Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Apptivity Entertainer

Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Apptivity Entertainer

At Home or On-The-Go Wherever you and baby go, it’s the perfect way to baby-proof your iPhone or iPod touch from dribbles and droll and provide lots of enriching play opportunities! Lock in your iPhone or iPod touch and watch worry free as baby bats at this roly-poly case. Baby will be delighted and stimulated by the shapes, colors, and textures. View larger Set up easel for tummy time or sit-at play. View larger Colorful bumpers are soft to the touch. View larger Soft fabric bumper makes it easy and comfy for baby to hold. View larger Sturdy, durable case protects your iPhone or iPod touch. View larger You and baby will both enjoy an exciting new way to experience playtime. View larger Colorful bumpers are soft to the touch. Download 2 apps, available from the App Store to delight baby’s senses with high-contrast patters and shapes. Customize the ways to play to match baby’s preference! Prop it up on the easel base for tummy time fun or secure it to the stroller for play away from home. Baby will be delighted and stimulated by the shapes, colors, and textures of the 3-in-1 Apptivity Entertainer. The downloadable apps also provide world of sensory-stimulating graphics and characters. Batting at the case and screen helps to enhance developing motor skills. Features Perfect for one-the-go, sit-at, and tummy time fun Sturdy, durable case protects your iPhone or iPod touch Clear film keeps dribbles & drool out Soft fabric bumper makes it easy & comfy for baby to hold Download 2 apps for interactive fun: Laugh and Smile and Roly Poly Animals Compatible with iPhone 5, 4, 4S, 3GS, 3G, and iPod touch 5th, 4th, 3rd and 2nd generations iPhone and iPod touch not included Set up easel for tummy time or sit-at play Securely attaches to your stroller

Main features

  • Designed to hold your Iphone or Itouch devices
  • Features a drool protected case and soft colorful bumpers
  • Includes a secure locking link for strollers for on the go fun
  • Easel set up for tummy time & sit-at play
  • Includes 2 apps designed specifically for the Apptivity Entertainer

Verified reviews


Great product with one minor design flaw…

This is an interesting idea and an overall great product. The first thing my daughter did was drop it from about 3 feet off the ground and my iphone was absolutely fine. It’s great at protecting my phone (from being dropped and from spills/drool) and it is easy for her to hold and play with. The apps are adorable and most of them seem to really hold her attention.*NOTE: I realize that some people do not think it’s appropriate to let your young child use your iphone or ipod. I understand that viewpoint and I used to feel that way. However my little one has a strong interest in technology so I’ve been letting her use this in moderation, for very short periods of time only. I also choose educational apps that help with reading and other skills. For those short times, this product is a great idea.*I had trouble downloading the free fisher price apps from the link that was provided, instead I went to the app store in my iphone and downloaded every free Fisher Price app I could get!I like that there’s a way for you to insert the iphone so your child can’t press the “home” button. But if you want to access the home button, just turn the phone the other way.The outer edges are crinkly which makes it more interesting for baby to play with. There’s a kick stand out the back to prop it up for viewing. There’s also a hook to attach it to a baby stroller or high chair so it can’t be dropped or lost.There is however one design flaw when you use it with an iphone, however. You have to be really careful taking your phone OUT of this case. For instance, when you are in a hurry to get your phone out of the case – for instance, when it’s RINGING – there’s a type of spring action that happens and your iphone can literally shoot out of this holder and fall on the floor if you’re not careful. And you have to take your iphone out of its protective case to put it in this case, so your phone is left with no protection if it falls. Just a word of warning for others who try this for the first time…All in all I like this product and would recommend it.

Roxie Hiwasse, AR

Check your iPod generation first

I had a first generation iPod touch that I never used and I thought this would be a good toy for my 9 month old. I didn’t know that the apps wouldn’t work on my old iPod so we never used this toy. Great idea, but I wouldn’t buy an iPod just so she could use the apps.

