Fisher Price – Aquarium Take-along Swing

Fisher Price – Aquarium Take-along Swing

Keep baby entertained at home or on the go with this Fisher-Price Aquarium take-along swing. As swing moves, colorful fish in side “aquariums” appear to swim. Baby can tug one of the hanging sea creatures to start music and dancing lights or Mom can activate them. Easy-carry handle lets you take swing safely from room to room and it folds compactly for portability. Choose from 8 swing speeds and 6 musical selections. Also features deep cradle support for Baby’s head, volume control, non-slip feet and machine-washable seat pad. Weight is birth to 25 lbs.

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Poor Design for Newborns

I didn’t register for this gift but received it at my shower. I kept it because I thought it would be great for visiting relatives’ homes. We used it for the first time over Thanksgiving and we were truly disappointed. Our daughter, Esther, is 3 months old and on the large end of the scale. She is also fairly strong with decent head control for a baby her age (but far from sitting up). When we put her in this swing we were quite surprised by how bad it was. It doesn’t recline at all and she kept slumping to the side. When she slumped to the side one of three things would happen:a) the toys (which don’t come off) would whack her in the headb) her head would bang into the frame as it swungc) both.We tried supporting her with blankets and taping the toys out of the way but nothing worked. My 3 older daughters wound up putting their Care Bears in it and using it for a toy. Maybe it will be better when she is older but it stinks right now. I gave it 2 stars only bc she did seem to enjoy the blinking lights. I read the instruction manual cover to cover and had my husband do the same. It does not say anything about how to make it recline further. In fact, you can see by the way the mesh is at the sides of the seat that it is impossible to recline – the angle is fixed. I have already thrown out the box but am going to phone Fisher Price to see if I can return it to them. I think this swing borders on unsafe and I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting Essie in it again.

Doreen Marmora, NJ

Great portable swing!

My 4 1/2 month old daughter has enjoyed this swing since she was 1 month old. Early on, she took 2 hour naps in the swing. Now she delights in the lights, toys, and music. I can easily move her from room to room in the swing while I cook or get ready to go somewhere. The only reason I gave this 4 instead of 5 stars is because the batteries need changing too often. Maybe that is only because we enjoy using it so much?

Lolita Fort Washington, MD

Great!!! Awesome!!!

My Husband and I both fell in love with this swing the first time we saw it and thought it was such a great idea! I was a nanny for about a year before we had our baby and I also worked with children at a daycare on a part time basis for several years. The children at the daycare loved the swing and so does my daughter! Yes, you do have to be careful not to hit their head on the swing, but come on!!! That isn’t all that hard to avoid. You just can’t yank them out in a hurry. And it is worth the extra trouble for the amount of time that you get free while baby is entertained! Out daughter is 5 months old and she still sits in it for a long time while i get stuff done.

Lynette Helena, OH

Cute but not practical

I already had a full size Graco Swing for my 2 month old but I needed a travel swing to take to Grandmas for frequent visiting. It worked well for the first two weeks and my baby really like the hanging toys but then the batteries died. After finally figuring out to replace them (takes a bit of a trick to get the battery compartment back in its slot)the Duracell batteries died again in another two weeks. Overall the swing is cute and my baby liked it for a while but he only used for 1 month tops and he much prefers the full size swing. Not really worth the extra expense, stick with the full size or another travel model.

Muriel Calabasas, CA

Fantastic swing!

My daughter loved this swing since day one. I love it because it small and I can keep it in the kitchen. The music is pretty and she loves to pull at the hanging toys.

Casey Crooked Creek, AK

Very Very Bad Dangerous Swing…

This swing does not recline, so if your baby cannot completely sit up on their own, they slump down or tip to the side. When they tip to the side, the little hanging fish hit them in the face. There are also delightful little fish swimming on the sides of this device. When your child leans over to explore, their little heads get stuck between the fixed post and the swinging arm and get banged over and over. The only nice, safe feature is the lights. Do not buy this Swing. Buy something safer.

Letha Oak Hill, NY

Not for all babies

My son hates this swing. He never liked it. As mentioned from quite a few other people, it is very difficult to remove a baby w/o hitting their head.My son tore a neck muscle when he was delivered and b/c of that he “tips” to one side, and the toys were always hitting him in the head. It was awful.The swing does move quite quickly, also. Setting #2 was all I could use for a long time b/c it moved so fast.It may fit some babies, but definatley not mine!

Christie Shirley Basin, WY

great swing for travel

This is a great swing to have if you plan on traveling to visit family or vacation. I have taken it on vacation and even to the babysitters. The only complaint is that when my daughter was a newborn the hanging fish were always in the way.

Fanny Salem, AR

Not for young babies

My baby’s head falls to the side in this swing! It does NOT recline enough. This is for babies who have full head support and can sit up on their own. Not, NOT for newborns!!! Needs to be re-called. If you are going to use this swing, make sure you are within eye sight of your baby, don’t take any chances and leave baby for any length of time because his/her head can get caught in the side, even with the net there.

Jewell Bonita, LA

Very Useful swing

This swing is very useful to have when going places. My son likes to watch the light show but he can’t watch it when he is swinging and also the swing swings a little faster when they are small.

Reba Saltillo, MS



Jillian Edinburgh, IN

Great swing and gives you a few moments of peace

Our daughter loved this swing. She liked the toys and the lights and she could pull on the toys and make it go again. We had no problems and I would recommend it.

Effie Kimball, NE

We LOVE this swing

Our baby is 2 months and she talks and smiles at the orange fish. We have yet to set it above a 2 because even that seems a bit fast for me but she can grow with it. I love that it folds down and can go with us. I wouldnt go back to a full sized swing.

Tamara Selden, NY

We LOVE this swing!

I have not had a problem with this swing and my son LOVES it! I am very grateful that I have not had the experience that some others state they have had (with their baby’s heads getting stuck between the bar)…I honestly do not see how this is possible. I read the directions and put the item together exactly as stated in the instructions. Perhaps some people did not read the weight limit or instructions? Also, keep in mind that children should never be left unattended…As for some people saying it is difficult to carry (they say it pops open) let me tell you that you CAN carry it with one hand, as long as the front of the seat is facing your body…against your leg; it will not come undone. I have carried this swing AND my baby in his carrier with no problems.As for the speed issue, I haven’t noticed a problem yet (my son is almost 3 months old right now). But seriously, how fast do you really need this swing to go?The fish that are attached with the ribbons DO seem to hang a bit low, but if they were higher, baby would have to stretch for them and in my opinion, that’s probably not a good idea since their center of gravity would be off then. I like to use the setting where my baby can activiate the sound & lights by pulling on the fish…he gets a real kick out of it!I haven’t had any problems (knock on wood) and I haven’t had to change the batteries yet, either! Good luck!

Gabrielle Catharpin, VA