Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub: Four-stage bath center now features “Sit-Me-Up Support” to aid unsteady sitters in the tub. From newborn to infant to toddler, this tub adapts to Mom’s and baby’s changing needs at every stage! Stage 1 soft mesh sling gently cradles newborns in just the right amount of water, giving little ones a sense of security. As baby grows, the tub “grows,” too! Just remove the newborn sling and add the Stage 2 “baby stopper” insert. It puts infants at a gentle recline on a soft-foam surface, preventing slipping and sliding, and making bath time less stressful. When baby is ready to sit up & play, the baby stopper insert converts to a unique Stage 3 Sit-Me-Up Support that helps unsteady sitters to sit comfortably and allows parents full access for washing. And when baby grows to Stage 4 Toddler, the Sit-Me-Up Support easily removes to reveal a roomy tub that’s just the right size.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Four stage convertible bath center with squeeze bottle and whale scoop for gentle rinsing or play
  • Plug for easy drain and clean
  • Hook for easy drying and space saving storage
  • Features Sit-Me-Up Support to aid unsteady sitters in the tub
  • Tub puts infants at a gentle recline on a soft-foam surface, preventing slipping and sliding
  • Hook for easy drying and space-saving storage
  • Features “Sit-Me-Up Support” to aid unsteady sitters in the tub
  • Tub puts infants at a gentle recline on a soft-foam surface, preventing slipping and sliding, and making bath time less stressful

Verified reviews


Best of 4 baby tubs!

Over the course of 2 babies, we have tried and used 4 different baby tubs.Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat TubDream On Me 2 Position Baby Bather Bath Tub, BluePrince Lionheart washPOD Bathe, WhitePRI Infant Bath Seat (White)Our least favorite is the washPOD.The washpod was the worst of the group. My biggest gripe is it is impossible to clean your baby’s legs or underside in it. Keeping enough warm water in it to keep baby warm, but not present a drowning hazard if baby’s head flops forward is another problem. When baby is finally strong enough to hold head out of water, baby is bigger and no longer fits in washpod. Just awful design. I see the cute video of the happy baby in this thing, but this was not our experience at all. It is one thing to put your baby in it to soak (or something?), but it is impractical to actually WASH a baby in it. I had big babies (around 10 pounds each). I expect that small babies will work better in it, but I would not recommend it based on our experience.Followed by the Dream on Me. This is a good design, but it is HUGE. We would have to store this monster in our garage between baths because it took up so much space. Also hard/slippery and not suited to newborns.Second favorite is the PRI bath seat. The best thing about this one is how small/sleek and clean it is. It is easy to use and store and lacking on obnoxious colors makes it easy on the eyes as well. No nets or slings or parts to pull apart and clean. This is the simple “zen” baby bath tub. But it is slippery and hard so we did not like using it for our newborns. For older babies, the angle does not suit those that can sit up.And hands down winner is the Sling n Seat. This is the only one that fits all stages of baby’s growth and varying support needs. From complete support as newborn to support for babies that can roll over to those that can sit up but will still topple over. It is versatile enough to be used at the kitchen sink or in the bathtub or showerstall. I wish we had this from the start with baby number one. It is a bit more expensive, but considering you will only need to buy one product for all of your baby’s stages, it actually costs less because you will only need to buy one product.The Sling n Seat comes with a “shower bottle” so doesn’t require it, but we like having one of these attached to our shower sprayer to make it easier to get down low to baby level with the sprayer KES I3300 Extended Length Replacement 118-Inch Stainless Steel Interlock Handheld Shower Hose, Chrome)Thanks for reading, I hope this review was helpful!

