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I put this mirror in my mid-sized sedan, and it works wonderfully! The car seat is in the middle rear seat, and I was able to attach the mirror to the car interior by snapping the hook onto where a car seat tether strap would go. However, the first time I tried to use the hook, it broke and I had to take it back. The second hook worked perfectly. It gave me peace of mind to know that it was hooked onto the car itself and would not become a projectile in a crash. There is also a strap to fit around a headrest as well.I never found that my son looked distorted in the mirror. However, he did look a bit small, but that wasn’t a problem. I actually didn’t realize how small he looked until recently when I turned his seat forward facing and realized how much bigger he is in the mirror. I was even able to find lost pacifiers using the mirror while stopped at red lights!!My husband has an SUV, and my son has to sit behind the driver’s seat. We did not find that using this mirror was useful for this particular car.I do want to note that one reviewer mentioned lights and music. This model does not have those features, but a similar, more expensive one does.

Esmeralda Wheatland, WY

I can see my baby!!!!

I love this mirror! When I first bought it I was concerned I would not be able to attach it to my car, since I have the car seat in the middle seat and no headrest there. I was wrong: it was easy to install with no damage to my car and the mirror stays put. On top of that I can clearly see my baby and make sure he is okay.I recommend this mirror to worried Moms like me that like to keep an eye on their babies while driving.

Lois Village, VA

Works good for me!

I dont have a center head rest, so I had to attach it to a side headrest and then angle it towards the middle. It moves now and then, and I have to adjust it, but other than that it works great!

Karla Wolcott, NY

so easy to see the baby while driving

This mirror is great! It gives you a big field of view so it is easy to see the baby in your rear view mirror, the baby can see him self in the mirror (which is nice amusement if they wake up on a long ride), and its so easy to take off and switch between cars if need be.My only regret is that I didn’t get it sooner. This will always be on my list of baby presents to get new parents.

Gail Orleans, MA

Love this mirror…the size is great!

I love this mirror! It is very colorful and easy to see my baby since it is so big. Another good thing is that it stays in place. I hit every bump and hole in the road, and mine is still in place. Simple, but it serves the purpose.

Michele South China, ME

She loves it!

We had some problems with the mirrors designed to see our daughter when she was rear facing so I was kind of leery in buying this one for her when she became a forward facer but she loves it!The mirror itself doesn’t seem to scratch like the others ones did and it secured with ease to the front headrest. She has always loved mirrors and this has been a very inexpensive way to entertain her in the car.

Felecia Moody, ME

Best I could find

I love that this mirror is cute and holds the baby’s attention. I also love how easily adjustable it is to different cars as we switch around on occasion. I also think it attached the best of any mirror I found. I like the dome feature because I can see the baby better from the front seat, although I would love to figure out a way that she didn’t seem so far away because of the dome. Maybe the next design they can magnify it or something. All in all, it does its job and is cute on top of it

Ophelia Fredericksburg, VA

Big, safe mirror!

I received hand-me-down mirrors and tested them out. I found them too small and neither of the two would anchor very well in the car. I love this mirror. I put it in and was able to use the tether feature and anchor it properly. I had my car seat inspected by the Highway Patrol and the officer said she usually recommends that parents not use mirrors because of safety issues (mirrors falling down on babies during traffic accidents, etc.) but she loved the mirror I had purchased because of the tether feature. A must have!

Elva Linwood, MI