Fisher-Price Apptivity Gym for iPhone & iPod Touch Devices

Fisher-Price Apptivity Gym for iPhone & iPod Touch Devices

Promotes learning fine motor skills and stimulates visual development Apple device locks securely into overhead gym What Is The Fisher-Price Apptivity Gym? Bring play to baby in an exciting new way with the Fisher-Price Apptivity Gym. The traditional gym play includes a peek-a-boo mirror, four repositionable toys, and two bat-at butterflies – so baby can enjoy the gym with or without your device. Mom or dad can download two free apps (High Contrast B&W or Peek ‘n Play Rainforest) which allow baby to interact directly by batting at overhead toys. Parents can customize with their own apps, too! Lots of bright colors, characters, and patterns on the downloadable apps stimulate visual development. This product folds flat with an easy-carry handle for portability and storage. Your Apple device locks securely into the overhead gym. This product is compatible with the iPhone, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4/4S, and the iPod touch (2nd and 3rd Generation). (Devices sold separately.) An Exercise In Fun! Everywhere baby looks, there’s a new adventure to explore. Baby will have plenty of fun batting at the overhead toys to change the content on mom’s iPhone or iPod touch, through the downloadable apps. There’s even a built-in peek-a-boo mirror and four linkable toys. The Apptivity Gym’s rubberized feet provide added stability, and it folds completely flat for easy storage and portability. Securely lock your iPhone or iPod touch into the gym, and let playtime begin! A Workout For Baby’s Mind & Body! The Fisher-Price Apptivity Gym promotes fine motor development with busy activities, including a lion with bead clackers, a roller ball penguin, a froggy with rattle beads, and a paddle wheel birdie. In addition, baby’s reflection in the peek-a-boo mirror, along with bright colors and high-contrast patterns on the downloadable apps, help to stimulate visual development. Batting at the overhead toys also helps enhance baby’s gross motor skills. Features: Traditional gym play offers baby hours of endless fun Built in peek-a-boo mirror and four linkable toys Easy carry handle for portability Stable and convenient folding feature Parents can customize with their favorite apps Securely locks in iPhone or iPod touch Includes a roller ball penguin, froggy with beads, birdie paddle wheel, and lion clackers What’s in the Box? The package includes the Fisher-Price Apptivity Gym. Devices sold separately. This product is compatible with the iPhone, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4/4S, and the iPod touch (2nd and 3rd Generation).

Main features

  • Cotton
  • Imported
  • Fisher Price Apptivity Gym lets babies enjoy their very own apps overhead while protecting mom or dad’s iPhone or iTouch
  • Once device is removed baby is left with a large playful mirror in it’s place
  • Apptivity Gym folds for storage and portability
  • Download free Fisher Price laugh and learn learning apps from iTunes
  • Compatible with: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Apple devices

Verified reviews


4 stars if you have Ipod touch

This is a great gym for your baby if you have an Ipod touch. To have to put your phone in here doesn’t work for a busy person like me. We don’t have an Ipod touch. I use my phone way to much so it’s a pain to put the phone in, someone is texting or calling, you then have to take it out. Yes there’s toys on this, but this doesn’t have anything my playmat gym has. Your baby can look in the so called mirror and play with a few toys. I’m also more of a tummy time person, so this wasn’t the best thing for me.