Candy Belle Rive, IL

Protects the Ipod

If you plan to allow your child to play with an iphone, then this product will definitely contribute to keeping the device safe. Our iphone fit securely into the middle of the holder and was well cushioned and protected from attempts to bang, throw, drop or otherwise bash it. The cloth ring on the outside would also be good for teething babies to chew on, however I haven’t figured out a good way to wash this yet, so perhaps not.The only obstacle we found was that the protective cover made it somewhat difficult for a very young child, which this product is clearly aimed for, to manipulate the screen. Attempts to touch through the protective cover resulted in very clunky interation.Whether or not you want your infant to use an ipod is a personal decision. If you choose to let them, then this will help protect that device and is reasonably priced for that purpose.

Staci Harper, IA

Apps specifically for babies; case is sturdy and easy to clean; can’t turn phone on while it’s in case

First off, being around screens – TV, computer, etc – is bad for small children. Studies show slower language development and poor emotional adjustment are issues that come up as children are exposed to more hours each day around different types of screens. They think the reasons for this are that adults who are doing something else, like watching TV or using the internet, spend less time interacting with children. The other reason is that TV shows or computer games with lots of visual movement can be bad for attention span, and can be addictive so that the child spends time watching even if not truly interested. This includes tiny babies who are looking at colors, and aren’t watching for plot or things we would. Also, interviews with adults who work in software and with computers tend to show that the person got interested in technology at a later age – like age 10 or older. This is definitely not an educational toy.Knowing that, I still got this product while pregnant. My husband’s iPhone is out of contract, and he plans to buy a new phone. I see parents at restaurants propping cell phones up for babies to watch, to keep the child distracted and quiet. One of my coworkers who has a toddler sometimes has her at work for about an hour at a time after day care closes if his wife can’t pick her up, and lets her play with his phone to keep her occupied while he works. I think it’s inevitable for me to let my baby play on a phone. I also remember playing games on an Apple IIe as a toddler, while sitting on my mom’s lap. I remember the game and my mom. It is possible to interact with the child while they play with any toy, or just to limit time with a toy so that the child gets a variety of experiences.Here are observations on the toy so far:Easy to put phone into: To put the phone in, you turn a dial and pull out the plastic panel on the front, then put the phone in and put the panel back on. A spring holds the panel in place. It takes enough pressure to turn the dial that I don’t think a small child could easily take it apart. At the same time, it was easy for me to do.Touch screen works, even under plastic: Once the phone is in, some rubberized knobs hold the phone against the plastic screen. The touch screen still works through the plastic screen.Easy to clean: Because the case completely encloses the phone, and the case without phone has no electronics, you can wash the case. You can wipe a phone down, but not wash it.Turning phone on and off while it’s in the case: With iPhone 3gs, we couldn’t turn the phone on after it’s in the case. You can get to the flat front of the phone while it is in the case, but for the phone I am using, I need to press the button along the top of the phone to be able to turn it on. I have to turn it on while it’s out of the case, then put it in.Apps seem fine for babies: Baby Photos and Roly Poly are the 2 free included apps. You can install them on your phone without purchasing, and see what they are like. Baby Photos show photos of babies’ faces. Each photo stays 5 seconds, or tapping the screen goes to the next photo. Roly Poly show a cartoon animal that goes around the screen and bounces off the sides of the screen. Tapping on the animal makes it change direction or speed. Tapping the background changes the animal. To exit each app, the baby would have to tap the button in the corner twice. This limits baby exiting the app by accident. The apps seemed appropriate for babies, and not harmful (not too much movement , and baby can play just by hitting screen). The apps are winners and make me more comfortable to show a screen to a tiny baby. When I downloaded these, I saw Fisher Price has several other apps, including several free ones for different ages.Case is less interesting than I expected: The case that goes around the phone has four colored pads on it. It thought these would be different textures and provide activities. Instead, they are all the same exact texture – soft fabric over a crinkle layer. There are some ribbons on the side bumpers, but that’s it for variety. Babies like the crinkle, but I would prefer some different textures to make the case more interesting for a small child.Colors aren’t as bright as I expected: Once again, the four cloth bumpers around the outside of the toy are less than I thought they would be. They aren’t as bright as I thought. They aren’t quite pastel, but instead are somewhere in between pastel and bright. Babies are born seeing mostly black and white, and then begin to see bright colors. So, brighter colors or more contrast would make me happier about showing this to a baby.Protects the phone: The case protects the phone, if dropped. It also has a clip to attach to stroller, so you can let a toddler play with the phone while moving and know the phone won’t be dropped and get lost that way. Because this is a fairly large toy, I wouldn’t clip it to a carseat or anything that hangs over a baby, in case it swings.Overall, this is a sturdy protective case for your phone, if you are letting a baby or small toddler play with your phone anyway. It is easy to clean. The apps from Fisher Price seem like good options for a baby or very tiny child. Those apps are targeted towards baby development with photos of faces and limited movement, and make me feel better about letting my baby play with a phone. Not being able to turn the phone on while it is in the case is a drawback.

