Fisher-Price Baby Papasan Infant Seat – Natural

Fisher-Price Baby Papasan Infant Seat – Natural

Product Description The plush padding of the Baby Papasan Infant Seat contours to baby for soft, cuddly support of the head, neck and sides. It surrounds baby in complete comfort, with luxurious fabrics in rich textures that also offer baby tactile variety. There’s also and adjustable infant head support and removable infant body pillow to keep your newborn extra comfortable. The removable mobile has a mirror that swings away (for easy access to baby) and a hanging bunny toy to keep baby entertained. You can switch on calming vibrations, music (it plays 8 soothing songs), or both. This seat is so soft, so cozy, you’ll love putting baby in it!

Main features

  • The Baby Papasan Infant Seat is a deluxe infant seat that snuggles baby in natural looking soft and cushy fabrics
  • There is an infant insert in a beautiful soft microsuede that supports baby’s sides and a matching pillow to cradle baby’s head
  • Overhead, baby has an adjustable mirror dome to look at, and a sweet plush bee dangles to entertain
  • There is mom’s favorite – vibrations, and beautiful classical music plus lullabies, 10 songs in all
  • Additionally the toy bar rotates out of the way to get baby in or out

Verified reviews


Love, LOVE this!!

I don’t know what I would have done without this! My son wouldn’t sleep anywhere else except for this chair the first few months of his life. He LOVES the vibrating. I also like that you can choose music and vibrating or just one or the other. It also shuts off automatically after a while, which is great.He’s almost 4 months old and he still loves it. I dread parting with it once he outgrows it.The only downer… he has a chubby belly and the belt that holds him in is getting tight. I wish it were longer.

Karin Haverford, PA

An absolute MUST HAVE for a new baby

This is almost TOO perfect! It’s like a cozy little nest for the new baby. Easy to use and clean, portable and easy to store. Vibrate feature is gentle enough for newborns, and the batteries last surprisingly long. My son slept in this exclusively his first three months, right next to the bed. It was super-convenient for me and I think it was a better/easier position for him to sleep in (rather than flat on his back).

Gena Clare, MI

Cute, but gets old fast

We received this as a baby shower gift. For the first two months it was fine. But my son soon outgrew it. He was only 6 lbs at birth and is still within the weight requirements, however, his feet now hang over the edge of the seat.(he is 3 and a half months now) He does like looking in the mirror but gets bored fast.We boughtFisher-Price Playful Puppy Bouncerfor ‘grandma’s’ house and my son LOVES it. It will fit him for months to come and it entertains him. It was cheaper when we ordered it directly from fisher price.When shopping for the bouncer we foundFisher-Price Hoppy Days BouncerI am glad we didn’t buy this one because we saw it in the stores and the music was very annoying and “electronic” sounding

Justina Petroleum, WV

She loves it, but it eats batteries like you would not believe.

Okay, the day we arrived home from the hospital we put her in this seat and she slept for hours, she loves this chair. The downside to this chair is that it cost 50+ dollars to begin with, and then you have to replace the batteries once a week, 3 C batteries (which isn’t cheap)! We have spent well over 15 dollars in batteries in the 2 weeks that we have been home, and we only turn the chair on when she is fussy, it doesn’t run all of the time. But, if you can afford to run out and get batteries every 4 days or so, this chair is awesome. It is very soft, and she loves it. I am not sure what we would have done without it.

Marian Preston, OK


My daughter did not like this bouncer from day 1. First of all it doesnt really bounce it just vibrates, the one I had didnt have the mobile either. She always cried when we put her in it because I think she was bored. I went out and bought the Aquarium bouncer and she loves it. There is more to look at rather than just sitting there.

Morgan California City, CA

Nice but….

This seat worked very nice for my newborn before she could start to focus with her eyes. It was very boring for her and she would cry. I went and got her the fisher price aquar. seat and she will sit for hours and watch the bubbles and fish. I would suggest buying a seat that has something in front of baby to watch.

Celina Green Valley, AZ

Could Be Better

I own the papasan swing so I went out and bought the seat thinking it would be equally good. I call the swing my baby sitter, it is fantastic. The seat is really cozy and my son loves the mirror. My main complaints are that the music and vibration turn off and it is too short. My son is not that tall and his little feet hit the bar at the bottom. The aquatic seat is longer and will run continuously. That said, I still use the seat I just won’t be able to use it for as long as I would have liked.

Anita North Platte, NE


As I type this, my son is sacked out in it on the vibrate mode.It is a great if your baby is fussy, gassy, etc. The gentle motion puts them at ease. My sister was sorry she didn’t get this for her son.I work from home, so it’s great to have something to put on the floor next to my desk.I love that you can do music, vibrate or vibrate with music. This is a great product, even though $50 seems steep. It’s worse it for the peace of mind and QUIET.

Kerry Snow Hill, MD

I like it, but I bought it for cheaper.