Anita Grizzly Flats, CA

Very Good Idea! Best of many tubs we’ve had

With a child with cancer, needing to take many baths in portable tubs in and out of the hospital we have had some good experience with some different types of these tubs. I wish we would have had this long ago.This fixes the problem of most tubs dwarfing little infants, or the problem of the big kid dwarfing the tub.This tub instead has an attachment that supports the young infant with a non-slip backing on the top for when they are small, and then it is able to grow as they get bigger. Being a germ-conscious cancer-kid parent, I am concerned about the cleanliness of the mesh sling (make sure you wash it!) and the possibility of germs getting stuck in the cracks of the "sit-me-up support." Just be sure to take it apart and rinse it between baths. I appreciate that everything is removable. This makes it much more sanitary than the ones that have the foam in them.I think that the accessories for scooping and rinsing are unnecessary. Nevertheless, even if you toss those and have just the bath with the support insert and mesh backing, this is a good purchase if you don’t already have a bath.A bath is one of those things that isn’t totally necessary. Baby #1 did it in the kitchen sink. But if you get one, make sure that it isn’t the cheap kind with the slippery back or the non-removable foam base (collects germs, hard to dry, and hard to clean). If you get a bath and have the ability to afford a bit nicer one like this, I think it is money well spent, especially since it will grow with your child until they can graduate to a real bath.

Viola Gulfport, MS

Two Design Flaws …

Fisher-Price is known for its quality products, and I expected the “Fisher-Price 4-In-1 Sling `N Seat Tub” would meet their usually high standards. The colorful, plastic tub is made well; the edges are smooth and the sit-me-up support seat snaps into place easily. The evenly stitched seams of the soft mesh sling seem secure; the edges bound with fabric tape and should not fray. Clips used to attach the sling to the tub extend up approximately 1 inch on the tub’s edges; the clips fit into slots for added security. The hook to hang the tub after use is a nice feature. Both the squeeze bottle and whale scoop are nice extras.However, the “Fisher-Price 4-In-1 Sling `N Seat Tub” has several design flaws that make this bathtub less than perfect. The neck padding on the sling is skimpy and provided little protection from the hard plastic edge of the tub. It might have been better to have it more generously padded and to have the padded portion extend over the back edge of the tub. The drain plug of the tub I received was located under the support seat and opened on the inside of the tub. Unfortunately, that meant one either had to remove the support seat every time they used the tub, or one dumped the water out of the tub instead of draining it. The drain plug should have been located where it was fully accessible.Had the “Fisher-Price 4-In-1 Sling `N Seat Tub” not had the two design flaws detailed above, I would have rated it 5-stars.

Melody Realitos, TX

Great bath for in between stages

My 6 month old daughter has gotten way to long for the Angelcare tub we previously had (and LOVED for the infant stage). So we need to move her to a new tub, but she’s not a steady sitter for long periods. I loved that this tub came with the seated support so she can sit up in the tub. She’s even started kicking in the water and enjoying bath time more since we’ve started using this tub! We really like it for this in between stage.There are cons, though.1. It’s large- very large for what I pictured. We have a small bathroom upstairs that we all share and this tub is in the way unless we keep it in the bath (not hanging from the hook because the bottom sticks out a lot when you hang it).2. The drain is underneath the seated support, which doesn’t seem to make sense to me. I can’t drain it while she’s still sitting in it and once I take her out, I might as well just tip it over to drain it faster (especially since I’m picking it up to hang it up anyway).3. I have no idea what the green fabric-y circle thing with the holes is for. It does nothing. Not a con, I guess…more confusion about that piece of the design.Overall, I’d definitely recommend this tub. I haven’t used the infant sling so I can’t comment on that (again, the AngelCare tub was our absolute favorite!), but once your baby can sit up assisted, this tub is great! Given it’s size, though- I’m looking forward to when she can sit up unassisted and we can just put her in the regular tub. If you have a kids’ bathroom or a large bathroom you’d never notice it!

Courtney Jonesville, VT


This is one of those products that you come across and can’t believe the thought and attention to detail that has went into it. I have looked at probably thirty baby bathtubs and this one far exceeds anything else I’ve seen. The newborn sling feature is just amazing and for new mothers who are perhaps a bit nervous about the bathing experience it adds a lot of peace of mine for both them as well as a sense of security for the baby. This tub, as it says, grows with your baby, so you don’t have to buy something new after six months. Plus the colors and little details are so bright and fantastic. I love this tub and I am more than impressed with it’s quality.