Francesca Marbury, MD

Great case!

This toy is really good for little babies. Definitely is easy to use, protects the phone perfectly and you can access the home button and navigate on the phone. The only reason I kept it from having a 5-star review is that the stand on the back doesn’t work very well with apps that use portrait orientation on the screen. The stand on the back is more suited to apps that use the landscape orientation. Overall, however, it’s a great case.

Dona Garrison, KY

A little baffled at first

When I first saw this Apptivity Entertainer, I was torn between thinking it was a neat idea and wondering why we are promoting iPhones to infants. I was leaning a little more towards thinking it was slightly crazy to condition a child from such an early age, to be dependant on electronics etc and getting them hooked on Apple products. There’s already so much research on teens/preteens being too involved with social media, video games and the need or addiction to being constantly “connected.”On the other hand though, I see the point that if you’re going to occupy your child once in a while by letting them play with your phone, it might be a good idea to have it protected from slobber, drops, odd calls and texts etc and have it be more child/infant appropriate.The toy itself is sturdy and does provide adequate protection for your iPhone. The phone goes in and out of the case easily. Main functions that you would not want your infant using are not able to be accessed while in the case. The cloth bumpers around the edges are fun and soft for baby, but can get messy with slobber. The clip is nice for attaching to stroller, so there are no drops and no throwing it at anyone while strolling through the mall.There is a decent range of Apps available to keep the child occupied and many are free, so that’s a plus. I’m definitely not going to pay for Apps for a 1 year old.I like that the colors on the case are muted and not too bright/flashy.If you already give your phone to your child to occupy them, this is a worthwhile item to have. It’s not very expensive at all and since you can get a good bit of Apps for free, it is cost friendly in the longrun and allows for variety.

Nannie Danville, ME

Smart solution for confined situations.

This was a great idea. The iPhone 4 snaps right into it very securely and the case does a really great job of protecting the phone. It’s perfect for when you’re in small spaces – like airplanes, trains, cabs, etc where you don’t have space for a bunch of toys to entertain your little one but you need to do SOMETHING. Load your phone with kidlet apps and you’re in business! Going to the doctor? Taking a plane trip? Out to dinner? Need some quiet time? Do they want to watch Sponge Bob? You’ll be amazed how often you’ll pull it out. There’s even a clip where you can secure it to your stoller. With the padded bumpers and easel it props right up on the tummy for easy viewing.

Ginger Claudville, VA

Great for my one-year-old

My one-year-old has long been fascinated with her parents’ iPhones, but as soon as she gets one in her hands, it always goes straight into her mouth. This Fisher-Price Apptivity Entertainer is perfect for little ones who are curious about grown-up gadgets. This works fine with our iPhone 4S, and it’s safe in a secure case that prevents my daughter hurting herself with the phone and prevents her drooling all over it (or worse, inside it). My daughter also likes to use this Entertainer in the car to apparently simulate driving. She turns the wheel shape round and round as if to mimic our steering wheel. In that respect, there’s a lot of room for creative playtime here beyond use of the smart phone itself.The packaging boasts the Fisher-Price toddler-friendly apps available for download on iTunes. We already had these on our phones, and both are nice distractions for our one-year-old. This kind of a device is perfect for a restaurant or grocery store when our child might otherwise get cranky or grabby. We limit her use, of course, to those moments when we simply cannot play with her ourselves. As an occasional distraction, I think this is a safe, and pretty perfect, device. Recommended.

Bessie Chalfont, PA

Toddler Must Have!

This was the best toy investment yet! My son loves it with or without a phone inside. Keep the screen free of spit and goo. It attaches to a stroller very easily. I love it!

Odessa South Lancaster, MA

Remember…this for IPHONE or ITOUCH!

