph. The Symphony offers more head support. The Symphony is my favorite of the ones I have (better than Triumph, better than Britax Roundabout, because I don’t feel that the Roundabout will make it (height-wise) as long as the others.

Luella Chula Vista, CA