First Years Premium Single Electric Pump

First Years Premium Single Electric Pump

Get everything you need for pumping at home or work. This single electric breast pump, designed in consultation with lactation experts, is lightweight has a comfort-control dial. Stylish and discreet shoulder bag has an insulated compartment and ice pack to keep bottles cool. And there’s a side battery compartment for when you’re on the go. Includes 2 sets of textured shields, two 5-oz. storage bottles and covers, air vacuum hose, extra-long power cord and instructions. AC or battery compatible. Imported.

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It started out great…

I bought this pump months before my son was born because I could not afford to pay almost $300 for the Medella. I had a manual Medella pump when my daughter was born and did not want to go manual again.When I returned home from giving birth to my son, he stopped latching on well, so I pulled out my new electric pump and went to work. It was great. I could adjust the suction, and my breasts were healing from my son’s poor nursing. I was even getting out 5-6oz of milk from each breast. The whole process took about 20-30 minutes.After 2 months of constant use, 4 times a day, one day last week the suction would not work. The motor was running but no suction. I took all the washable parts off again and put them back on 6 times, before it started working again. But then it also pulled some milk down the hose, luckly it did not go into the motor.Now when I use it, the suction is not as strong or as efficient. It now takes an hour or more to pump the same amount of milk I had been getting. And it still doesn’t have anough suction to completly empty my breasts. When I finish pumping I have to express the remaining milk maually.I am going to call the company, I really hope they make this right.

Loretta Charlestown, IN


if i had to do it all over again..i would spend the money on the pump in style or purley yours. the First years works. It works slowly and loudly,it leaks, and the shield (and assorted parts) need to be boiled regularly because it gets “out of shape” and won’t suction. if you are going to pump “once in a while” this is ok…otherwise spend the money!!

Olivia West Shokan, NY

great for the price

If you can, buy the double pump. My doctor said it helps in 2 ways, takes half the time and it can even “trick” your body into thinking you have twins, thus making more milk.I didnt purchase the double pump due to the price. However, this mid-grade pump is just dandy for the amount of milk it can pump out in the time it takes. It makes for an easy and quick let down and the speed dial lets you choose how much suction you can handle.Dont get discuraged! The first time I used it it seem to work amazing! I got out 2 ounces in no time flat then the next time I used it it took me using it over and over throughout the entire day to barely reach the 2 ounce mark. I had also read another review that mentioned this: worked great the first time, then didnt work hardly at all the following times…. But dont get discouraged if this happens, it took my body some time to get used to breastfeeding and pumping. Not to mention, it always worked best for me in the morning- OR- if you are really dedicated, use it during the night inbetween your baby’s longest period of sleep… you will get a lot more than when you pump after (even if its the morning) feeding your baby.I would have given this pump 5 stars but because sometimes the pump hurts my nipples. I dont have any comparisons but my doctor said when she used the Medela manual pump, it hurt her too.I would recommend this pump and its sister, the Easy Comfort Double Pump.NOTE: Please keep in mind how long you plan on breastfeeding tho. I wanted to keep breastfeeding for 6months so this would be a good investment but once my dr said I needed to supplement I ended up giving up breastfeeding just before 4months. I didnt get to use it as much as I would have liked, considering the money I spent on it. So, if you want a pump, consider this: renting one from your hospital. They ususally run about $30/month and you will get one that, if you were to buy it out-right, it would cost you $1,500. I wish I had done this instead.

Terra Gorham, ME


I use the single pump exclusively to bottle feed my 10 month old son because of latching on problems. This pump is fast and does not hurt once you get use to it. I can pump MORE than 8 ounces in about 15 minutes, which allows me to only pump about 4 times in a 24 hour period. This works great now that my son sleeps through the night, so I do not even have to get up to pump.This pump does take two hands if your breasts are heavy with milk because the plastic shield will need to be held firmly in place to allow the best suction. The unit is much quieter if you use the cover or place a pillow over the top. I’ve never used any other pump, and the pricier ones may work better, but for the money I will recommend this pump first!

Ashlee East Quogue, NY

works great!

I use this pump once a day so my husband can feed the baby at night. I am easily able to pump out a feeding in about 10 – 15 minutes. It has a dial for adjusting suction and the pieces come apart easily for cleaning. It comes with two textured breast shields (1 small and 1 large) and if you don’t like the textured shield, you can contact the company for an untextured shield. They sent one at no extra cost.I’ve been using now, 1-2 times a day, for 6 months and no complaints about lost suction or anything else.I gave it 4 stars because I put one of the shields in the microwave sterilizer and it bent where I placed it in the breast shield slot. I called the 800 number and got a replacement within 3 days (at no cost to me). Great customer service!

Faith Winston, NM