I really thought that this toy was pretty cool! But honestly, I didn’t notice that it is only for Iphones or Itouches. So, we had to wait for my sister to come over to use this toy. But, my daughter (1 1/2 yo) was in love. It actually gave me and my wife a break for a good 2 hours while she just sat there and played…it was heaven! I recommend this toy to every single parent out there…it is that break you have been looking for. The only thing I wish they had done differently was that they had made it more versatile…not everyone has an Iphone or Itouch.

Christa Mauckport, IN

A good value to distract the kids

We have previously gotten the Fisher Price storybook for the iPod/iPhone/etc., and our one-year-old loved it. When we had the opportunity to get an even sturdier and childlike iPhone entertainer, we took it. This one is actually more useful than the storybook because it seems to be a LOT more protective. I never feel like my electronics are in danger of water damage (drool!) or breakage.The apps are free and fun (they also have companion ones online for kids old enough to use the computer). They are educational, but also entertaining.Overall, this is a good product and well worth a chance.

Lucy Red Oak, VA

An alright alternative

I thought this would be a great idea for my little one and her love of playing with my apple electronics. It does fit my phone great and it does protect it as well as the ipod. However, we have lifeproof cases and otterboxes on them so this product wasn’t as necessary. I did like that it was larger so she had much better motor control when she was playing the games. For 18.00 it is a good investment if you haven’t already gotten an otterbox, lifeproof, etc.

Tina Carlotta, CA

Not as Kid Friendly as I hoped

I’m all for exposing children to technology, but babies aren’t really support to see flashing screens and honestly, my little one doesn’t seem that interested in trying to figure out how to use the darn thing as she is with just chewing on it, throwing it around, etc. So what we have essentially done is leave the iphone out of it (which also makes sense considering you have to take skins/shells off to fit it in the compartment), and let her just play with the casing and cushion. I don’t think I’d recommend this product for its intended use, however. Some of the seams have already started splitting as well, after only a few weeks of light toy rotation. Disappointing.

Gena Lower Lake, CA

Better than the last one

I have aFisher-Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity Storybook Reader, but I don’t really use it because it’s really hard to get the phone in and out of the case. This one is much easier to open and close. That automatically gets more use out of it at my house. It works with the older iPhone models as well as the newest 5S.Fisher-Price has a series of free baby apps. They are wonderful. WONDERFUL. FREE. I admit that my daughter spends more time on a screen than I would like, but sometimes you just need a break or a distraction. Now that she is older, she likes to press buttons. And she loves to press the home button. And she loves to throw a fit when the app stops. I can’t get her to understand that pressing the home button leads to the app closing. But this case blocks the home button. It provides a occasionally needed reprieve. It is also an added level of security when OTHER kids want to play with my iPhone. It has a strap so it can hang from the stroller, which is also a nice feature. That way, I know my iPhone is coming home with me when we leave the house.

Sylvia Dacono, CO


I can’t even begin to count how many times one of my children have dropped/tossed my iPhone on the ground. It is usually my last resort entertainment choice for fussy littles, and I spend the entire time hovering ready to snatch it out of the air should their tiny hands drop it. This offers maximum protection. The case is sturdy. There is a clip that attaches to strollers, high chairs, shopping carts, etc. So no retrieving it repeatedly from the dirty ground or losing it when the “toss it so I can watch mommy pick it up” games start. Bonus that it is bright, colorful, and makes the always awesome crinkle noise that toddlers love. My guy finds it fun even without an iPhone included.

Madeline Wymore, NE

Such a great idea, but our baby wants to use the iPhone controls

Our newest baby wants badly to move through the photos. He learned it from using other people’s actual iPhones.Babies seem to always want our phones. They seem to need them. Right now. And everybody loves babies, mostly anyway, so sometimes they let baby get the phone. These babies quickly learn to tap and slide their tiny fingers.The issue is that the protective cover, while being protective, limits and actually prohibits our newest baby from using tiny fingers to manipulate the phone.

Marcella South Lebanon, OH

Great with IPhone or IPod

If you do not feel comfortable with your baby just using your iPhone or iPod, this is great for extra protection. The baby will likely play with the cover even more than the phone. But you can use the apps it comes with or download some of the ones you already know of.

