Fisher-Price Aquarium Take-Along Swing

Fisher-Price Aquarium Take-Along Swing

All the fun of a full-size swing, but in a portable, take-anywhere size.

Main features

  • Two water tanks on the side arms that work with the motion of the swing
  • 2 hanging sea creature toys with which baby can activate the music and lights
  • The swing folds compactly for easy portability
  • Fisher Price babygear compact portable swing
  • Age range birth to 2 years

Verified reviews


Good Swing

I bought this swing used and it has done the job so far. It was the most quiet and space saving. My only complaint is getting my daughter in and out of it. The bar above can get in the way and you have to put the baby in a specific way to keep the head form bumping into it. The lights are also a bit annoying b/c they will only continue to play if the baby grabs the fishes hanging. If your child isn’t grabbing, or even if they are but not at the fish, you have to do it for them if you want the lights. I do it, b/c my daughter loves the lights! I guess you can’t have it all!

Rhea Goodyears Bar, CA


My son’s Great grandmother bought this swing to have at her house for my son he was around 4 months when she got it. He really didn’t seem to enjoy it too much it didn’t catch his attention and it was so low to the ground that I was constantally having to bend down so taking him out of it was a nightmare (granted I am 5’9 but it was still really hard to get him out of). She ended up getting rid of it after he was in it only 3 or 4 times.

John Anna, IL

most used baby item!

This swing is perfect even if you dont live in a small space…we have a big house and decided not to invest in a standard swing for many reasons…1) we could take this swing from room to room while baby was in it, took from family room to office to kitchen, even up and down stairs! 2) did not create clutter, we could stow it anywhere, folded nicely in the closet, basement, laudry room, even bathroom while company came over! With a new baby trust me the house will get cluttered!!!3) its portability was nice, we took it along with us to ppl’s houses who did not have kids, our son loved sitting in it…we did not have to constantly worry about who is going to hold him, where to lay him to sleep, where to feed him, etc..4) serves as a swing, bassinet, lounge chair, and highchair for at least 5 months. Our son lived in this thing when he would be in the family room and we couldnt tend to him.this swing was a lifesaver, the durability is bette rthan i expected for a product labeled as “portable” i loved it! the battery issue needs to be addressed. We have only inserted batteries once into this thing in 6 months! there is no need to constantly have the lights on as well as the music…those are extra perks if your kid really wont seem to settle down. We mostly used the swing controls and it has lasted us. There is an option for lights and sound only when u pull on the fish, and thats what our swing is always set at. i think battery use is good on this.

Doretha Ashley Falls, MA

needs improvement

I love this travel swing for serving it’s purpose, but as far as it’s portability, that left me with some gripes. When the swing is folded “flat”, the legs do not lock into place so they swing out as you are walking or trying to lay it flat in your car. Also, when I’m traveling with this swing, I need to set it down to put the baby down and open the car door but there are no wide, steady feet to set it down on, you just have to let it collapse on the floor.So you see, love the swing, wouldn’t live w/out one of these but fisher price could have easily perfected this one and had the market for a few dollars more.

Barbara Houghton, MI

Great gift!!!

I bought one used from a coworker. My first daughter loved the swing so I figured this would be a good investment. I love that the seat is more upright than laid back. It’s easy to fold, lightweight and works wonderfully. The only thing I would change is the swing seems to move very slowly (I have new batteries). Of course, I did get mine used so this could be due to that??

Selina Darlington, MD

My favorite

We borrowed this from a friend for our first baby. Now they are using it during our second so we’ll have to order one. I loved the gentle soothing music and lights that it has, and so did my son. Really convenient being portable.

Kris Monticello, WI

great little swing

I love this swing. We have the aquarium cradle swing also(and love it), but this swing is so portable. I actually leave it in my car all the time so we have it wherever we go. My daughter loves it. She’s been using it since she was 6 weeks old. She loves the lights.

Claudine Sprague, WV

Great Swing!

I really enjoy the fact that this swing is portable, very light, and most importantly…that my daughter enjoys it. The lights and sounds hold her interest which is particularly nice after she’s had a full night’s sleep as is waiting patiently for her bottle. This swing is helpful in that it provides some down-time after a lot of playing and allows Mom to get a few things done around the house too.

Lindsey Goldbond, VA

Can’t say enough about this!

This is a great product! I didn’t even think of registering for this. My son has acid reflux so he needs to be upright most of the time. A neighbor lent me hers to try to see if he would like it & he LOVES it. He gets such a kick out of just the lights alone, I wish everything had lights on it! And it’s been very helpful to take when we go to the granparent’s houses too or just to take him in different rooms in the house. I highly recommend this item. We bought it at BJ’s wholesale club for only $39.99.