Angelique Yorkville, CA

Over-priced, Not very versatile gym for infants

As a parent of 4, soon to be 5 children, I have seen and used many different baby play items and “gyms”, which claim to be great for gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination, visual development, etc. This “apptivity gym” is not my favorite. This toy claims several things, which I will speak to individually.First, gross motor: to quote the box “apps allow baby to interact directly by batting at the overhead toys, enhancing gross motor skills”. Well, the apps honestly do not encourage a child to “interact” or bat at the toys. I watched both free apps in action, and any parent of a newborn and small infant knows that babies stare intently at objects for a long time, and this helps them make visual connections. The apps, however, have animals moving on and off the screen at quite a quick pace, one which I am not sure allows a very young infant to adequately make the cognitive and visual connections. Also, if staring up at a screen is meant to encourage a child to “interact” and play with the toys, my experience with children is that screens most often turn them into zombies, and they are less likely to be interactive while watching a screen. Basically, my opinion is that the apps are just a mini TV show of colors and patterns for infants. A good percentage of child experts and doctors will warn against screen time for children under age 2, so why are we encouraging it for newborns and infants?Second: the box claims the toy has “6 activities built right in”. If you count a mirror and 4 hanging toys as activities…then, there you go. There are 5.Third: the toys are described as being good for strengthening fine motor skills. Yes, the roller ball, paddle wheel, and other movable parts (which are baby-safe) do help with these skills…but they are no different or better than a much cheaper toy you can pick up at any store to attach to your child’s swing or car seat, or just hand it to them to play with.Fourth: This toy says it is appropriate for ages “0+”…meaning from newborn on up. I would have expected the toy to be adjustable for infants to sit and lay in different positions, as they grow and learn new physical skills. There is not a mat or any toys for tummy time, for example. An older infant, who can sit up, can’t enjoy the mirror or the apps (if you are using them) unless laying on their back. The only way to make use of the “apptivity” part of the gym is to have your child laying on their back.The “pros” for this toy: it does fold up nicely, and seems fairly durable.In my opinion, this a toy built by Fisher Price so your child can watch colorful and musical apps without you holding the iPod or iPhone in front of them. Not worth the money. Save yourself the $35 and look at high-contrast books with your infant instead, with nice music playing from your iPod nearby. It will be a much more rich experience for you and baby both.

Annmarie Landis, NC

Sturdy and simple

I have twin seven-week-old babies. The product is described as ages ‘0+’. They enjoy lying on their little Bobby pillows for a few minutes each day, so we set up the Apptivity Gym above the Boppy to give them something to look at. They don’t have much coordination yet, but both of them seemed to enjoy slapping the hanging toys over and over and over. The toys hang down fairly far, easy to grasp for a lying child, and far enough apart for a seated child to play with.My wife initially tried assembling the Gym, and it only has a few parts, but she found that pushing in the locking legs was too difficult for her. It takes a firm push to insert the legs and have them lock into place. Not a huge deal, but it should be noted.The hanging toys are simple, colorful and smooth. A nice design. My son also really liked the mirrored finish of the ‘ceiling’ surrounding the iPhone base. My kids aren’t really ready to interact with apps just yet, though we have several iPhone based toys that our three-year-old niece enjoys playing with, and they will soon enjoy.Finally, the whole thing folds up flat with a simple button-press. Very nice compact design.EDIT My kids are nearly a year old now. The actual ‘window’ that the kids were interested in the apptivity gym was pretty short. My daughter was cool with lying under it and trying to stick all the dangling toys in her mouth, I’d say around the six month old mark. Meanwhile, my son never really cared for it. He would just push it out of the way. They both had more fun moving it around, since its pretty light and has smooth, rounded feet.

Eileen Lawrence, MA

Very nice gift!

I gave this to a friend who is expecting and she said she loved it! I can’t speak to its effectiveness, but she wrote me an email about how much she liked it and later, how it was one of her baby’s favorite toys. She uses it with an iPod Touch (2012), so it is compatible with those items. However, it’s not compatible with an iPhone 5, which makes me think that at some point, this will need to either be redesigned with a few more phone “holsters” that come in the packaging, or be rendered obsolete. Either way, it was a very well-received and nice baby gift.

Patricia Erie, CO

Trouble with assembly.

The assembly requires you to attach the legs. There is supposed to be only one way for them to go in. I got one on each side in, but do not have the strength in my hands to get the other leg on each side to snap in. I also had some trouble getting one side to close. Guess this is designed for younger parents to put together and use rather than older grandmothers!I like Fisher-Price products. They are well made and use bright colors. This one has a place for your iPhone or your iPod. I don’t have an iPhone, but my iPod does fit, even with a silicone skin on it. You can take the devices out of the holder and turn the back around so there will be a mirror facing the baby. This also took a bit of doing to get it to snap in. The other entertainment for baby are the toys that dangle from the gym. They are birght, colorful, and typical of the types of things Fisher-Price is known for.