Madeleine Skippers, VA

Glorified iPhone Case

In a nutshell, this ‘Apptivity Entertainer’ is an iPhone case that will withstand the abuse of an infant. There are lots of apps for kids out there, and the Entertainer works with all of them, it is not limited to just Fisher-Price apps. The soft, crinkly outer ring protects the child from the hard plastic shell encasing your device, while giving them something easy to hold onto.There is a ‘stand’ and a hook built into the Entertainer on the backside, but that area leaves a little to be desired. It’s like a giant purple clamshell. It flops open very easily and the hook is just floating around inside the shell. I get what they were going for, but a small snap might make the whole thing a bit neater. It’s a bit on the bulky side too, but it’s not meant for your pocket and the babies don’t seem to mind the size.Without a device inside, my kids didn’t seem very interested in the Entertainer on its own. They just kinda picked it up, then moved on to whatever other toys are in the area. One of their favorites is a molded giraffe, and I’m wondering if the lack of texture on the Entertainer made it less appealing. Of course, its not entirely designed to be played with while your device is off or not inside.If your child is interested in your iPhone, and constantly trying to play with it (like mine are), I think you can rest easy that it is safe when enclosed in the Entertainer.

Goldie Saint Charles, AR

Great Toy

Ever since he’s been able to move around and grasp objects, our son has been particularly fascinated with iPhone and other electronic mobile devices. I know that many parents don’t approve of introducing the really young children to such devices too early, and I myself would probably have thought twice just a few short years back, but I’ve come to the point where I see no real harm in this. However, the problems arise when your little bundle of joy starts putting the iPhone in his/her mouth, indiscriminately adjusting various settings, opening programs, or just throwing the phone around with reckless abandon. This is where having an old iPhone that you are no longer using comes in handy. Our son has been playing with our old iPhone 3G, but even that has some shortcomings. This is why I was so excited to try out Fisher-Price’s Apptivity Entertainer. It is designed precisely with iPhone or iPod Touch in mind, and it indeed fits these devices very well. The Entertainer completely covers your iPhone when you put it in, including (if you so desire) the home button. The fit is snug and secure, and I would totally feel comfortable even using it with my current new iPhone.This toy is pretty large and robust, and it seems capable withstanding any assail by the little monsters living in your home. Our son was immediately drawn to it, and he was mesmerized by the videos and intrigued by the little baby games that I managed to download. The only problem with using an older version of the iPhone is that many of the newer games will not work on it. This is OK for now, as our son is still too young to appreciate the fact that he is limited in the amount of content he is able to access. And as he gets older I am sure that by then we’ll have a newer and more up-to-date “old” iPhone for him to play with.Overall, we are really happy with this toy and would strongly recommend it.

Margot Rhame, ND

Great toy with only one drawback

The Fisher-Price 3 in 1 Apptivity Entertainer is a fun toy for baby to play with. It comes with two free apps (and you can find a few more free apps from Fisher-Price on the iphone store.) I like that it has a built in stand and a ring to hold the toy onto a highchair or stroller. It is wonderful for keeping baby’s attention focused while having a meal at a restaurant or just to keep them occupied for a short time. We were able to check that it fit our older iphone 3, 4S, and current 5 as well as our ipod touch. A few of our devices were not being used anymore, so it was a great way to put one back into service.The only drawback is that the bumper pads cannot be removed for cleaning. For me, that makes the Entertainer a limited use and limited time toy. I note that Fisher-Price has similar toys which are minus the bumpers (hard plastic teething edges) and I plan to purchase one of those for my grandson, too.I recommend the product for limited use (because of the cleaning and also because we limit screen time for little ones.) It really holds their attention for those short periods where you need it.

Terrie Bethlehem, GA

Love this!!!!

Wow, what a great concept for babies. My grandson is infatuated with my daughter in law’s iPhone, so I snatched this up for her. He can watch cartoons on her iPhone and play with this protector like a toy, while her iPhone stays safe. The iPhone does fit snug, so you’ll have to remove your case, but it’s worth it:)

Zelda New Almaden, CA

7 month old is enjoying himself

Without a device that fits inside theFisher-Price 3-in-1 Apptivity Entertainer, this can be used as a toy with soft edges. With an iPhone, this seven month old is having a fun time. He does slobber on the soft padded edge, so its main weakness is that it can’t really be washed, but this does protect the iPhone from his sticky little fingers and sure entertains him. There was no problem downloading the two free apps. I don’t know that I’d really recommend this product, but because it’s being used and enjoyed, I’ve given it four stars. Having the capability of attaching it to his high chair or stroller helps preventing the dropping game.

