FAO Schwarz Baby And Toddler Scale, White

FAO Schwarz Baby And Toddler Scale, White

This is a great scale for your home lb Capacity is perfect for you baby and toddler ideal for small pets up to lb

Main features

  • Smooth ergonomic platform comfortably fits growing babies
  • LCD readout measures weight in ounces, pounds or kilograms
  • Memory stores and recalls last weight measurement
  • Automatic shut-off prolongs battery life

Verified reviews


Accurate and easy-to-use

I purchased this FAO Schwarz scale so I could track my infant daughter’s weight in-between her monthly pediatrician’s appointments. It was very easy to set up and use right out of the box; and within 2 minutes of opening the box, I was weighing my baby. The scale measures in half-ounce increments, which is plenty accurate for casual users like me. (Professional-grade infant scales can measure in increments as small as one-tenth of an ounce, but I don’t need quite that level of detail). The scale also has a “tare” function, so you can lay a blanket on it and re-set the scale to zero before putting your baby on it. (A nice feature if you’d prefer to lay your baby on a plusher/cozier surface without affecting the weight reading). What’s more, this item has a handy measurement stabilizer function, which enables it to get an accurate weight reading even with a squirming baby on it! It’s also convertible to a toddler scale, so I won’t have to buy another scale once my daughter becomes old enough to be weighed standing up rather than lying down. In addition, the scale saves the last weight recorded, so you can keep track of your child’s progress even if you’ve forgotten to write down your baby’s last weigh-in. (Sleep-deprived parents of infants tend to forget a lot!) The scale is also quite useful for getting an approximate idea of how much breast-milk baby is drinking, by weighing the infant before and after feeding. (The difference between the two weights equals the number of ounces of milk consumed). This can be very reassuring for breastfeeding moms who want to ensure that their little-ones are getting enough milk.Overall, this item gets the job done, and at a $5-$30 cheaper price-point than comparable units on Amazon and elsewhere. Why pay more for another scale with virtually the same features? I’d recommend this item to any parent looking for an infant/toddler scale that’s dependable and user-friendly, without skimping on accuracy or essential features.

Ana Menard, IL

Love this! So convienent!!

We use this all the time to weigh our baby. Just set it on the counter and put him on. It gets very cold, so it has a cool feature that you put a blanket or something on it, press the “Tare” button, and then it deducts the weight of the blanket so that you can accurately weigh your baby, but not have his skin touch freezing cold plastic. My son is 4+ months now, and we weigh him about once a week since he was 1 week old, and still haven’t had to change the batteries.

Elisa Glenwood, NJ

Good Product

Bought it for my son. I am breastfeeding him and wanted to make sure he was gaining weight. It was a great peace of mind to be able to weigh him and make sure he was gaining weight. Hes almost 5mo now, Im no longer worried about him gaining weight but I like to weigh him out of curiosity. Plus its helpful to know his weight so I know if soon he wont be able to fit in a size of diapers or clothes (even tho u cant always go by weight on those things).

Francisca Malcom, IA

Basic, Quality Scale

This scale has been proven accurate time and time again – my baby weighs the same at home as she does at the doctor’s office digital scale. So far, the batteries have lasted six months of weekly weighs, so the scale does not eat through batteries. It’s also survived two moves and retained its accuracy.This scale produces weight in both pounds and kilograms, which is a bonus, and my toddler can be weighed on it also.For the price, this is a great little at home scale.

Hilary Roscoe, TX

Very easy to use, accurate and inexpensive

My newborn was having issues feeding and I really needed to know if he was gaining weight on a daily basis. Once it arrived, we ordered this scale and we were able to get a weight on him in just a matter of minutes. It is very easy to use and it even came with batteries. I would tell parents that are concerned about their baby’s weight gain to not hesitate and order this scale. Amazon delivers it quickly and you will not regret the purchase. I’ve also used it to weigh packages so that I can pay for postage online.

Ruthie Randolph, VA

Thank god I Waited to Write This!

When I bought this I LOVED IT! Smooth plastic, easy to read display and it is very nice to look at. After 4 months it started giving me the wrong readings. So I call customer service and they DO NOTHING! Even though I filled out the warranty! UNREAL! So now I have a busted scale! FAO Schwarz is a HORRIBLE COMPANY to deal with!BUY A DIFFERENT BRAND!

Lina Bagdad, KY

perfect for weight monitoring

when having to monitor our little guys weight weekly this made it so much easier than driving to the doctor every week. accurate weight and was perfect for what we needed

Eunice Rockville, MN

good use

I am first time mom and worried constantly about if my baby was eating enough when I breastfeed. So I bought this scale to check her weight everyday and also before and after feed sometimes if she was getting enough. worth the money for having peace of mind.

Karin East Stroudsburg, PA

Good one. Serves the purpose well

I bought this as I was really tensed about my baby not gaining weight properly. I was so relieved to have it at home. You can track the baby weight easily. Switch between kilograms and pounds with ease and is not that heavy to carry around. Added bonus its sturdy, but definitely don’t leave the baby on it unsupervised .

Dawn La Veta, CO

Seems to work well

Scale seems to work well, and appears comfortable. I’m not sure about the accuracy though, seems to be off slightly even after setting the tare, adjusting the zero point.

Gale Lanesboro, IA