Ladonna Ellenboro, WV

Stability Issues

My wife and I welcomed out first child almost two months ago and jumped at the opportunity to try out this Fisher-Price Apptivity Gym. As far as kids toys go I’m on the fence about introducing electronic stimulation so early in our son’s life but realize that this is a decision for each parent to make. We do have a compatible Apple iTouch and after assembling this toy I did try out one of the iTunes apps called ‘Peek-n-Play’. I’ll refrain from reviewing the app as I never let my son play with it as my wife and I decided against using the iTouch with this toy.Assembly:Putting this little toy together is really very easy. The included instructions are exactly one sheet of paper. The toy is entirely comprised of interlocking plastic pieces with plastic snaps that hold two half-loops onto the top portion for hanging some of the toys. Your iTouch/iPhone fits into a plastic compartment on the back, rear of the toy. There is a built-in screen protector that would hopefully prevent anything from damaging your electronic device.Quality:As you might guess that for less than $50 this isn’t a particularly well-built toy. I still found the toy to be surprisingly unstable; though to Fischer Price’s credit they do include two nylon safety straps for the legs. Since the toy is intended to be used with the child laying on his/her back underneath the toy the stability issue is a little disconcerting. Also not to my liking is how easily the hanging toys snap off. My son managed to pull one of the hard-plastic toys off the snap entirely and it came crashing to the floor next to his head.Bottom-line:This is an inexpensive, seemingly disposable toy with some potential safety problems. My wife and I do not intend to allow our child to play with this toy again. Not recommended.

Aisha Farmers, KY

Simple design and can be used even with toddlers

This is a very simple design and it can fold so you can take it anywhere, which is great for storage and ease. It’s a very light product so anyone can move it. I know this shows a baby on the back but that’s not always the case. The little toys that are attached to the apptivity gym has been really amusing for my 1 year old. She would sit there and play with all the toys and stare at them.I think the iPhone portion is just an added plus. You can either put your phone in there, which was pretty easy to fit in or turn it so it faces the mirror. I did find when I initially turned the phone holder over to the mirror, it was a little bit difficult. I also found that even with the mirror, my baby would play with this. It kept her amused since it allows her to tug on the toys attached.Setup-wise, this was a little bit more difficult to put together. I really had to push some of the legs in and took me a little longer. It is easy to figure out how it goes, it is just that it takes a little bit of strength to make sure it is secured properly. To fold up the gym, it’s just done by pressing the button. It was a little sticky at first but has gotten better with each use.Overall, we do like the apptivity gym and even if you don’t have a baby lying on their back, they can still play with it sitting up.

Renee Leggett, CA

Too light, too easy for baby to move

This whole thing is so lightweight that a not yet 4-month-old baby was able to grab on to one of the legs and drag the structure closer so he could reach one of the toys. At 5 months, when kicking became popular, this toy was an utter pain because the baby would kick it out of reach (or worse, kick it at an angle until one of the legs bonked him in the face), and i’d have to straighten it out again, only for the whole routine to repeat endlessly. It’s just too easy for even a very young baby to move around, and then get sad because they can’t reach the toys. In this regard, it’s vastly inferior to infant gyms with pads underneath that the baby lies on to hold the whole structure in place.So let’s say that you heed the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendations to not give young children any ‘screen time’, and you’re just using this as an activity center with a small, barely-reflective mirror which probably won’t be lined up right for the child to actually see themselves. For that, this is a good toy, but not remarkable. The four hanging toys included in the box are nice – a rattle, a turning wheel, a spinning ball, and a keychain-type-toy. They’re all animal themed, brightly colored, and so on. (Note: they’re also made in China, so if product recalls make you nervous about owning anything from China that your child will almost certainly put in their mouth, you won’t like this product.) You can take them off and use them independently, and if you clip them onto the side butterfly slots instead of the loops in the center, even the child can pull them off to play with them. Once your child can sit upright, the gym is still useful, unlike some other styles of infant gym. The arch is angled well for a seated child to swat at or grab the toys.As for the apps, they’re free to download, but not remarkable. They are more exciting if you tap the screen to make things happen, but for all but the largest babies the phone is just too far away for them to reach to tap when lying down. Otherwise, it’s just colors and shapes and sounds in a small screen far away from baby’s face.It folds flat quite easily, if you need to put it away so you can use your floorspace for something else when baby’s not using the gym. This is the only time the incredibly light weight is a benefit.

Juanita Saverton, MO

Great Baby Toy But Doesn’t Work With iPhone 5

This is a great baby present. The Apptivity Gym works with many iPhones and iTouches but not with the new iPhone 5 because it does not have the new electricity adaptor in it. This means that if mom or dad didn’t have an iPhone or didn’t have an iPhone prior to the iPhone 5, then the “app” part of the gym would not work.That being said, the gym does not require apps to be used with it, as there is a mirror inserted in the place where an iPhone/iTouch is meant to be inserted. I actually prefer the gym without the iPhone/iTouch and appreciate that without these mobile objects, the gym is quiet. Kids still seem to enjoy the gym and it doesn’t make any noise, unlike all the other battery-powered kids’ toys that seem to continuously make noise.This gym is best for kids that are still laying on their backs. It is also fun for kids that can sit up but not very useful for walking children, so it has a limited, but important, lifespan. I highly recommend this toy.

