Fisher-Price Baby Papasan

Fisher-Price Baby Papasan

The plush padding of the Fisher-Price Baby Papasan seat contours to your baby’s shape, providing soft cuddly support of the neck, sides and head. Luxurious fabrics and rich textures offer tactile variety for Baby while being comforted by calming vibrations and 8 soothing songs. Folds partially for portability or completely for storage and includes easy-carry handles. Deluxe velour blanket and soft plush toy attach with hook and loop and remove easily. Also features adjustable head support, a machine-washable and dryer-safe seat pad, and nonskid feet for added safety. Maximum weight: 25 lbs.

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Problably wouldn’t buy again

My daughter HATED being in this thing for some reason – and she outgrew it really quickly.

Deann Centertown, MO


My son hates this seat… it is way to boring for a baby. It needs to swing and have more color & toys. I bought it based on it looking cozy but it is not enough for my son.

Pansy Hamletsburg, IL

Nice bouncer… but missing a removable toy bar

My baby has loved to nap in this seat ever since we came back from hospital. She is very comfortable in it and the fabric is soft and cozy. She likes the music, but the vibrations irritate her. Now she is growing, and I can no longer put her in that seat when she is wide awake because he gets bored quickly. I had to get her a Tiny Love toy bar to keep her entertained in it. For the relatively high price, Fisher Price could have at least included a simple removable toy bar for the times when baby wants to play.

Claudia Plaza, ND

My son did not like this at all.

The chair is nice and nicely made, but my son did not like it at all. We used the aquarium swing more than anything.

Brittney Medusa, NY

Only for newborns

Excellent for keeping an eye on a new baby while in the shower. Once babies try to sit up, they can topple out or over easily, even while strapped in. Didn’t get use out of it for very long, I would have preferred something more versatile for longer.

Carey Frankford, DE

A lifesaver

This is a must have for every baby! So soft, our baby just loves it!

Kaitlyn Tucumcari, NM

too bad they don’t make them bigger

My chunky little one enjoyed hers for a while. It is beautiful, soft and looks unbelievably comfortable. (I just wish they made tem in my size.) They work lovely to sooth newborns and even has a soft blanket and toy.

Lynda Bismarck, ND

a great chair!

Our 3 week old son loves this chair! He sleeps very well in it and I can carry him from room to room in it while he snoozes. Ours is almost always on the vibrate feature and the batteries seem to last forever! We haven’t had to change them yet (after over 3 weeks of a lot of use!) My only wish is that it was able to rock and that the blanket stayed up better.. Will is able to kick it off without any trouble. The cover is easily removed for washing which is helpful. Overall, a very comfy chair for our little one. Wish they had one big enough for this tired mom!

Theresa Macon, VA

This seat is okay probably for little babies…

I bought this seat when our daughter was around 2 1/2 months old because I though "How cool a papasan for the baby that vibrates like her bouncy seat". WRONG, The worst things about this seat are as follows: the vibrate times out, the baby even at this early age could not be tucked because her feet went beyond the edge of the seat. The good things: the seat is incredibly cute, it would have been great when she was a new newborn because you could tuck her all snuggly like newborns usually like and she would have only needed the vibrate on for a few minutes to soothe her. That said I would not recommend this seat as a purchase must since the good do not outweigh the bad in my oppinion. My cat did howeever finally put this seat to good use claiming it as his own new bed, and he does like the vibrate, but not the music 🙂

Michelle Altamont, KS

Love it !

My son loves it so much. We have it since he was born and now he’s 5 mounths and we are still using it.He slept in it when he was younger (that’s the only place he wanted to sleep) now he seats in it to watch everything around.Nice buy !

Pearl Cresson, TX

Clementine Loves Her Papasan!

I couldn’t wait to put my daughter in her papasan chair. Unfortunately, she didn’t fit into it well until she was about two months old (about 9 lbs.) I wish it had different reclining positions, it just sat too upright for a small baby. But now, she loves it. She can sit and watch her videos or take a nap. It also has the perfect setting of vibration and the music it plays is just beautiful, not like cheesy, cartoony lullaby music.

Raquel Stonington, IL

Just okay

This papason was my choice since the colors were neutral and would coordiante with my house decor (I’m a first time Mom). Now I know better… I need something with bright colors, lights, and toys. My 2 month old doesn’t show any interest, well, there isn’t anything to show interest in. It’s a vibrating chair… there isn’t anything in front of her to catch her eye. Also, she’s now 22 inches long, which is too long for the seat. If she kicks her legs, they hit the metal frame that supports the seat.

Nell Elizabeth, LA

No complaints, 1 suggestion

We love this chair. It is so comfy and cushy and the built-in blanket is great. The vibrating mechanism works every time to put our little one to sleep at times when she is fussy. Also it is very easy to fold up practically flat and store out of the way. I would also like to say that the color scheme of this chair and matching swing is so much more complimentary to a neutral room that you don’t even mind leaving it out when company is over.The only suggestion I would offer is to add a detachable toy bar, I would love for my baby to be more stimulated when she sits in the chair during her awake hours.

