Evenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat, Median

Evenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat, Median

The Evenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat offers comfort for your child and exclusive convenience for Mom. This seat, along with all other Evenflo Car Seats, meets or exceeds all Federal safety standards, and Evenflo’s Side Impact test standards. Safety features of the Triumph LX include Infinite Slide Harness for easy height adjustment, exclusive TensionRight for a tight fit, 50 pounds weight-rating to fit children up to 5 years old (95th percentile), two piece chest-clip, 3 recline positions, EPP foam, tether and latch connectors to securely fasten your child into the vehicle. To keep Baby comfortable throughout the use of the seat, a plush seat pad, body pillow and toddler pillow included. Also included, a flip-down cup holder. Evenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat can be used rear-facing 5 – 35 pounds and forward-facing position 20 – 50 pounds. Designed for children at least 19′ tall rear-facing, and less than 50′ forward-facing.Side impact tesetedInfinite slide and Tensionright harness adjustmentEPS, energy absorbing foam liner5-point harnessRemovable washable pad

Main features

  • Side impact teseted
  • Infinite slide and Tensionright harness adjustment
  • EPS, energy absorbing foam liner
  • 5-point harness
  • Removable washable pad

Verified reviews


Evenflo Triumph LX – Ashburn, Manufactured ’09

I am reviewing this car seat based on its use in my Audi Q7(small SUV). I had two of these seats professionally installed for free by our local family resource center(highly suggested). One is rear-facing for my 3 month old and the other is forward-facing for my 2 year old. PROS: The seat seems comfortable, easy to clean, is nice looking and was affordable for a seat that can be used up to 50 lbs. The harness is easy to tighten with a turn of either one of the side knobs, but not as easy to loosen(though still not difficult). CONS: I am having difficulty accessing the harness tightening knobs located on each side of the rear-facing car seat because of how closely wedged they are to the back seat of my SUV. This may be because the seats are slightly bucket style. This is obviously not a problem with the forward-facing seat. I am also having a hard time pressing the buttons on the chest clip as well as the crotch clip. Hopefully this will improve with frequent use over time. I also wish the seat reclined just a little more for my toddler, but I am sure this varies based on how reclined and deep the back seat of your vehicle is. Initially, I was worried I would lose any space in my center seat because of how wide these car seats are, but that was not the case. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase. The cushions and cup holder are nice additions. However, I would add shoulder strap covers so the red harness tabs don’t irritate your little one.

Eva Medinah, IL

Great carseat

I own 2 of these carseats – one for each car – and I have been very happy with them.PROS:-They are easy to install, and switching from rear facing to forward facing is easy.-It is easy to buckle your child into the seat properly, yet my 2.5 year old has not yet been able to figure out how to unbuckle herself which I consider a good thing.-You can tighten or loosen the restraints very easily with one hand-The seat seems sturdy and has some side protection as well.-The carseat is very comfortable for children of various sizes (17lbs – 35lbs in my experience, I haven’t tried it with smaller/larger children) even on long car rides.-It is easy to remove the padding/cover to wash it.-I can fit both seats in the backseat of my Jetta without any trouble (forward facing only), they aren’t too huge.CONS:- The chest buckle slides up and down easily, which is nice for adjusting the harness as the child grows, but my child has been able to slide the buckle down and get her arms out even when fastened in tightly. You need to pin a safety pin just below the buckle so they are not able to wiggle out and so that the buckle doesn’t slide down on it’s own.- If you were going to use the seat rear-facing it would take up a lot more room in your car.All in all, a great value and a safe, comfortable seat.

Dawn Farmington Falls, ME

Not for us

This is a decent car seat for the price.Pros:1.) Fabric is nice and padding is decent.2.) Seems solid, and not horribly confusing to install.3.) The harness straps are easy to adjust.Cons:1.) We had to send this car seat back because the straps dug into our son’s neck horribly. If you look in the picture there are plastic tabs (RED) sewn into the straps at shoulder level. The straps were really snug around his neck area and those tabs dug right in. He really was unhappy and uncomfortable in this car seat. Our son is very large and it might work better for a smaller baby. Also, you could by those strap covers/pads and I’m sure it would help.2.) Cup holder seems a bit cheap and flimsy.If you can spare the money, go with a more expensive brand. I was very skeptical of the more pricey brands at first, but they really make a difference.

Lashonda Clarkson, NY

My favorite

i have 4 children and have had at least 6 convertible car seats. This is by far the easiest to use. The shoulder harness are superb to adjust and the loosening of the straps is a breeze. The cover comes off easily and washes nicely. I took a long shot and just bought our new baby a different brand and have no clue why I did. that seat is going back and I’m purchasing another one of these. I wish there was a little more padding for the bum but that is my only negative remark.

Dixie De Lancey, PA

Great Car Seat for a Great Price!

I have owned a Britax, Eddie Bauer, Baby Trend, and Graco car seat. This is my second favorite for the following reasons, 1. Ease of Use, 2. durability, 3. Comfortable, 4. Price. My favorite is still the Britax Marathon for many other reasons. This is the easiest one I have owned, compared to other Evenflo car seats as well. It is so easy to adjust the straps. I live in Texas and the weather can change frequently where one day my daughter needs a parka coat and the next no jacket. So I need to adjust the straps almost daily to fit her and this car seat is so easy compared to the Britax, Graco, Baby Trend, and Eddie Bauer seats that I have owned. The price is far less than the others we have purchased and it has held up well. The Baby Trend car seat material wore out very quickly and was highly uncomfortable. Overall I would say the only negative is the lack of a good cup holder. The one that comes with the car seat is not made very well and can come off easily. However we purchased a cup tether which has worked very well for us. This is a great primary car seat but we currently use it as a back up for my younger daughter.

Yolanda Bedford Hills, NY

Fantastic and Reliable

I bought this car seat two years ago (it may have changed a little since then – I don’t know) and have loved it since the day we started using it. I only used it forward facing. It looks and feels comfortable and my son could sleep comfortably in it – not to mention that the price is very reasonable. Recently I was in a serious car accident where my vehicle hit a utility pole and flipped over twice. The car seat did not move and my child was not injured at all. Not a scrape or bruise on him. Needless to say I replaced the car seat with the same model. I hope to never be in that situation again, but it is good to know this is a reliable seat and my child loves it. I have a second son and bought one for him as well.

Katharine Prattsville, AR