Tammi Oak Harbor, OH

Cute for Baby!

This is a cute little activity gym. I like that the set-up was super easy! It only takes a couple of minutes at the most. I also like that it’s to where you can change the toys with other ones. I think the toys that are included are cute and fun, but it’s nice to have the option keeping the toys fresh for my little one.Another great thing is that this gym doesn’t have to be used with an iphone. My family doesn’t even own an i-phone, nor do we have any plans of getting one. You could even insert different pictures into the phone area or use the included mirror, and keep your little one entertained.It is one of those toys that your little one will outgrow quickly. I think it’s probably best for the first few months, and then it has served it’s purpose. Unless you plan on using it for more than one child, or maybe donating to a daycare, it might be a bit expensive if you’re thrifty like me. :)Overall, we generally like Fisher-Price products, and have quite a few of them. This one isn’t an exception so far. We’re pleased with it for now.

Kathy Olancha, CA

An ok activity gym for baby

With four kids from 13 years all they way down to two months, I’ve played with my fair share of “baby gear”. This gym is cute, but I find the quality isn’t the best when you consider the kind of hefty price tag. We’ve had gyms similar to this before and the construction just seemed more sturdy. This is a very lightweight plastic and I imagine once baby gets grabby yanking the toys off won’t be a very difficult task.Assembly was quick and easy even with the subpar instruction guide.So, it can house your iPhone? That baffles me. Is that why it is overpriced? Am I the only mom who isn’t planning to hand over her iPhone to her infant? We’ll just stick with the included mirror thanks.Bottom line: This veteran mama wasn’t impressed.

Maryanne Elmore City, OK

Apptivity Gym is a Lot of Fun for Baby With or Without Downloadable Apps

The apptivity gym is a new twist (to me, at least) to the baby mobiles that used to attach to the head of a baby crib and allegedly keep baby entertained for hours by watching animals and shapes dangling, twisting and turning before his/her’s very eyes.The Fisher-Price Apptivity Gym sits on the floor with baby placed underneath it, allegedly to be entertained for hours playing with animals and shapes that baby can cause to twist, turn and swing through the air with the greatest of ease.Users with an iPhone or iPod can download two free Apps. A peek-a-boo mirror is positioned at the top so baby can see his/her own image. Flip the peek-a-boo mirror around and attach your iPhone or iPod and baby listen to songs and view a series of high-contrast objects. The apptivity gym works just fine, though, without the apps in case you are technologically challenged.This toy also helps baby develop fine motor skills with lion clackers, a birdie paddle wheel, this cute roller ball penguin, a frog with beads, and two bat-at butterflies. What fun! Almost makes you want to be a baby again.

Gail Orleans, MI

It’s ok

This is an OK activity gym. I have an iPhone 4s, so it fits just fine. The apps are decent – downloaded both. I like that I can also put other apps on here as well – to switch it up for variety. I find that it doesn’t really hold the baby’s interest terribly long, either with my phone in it, or the mirror. I’ve discovered that the “old fashioned” activity gyms with the attached blanket, and different textured items seem to hold his interest a bit more…… but this one is fairly small, easily stored, and is a good option. We leave this one at my parents’ house so we don’t have to bring the other one with us when we go over there. My parents like that it’s easily stored away when not in use. If you can get a good deal on it, it might be worth a try, but like most baby items…. you never really know because one baby may love it and one may hate it – it’s all trial and error when it comes to babies!

Jeannine Winnett, MT

Best for babies that like being on back

This is more for young babies that aren’t sitting up yet. If you’ve got one that likes to sit up, kick hard, or roll, it probably isn’t the best item for you.I like the colors of the items and features. It has plenty to do even if you don’t put an iphone or ipod touch in. Most babies love just looking at the mirror and animals.The portability is good for those with limited space that must put toys aside or away.Overall, I like this but some babies definitely will get more use out of it than others based on how fast they grow.

Hope Marina, CA

Great little toy

This is a great little toy for most people who have an iphone or ipod touch. The apps you can put on here are so cute and any baby would love to play with this. I think this is a very entertaining toy for little ones.