Saundra Riverdale, NE

Fun toy for young kiddos if you don’t mind relinquishing your iPhone.

This is a really cute, fun, & learning toy for the younger kids. What you do is put your iPhone or iPod in the middle where it is totally protected from little hands, drool, spilled foods, etc. It is also cushioned if, ok when, the toy is dropped. For apps to download, go to the app store and get them. Like another reviewer stated, be very careful taking your device out of the toy. It could “pop” out and hit the floor. And remember, your device will be out of it’s normal protective case while in the toy.

Betsy Morganville, NJ

Great idea!

This little device is colorful and fun and the toddlers love it. There are so many great APPs for the little ones these days and their Mama and their therapists love to provide all the fun APPs for them. The little ones’ Mama, my daughter, has an iPhone and she has always been reluctant to let them play with it much but since getting this device she is much more comfortable with them playing with her phone and they love it! Most of the really fun APPs are either free or less than $2 and I have been amazed at how they develop things that amuse one year olds. Many of the APPs help develop cognitive and / or hand/eye coordination or other motor skills. All the therapists use them but especially OT and Speech. I would recommend this to parents and therapists because I believe the therapists would like to protect their iphones too while also providing something colorful and easy to handle for the little people.

Alice Swain, NY

Great Concept

My baby is always grabbing at my phone. This is a great way when I am out and about to give my child creative alone time in the stroller. This is one that she will enjoy. She loves the bright colored apps. I can also sit her on the floor and the music and the stories will soothe her. Keeps her attention for awhile. I try to use it when we are busy so we only let her use it for a few minutes at a time. Any child will get bored of anything after awhile. After dropping it a few times and her chewing on it (teething). It is really sturdy. Overall great product, could do with more apps though that can grow with the child.

Hallie Brookdale, CA

The system on the back to, hold it, …

The system on the back to,hold it,up is a little,cheap. But my son likes it and it keeps the iPhone safe.

Diane Dayton, NY

Useful but worried about cleaning

This does a fine job protecting the phone from drops and drool and inadvertent commands. The kickstand and stroller hook are very thoughtful touches for parent and baby. This could be a big help for babies who struggle through tummy time. For my baby, the iphone is a magnet that encourages crawling better than anything else around, and this makes it easier on us. Realistically, the question really is not whether or should the babies will play with the phone, but how.My only concern is the soft fabric around the edges. Seems like it would soil easily and be more trouble to clean than the previous generation’s hard plastic edges.

Eileen Saucier, MS

Will keep baby entertained!

When my neice was a baby, she loved to “borrow” everyones iPhones and managed to usually lock us out of our phones due to all the buttons she randomly pushed. So I figured when baby 2 came along, this would be the perfect toy for both baby and the phone owner. And I was right! An iPhone fits securely in the center, and a clear plastic shield fits securely over the phone, protecting it from dropping, and most important, drool. The four sides are cushioned with crinkly plastic under th fabric, which makes for interesting sounds that keep my nephew fascinated. And there is a stand to allow you to hold it upright when they are laying on the floor and want to exlore. It can even be attached with a secure strap to a stroller. You can even download apps onto your iPhone from Fisher Price that are both educational and fun.It keeps him entertained – I love watching his fascination with sound and touch. Babies are such sponges for knowledge. I had to get a second one for his parents they liked it so much and wanted one to take home!

Helene Baskerville, VA

GREAT Toy–Works with iPhone and iPod Touch

This is a really great toy for kids that sit up and spend a lot of time on their tummy. It is also a great car toy for kids to play with. Note, however, that it is compatible only with: iPhone, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, and iPod touch 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Generation. Therefore, if you plan to give this toy as a gift you need to make sure that the parent has one of these Apple products. The Apple product clips in securely, so there is no worry that the baby will cause it to fall out–even if the baby throws the toy. The gift advertises for 3M+ and it is probably good at least until 2 years old. I really like it!

Penelope Clearfield, KY