Lori Windsor Heights, WV

Has all the best features

When looking for a baby tub, I wanted one that would:Drain Easily – ✓Dry Quickly – ✓ (Hangs up to dry!)Not hold mold & germs – ✓ (There is no annoying foam piece that attracts bacteria!! Tub comes completely apart for cleaning and sling is washable!)Grow with baby – ✓

Andrea Myra, KY

Another great product from Fisher Price

Who doesn’t want a bath that can grow with your baby. I know that mine hated bathing in the kitchen sink. I currently baby sit my friends baby who is 2 months old and while he’s not entirely a new born he actually liked this tub. I still use the sling with him and I’m glad that it was included. I can’t say about the other stages but I’m sure that they work great. I love the fact that it can be hooked up out of reach of other kids and air dry. It was one feature that my older tub that I had with my toddler didn’t.once again this is another great product from Fisher-Price.

Bettye Colcord, WV

Worth the cost!

We purchased this for our son when we started sitting up. Really loved the seat because it provided support for him but didn’t allow him to flop all over. The bucket seat was removable for when he could sit alone but we weren’t quite ready for the big tub. We never used the infant insert, but I imagine that too would have worked well. Great purchase! I hesitated buying a $40 tub, but I would recommend it to anyone!

Jaime Irasburg, VT

Five Stars

Love it, the best choice for new patterns. Excellent quality

Helen Bantry, ND

I love this product!

Pros:ComfortableDurableEasy To CleanEasy To UseGood ValueLightweightQuality ConstructionCons:noneI use this product everyday now. It’s so easy to use and also convenient for me to give my baby a bath.I love the part that you can leave the baby on top above the water so the baby is not sitting in the dirty water.I like that the baby’s head is not the same level as her bottom.I also like that you can hang-to-dry.Very happy to own the set!

June Kennebec, SD

Easy to clean, nice accessories

This is a great 4-in-1 tub that we use for a 2 year old and a 6 month old. We love the versatility as well as all of the extra accessories that come along with it.It is easy to clean and doesn’t have as many ‘plastic support ridges’ underneath the seat that makes cleaning harder and where mildew likes to build-up in the crevices. With water and separable pieces, the less small crevices the better for easier clean-up.The primary reason we give 4-stars is because we are unsure about the head-resting-pad-area, since it seems to be some foam pad that is glued on. Easy fix? No not really, what type of glue is safe? What type of glue won’t “leech out” ? We definitely don’t want to glue it back on ourselves. (It hasn’t fallen off, but it doesn’t seem completely secure and permanent) We wish the “head-resting-pad-area” were a snap-in type item, etc so it could be removed and cleaned, yet stays in place and NOT glued in place.We love the built-in hook (we use the plastic rings from the baby’s play mat to attach it to a towel rack over the tub) – this is great because when the grandparents stay over they don’t have some baby tub in the tub-area, it is nicely tucked away and hanging on the towel rack over the back of the tub.Overall, a nice versatile tub that we are happily using for a 2 year old and 6 month old.[Update: 6-18-14 – wanted to add that our 2 year old is a bit smaller than most 2 year olds, in the 10% height/weight range, so if your 1-year old is in the 99 percentile, you may not get the same amount of usage. At 2.5 years old now, we have moved her out of this tub as we feel she was getting too big for it. Our now 9-month old still fits this tub fine and will likely fit it for a few more months, so after 1 year it might be time to replace any tub anyways.]

Annabelle Griffin, GA

Perfect tub from birth to toddler!

We have had several bathtubs over the year. The last one was a fisher price whale tub, which worked great for the newborn-infant stage. The problem came when our sons were getting too big to lay in the tub but not stable enough to sit independently while they bathe. This 4 in 1 tub includes a seat insert that helps baby sit more securely until they aren’t wobbly any more. Before this tub we would use one of those inflatable duckie tubs to transition from the baby tub to the real tub. Now we can just throw out the extra tubs, this is the only one we will need! It also has a hook to hang it to try, this is another improvement from the previous versions.