I bought this directly from the Fisher Price website for I believe the $35- $40 range on sale. I like it just fine. It fits easily in my bathroom and I can put the baby in it while I take a shower. She can get by 15 minutes with no vibration or music until she gets bored. Then she will get by with 15 minutes of vibration and music before she gets bored again. By that time, I am showered and dressed. I wouldn’t pay the regular price for it though.

Dolores Sipesville, PA

My Baby’s Favorite Place to Sleep

My baby LOVES to sleep in his infant seat. It’s cozy and warm, with lots of fleece and a big comfy pillow for his head. He cries if he can’t sit in his seat, for instance if it is in the washer. The seat washes well, doesn’t shrink and stays colorful. (We have the Nature’s Wonder version that we bought on sale at Amazon for $37.00.) It’s evenly balanced without worry of tipping and can be carried from room to room. There is a harness to keep baby strapped in when moving him.It plays music, vibrates and has a toy mirror and a butterfly toy instead of a bunny. He doesn’t really use these features much.This is the most useful baby item we bought!

Addie Chignik Lagoon, AK

Better sleeper & great for transport

While I also received a Bobby Cradle in Comfort seater and was very much considering returning this Fisher Price seater (who needs two?), I ended up keeping it and so glad that I did. This piece is actually very easy to transport (has the side handles and legs fold down), it fits trough our backdoor without having to tilt it – my daughter loves being outside and sleep – and it’s good for sleeping. The Bobby seat is more reclined and better for sitting up for looking around and this Fisher Price one is more for sleeping and lying down, allowing room to stretch all the way.

Celina Frankfort Heights, IL

the only bouncer my daughter will sleep in!

i had an old kick n’play bouncer from when my sons were younger, but my newborn daughter hated sitting in it. my sister bought this one as a gift, and now my little girl sleeps like a dream! there’s a lot of soft, cushy padding that makes the seat very comfortable and the angle makes her feel like someone is holding her. yes, it uses a lot of batteries, but i think it’s a small trade-off for a happy baby.

Donna Middle River, MD

Wonderful, cozy seat for baby!

I’ve used this seat almost every day since I brought baby home from the hospital! It is SO SOFT, and its design cradles a newborn so nicely compared to other seats that I’ve seen. The straps are very safe and secure, yet padded very comfortably for baby. She loves it so much, and we haven’t even used the vibrator feature or music that much yet! When we have, we found them to be very quiet and soothing. It is nice to have a place to comfortably place baby where she in not flat on her back. It is especially nice when you have bottles to make, or other chores to do. Baby can spend twenty-thirty minutes or so happily cradeled in her papasan, and we can get some chores done (or rest our arms!) Because she is reclining somewhat upright, we can easily see if she is awake or has spit up, etc. The seat is also very light-weight, which is great because you can easily carry it upstairs to your bedroom or bathroom, downstairs, whatever. This is helpful if you want to snuggle baby and still find a few minutes to shower, apply make-up, an other things new mommies need to do! Baby can hang out right in the bathroom with you! A life-saver!This seat is like a safe, little nest! Mommy, Daddy and especially Baby love it!

Alyce Corolla, NC

Comfortable enough to sleep in

Our son had a problem sleeping in his cradle when he was first born. He seemed to really love this seat. He would just sit in it and fall asleep for hours on end. At night, when we could not calm him down rocking in the cradle we would use this chair. It was wonderful. It is so soft, cozy and comfortable. The blanket is such a nice idea because it encloses them and keeps them warm.

Shawn Coy, AR

Kind of boring

I bought this seat after reading the great reviews from other moms. My son was pretty bored with this. Maybe he just likes to be overstimulated but with only have a mirror and a hanging bunny, he wasn’t to keen on the seat. I had to start putting some of his other toys on the bar hooked on by the ring-a-links to give him something else to play with. The vibration was ok I guess, but he didn’t really like it. The music was kind of boring, only 1 tune, unlike the papasan swing which had multiple options for sounds. He outgrew the chair fairly quickly and we were kind of glad. It did work good to place him in it while I showered but he was pretty fussy when I was done. The one thing this seat didn’t do was bounce. Wish I would have thought about that before I bought it.

Valerie Highland, IL

Great but expensive

This is great to have the first few months when your baby sleeps most of the time. it is very portable and easy to take with you if you’re going to another house for a visit. for the $50 some might rather just get a swing, or something that will last a bit longer for baby. they grow out of this before you know it and something like a swing would be useful for many months longer. once your baby begins to show signs of curiousity they’ll be bored quickly with this. great product, but expensive.

Bette Cottondale, FL

A great comfy seat for baby!

I got this from my sister for my baby shower, and we love, love,love it! We used it the day we got home from the hospital and for months after that! My son always slept like a log in this thing and loved to just sit in it and be talked to! It’s very soft and very comfy for little ones, the blanket that comes with it is great, and my son loved the vibrate motion! Once he started rolling over we had to stop using it, but we’re keeping it safe for the next little one!A friend of our has a daughter about the same age as our son who wouldn’t take naps. When they came to visit they put her in it and she took a two hour nap, they couldn’t believe! Needless to say they went right out and got one for her!