Tonia East Lansing, MI

best for babies that still enjoy being on their back

There really are not a lot of toys for infants other than chew toys, so this one is great for keeping an infant self-entertained for a little while. As with most baby toys (as well as clothes) is very short lived, so get this one early or you may miss the opportunity to use it. Our little guy started flipping and doing a lot of pre-crawling stuff a lot sooner than we expected, so this did not get much use. This toy is best for babies that still enjoy being on their back.

Silvia Chilcoot, CA

Love t

My daughter loved this toy. My daughter has acid reflux so she needs to sit up after her bottle. I would put her in her bouncer and let her kick at this until her food was settled and the lie her down to use it. She loved kicking at the toys.

Kimberly Mc Neal, AZ

Pricey, but fun for baby.

My five-month-old daughter loves this thing. Well, so far. We’ve had it for a couple weeks, and bust it out whenever we’re home and she’s awake, and we have some free time (which is hardly ever, but still). When I realized the apps uses with this is the same as theFisher-Price bConnect Digital Soother, I just flipped it over to the mirror and let her play with the toys.My complaints are that the mirror is embedded behind the clear film (which would prevent the baby from touching the phone), so the reflection is milky. Also, because of her size, the mirror doesn’t reach her face when she plays with the toys, so it’s kind of useless anyway.We don’t really use the straps on the sides to hang the toys as her little arms won’t be able to reach them on either side when she’s lying in the middle, so we just hook `em all on the centered rings and she likes them just fine.It’s easily portable, though I question its price-point. It’s worth $20, in my opinion. Also, if you have newer iPhones or iPods, they won’t work due to their elongated size.But my daughter could care less (yes, sarcasm), and for her it’s a lot of fun. My gripes come from the paying adult’s point of view.

Patrica Hague, ND

cool idea could be better executed

The Apptivity gym looked easy to put together. Just snap the legs together and put your device in the case. However, I really struggled and never did get one of the legs to snap into place. I also found it difficult to put my iPod touch in the case. As for entertainment value, i couldn’t scan the QR code with my touch because i dont have a camera, so I just searched the app store and found some Fisher Price apps. None of them were the ones that were supposed to come with the gym. I put on a different one and the kids seemed to like it. They didn’t think much of the other toys dangling off it. They are hard plastic and I think the fabric toys that crinkle are more entertaining for them. These just pretty much hang there. With a few modifications, this could be a really cool product, but as is, I wouldn’t recommend it over any other regular gym.

Cherie Cedar Lane, TX

Fantastic for short term sanity preservation!

To the people who scorn this saying it’s bad parenting, spend a weekend with my twins as a single parent like me and then tell me that 10-15 minutes of keeping the babies entertained so you can finally, for once, pee or wash their bottles without listening to screaming is really so bad. Like anything, used properly in moderation, it’s ok. I’m a college educated parent. I love my babies with all my heart and soul. I read to, play with, snuggle with, and rock them. I read what I can to be a good parent, get advice from others to be a good parent, and thank my lucky stars to be their momma. That said, the first months are so intense that anyone, absolutely anyone needs a little break. Lighten up, you judgmental nutcases, until you have a truly lazy parent in your crosshairs.For anyone who wants to be the truly lazy parent that people are fearing, buy something else. The little iPhone videos that you download for this are only a few minutes long. You’ll be bothered to push play again frequently.My babies love the toys hanging from this and it’s been cool to watch their dexterity develop. At first they would flail and laugh. Now, they can reach for the toys and turn them. I have an iPhone 4S which fits. I don’t snap it in. You can just fit it there loosely so it’s easy to pick up when someone calls to offer some help. You sure don’t want to miss that call, especially with twins! There is a mirror where the iPhone would go and it’s fun to leave it out and just play peek a boo. I sometimes sit them up and we play with it that way which is still fun for them.

Aileen Floral Park, NY

Lots of entertainment for your baby

Every baby needs a mobile to play/develop with. Saying that I prefer quiet ones as I want the baby to “play” without outside over stimulation. This toy will provide what I want so as long as I do not use the ipod/iphone with it. The “danglies” are really cute and very attractive to the baby. The baby spent a lot of time looking at himself and playing with the hanging toys.I recommend this toy without the noisy ipod/iphone.

Alissa Bay Saint Louis, MS