Minnie Little River, KS

Grows With Your Baby

This is a very well designed and useful baby tub. It is designed with the idea of being adjustable to your baby’s size as he/she grows. It features a sling that is ideal for a newborn baby, and a removable padded seat that is more suitable for a slightly older child, all the way up to 25 lbs. The tub can be easily positioned inside your regular bathtub, or angled inside a larger washing sink. The tab has a small hook which lets you hang it to dry after use. It also has a couple small bathing accessories, which both you and your baby will sure be able to enjoy and appreciate.The tub is very sturdily built. In my experience most of flimsier tubs develop small cracks with prolonged use, but I am much more optimistic about this tub’s long term durability.

Vivian Warrior, AL

The very best baby tub!

I upgraded to this tub and am so completely happy that I did. The tub itself is similar to the others by Fisher Price, but the sitting insert is the one thing these tubs were always missing. The newborn sling works great when they are very small, and then you can move up to the laying position using the infant insert. Well this adds another step up as there is a supported sitting position behind the infant insert. You plop your kiddo in the seat and they can splash and play without sliding all over the place. It makes it much easier to wash them when you can use both hands instead of holding them up with one hand and washing with the other. Of course when you are beyond that stage you can take the insert out and have a basic tub for splashing.The tub drains easily every time, and is easy to clean with a little bit of vinegar and water. I suggest taking the infant insert out after every bath to allow it to air out and prevent any mildew below. There is a hanger on the tub for storage that we really like. The squeeze bottle is a great gentle way to wash them and as they get older they can play with it.Save time and money, just buy this tub!

Mae Stateline, NV

Great tub for your growing child!

We used the Angelcare bath support and our child quickly outgrew that and got this tub as a replacement. It works great since he is not 4 months old and is big enough that he can keep using it as he grows. This is a downside to this is that the tub is quite large! There is a sling feature which we used until he was about 3 months and he seemed very comfortable in it. Now that he is 4 months, he is in a "lounging" position and loves playing in the tub. He especially likes the orange toy drain. Overall, it’s a great product if you have enough room in your bathroom!

Vanessa Farmington, WA

The Perfect Baby Tub, 4 in 1

I’ve tried alot of tubs in the past with my children and this one is by far my favorite. This Fisher Price convertible bath center literally grows with your baby in 4 different stages. It has a plug for easy draining and cleaning, a hook for easy drying (not to mention space saver) and comes with squeeze bottles and a whale scoop accessory. It’s truly a bath center!But what makes this tub stand out from the rest is the 4 different stages. Stage 1 is a soft mesh sling which is perfect for newborns. Stage 2 prevents slipping and sliding for baby with a "Baby Stopper" insert. Stage 3 has a "Sit -Me- Up" support aid to help unsteady sitters. And finally, Stage 4 is a nice and spacious toddler tub. You really get alot for your money- and the product really does what it says, and each stage is a breeze for you and baby. I especially like the hook to hang the tub with, though its minor, its so nice to just hang up the tub to dry and keep out of the way.

Fannie Morgan Mill, TX

Nice tub for all stages!

I have been using the Angelcare Bath Support since my son was born 19 weeks ago, and I’ve really loved it so far. However, my son is growing like a weed! He is already nearly 20 pounds and 27 inches long! Therefore, my Angelcare tub support was not going to cut it anymore, as my son can still not yet sit up on his own, but is too large for the bath support.This Fisher-Price tub fits the bill and is exactly what we need for this stage and the next. It is fairly large for my taste and aesthetic, but it works and my son is as comfortable in this (in the infant position), as he was in his bath support.I do like how it will grow in stages for him. I was never able to use the newborn sling, obviously, but the end of the tub for infants is doing great for us right now! And when he can start sitting up, we’ll change sides and use the support side of the tub.Happy baby + happy mommy and daddy = Great product!Thanks Fisher-Price!

Liza Charleston, WV

Sweet tub

This tub works great, and nicely supports babies. Will also be fine for a baby that can rollover or sit up. The mesh sling supports newborns. Easy to drain, clean and dry.

