EZ Squeezees Refillable Food Pouches,sold in pack of 3. 3 pouches each, 6.5 fl oz

EZ Squeezees Refillable Food Pouches,sold in pack of 3. 3 pouches each, 6.5 fl oz

EZ Squeezees are the refillable and reusable food pouch that looks and feels just like the prefilled pouches on the market. Simply fill with your favorite pureed foods and when done, wash and reuse. Fill, squeeze, eat and repeat! Sold in 3 pk.

Main features

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  • EZ Squeezees are the refillable and reusable food pouch that looks and feels just like the prefilled pouches on the market. Simply fill with your favorite pureed foods and when done, wash and reuse. Fill, squeeze, eat and repeat! Sold in 3 pk.

Verified reviews


Greatest Product Since Sliced Bread!

I bought 1 set off Amazon. Than my husband came home with Booginhead Squeez’Ems Reusable Food Pouches cause he said the EZ Squeeze looked cheap to him. So he tested the Booginhead and I tested the EZ Squeeze with our son. So far I "accidently" threw out 1 pouch (I wasn’t thinking) so I’m left with 2 now and my son took to them easily. But the Booginhead is messy to fill without a funnel (Im not going to run out and buy there special funnel ) and were down to 1 of the Booginhead cause the one the top kept poppin’ off which defeats the purpose of the product. And it has the cap attached to it so my son spends more time playing and making a mess than actually eating. So after 1 1/2 weeks with both pouches the "EZ Squeeze" wins hands down with this mommy.

Christina Kellyton, AL

Not a good food pouch design for me

Update: 05/09/2013 Finally tossed these out 🙁 There was mold growth in the caps which are very difficult for me to clean because theyre so small. For the same reason, they’re a choking hazard. After trying to twist the cap on and off, my toddler then put it in her mouth. Lastly, if a toddler sucks too hard on the mouth piece (mold growth / hard to clean there too btw) damage will occur on the gums because the material is too sharp.Update: so originally I gave 4 stars, but took it down to 3. I tossed a pouch in my diaper bag, went to the library and discovered a mess. I checked to make sure the pouches were closed. They were, but it still leaked. 🙁 Very unhappy that these on the go items have to stay at home.——–I saw a posting on Pinterest abou the Little Green Pouches so I looked for a cheaper version. I found Yummi Pouches, Squooshi and EZ squeezees. Chose the latter because it was cheaper and for a test run at making food pouches at home.So far so good. I made a carrot, spinach and pear puree (made the carrot and spinach then froze before hand) using my Ninja blender that my daughter ate. Good because I recently transitioned my one year old to whole milk and she’d had constipation from drinking too much milk. The only bad I can see is cleaning – there are crevices that I have to make sure to rinse out carefully.I also noticed mention of how wide the pouches were. I was concerned about that too, until I realized it’s a good design because if you fill the pouch to capacity and close it, then hand it to your child, their touch may cause the puree to squeeze out. To minimize the mess, your child will probably grab the pouch with both hands using the sides/handles, or you can fill the pouch with less puree.I like the pouches and I’m going to use the for awhile. I also want to try the others because the caps on the others are larger and more visible.

Herminia Buckingham, PA

waste money

Filling them is hard. To shut it a lot spills out you must put not that much to be able to shut it. I so wasted my money.

Myrtle Mount Airy, NC

Inexpensive, 12 mo old loves them

These get the job done and cost less than other reusable options. I’ve been using one of them repeatedly for about 2 months without leaks or major signs of wear and tear. My 12 month old needs help about twice per feeding to push the food up toward the top so he can suck it out, but other than that he manages fine. The only problems: 1. It can be a little tricky to clean the food out of spout and interior nooks and crannies when hand washing. The dishwasher does a pretty good job if you run it right after use. 2. I wish the cap were attached. I’m pretty sure I’m going to lose them at some point, which will make the pouch a lot less useful.

Rosa Seymour, IA

Good option but small

After lots of messy trial and error, I realized I just can’t fill these up much. They leak out as I’m sealing it up. So I do wish they were bigger. The style of it isn’t anything special–not the cutest. But they’re less expensive. Easy to clean. Still looking for something better but it’s okay for what we need right now.

Lacey Wall, SD

work well, but don’t last

This is a great solution for making your own pouches of baby/toddler food. It helps that the pouches aren’t see-thru, so I can hide all kinds of vegetables under the taste of banana and/or pear. I always hand-washed them and they stayed fairly clean. The lids are tough to get fully clean and I ended up soaking them in boiling water. The zip-locks on the sides give out after about 6 months of use and the packet itself starts to separate into a few layers. For the price, though, I’d call 6 months of hard use not bad! Be sure to hide the lids from kiddos – definite choking hazard.

