Evenflo Triumph Advance DLX Convertible Car Seat – Parkside

Evenflo Triumph Advance DLX Convertible Car Seat – Parkside

The Evenflo Triumph Advance DLX Convertible Car Seat with a 50 lb weight rating, allows you child to stay in a 5-point harness 1.5 yrs longer than traditional convertible car seats with 40 lb weight rating! The InfiniteSlide harness system allows you to easily change harness height by sliding the red tabs up and down! No rethreading is required! The 5-point harness can easily be tightened buy turning the TensionRight knobs on each side of the seat. With multi-position recline, removable body pillows, and increase padding throughout the seat pad your child is sure to stay comfortable! The removable, flip down cup holder allows for convenient placement of drinks. The Evenflo Triumph Advance DLX Convertible seat can be used rear facing or forward facing. Rear facing, this seat is recommended for children 2-35lbs. Forward facing, this seat is recommended for children 20-50 lbs and up to 50/” tall. * InfiniteSlide Harness Adjustment * TensionRight Harness adjustment * Multi-Position Recline * Removable Body Pillows * Removable, Flip-Down Cup Holder

Main features

  • InfiniteSlide Harness Adjustment
  • TensionRight Harness adjustment
  • Multi-Position Recline
  • Removable Body Pillows
  • Removable, Flip-Down Cup Holder

Verified reviews


Good car seat !

I really love this car seat. I bought one for my oldest grandson. We got it when he was about 8 months. The best thing about it is the straps adjust easily. You just move them up and down. Most car seats you would have to take the straps apart. Also, the seat sits higher than others. Which makes baby able to see outside. It is the best ever.

Rosalie Blacksburg, SC

Good seat!

I can only compare this to the Chicco infant seat, as we don’t have any other experience with a convertible car seat. The cover is easy to wash and looks fine after a washing machine wash, but it is not easy to put back on the frame. It is also only fairly easy to install, but that is because of how big and bulky it is. We actually have to have it on the side, not middle, of our Jeep Grand Cherokee, and that surprised me. It is really that large! We put our son in it at 10 months, and I think we’ll put another child it it at 6 months. I cannot see how an infant could be comfortable in this chair. The headreat pillow does not hit well for small children.If it matters to anyone… the blue looks more like denim than a nice deep blue. I think its kind of ugly, but I also find most carseat fabric ugly, too.The knobs are not difficult to understand, but occasionally they are difficult to maneuver, as if they get stuck a little bit. I can see where some parents do a poor job of properly installing their child in the seat and the belts are too loose… really, it is easy to do this. I find that I have to tighten it a lot more than I expect to get a safe fit.If I had to do it over again, I would probably purchase a Graco similarly priced item for the shape/size of the carseat with my Jeep.

Jill Holden, LA

Somehow the styrofoam came apart from the frame

We bought this and hoped it would be used for a few years. But, I noticed the chair was squeaking when my son moved his head. Somehow, the styrofoam came apart from the frame (the 2 buttons on the back didn’t work to hold the styrofoam on). Neither my husband nor I can recall doing anything to the carseat to make this happen.It gets 2 stars because the roller adjustment to the straps was great—when it wasn’t stuck.

Janis Elk City, OK

Great Seat for Baby and Beyond!

We have this seat in the Lincoln color – dark grey and black – because it was available at our local BrU. So far, we love it. We brought our daughter home from the hospital in it, with her weighing just over 6 lbs. The infant head support did a sufficiently good job of supporting her neck until she was able to develop muscles on her own. This is definitely a much more advanced seat than the one I used 10 years ago for my son, the Graco Alpha Omega which was rated #1 by Consumer Reports at the time. Plan on taking some time to read the owner’s manual and going through the pages with the seat in front of you. While you *could* just clip the seat into your car/truck/suv without possible problems, there are many tips and suggestions in the manual that made the process easier. Without the manual, I would have been cursing and tempted to take the seat back.Adjusting the seat to a tiny baby facing backwards was not difficult but did take a few steps. This is not a negative in my opinion. It reassured me that everything was where it needed to be and that the fit was right, rather than a preset that you may or may not be able to make slight adjustments to. The only complaint I have about this seat is that the lever to loosen the belts is VERY tight. I have to brace myself with my knee on the seat, lift up the seat with one hand to release the pressure and then push down hard on the lever with the other hand. Again, this is not entirely bad as it is reassuring that the belts will not slip but the mechanism could be a bit easier.So far, we have only used this seat in the infant, rear-facing position. We are very confident that it will protect our daughter should it need to do it’s job. It is heavy. It is not a seat that you want to buy for daily swaps between vehicles. I do not know if it fits in the flex-use stroller bases because we just skipped the infant seat altogether and this seat has an attached, flat-bottom base.I do like that there is a level that is easily seen from both sides of the seat.We have already taken off the seat cover once to wash it when we sprung a leak. It was not difficult at all to remove the seat cover and then to put everything back together. I was very impressed with how intuitive it was to “reassemble” the seat.We would definitely buy this seat again, especially since Consumer Reports listed it again on their top convertible list.Edit: We are still using this same seat for our DD who is now over one. We still have not turned the seat to face forward as there is plenty of room for her legs in the backwards-facing position. We have removed the infant head support are just using the seat with the basic cover. Other than the stiffness of the adjustment lever for the straps, we love this seat and still recommend it to anyone that asks. Now, this seat is not one to switch between vehicles as it is heavy, but that has not been an issue for us. This seat is still a top-ranked seat by Consumer Reports.

Natalie Willow Wood, OH

Loved it so much I bought a 2nd!

We absolutely LOVE this carseat!! This actually is our second one. We have another for my car and replaced the cheapie Cosco Scenera in my husbands car for this because he is now driving with him more and because the weight limit is so much higher on this than most other convertible seats. Like others have said, this carseat is quite large (wide) but we only have one child so this isn’t a factor for us. Initially I got the first seat because of the awesome feedbacks and ratings that were equal to the costly Britax. We do have problems with the straps twisting every once in a while but it’s an quick and easy fix. My son loves his seat so much that before we put this new one in the car it sat in our living room and served as his ‘easy chair’ for a few days because he didn’t want to part with it!

Jill Paint Rock, AL

About Perfect

This is the best seat I’ve ever used. It has a harness you adjust by a simple glide, so you never have to uninstall and rethread. It also means any size child can ride in it (son in morning, daughter in afternoon), as long as he/she meets the height, weight for its position of rear or front. You don’t have to have a separate car seat fitted for each child if you’re going to take them around one at a time. It fits to 50 pounds so is MUCH safer than sticking your child in a booster after 40 pounds. The knob on the side is really use to adjust the straps each time, and you don’t have to fool with pulling a strap between the kid’s legs. This is probably the best feature ever, as you can do this even with a baby in one hand!It is very comfortable, and it fits perfectly in my 2005 Honda Civic. The colors mean it won’t stain easily. The only think I wish it had is the new SureLatch system where you just click it on the Latch, and the tension is pulled out automatically. I don’t think the company could do that though, since Latch has a 40 or 48 lb. (depending on car) weight limit. We installed it once and for all so it’s not an issue now, I suppose. Heavy, but safe.My son is almost 3 and loves this seat. He is big at 40 inches and 38 pounds. He’ll ride in here for some time yet.

Liliana Scotland, SD