Sofia Colliers, WV

Love it! I wish I had this for my babies.

My smallest baby is a year old now, so she was much too large for this tub, but I do keep my niece several days per week, and this tub is absolutely perfect. I really like the mesh sling that helps to support the smallest of babies, it seems to be comfortable for her. Like another reviewer mentioned, I like how easy this tub is to clean, with my own children the tubs I used would grow mildew around the sponge base and I’d have to throw the whole thing away because it was impossible to clean. Finally I gave up and used a mesh bath sling and bathed them in my large tub. If I had had this tub, I wouldn’t have had to do that. There is a drain plug to drain the water out (although it is not in a completely convenient locations), and a built in hook to hang the tub up when not in use, or to dry out. The water scoop/toy and squeeze rinse bottle are nice additions, but even without them this would still be a very nice tub. I wish I had this tub when my youngest three kids had been small!

Priscilla Blanchard, ID

This bather grows with your child which is great!

I was impressed with the fact that It even has foam where your infant’s head rests while he/she is in it. The drain works well and the hook makes it easy to hang and dry out. I give it four stars though because it is very large so it might not be best for a family who has many family members sharing a bathroom. Also, the sling feature for 0-3m works but seems kinda pointless to me. You could easily use it without the sling (which is what is recommended for ages 3-6m) with a newborn baby. Also, my baby kept sliding down when I used the sling feature. Still think it is worth the purchase though! Overall good product.

Anna Brinnon, WA

Nice for adapting to growing babies.

I tried this out with my 3 month old niece. The selling point appears to be that it can adapt to growing infants at different stages. Since my niece can’t sit up yet, I only used it at "Stage 1," which is just the right size for her. She fit securely in it and I didn’t have to worry about her possibly being uncomfortable or slipping in it. The bath didn’t slide around in the tub and it was easy to wash her in it. once done, cleanup was easy as everything snaps out of it, and then you can just hang it to dry. Although I haven’t had a chance to convert it to the other stages yet, I like that I have this option and can continue using it until she is ready to take a bath without it.

Lynn Princeton, MA


We tried a few other bath options and this is the best. Love that it will grow with my baby. So far we’ve used the sling, which worked out perfectly. He’s too big for that now, so I took it out and and we use the reclining side. That works great as well. I’m looking forward to using the seat in a few months when he’s ready for that as well.Doesn’t seem like it would be a big deal but the squirt bottle is really fantastic.

Shanna Evansdale, IA


So pleased with this tub. It obviously takes up much more space than the flat sponge we were using for our little guy, but he loves this so much better because he doesn’t have to lie completely flat. We got this when he was almost 4 months, so we never used the sling and just went straight to the reclined bathing position. It’s perfect. When this is dry (outside of the tub), I also let him sit in the supported sitting position just for fun, and he is so proud of himself to be able to sit up on his own! Soon I’ll use that position to actually bathe him, but for now, he’s a little too wobbly and he likes the reclined position better…plus it feels safer, when he’s all slippery soapy!Would absolutely buy again!

Edith Waikoloa, HI

great for a newborn!

I have been using this for my baby since she had her first bath. She’s now 2 months old, and we are still using the newborn sling. I love that I can hang this up when we are done using it. Great product!

Sandy Elloree, SC


This was such a great purchase I just cant say enough good things about this product. I know, I know, "it’s just a plastic tub" but really its more than that and it grows with your child. The sling works great for newborns, you can then transition them into the seat and then into just the tub itself with out the seat insert. It makes it so much easier to bath our daughter and I think she enjoys it much more as well. She looks forward to her baths and gets excited when she knows she is getting in her tub. The 2 accessories work just fine, the orange fish works really well for gently rinsing hair and the blue bottle for sort of "squirting" water in a shower head manner on them. Honestly we dont use them every time because a small plastic cup is just faster. I would also suggest turning the tub upside down once you are done to let it air dry because the way the drain is position it does not drain "perfectly". We prop a wash cloth under the front to help with the drainage but its still not perfect nor a big deal.

Marcie Acworth, GA