Dana Tuxedo Park, NY

I love it!

I love our papasan. My daughter sometimes prefers to sleep in it rather than anything else. The vibration is a life saver because our daughter likes constant movement. It shuts off by itself every 15 minutes, which is great because I often forget to turn it off.I purchased our papasan from amazon (this page). I really liked the blanket that is shown in the customer photos, but the blanket does not come with this model. I was kind of disappointed to find that out, but we love it.

Genevieve Highland City, FL

Absolutely Not Worth the Cost…

This was not a very wise purchase on my part. I wish I’d done a little more research when looking for a bouncer (why this even comes up in a search for bouncers is beyond me…it doesn’t bounce!). My son only used this a handful of times. The vibrating made him instantly upset, and while it’s a nice feature that the music shuts off on it’s own, there should be a setting to make it stay on for longer if you so choose. There was NO bouncing with this chair, so he just kind of sat there…bored. I used it more as a place to set him while I did a quick chore or two around the house. In the end I think this chair is WAY overpriced for what it is…basically a stationary seat with some very soft cushions and a little vibration and music. I say pass…you can find better for cheaper.

Angelina Honomu, HI

Loved this! Lifesaver!

I received this as a baby shower gift & loved it! We used it all the time until she was about 6 months and then loved crawling around. It was a lifesaver for me and husband. She loved sleeping in it, or falling asleep in it. Soft & comfortable. Easy to travel around with, easy to clean, vibrations not too strong, music not too loud. Definitely would recommend if you don’t have money for a baby swing.

Clare Liscomb, IA


In my opinion, an infant seat ia a MUST. It allows you to get a few things done while your baby relaxes right beside you. It’s also good for feeding your baby if you don’t have or want to use a Boppy. I had the Fisher-Price Baby Papasan Infant Seat and I LOVED it. (This was another gift from my lovely, all knowing, sister)Highlights include soft and cushy fabrics to cuddle your baby (including a micro suede pillow for baby’s head) and this chair VIBRATES!!! (That has to be the best feature) It also plays soothing music, either classic or lullaby (10 songs in all). The music plays continuously for 15 minutes and there is a volume adjustment.This is definitely one of my “must haves” when it comes to a new baby.

Hester Quogue, NY

Good for resting/napping, but otherwise…

This infant seat has been useful, primarily to keep my newborn baby close by while I cook, clean, etc. For my son it has essentially served as a portable “crib” while he naps, or as a place for him to rest for 5-10 minutes at a time while he’s awake. I do like that this seat offers an alternative to having him lie flat on his back…and it also offers a more relaxed body position for the baby compared to his regular car seat (where he is more upright). Unfortunately I was very disappointed to discover that the music & vibration do not calm, entertain, stimulate or otherwise appear to affect my baby at all! I thought the vibration mode would be more stimulating or bouncy, but it is SO subtle! Since this is my first baby – and my first vibrating infant seat – I don’t know if all such seats offer the same (lack of) intensity, but if they do then I guess my baby is just immune to the “magic” vibrations (at least so far, and he is already 3+ months old)!

Minnie Eldorado Springs, CO

I would’ve gotten something else

Our daughter likes this chair enough – but she gets bored in it easily. She’s also quickly outgrowing it at just under 4 months. It can support 25lbs, she’s well under the weight, but I think she’s getting too long for it.It was given to us before the baby was born – if I had a choice in the matter I would’ve gotten one of the bouncy seats that also vibrates, we had one for a visit to her grandparents’ house, and liked it much better.

Katrina Des Allemands, LA

A Miracle Seat

We got this infant seat from a local Once Upon a Child. We hadn’t read any of the reviews, but picks it because of its soft seat and soft-pastel colors. Our baby passed out in it for hours in her first few weeks. Then, she hated sitting there and cried endelessly whenever we placed her there. We tried attaching the bunny, but she hated that even more. As she neared 8 weeks old, she learned to find comfort in a pacifier and would accept sitting there with a pacifier to sleep…sometimes.Today, she is 10 weeks old and I finally had the sense to install batteries in it! Following a fit of 15 minutes of nonstop crying, she cried on and off for another 10 mintes to the vibrations and music, then passed out altogether. This is the first day in almost two weeks that she has fallen so soundly asleep there. The music is gorgeous, by the way.Another plus is is compact foldability. Very easy to fold and carry from location to location. I wish this were the case for all baby gear, although if you research and choose wisely, there are plenty of options out there.We LOVE that it is so soft and accomodates up to 25 pounds. Our 2 and 3/4 year old son is only about 22-23 pounds and still sits there.Be careful to always buckle baby in or else she slides downwards pretty easily and quickly.

Cora Flemington, NJ

Great for newborns, but didn’t help our 2 month old…

I got this as a shower gift and until my daughter was 1 1/2 months old, it worked nicely. (I didn’t get a separate blanket in mine). As she grew older though, she wouldn’t stay in the seat for more than a few minutes.And do take note – it’s a seat not a bouncer.

Kathy Princeton, IN