Evenflo TruVent 3 Pack Angled Bottle, 6 Ounce

Evenflo TruVent 3 Pack Angled Bottle, 6 Ounce

Introducing a new angled and vented bottle from Evenflo TruVent. The TruVent bottle includes a simple 1 piece venting system that helps reduce colic and air intake for less gas pain. The angled bottle allows for semi upright feeding which helps to reduce ear infections and reflux. TruVent’s unique design is the ONLY bottle that allows mom to read ounce markings without interrupting feeding. The ergonomic shape grip area helps mom and baby hold the bottle for optimum feeding results. TruVent bottles include fewer pieces for mom to clean, making TruVent the simplest vented feeding system. TruVent is made of a crystal clear material that is BPA Free.

Main features

  • Simple 1 piece venting system
  • Vent disc reduces colic and air intake
  • Diagonal volume markings
  • Ergonomic grip
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


Pretty Handy

I didn’t use these as my main bottles because I used glass bottles. But because I was using glass bottles I wanted to have an easier option for when we were out running errands or at someone else’s house. These were convenient because the liners are disposable, so I didn’t have to worry about not being able to rinse the bottle after feeding. I always had bottled water in the diaper bag and the pre-measured formula packets so these made it very easy. And because I only used them when we were out I didn’t feel that it was as wasteful with the liners as if I had used them all the time.

Gracie Liberty, SC

Nipples don’t last very long

Our new baby (6 weeks old) likes these bottles. We’ve tried several different kinds (including Gerber and Ventaire) and she seems to like these best. Here’s what I like and don’t like about these:PROS:- Easier to assemble than the Ventaire, less of a hassle to clean due to fewer parts.- The nipples are blue so you can’t confuse the nipple with those from other bottles you may have.- Faster flow, so baby eats quicker (helpful at night but there’s also a downside to this).- The markings on the bottle, which let you check how much formula is left without stopping the feed, are very helpful.CONS:- I did a lot of research on other websites before I bought these (only one other review here on Amazon) and a lot of people said these leak. They can leak, but I’ve noticed it’s mostly “user error” – in other words, they will leak when I’m in a hurry and don’t put them together well.- These get washed in the dishwasher. They are angled, and it’s hard to get the inner rim clean, as formula collects there. So I usually have to rinse them out once I pull them from the dishwasher.- These come with “slow flow” nipples and they’re all you’ll need for a while! These are the fastest slow-flow nipples I have ever seen! My baby sometimes chokes so I have to pull the nipple out of her mouth on occasion.- Baby has to “latch on” correctly or fluid will spill out of her mouth. “Latching on” in this case means having most of the nipple in her mouth.- Our baby has reflux and gas and these bottles do not seem to do much to prevent either.UPDATE: I’ve been using these bottles for nearly a month now. So far 3 of the nipples (we have 6 of these bottles) have collapsed and are unusable, and it seems that number grows daily. My baby can’t drink from them because they don’t vent properly, they shrivel up and the flow stops. I changed my rating from four to two stars because they should last more than a few weeks. I’ll be returning these.

Dolly Jonesboro, AR

fussy eater loves these

My newborn son loves these bottles when compared to Dr Browns and Avent! He has had some feeding issues but these have been a life-saver.

Sheri Lavina, MT

Can’t beat the $

LOVE the cost of these on Amazon! They are $4 CHEAPER than anywhere I have found them. Great bottles. The plastic is starting to get those little cracks in some, I hand wash, but soak in scalding water.

Berta Cleveland, GA

not good to use in warmers

These bottles are good as far as feeding, but we put a couple of them in a bottle warmer and the bottom cracked and leaked. I recommend them, but not for using them to warm milk.

Suzanne Freelandville, IN