Evenflo Triumph 65 LX Convertible Car Seat, Santee

Evenflo Triumph 65 LX Convertible Car Seat, Santee

Evenflo Triumph65 LX Car Seat – Santee Evenflo Triumph 65TM LX Convertible Car Seat combines safety with advanced innovative design features. With increased weight ratings both rear facing and forward facing, and an easy and secure harness adjustment system you can transport your child in comfort and style. #1 Rated convertible car seat for performance and price by a leading consumer magazine. The Triumph 65TM convertible car seat is for use rear facing with children that are 5 to 40 lbs. or forward facing for children that are 20 to 6. * Side-impact tested * Infinite slide harness adjustment system * Tensionright adjustment system * EPP energy absorbing foam

Main features

  • Side-impact tested
  • Infinite slide harness adjustment system
  • Tensionright adjustment system
  • EPP energy absorbing foam

Verified reviews


Very uncomfortable for baby and hard to adjust

I purchased this seat when my baby outgrew his Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat. I bought this seat because it is rated #1 on Consumer Reports and it has the highest rating in the crash test category. Early on, I thought it was much harder to tighten and loosen the straps compared to the Chicco Keyfit. But the real problem (and reason I returned this seat) was that my baby was so uncomfortable in it. Almost immediately, he cried a lot in this seat, which he never did in the Keyfit. I exchanged this car seat for a Britax Marathon 70, which tightens and loosens much more easily (and similiarly to the Keyfit). My baby hasn’t cried in the Britax seat since he’s been in it. While the Evenflo Triumph car seat is highly rated and well priced, I would not recommend it because it is hard to adjust and most of all, my baby was so unhappy in it.

Carmen Bloomsburg, PA

Not comfortable

Prior to purchasing this for our 10 month old son we did a fair amount of research on safety and overall satisfaction for convertible car seats. This one seemed to get good reviews and decent safety ratings so we got it. First of all, let me say I did read the lady’s review about it stabbing her child’s stomach with the harness and to be honest I felt like it must be user error or something since no one else had mentioned it. Well, it did something similar to our son. Nothing crazy like he was screaming and I had to struggle to get him out (as per the other reviewer) but it definitely poked him into and upwards in his stomach. It seemed that in a wreck it would stab into his stomach and even go up under his rib cage. Its really hard to explain. To tighten it enough to be safe it created this problem. And we weren’t going to drive around with it having slack in the harness so we returned it. Some other issues were the size as it could only fit in the middle seat since it protruded so far into the front of the car in between the front seats. That’s not a problem now but we plan on having more kids. Also, we have a volvo xc90 which is midsize suv, it’s not like we were trying to fit it into a mini. The other issue was the tightening system. We did feel that the knob was a little difficult to work at times. We had it rear facing which didn’t seem like it would make that huge of a difference but others mentioned it gets easier after turning it around. It was a nice gray color and very plush. It may work great for some but we were much happier with the Britax roundabout. No complaints about it and it’s even got padding under the harness. Takes up less space too.

Kristen Shumway, IL

Safe and effective, rear-facing could use a few tweaks

This car seat is installed in our Toyota Yaris, and we have been very happy with it so far. The best feature of this car seat, in my opinion, is the strap tightening mechanism. With our old infant seat and with our other convertible seat, the Graco My Ride Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat, Cuddle, I have found that it is a strain to pull hard enough on the strap to make sure it is sufficiently tightened. This is especially difficult when the seat is rear-facing. The Evenflo has a much better mechanism – a knob that you turn until it doesn’t click anymore with a small latch attached that you push to release the straps when you need to loosen them. This method is very quick and easy and leaves little room to question whether you have tightened the straps enough.Installation on this seat is not super easy – you have to remove the seat pad, which adds some time – but since convertible seats are really designed to be kept in one car most of the time, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.We did have trouble with the rear-facing angle of the seat. Although the seat is fully reclined, my daughter’s head would sometimes flop forward when she fell asleep. We tried inserting a small towel under the seat, but this made the seat itself less stable, so we didn’t use it. In the end, the thing that really helped was buying a couple of the little pads to wrap around the upper part of the straps. Many car seats come with these, but when we bought a set, it added enough support that her head wouldn’t flop any more.Also, the buckle does angle in and could dig into your little one’s stomach, but this is very easily avoided by checking the angle when you’re tightening it or sticking a finger underneath to keep it angled up. A little diligence should keep that from being a problem.Overall, this seat has extremely high safety ratings and although it has a few things that could be improved, it’s really a fine seat at a good price.

Diann Asher, KY

BEST Car Seat

I am shocked this car seat has 1 star reviews- it is THE BEST! My only one issue with this is the following…. I bought this for my 2 year old to use forward facing- the straps never twist and it takes a couple of quick turns on the knob to tighten. NOW I’m using it for my almost 1 year old -rear facing and it is a royal pain in the butt to tighten rear facing (in my car anyways). I’m still giving it 5 stars thought because I LOVE everything about it otherwise!!

Latanya Bowdoinham, ME

Great seat

This is a great car seat. My son loves it. Very comfortable and easy to install. Seems to be very sturdy and safe. Good reviews.

Patrice Moorestown, NJ

Top rated for safety

This is the top rated car seat for safety by Consumer Reports…..and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I seriously considered the Britax. However, when I thought about it, this has a higher safety rating and I put the extra money in the college fund! Truthfully, when children are injured in car accidents it is almost always because they are unrestrained or the car seat is not installed properly or the child is not in the car seat properly. It is not because it was a certain brand of car seat. Please, have your installation checked by a certified checker! Anyway, my son is very comfortable in this. He is 15 months old – and still rear facing. He has plenty of room to grow. I LOVE the feature that allows me to easily adjust the strap length/tightness every time he gets in and out. It has been a huge convenience given the changes in the weather (heavier clothes one day – no jacket the next day). The cup holder is a nice little bonus for when he is a little older and we take longer trips with him.

Ivy Libertyville, IA

Happy with this seat for the most part

We own two seats of this model, not the same fabric as shown in the picture though. I am happy with this seat for the most part. It’s quite easy to loosen and tighten the straps by using the “turning lever,” sorry don’t know what the technical word for it is. That gives me peace of mind because my husband never seemed to have the straps tight enough on the kids. It’s very easy for him to adjust the straps with this seat.With both of our seats in the beginning, it was very hard to push down the button in order to turn the lever. I’m not sure if that was because the seats were new and hadn’t been “broken in” or because it was harder to push down in the rear-facing position. The straps do seem to twist easily but not any more so then the graco seat we also own. My 4.5 year old is still riding in this seat and still has a few more inches to go until she is grown out of it length wise. We bought our first triumph when she was 9 months old so we have definately gotten our money out of it.

Ladonna Springville, AL

Great seat…BUT impossible to really clean

I purchased this to replace the basic Evenflo Titan seat. WHAT AN UPGRADE! The padding is better, and my son’s little head doesn’t slump down when he falls asleep. The greatest highlight, though, is the crank mechanism for tightening the seat…so much better than having to yank the between-the-legs strap. Also, since my son is tall (2 years…29 in), I have a hard time tightening the seats where the straps adjust from the shoulders…much prefer this one, where the straps adjust into the seat part.UPDATE: 3 months later, a stomach bug hit the family, and my son vomited ALL over this seat. Since the straps don’t actually come off the seat AND it’s difficult to get into all the crevices of the plastic AND the vomit flowed right through the seat and onto the actual car seat, I’VE CHANGED MY MIND!! Waaaay to difficult to clean, Evenflo!!

Geri Johnson City, NY