Lakesha Oklaunion, TX

Worth Every Penny

This swing is a life saver. We have traveled with it everywhere. It is so easy to fold up and transport not like other swings. Our son will sit in it for ages. The music and scenery keep him occupied. He has also fallen asleep in it many times. It calms him down when he is over tired and trying to fall asleep. I would recommend this to anyone. Our son is now 4 months old and we have used it since the week he was born and still do today.

April Colusa, CA

You need this swing!

I love this swing because it is easily packable and positions the baby so well. My first born had reflux so I am extra careful with this new angel and I find that this seat works best for positioning a newborn.I felt compelled to write this in lieu of the fact that I have little time. Please excuse the sleep deprived rant but I hope this helps you decide to buy this swing!

Isabelle Thatcher, AZ

Best swing ever!

I loved this swing so much that we bought a second one for grandma’s house. Its size made it perfect to carry all over the house. It folds up small and the cover can be removed and put in the washer. I thought we might want a full-size swing but we never ended up getting one. I thought the batteries would wear out too quickly but we only replaced them once. The music is adorable, we never tired of listening to it. Great product.

Renee Hiawatha, WV

Great swing for those who travel!

I bought this on Superbowl Sunday to entertain my son and his grandparent’s house while everyone watched the game. It set up very easily — my 11 year old sister-in-law basically put the whole thing together! It is very sturdy, the music isn’t annoying and made my baby happy. In truth, he seemed to like it even more than his much more pricey papasan swing at home… (ugh) — we travel a lot and this is far easier to take with us as it truly is pretty portable.

Edith Millwood, VA

Great to keep in the car…

We registered for this swing just to keep in the car in case we ended up somewhere where our baby would be bored with nothing to keep him entertained. This swing is perfect for that. He loves to look at the fish and the lights and the music is great. I love that he can activate it himself by pulling on the fish that hang down. It folds up nicely and is compact enough. It seems pretty sturdy (he has been in the 95th percentile since birth). It is very entertaining but without being annoying. I definitely recommend this. I wouldn’t use it as my primary swing, but it is good to have with you on the road.

Queen Caddo, TX

Great little swing, but one light doesn’t work

I got this at my baby shower and I love it! It’s a great little swing and my son took many, many naps in it! I loved it so much because we live in a small house and don’t have much room so it was perfect. It was nice and small and easy to fold up and stick in the closest to get out of the way. Also easy to fold up and take to grandma’s house!It’s perfect for newborns also!!! Some of the larger stand up swings are to upright and little babies just slump over in them, but this one is designed for smaller babies. Although after my son started rolling over real well we had to stop putting him in it, he would grab the bar/leg and try to roll/pull himself out of it. But it worked wonders for the first couple months.Also the first one I got had a light out, so I took it back and exchanged it. Well the new one worked for not even a week and then the very same light went out in it, the green light! I’ve also read other reviews with people comenting on how one light didn’t work. You have to wonder if it’s some wiring problem that needs to be fixed.

Jocelyn Norris, SD

Great Travel Swing

I had this swing for my son and he seemed to like it. I love the fact that it has music, lights and toys, not many travel swings have all those things! I would buy this product again.

Sandra Cordova, SC

Good idea, but needs minor improvements

This portable swing is a great thing….folds pretty flat for easy travel, and is still sturdy. Our son loves to watch the lights, but the yellow light on ours never lit up. Also, it doesn’t swing very fast….we have to crank it up to full speed to equal the amount of swing he gets on the first level in the full size swing. But he still enjoys it. Would be nice to have a reset button on the music like the full size swing has…you have to turn it off and back on again to get the music to restart, it only plays for a few minutes.

Natalia Brainard, NE

Convenient, Easy, and Fun

This is one of the best purchases I’ve made for my grandchild. I can easily take it anywhere in the house, even while holding her. The various speeds allow me to adjust as she gains weight.Right now she is two months and starting to actually reach for the dangling fish. Once she is able to pull on them, I’ll change the lights & music setting to working only when she pulls a toy which is a feature I really enjoy.The only thing I don’t like, which maybe is a defect in mine, is that the lights and music work only for a short while – maybe 5-10 minutes before you have to turn them off and on again. It gets irritating to notice they have finished their cycle & now I need to go over & turn them on again.Also, the seat is deep enough that, at least at this age, I don’t HAVE to always put the seat belt on – especially if I’m just putting her there for a minute or two. She is clearly very comfortable in the swing and really seems to enjoy it.

Marietta South Pomfret, VT

Loved it

We loved this swing. My daughted fit in it from the time she was born and we can still use it now at 7 months. We haven’t had any problems.

Flossie Promise City, IA

Great While it Lasted

My son was small for his age for the first few months, but this swing was perfect for him. He would watch us do housework or sleep… By the time he weighed 16lbs though, it wouldn’t rock fast enough to keep him happy and he kept trying to crawl out.

Milagros Russell, MA

Great Swing

This is a great swing! No gripes!It makes baby happy and is portable, too! So baby’s happy everywhere you go!

Raquel Mount Pleasant, TN