Extra Large 40″x30″ Absorbent Hooded Towel, Panda, Frenchie Mini Couture

Extra Large 40″x30″ Absorbent Hooded Towel, Panda, Frenchie Mini Couture

Extra generous 40″x30″ super absorbent hooded bath towel will keep drying baby from infant stages right up through toddler. Check out our matching hands free hooded towels and wash mittens for even more fun!

Main features

  • 40″ X 30″ extra large 100% cotton woven terry hooded towel
  • Oversized and extra absorbent
  • Cute applique and embroidery on hood – also available (sold separately) are matching wash mittens
  • Easy dry and snuggle after bath
  • Softness remains after multiple washings

Verified reviews


Good quality, decent size

This towel is good quality, and large enough for my child. I gave it three stars because I probably would not purchase it again. Here is why:1) White towel: What was I thinking? It’s completely adorable, but I should have known better2) Odd Shape: The towel itself is a rectangle, so with the hood on, one side is much shorter than the other. It can make it strange to dry a child that still needs to lay down or sit.3) White hood: Again, I did not think through the implications of a white hooded towel with a cone shape. Once I put in on my child it was hard to ignore the similarities to the old southern outfit.

Therese Norwood, CO

Cute, but linty

Very cute towel, nice fabric, but towel lint got all over the cute black panda part after the first wash and still hasn’t come off. Still a nice towel, but maybe not one I’d give away.

Cheri Roanoke Rapids, NC


All 3 that I bought are nice and big, very soft and cover baby ( 6 months ) completely. He looks so cute with the animal face on his head !

Ashley Bingham Canyon, UT

It is cute, but ultimately not a great towel.

This a fairly thin and not very absorbent towel. While I like to look at my kid in the mirror in his little panda hood because it’s cute, I would’ve done better if I had just bought a higher quality towel.

Billie Wingate, MD


Awesome! This towel is big and soaks up water, my daughter is 11 months old and in the 70% on height and it is perfect for her. We should get at least another 6 months to a yer out of it. Washes well too

Lacey Merrill, MI

So cute and absorbent!

We enjoyed the first towel we purchased, I went back to order more. The towel is made well and use quality materials. I recommend this product.

Rosanne Hunter, KS


At first I thought it was a bit large (my son was born at 5 lbs) but now that my baby has gotten to about 12 lbs, it’s nice to wrap him up in it. The usual towels aren’t as cozy as this one!

Sandra Miles, IA