Fat Brain Toy Co Tobbles

Fat Brain Toy Co Tobbles

Tobbles has a great modern design for a stacking, balancing, and however you want to use it toy – and the possibilities are many. Each of the colorful 6 spheres has a dual-textured surface and there is a pleasant heft to each weighted piece. The 6 Tobbles pieces can be carefully balanced, suitably nested, and more. Designed for encouraging sensory exploration, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and visual spatial awareness.

Main features

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  • Great for children to learn about colors, size sequencing, and more
  • 6 colorful spheres with two textures and weighted
  • For children 2 year and up
  • Children can stack, spin, balance, and more. Open ended play

Verified reviews


Topples Balancing Toy

Not really a big fan if this toy. I know I lot of the reviews state that the adults play with it half of the time so I’m sure that assist in the rating. I will say off the bat though that my kids (3yr & 18mo)do love playing with it for a good few minutes at a time but mostly as a colorful ball toy.It stands about 12″ high when stacked/assembled. The balls range in diameter from about 2″, 2 1/4″, 2 1/2″, 3″, 3 1/2″, 3 3/4″ with the 4″ base. Again those measurements are really rough, but it’s just for a general idea. I’d say that they are weighted in the bottom center of the balls base, but not magnetic from what i can tell. Just given the shape when tucked into each other and the small weight might give that impression though. The balls are assembled with the top half(cup) and lower half(ball). The top half has a very slightly rubberized coating all except for the smallest ball.They are light weight balls but you can feel the presence of the balance weight. I know because they are a ball shaped toy most kids might be inclined to toss them around accordingly and for that I wouldn’t rate them durable. My kids haven’t tested that limit yet, but I’m sure it’s a matter of time until it goes Humpty Dumpty right into the wall.They state that you “can stack, spin balance, open ended play”. Honestly from practical play at the young toddler age, they can stack it directly on top of one another very still and it will stay piled, that’s about it. I played with it myself initially to check the limitations/range of stacking play and really the second product picture is about the most staggered you can make it before it topples all over the place. You can roll it, because it’s a ball shape, and yes like a ball you can spin it too, imagine that, a ‘free extra feature’ 😉 I’ve tried to stack these outside of the base with no luck, of course, and I’ve tried to stack them inverted(cup side down, one on top of another) with no luck there either. Again if I approach it as meticulous as one would while disarming a bomb then I can get a couple different configurations out of it, but my kids with more of the ‘pull the pin and launch’ grenade style leave little else for this toy to do but to stack it straight up.It’s colorful, it’s a nice idea and the weight is a nice touch. If that weight was in fact also slightly magnetic, this might be worlds more fun with far more range of play. Being that it’s not easily stable or all that durable(for ‘ball’ type abuse)and really nothing more than a plastic stacking toy, I think it’s overpriced. I would have paid $12 for this at Imaginarium or a store like that. My kids do love it though for the few minutes at a time that they play with it so, I concede to their authority, and don’t pretend to understand why.

Lucile Meadville, PA

Great toy

My 7 month old and 2-year old both love it. Well- made, fun toy. My favorite toy this Christmas. Good design. The bottoms are weighted so they wobble when knocked over, a big hit

Bertha Cripple Creek, CO

Has the durability of a paper doll.

My kids played with these for about 3 days before at least two of them were broken. One broke the very first day when my daughter dropped it on the wood floor. And from her height at the time (about 30 inches) it was not a long fall for the toy! Now, a few months later, all but two of them are broken. If my kids were especially hard on toys, I wouldn’t be surprised, but I have not had this experience with any of the other dozens of toys that we have brought in this house. The manufacturer needs to work on better construction. Until they fix those issues, I would save your money!

Maude Cardin, OK

it’s ok, but — i bought into all the hype at first

I read so many great things about this that maybe my expectations were too high, but it’s really not that great. We tried using these on our fisher price race track that spins little cars in a circle and it was awesome seeing how they became fast spinning tops in there…but there are some Plan Toys stackers which I think are more interesting by far. My baby is only 19 months though, so maybe it’s just a timing issue.

Casandra Middleport, PA

Boring, expensive, and break easily

These were a gift for my 15-month old daughter. Even though she likes other types of balls and blocks, she was not impressed with these. I thought that she might grow into them, but three months later, she still hasn’t shown any interest in them. Furthermore, two out of the six balls have broken in half, despite the fact that they are rarely used. On top of that, they take up a lot of storage space. I would definitely not recommend these – given their limited entertainment value and poor durability, they are not worth the price or the space in the toy box!

Lesley Stillman Valley, IL

Tobbles are for everyone.

My grandchildren opened this last night at a Chanukah party. The 7 month old and the three year old were both entranced. The individual components are weighted so they can stack the balls in all kinds of leaning confections. The adults gathered around and played with the toddler to see how much off balance would still work. He then balanced it with different sizes on the bottom. The seven month old put the items in his mouth and tottered them around. He liked them because they are approximately balls but do not roll off so quickly so he can explore different properties, and tastes. The components got a hard handling given the adult participation and I didnt see any scratching or chipping. The toy itself is bright and attractive. I always like a toy that is fun for the parents too, and this fulfills this wish beautifully and colorfully.

