Fisher-Price: 49 MHz Sounds ‘n Lights Monitor

Fisher-Price: 49 MHz Sounds ‘n Lights Monitor

A restage of the very successful 49 Mhz Sounds ‘n Lights monitor. The Sounds ‘n Lights restage delivers superior communication to mom of baby’s call with a dramatic new “Radial” light display. The light display replaces the current single LEDs with concentric semi-circles of light that have a bolder, more visible glow so Mom can “see” her baby’s call more clearly and from a greater distance. A fresh new contemporary housing design for both the transmitters and receiver further refreshes the monitor. Internal features of the monitor will remain the same.

Main features

  • 2 channels to minimize interference
  • Durable, flexible antennas for greater range
  • Power indicator light
  • Clear view light display
  • Volume control and on/off switch

Verified reviews


Great Monitor for a great price.

I purchased this monitor after my safety 1st monitor stopped working (after using it since 2000). This monitor does the job that it’s suppose to do. I love the light feature better than anything else. It let’s me know if my baby is crying without having to turn the volume up all the way. That’s a great feature to have. I have not had a static problem and haven’t had to switch the channels very often.

Luz New Buffalo, MI

Great buy

Great basic monitor for a great price. Easy to use, well designed, compact for travel. One receiver is all you need. While there’s a little bit of white noise in the background, you can still hear baby very clearly. Works better if you plug it in, eats batteries quickly. Not for very far ranges, like if you plan to spend a lot of time in your yard. Great buy.

Florence Utica, KY

Fisher Price Sounds and Lights: Basic, No Frills Means to Check on Your Babies

The Fisher Price Sounds `N Lights Monitor offers some good qualities that make it a worthwhile addition to the household with infants and young toddlers. Its best feature is its ability to pick up and transmit even the slightest sounds. Any slight noise in the babies’ room, like a slight cough, or even a deep breath, is detected by the transmitter and sent to the receiver. Depending on how loud the volume is turned up, concerned parents will be able to hear these and other sounds with ease.Sounds are most important, but The Fisher Price Sounds `N Lights Monitor also offers lights to let parents know about the activities taking place. The lights indicate the intensity of the noise and they work even if the volume is turned completely off. The arcs of red light on the Fisher Price Sounds `N Lights Monitor include four arcs and they light up based on the intensity of the noise. They aren’t absolutely necessary, but they are good for those who would rather monitor with their eyes as opposed to ears.Does the Fisher Price Sounds `N Lights Monitor have any drawbacks? Yes, it certainly does and the most annoying among them is the static. No matter how little activity is going on within the vicinity of the transmitter, you still get static and it is especially loud if the volume control is turned too high. Sometimes, you can reposition the receiver and/or transmitter of the Fisher Price Sounds `N Lights Monitor and reduce the static. Changing the channel can also help. But you can’t do much with the antennae and there is almost no way to get completely static- free reception.Another potential problem with this monitor is its ability to sometimes pickup the sounds from other people in the neighborhood. If someone else is using a baby monitor- or even if they are just talking on the phone- the Fisher Price Sounds `N Lights Monitor might end up receiving some of the sounds. This can be quite shocking when it happens the first time. You will think there is someone in your babies’ room when, in reality, the sounds are coming from the neighbors.Taken as a whole, however, the Fisher Price Sounds `N Lights Monitor is a good monitor for new parents and while it doesn’t offer anything special, it gets the job done for minimal cost. There are certainly better monitors out there, but this monitor completes its task without doing too much damage to the pocketbook.

Chelsea Derby, VT

So far, so good.

I don’t get any static with this monitor except at high volume. There is no interference by our home phone, cell phone, wireless internet/computer or the TV. Our baby isn’t due for another month (will be sure to update this review once the baby arrives.) The light display of the monitor is my favorite feature. I’m giving it four stars for now, since I want to see if the monitor will only pick up the baby crying or will it be able to pick up regular breath sounds (I’ve heard there are monitors which are sensitive enough to do that?!)Update: My son is now 6-months old. I will leave the rating at 4-stars since from time to time we still do get static at a high volume. When placed close enough to the baby, can hear his breathing and tiny movements. Glad didn’t spend more money. Would buy this again, am totally satisfied.

Kathi Wilmore, KY

Noise, noise and more noise

You can turn up the volume to hear the baby, but you will be listening to a lot of static and won’t be able to sleep at night. We tried this monitor in 3 different areas of the US, and static everywhere. Very poorly designed. Do not buy it.

Jacqueline Dayville, OR


Lights are WONDERFUL- especially at bedside, when you’re exhausted and not sure if you heard baby. Just watch for the lights.Extremely clear reception- you can turn all the way up and hear breathing!Use power cords to save battery $- just use batteries when you need to.(I’ve used it constantly for 5 months and never had a static problem, except for when the receiver is turned off- and at that time the static sound is helpful, because it reminds you to turn the other monitor off.)Only drawback is the power on/off dial. It’s a little awkward, but no big deal. The monitor’s great.Go to the store and get this same monitor with 2 receivers. It’s about $10 more and totally worth it.

Maryann Carpio, ND


DO NOT BUY THIS MONITOR. It is horrible. All you hear is static. So much static that sometimes I don’t even hear my baby. The lights are always going on because of the noise from the static but sometimes the lights don’t work & ofcourse that is when my baby is making noise. I try to sleep with this on my night stand but can’t because of the static. There are 2 channels. One has static and the other is the worst sound you will ever hear. This monitor makes me crazy listening to static all day & all night. I am going out tomorrow to purchase a new monitor. Don’t waste your money. You get what you pay for!

Christine Haviland, KS

Love this monitor

I have never had one problem with this monitor. It works great. Occasionally (once a month) you’ll hear a cb radio come over the frequency for a second, but it doesn’t wake the baby or anything and it’s gone as quickly as it came. I highly recommend this monitor.

Vilma Newcomb, NY

How about zero stars

This is the worst. We suffered with the terrible static and screeching for five months. Recently went out and bought the Sony Baby Call 27 channel monitor. It isn’t even in the same league. With the voice activation feature you hear nothing, I repeat nothing, unless the sound registers over a certain decibel. Amazing!! It was definitely worth the $50. Just wish we never registered for this product.

Hollie Huntsville, OH


This monitor is terrible! I was not sure if I wanted to buy another one since our old one worked okay. But, it sucked up 9 volts like you wouldn’t believe. I finally decided to buy another and bought this one. It’s going back tomorrow and I will buy more 9 volts.The static is UNREAL! We can’t even hear the baby!

Roxie Yolyn, WV