Fireplace Door Lock

Fireplace Door Lock

The Fireplace Door Lock helps prevent hands and fingers from getting pinched in fireplace doors. It mounts over the handles of swinging or folding doors to lock them in place. Fits fireplace doors with horizontal handles. Durable metal construction. Measures approximately 24″L x 2″H x 3/4″D. Simple installation with a Phillips Head Screwdriver.

Main features

  • Works on most, but not all, horizontally aligned swinging or folding fireplace door handles.
  • Fireplace door handles must be between 6″ and 9″ apart.
  • Fireplace door handles must have a gap to allow for installation.
  • Lock must be completely uninstalled to access fireplace.

Verified reviews


Doesn’t hold the doors closed as well as I’d hoped.

The doors still pull away from the frame some, so pinched fingers are still a possibility. It does prevent them from swinging open, or opening all the way, so I’m keeping it, but I’d really hoped it would work better. The long bar should be about a foot longer, or heavily magnetized to prevent the doors from opening more. Unfortunately it’s the only/best option available for the cheap bi-fold glass fireplace doors that come on most houses.

Rosalyn Marietta, IL

Great to protect babies

We had to get doors and this lock to keep our little one from the fireplace. Since we got the lock she hasn’t even tried to get into the fireplace. Easy to install.

Althea Andover, IL

Simple design that serves its purpose.

This is basically two metal bars connected by screws. If you were handy, you can probably build your own for much cheaper. Depending on the orientation of your handles, it may not work for all fireplaces.

Mitzi Sterling, ND

Great for keeping little ones out of the fireplace!

This was really easy to install and I no longer have to pull my just turned 2 year old out of the fireplace! I LOVE this! Would definitely recommend this!

Beth Mendon, OH

Everybody needs this! I’m obsessed!

I bought this elsewhere for less $ but It was a contestant battle to keep baby from pinching fingers and this ingenious invention fits perfectly. It only took 2 min to instal. Love it!

Lucille Atkinson, IL