Fantasy Furniture Comfy Chair, Flowers

Fantasy Furniture Comfy Chair, Flowers

The Comfy chair was designed to enhance the beauty of any room. It is also comfortable and durable; we use heavy degree Micro Suede for durability and comfort. It also has a strong wood frame, covered with high density foam to maximize comfort. The Chair is handmade just like an adult piece of furniture with wooden legs. Add a Comfy Micro Suede Chair to any room to create a special place for reading, watching TV or just Relaxing. Your kids will love it.

Main features

  • Comfortable and durable
  • Strong Wooden Frame, for durability
  • High Density Flame retardant foam, for added comfort
  • Wider Base for stability
  • Wooden Legs, for a real furniture look

Verified reviews


very cute

our daughter absolutely loves her chair. we think it’s very cute and stylish as well. good quality overall and should last until she out grows it. i sat in it and it feels very comfy. our daughter loves to climb up and she plays with her stuffed animals or reads, slips around a lot on our hardwood floors so i’ll probably modify the feet soon. more height on the back rest would have been great, i think it’s a tad short. but that’s not enough for me to remove a star. other than that, our 14 month really loves it. it’s quite roomy and can fit a medium sized stuffed animal and herself squeezed next to it. there’s enough room for her to climb up and turn herself around to sit. one of the customers (Ernesto) was nice enough to upload a picture of the couch with dimensions which was a great help. Thanks Ernesto!

Virginia Benavides, TX

Too cute- great value.

My son got this for Christmas- he was 20 months old at the time. It is the perfect size for him, and will continue to work for him for a while yet, I am thinking. The pattern and colors are so cute. I noticed no smell or anything from the product, and the colors have not bled onto anything. It is pretty easy to clean up- a wet washcloth usually does the job. It is pretty light weight- my son pushes it around the living room sometimes. We will definitely keep these chairs in mind if we ever need another one! It is pretty solidly made, and you cannot beat the price.

Shanna Monument, KS

Super and well made

Very sturdy chair, upolstered well and my grand daughter loves it. It is wider than a normal chair so sits on it side ways like a short couch. So cute. Sits on 4 legs of wood. They embroidery is well done.

Camilla Brohard, WV

A Good Purchase

I bought this when I felt that my daughter feels she needs her own space in the living room when watching a program with us. She was 13 months old when I bought it and now she is almost 17. She has been using it very often and appreciate her own chair. It is very sturdy and doesn’t tip over.

Arline Cheshire, CT

This is great

We love this and my grand son actually falls asleep in this sitting sideways. He absolutely loves it. Now I want a little sofa to match.

Willa Eagle Rock, MO