Michelle Dufur, OR

Great Product

When I was looking at buying refillable pouches, I saw 3 main brands. I ended up purchasing these, and the Go Baby Fresh ones (That are green with white tops) at the same time. There was another product out there that also made a “filling station.” This made me nervous and I thought that these things would be really difficult to fill. I wouldn’t waste my money on the filling station. I am sure that it does make it more convenient but it isn’t necessary as the pouches are pretty easy to fill.Between the EZ Squeezees and the Go Baby Fresh that they both have some positives and negatives, but the EZ Squeezees came out on top.Here are the pros and cons for each and hopefully this will help you in deciding which ones you would purchase.EZ Squeezees:Pro’s:- Wider pocket on the side that fills. It made it easier for me to fill them as the pocket/hole is much larger so I felt there was less mess- Holds quite a bit of food.- Holds up well. I have to put the cap on so that I can scrunch the food up as my daughter eats/sucks up the food. I do the same thing when I use the disposable/store bought ones too.Con’s:- I don’t like the small cap and the product itself does not fit the caps of the disposable/store bought ones (I tried them)Side note: after purchasing the product I did find that the company has started making ones so that you can choose if you would like the larger caps. I am not sure if the disposable caps will fit on those ones as I haven’t tried them. In the picture they look exactly like the caps on the store bought ones.*****UPDATE***** THE LARGE CAPS MATCH THE DISPOSABLE CAPS AND ARE COMPATIBLE!Go Baby FreshPro’s:-Hold a lot of product-Compatible with the caps on the store bought pouches. (Store bought pouches have different colored caps, and I often use the caps to color code what is in the pouch, although there is a space to write it in and write baby’s name but I just choose not to use this and went with my own method.)-Holds up well-The green package is transparent/opaque in color so you can actually see how much is left in the pouch instead of going by feel.Con’s:-I don’t like how the pouch opening is on the side and diagonal. This makes the opening much smaller and it only stands upright so it makes it kind of awkward to fill, at least for me anyway. It seemed to make filling a bit messier.All in all, the ease of sitting/standing the EZ Squeezee upright to fill and the larger opening made this my favorite.11/7/13 UPDATE! I purchased the “Large EZ Squeezee” product and I now know for sure that the “Large” EZ Squeezee’s are the exact same thing except they have the larger caps and the most important part is THAT IF YOU PURCHASE THE LARGE ONES, THE CAPS FROM THE DISPOSABLE ONES FIT AND YOU CAN USE COLORE CAPS FOR REPLACEMENTS!!!!

Lorie Chalk, TX

these are okay

Thes are easy to refill and My son loves them. The only down side is the lids are hard to keep track off and hard to replace.

Sydney Dahlgren, IL


The lid is small so I have to make sure to keep it away in fear of my toddler choking, but otherwise these are great durable pouches that I have run in the dish washer several times. I have never had any issues with molding, and would purchase these again. I just wish they were cuter!

Cathy Laurel, MD

So far so good

I like how easy these are to clean and fill. When filling it took me a few times to learn to open up the pouch all the way, including the fold at one end, even if I’m not filling it completely. They were leaking on me for a bit so I still put them in a ziplock bag, but I think I fixed that. there’s a little tear-off ring on the bottom of the cap. It seems to me that removing it helps get a tighter seal.

Meagan Castle Rock, WA

keep them clean it will work good

I like the pouches they are a really good. easy to fill easy for the baby to eat out of. You do need to make sure to clean them the little edges and the cap a small animation the baby doesn’t play with it.I’ve had them for a year now and they’re still good you just need keep them cleaned. best of all they’re cheap andthey don’t just fall apart you do need to take care of them.

Krista Spofford, NH

Nice way to save money

My son loves fruit pouches and they are pretty quick and easy to fill up and take along with us. My only complaint is that sometimes I don’t get the seal completely closed and they leak a little.

Carmela Fulton, MS

Invest in a different brand pouch.

If looking for cheaper alternative, don’t get this one – try Yummi Pouch. They worked well for a few months, but then started peeling apart. There are other brands that are much better. We’ve been using the yummi pouches months and months since EZ Squeezees fell apart.

Opal Navarre, MN

Work Well

they work just the same as the store ones for my 28 month old. They did not leak for him but they did leak a bit when I put them in a cup of hot water to defrost. It wasn’t much but enough to discolor the water. I made sure they were sealed when given to my son and I left him alone with it with no issues.It did seem smaller than I expected when I filled it but he didn’t eat quite all of it so it must be about normal. I found that when I was filling them, pouring in from the pitcher/blender overfilled them but if I uses a 1/4 measuring cup, I didn’t have the overflow because I moderated more.

Naomi Roundup, MT

EZ Squeezes

Ever wish you could reuse those food pouches you buy in the store? Well now you can! EZ Squeezees allows you to reuse, save, and have fun with food pouches! Take your baby foods to a whole new level, by knowing and trusting that your baby is eating exactly what you want them too!Getting into the "green movement" with my newest little one has opened my eyes to how so many foods are prepared, not just for adults but for babies and kids. I want to know what is going into my baby’s mouth, and I can do just that with EZ Squeezes.Holding up to 6.5 oz of food, you can do SO MUCH, with these, just have a look at their website for recipes! But, you don’t have to stop there, create your own recipes. Easy to use, just zip to close, add the top, and refrigerate until consumption!Probably one of my favorite aspects is that they’re dishwasher safe! Just rinse them out and place them on the top shelf in the dishwasher and you’re set! The other, you can write on them so that you know what’s in it each time.EZ Squeezees has taken baby foods to the next level with moms on the go! Definitely a great product to invest in.Reviewed by Steph for New Age Mama

Mavis Woodstock, NY

great money saver

a much cheaper option than buying pouches at 1-3 bucks a piece and much better for the environment. easy to clean. the only problem I’ve encountered is that my toddler chews on the spout and then because it is deformed, the top doesn’t fit correctly and it leaks. also, in a perfect world, the caps would be attached to the pouch (maybe like an arrowhead water bottle) because they are very easy to lose.

Marcia Muir, MI


I love these things. They are easy to fill and allow me to give my daughter my own baby food. It saves a ton of money on those pouches.

Rosemary Greene, RI