Kristina Hilliards, PA

Love these!

We got these when my son was less than a year old. He could easily stack them and loved to knock them down. Quality toy. Very neat for early motor skill development.

Evangelina Doylestown, OH

So much more than a stacker!!!

My 9-month-old had such a passion for her stacking rings, that I started looking around for another toy that she would enjoy, but that would be a little more challenging for her. I quickly came across the Fat Brain Tobbles, and decided to give them a try even though they are a little pricey. Gosh, what a hit! This is such a great toy! Here is why I feel this way:1. It is excellent to teach kids about patience, balance, and improve their fine motor skills.2. There are so many ways you can stack them, that my daughter never gets tired of it. She starts over and over again, and makes a more sculptural ‘figure’ every time. Very fun for adults to watch their kids play with it.3. 2 kids can actually play together and use this toy as their first balancing tower. Now that she is a little older, when her cousin comes over, they play with it a lot: my daughter puts the first ball on the base, them her cousin puts the second on top and so on, each trying to make it as difficult as possible for the other not to crush the ‘tower’.Definitely a great concept, would buy it again in a heartbeat!Note that the instructions advice not to use these with kids under 2 years old. We gave this to a 9-month-old and she was playing just fine with it. I am sure that the company is trying to avoid liability issues, but it really is a toy intended for kids as young 12-18 months old, even if they still enjoy it after they have reached 2.

Cortney Pohnpei, FM


I’m not one to complain about something I bought, but this thing… It looks nice but in real life it’s pretty boring. The weights in the balls make it nearly impossible to stack in any other order than largest to smallest. It doesn’t require a lot of balancing skill either, the picture you see of it all twisted and turned is set up to look nice. Unless you’re trying to make it look zigzaged its going to be just another tower. We have plenty of toys like that, so this one is just sitting in the top of my daughters closet collecting dust. Don’t get me wrong I thought it was pretty fun! As did the other adults that have played with it but my daughter has zero interest in the tobble. When I bought this for her I thought it could be stacked up any way. I also didn’t realize you HAVE to use the base. The weights in side are actually heavy too- I dropped one on my foot once and had a bruise for a month.

Billie Chester, NJ

Not as fun (or as large) as I thought they would be

I’ve had my eye on these for my son for quite a while. He recently started enjoying knocking towers down, so I went ahead and purchased them. Guess I should have looked at the dimensions before ordering because I was surprised at how small they were. The tower with all 6 balls and the base is really about a foot/foot-and-a-half tall. Pretty disappointing. My son could really take them or leave them as of right now. When I build a tower for him with them he will knock them down, but he hasn’t attempted to build a tower by himself. Perhaps once he is able to figure out how to do that, he’ll enjoy them more, but for now they just sit unused in the toy boy.

Cathryn Findley Lake, NY


Bought these as a gift for my 18month old niece. Too advanced for her at this age, but I actually enjoyed playing with it. I really like the look and feel of how it is made. Colors are appealing. Fun. I’d like to buy one for my 9 month old daughter when she gets older.

Constance Franklin, VA

fun but scratches easily

I bought this for my soon to be five month old. I stack the balls, he knocks them down. It’s a lot of fun. Hopefully he’ll like stacking them once he’s older. None of the pieces fit through a toilet paper tube, so they aren’t choking hazards. Some of the pieces have already gotten scratches just from being knocked over onto a carpeted floor, though.

Bertha Edwards, MO

Great for baby…and parents too!

Received the toy on time, and it was in perfect condition! My 11 3/4 month-old loves knocking it down and watching the “balls” spin around. She tries to teeth on them (cutting molars right now) but haven’t had any problems, since they’re round, and she can’t get a good bite on the side that has the indentation. Husband likes to stack them for her — I like that it almost looks like an art piece, and not just a baby toy. Seems pretty durable. I think that this will be one of those toys that stick around for a long time…oh, and I know that it says it’s for “3+” but if you watch your baby play with them, it’s safe.Update: My 17-month-old is still playing with these! She’s no longer trying to teeth on them, but they do make a terrific racket when she clatters them onto the hardwood floor. Still, no scratches on the toy or our floors, so everyone wins.

Juanita Lockport, LA

Different Toy

This toy is very different. My son is 2 and loves this! It helps them learn to build stacks with out having to be perfect on the stacking concept. Your tower can lean all sorts of ways, and for a toddler this is great. The colors are bright and nice.The only downside is if you lose one part, the toy is useless. So store it carefully.

Latanya Benton, CA

Too easy for older toddlers.

Got this set for my son when he was about 2, it took him 2 tries and that was it. Back on the shelf for a LONG time and recently he got them out again to play again – took him maybe 20 seconds to get them stacked accordingly. Too easy if you have kids over 2 year old.

Lucile Proctorsville, VT