Evenflo Triumph 65 LX Convertible Car Seat, Oh!

Evenflo Triumph 65 LX Convertible Car Seat, Oh!

Triumph65 combines safety with advanced innovative design features. With increased weight ratings both rear facing and forward facing, and an easy and secure harness adjustment system you can transport your child in comfort and style. Accommodating children 5-65 pounds this seat is a winning solution to the challenges and expense of multiple car seats. Try this seat for a top notch extended use option at an affordable price.

Main features

  • Side Impact Tested; Meets or exceeds all applicable Federal safety standards and Evenflo’s Side Impact Test Standard
  • Infinite Slide Harness Adjustment and TensionRight Adjustment systems for proper fit
  • EPP Energy Absorbing foam liner gives the added safety that parents desire

Verified reviews


I hate this thing on a daily basis

Why do I HATE this thing???1) INSTALLATION: First off, if you anything other than a flat, bench-style backseat it is a HUGE pain to install. I even took it to the fire station and they said that this was one of the most difficult installs (I have a Nissan Rogue) that they’ve ever done. Additionally, the instructions for using the rear-facing install are ridiculous. After about an hour, the installers decided it was safer to just use the seatbelt instead of the LATCH system. Even in my parent’s truck, which is completely flat, when I use the LATCH system, the belt invariably gets twisted and you its a bear to use the release latch.2) UNCOMFORTABLE: Even with towels and noodles underneath, this thing is at such a weird angle that when my daughter sleeps her head flops to a 90 degree angle from her body. ALSO… the button part of the harness pushes into her belly whenever I tighten her into the seat.3) HARNESS: The harness catches about every other time that I put her in it. I already contacted customer service for this once and got a replacement, but the new one does the same thing. I end up having to finagle her out of the seat without releasing it and then pressing the release with one hand and jerking on the straps with the other.OVERALL- this is a ridiculously uncomfortable, behmoeth, or a pain in the neck seat and if I could just afford a new chair this thing would be out of my life so fast and I wouldn’t miss it for a mili-second.

Annmarie Eagle River, AK

Works Fine

We bought this carseat when my son outgrew his infant carseat at 8 months, and have been using it for about 2 years. It seems comfortable enough for him, the problem is that when he falls asleep, his head falls forward because it doesn’t recline at all in our car and the sides don’t come out far enough for his head to rest there. I feel bad for him during longer car trips. It is pretty easy to install and easy to adjust. On one side, the harness adjuster stuck and I could never get it to loosen, but when we switched it to the other side of the car, the other side works fine. Overall an OK carseat, but we’re getting something with more side head support for our youngest child.

Marilyn Cardin, OK

Super easy to use!

We started using this seat when my daughter turned 8 months because she was already getting too tall for her infant seat. I didn’t have experience using it when she was a newborn, but I think it might have been difficult since you can’t easily take it in and out of the car. When we first made the switch, she didn’t seem to like it, but then I put a folded towel under the front of the seat to help tilt it back more like the directions said. She seems to love it now!My favorite part of this seat is how easy it is to use. There are strap adjusters on each side of the seat, so all you have to do is turn to tighten the straps. It is easy to loosen for more slack, too. I loosen it each time I get her out just to make it easier on us both. There are also tabs at the top of the harness to adjust the height simply by pulling up or down. The fact that you can buckle one side at a time is also handy compared to seats that you have to insert both sides into the buckle at once. It is actually easy to install, as well, despite the thickness of the booklet it comes with. We have not tried it forward facing yet, but it seems like that will also be easy to do. My favorite part is that the cover comes off in a cinch to wash and goes back on easy, too.

Rocio Orem, UT

Fabulous upgrade from infant seat!

We bought this seat when our 16-month-old was really getting too big for her infant carrier seat. This one is a dream. She seems perfectly comfortable — never complains about being put in it. It’s nice and big for her, but it doesn’t overpower our rather little Mazda 3 backseat. My only complaint is the knobs for tightening/loosening the straps at the bottom of the seat dig into the padding on the car’s seats while it is in the rear-facing position. I’m also pretty sure that if we installed it in the middle seat, this would not be an issue, but I don’t want to crawl in to put her in every time.The LATCH system works like a dream. So much better than installing with the seatbelts. I love the pull-tabs for adjusting the shoulder height on the straps. The cover comes off easily and goes back on easily.I researched for a long time and changed my mind multiple times about new car seats, and I just couldn’t be happier with this one. We did buy ours at BRU and it was much cheaper than on Amazon.

Helen Pulteney, NY

Great Seat, Pain to Clean

I bought this for my daughter when she was about 7 months old. She fit perfectly (she’s about 25% for weight and 75% for height) and still does at 14 months old. She seems very comfortable and happy in this seat. I read a complaint that there are hard pieces of plastic that poke the kid, but I’ve run my hand along the whole face and bottom and never felt anything hard. There’s a good amount of padding over the Styrofoam core. I will say the seat is kinda wide and difficult to sit next to while forward-facing. Rear facing isn’t bad.The shoulder straps are adjustable without having to take it apart. You can readjust the them every time you put the baby in the seat. The device to tighten the straps once they’re in the seat isn’t in the middle like most seats, there’s a knob on either side. You can just turn one side, which makes it convenient and the straps pull down from the legs rather than up from the shoulders since the straps are mounted at the shoulders. The knob is VERY loud, but the guy at the store told me the trick. There’s a red release tab to release the straps for taking the baby out. If you hold that down while you tighten the knob, it doesn’t click (makes a lot more sense when you’re looking at the seat).The seat is very easy to install in my Kia Rondo, though I’m not entirely happy with how far it reclines rear-facing. I had to roll up a towel and put it under the front to make it recline more. Compared to the infant carrier we still use in the other car, this seat doesn’t lay back nearly as much. But she still falls asleep in it and looks very peaceful. Her head doesn’t hang as I feared it would. I’ve also used this seat in a Chevy Monte Carlo and Toyota Corolla while traveling. With the Corolla, her feet were much more scrunched toward the seat. I’m not sure if that’s an issue with the seat or the car though.When she was young, she threw up in this car seat. The padding comes off easily to wash, but since the straps are part of the seat, they do not come off. It made it very difficult to clean. Also, because of the way the cover has to come off while leaving the seat belts in place, there are slits in the cover. Food and other things fall through those slits and fall into the holes of the car seat. It’s a giant pain, but with patience, it does come out.Overall, I love this seat and would happily buy one again.

Diann Cal Nev Ari, NV