Evenflo Triumph 65 LX Convertible Car Seat, Easton

Evenflo Triumph 65 LX Convertible Car Seat, Easton

Triumph 65 LX combines safety with advanced innovative design features. With increased weight ratings both rear-facing and forward facing, and an easy and secure harness adjustment system you can transport your child in comfort and style. Accommodating children 5 – 65 pounds this seat is a winning solution to the challenges and expense of multiple car seats. Try this seat for a top notch extended-use option at an affordable price. Protecting children is our core mission at Evenflo. For almost a century we have been a leader in safety, innovation and education. Knowing that one in four automobile accidents are side impact collisions, we believe it’s important to go beyond the current government standards when designing the next generation of Evenflo car seats, including the Triumph 65 LX. Increased weight ratings. Rear-facing up to 40 pounds and forward-facing up to 65 pounds.

Main features

  • 98% polyester/2% Trevira
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Infinite slide harness adjustment system promotes for proper fit and no rethreading required, Tension right harness tightening system for a snug fit, Designed and tested for structural integrity at energy levels approximately 2X the federal crash test standard, Side impact tested; Meets or exceeds all applicable federal safety standards and Evenflo’s side impact test standard

Verified reviews


Looks great, works great, baby approves!

This car seat looks great, it was very easy to tightly strap into the car using the latch system, an best of all I love the knobs for tightening the shoulder harness. I actually returned the first convertible car seat I purchased (a safety first) because of the harness tightening mechanism which made it impossible to tighten the harness when the seat was in the rear-facing position. Unlike with other seats, I find that this seat is so wide that I don’t really need to adjust the straps every time I put the kid in and out, which is fabulous. I was worried that it might take up too much space in my small car, but it fits just fine.

Tina Cataldo, ID

The EFTA is the Best!

After extensive research, I finally settled on this car seat and couldn’t be happier. I combed through thousands of online Mom forums looking for the perfect car seat. I don’t just throw money at the latest and greatest so I needed to find a car seat that was safe, budget friendly, and popular with real-life moms. In car seat circles I started reading about the ‘EFTA’ – Evenflo Triumph Advance and even found Consumer Reports articles claiming the Triumph was a top safety pick year after year! Evenflo doesn’t make the Advance model any more, sigh, so I went for this one and couldn’t be happier. This seat was easy install, looks great, and best of all it’s REALLY safe! Consumer Reports and online Mom’s agree, this is a great car seat.

Lorna Reynolds, ND

Looks great, love the flexibilty in the shoulder straps

I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a convertible car seat. If you’re looking for safety info, look elsewhere, I’m just here to talk about the ease of using this product.I wish that I had found this product when my son was a newborn. I really liked the travel system that I got, but adjusting the straps is always a pain in the butt ESPECIALLY when your baby is younger. When the straps are set tightly enough to be safe, it makes it difficult to remove your child from the seat, because it’s hard to maneuver their little arms, especially when they start fighting back. With this car seat it’s very easy; you tighten the straps when baby gets in, and you can loosen them easily when baby needs to get out. You are always able to adjust the car seat to fit your child exactly, so it’s easier to be safe.I looked at the product description before buying this and it doesn’t specifically say it, but this car seat is FAA approved. You still may want to check with your individual airline just in case though.Yes, this is a larger car seat. It is going to take up a lot of room in your backseat,and if you have a smaller car, you may have issues with installing this because of the size. You will have that issue with basically EVERY convertible car seat however, so be aware that you will ALWAYS have issues with the larger convertible seats versus the smaller newborn-20ish lb max car seats.What is nice about this convertible seat is that the weight maximum is quite high. My son tends to be in the 98th percentile for height, so I’m positive we’ll outgrow this car seat for the length maximum before we hit the weight max.I took a pic of this car seat fresh out of the box so that other users could see the color better. I own the Burkhardt seat, and while the manufacturer’s image looks like a solid blue-ish grey, tan, and light green, out of the box the swirls and the darker fabric was quite grey. No hint of blue or another color other than grey. The fabric is pretty soft and plush feeling, and I’ve already stuck my son in this to put some basic settings, and he didn’t seem uncomfortable in the least.http://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-media/permalink/mo37FWCK6OWVCBM/B006PB2B50/ref=cm_ciu_images_pl_linkOverall, this is a great car seat and I hope to get a couple years of use out of this before we have to transition to a booster seat. If you’re looking for a convertible car seat or if you’re just looking for a car seat because you’re expecting, don’t wait to get this one.

Clare Pippa Passes, KY

Our 3rd & 4th in the Triumph series…

This is the 3rd Triumph series car seat on the last 3 years. We just purchased this Easton and #4 in Burkhardt. We also own 2 other previous models that our 3 year old son is still in. We don’t ever move them out of our vehicles, so I can’t really comment on its mobility, but I can say they were easy to set up, easy to clean (holding up after a few rounds with a washing machine and dryer, and we feel comfortable with the kids in them. Price is def attractive considering the other options in this out there. Pattern and colors are nice with minimal fading in 2 years after many months in the Texas sun.

Gabriela Woodland, AL

Love it so much we bought 3!!

We bought two of these when our first baby was born. We didn’t use an infant carrier and it worked great. He came home from the hospital in it and is still using it. Now that we have baby number two on the way, I ended up buying another one (so we can keep one car seat in my husband’s car). I did so much research when trying to buy the third car seat and ended up getting the same one. I checked it out on consumer reports and it has amazing crash ratings, but the “ease of use” and “fit to vehicle” bring down it’s score. However, I find it VERY EASY to use. I can get it installed in our car in 3 minutes tops (and that’s with an 8 month pregnancy belly getting in the way). Oh and the “fit to vehicle” wasn’t a problem. It fit (snuggly) in our Jetta as a rear facing car seat. And there is plenty of room in our Camry for it. What I also like is that the straps slide up and down as the baby grows. You don’t have to rethread them. There’s a removable pad for the baby to sit on which you can easily throw in the washer. If you have to remove and wash the entire seat cover, it easily comes off and is machine washable.

Michele Silver Lake, IN