Lelia Clarkton, MO

Great registry gift – must have for all new parents!

My little baby girl loves this chair. It’s perfect for the livingroom when my husband and I are sitting and chilling out watching TV. In the afternoon when I need a few minutes to put her down and start a load of laundry – this chair works out perfect. I just put on the vibration feature and she wisks off to dream land… or is pleasantly entertained while I am walking around (with child free hands).Being able to put her down every once in a while is wonderful since she seems to have an issue with gas and possible reflux. This chair works great because it elevates her to a position where she is totally comfortable and able to sleep. I got this as a registry gift (and added it from a recommendation from a friend), and I am so happy we have it. We also added the Natures Touch Cradle Swing to our registry. We have that in the kitchen and the Papasan in the livingroom.Definitely add this to your registry or purchase it yourself for your baby… it’s worth the money and freedom your arms get *especially with a fussy baby always needing to be held*.

Darcy Clinchco, VA

I used it for only a short time

I really liked this seat but our baby was content in it only in the very beginning – I’d say until she was two months old. It came in handy to set her in it on the kitchen floor while we were eating dinner and a few times while we were watching TV (with wireless headphones so as not to expose her to it). We also bought the Papasan swing and we got much more use out of it (until she was about 4 or 5 months old). If I had to do it again I would only buy the swing. It’s big, but you can still move it around.

Shawna Benton, TN

Just Okay

This seat looked so comfy and sweet that I registered for it. I thought it would be a great place for a newborn to nap. Honestly, it does pretty much all that it says it does but it really isn’t worth the price. It isn’t as comfy as it looks and the fact that the vibration shuts off after 15 minutes is irritating. There is nothing for the baby to look at and I don’t like it that it doesn’t bounce. The bouncing is so soothing for newbies. The angle of the seat also isn’t great. We rarely use this seat and when we do it is always for a very short time. Check out the swing in this line, though, that is worth every penny! I’d give this one a pass if I had it to do over again.

Deann Thurman, OH


My baby loved this bouncy seat for about 4 weeks. She isn’t into the bouncing anymore. But, it is a comfy seat that she sits in a lot. I use it (off now) for her to sit in when I shower, she will sit content in it for a long while without it even on! Very comfy, the attached blanket is nice and soft. It just cradles her perfectly!!

Virgie Nunez, GA


This is by far one of the nicest LOOKING baby seats out there. I received a barely-used one as a pass-along-gift from my girlfriend. Now I now why it was barely-used. Her son didn’t like it. Neither did mine! I didn’t get it– it was warm, soft– he didn’t care and wanted nothing to do with it– preferred this hideous baby seat every time. The back is very flat- so I never felt like the baby was really “in” a seat, more like leaning on it. This may work for much smaller babies, but at 8 lbs., my baby was done with it by week 3.

Lynne Waymart, PA


This papasan chair has been a great item!! Since birth, my daughter enjoys it. At birth, she would fall asleep in it. At 7 months, she watches TV in it. I can travel with it because it folds up and is light!!! It is very cozy for her and I wish I had one!!!!!!!

Lessie Newfield, NY

Great seat for newborns…

My son loved this seat as a newborn. It was comfy and warm for him. But once he turned 6 weeks, he wanted more stimulation, so I bought him the Ocean Wonders bouncer. The only downfall besides not being able to use it long is the music and vibration are on a timer. Once it would shut off, my son would wake up and I’d have to reset it. It was great while it lasted.

Rocio Entiat, WA


Our son slept in the papasan for the first 2 months. He just really can relax in it. The incline is perfect; it lays back enough that he sleeps, but not too much that I worry about spit up. I am so glad we bought this! Plus, when I take a shower or fold laundry I just put him in the chair and take him into the bathroom or laundry room with me. He’s quite content to just sit there!

Juliette Essex, MT

Her second bouncer and well worth it!

When I saw the Baby Papasan line, I just had to have this for our daughter. She has a perfectly good Ocean Wonders bouncer that she loves but something told me to get this one and I’m glad I did.She has a few minor breathing problems and sleeps better on her Boppy or in the bouncer or swing. Well, in her fishy bouncer her head would fall over but not in this one. This is more of a comfy sit back and relax bouncer. It is so soft and comfy and she loves to sleep in it. She naps in it most days.We still have the fishy bouncer and we use it for play, but when she wants to nap she wants her papasan. I will admit that when she wants to play, she wants out of this so it does have some flaws.

Leticia Wright, WY

Wish baby liked it better!

I would actually give this fewer stars because we’ve gotten NO use out of it… but I think it’s one of those personal preference things. My son just doesn’t like it. We really thought he would – it’s so soft and snugly. Thank goodness my mom also bought us the Fisher Price Soothing Massage Bouncer. He LOVES it. I think it’s the massage feature that he likes so much. Wish I could give the papasan a better review – but my son gave it a thumbs down.

Lindsey Cooperstown, PA

My daughter loves her baby papasan

This is the only thing my 4 wk old daughter will let us put her in. She won’t even stay in her crib without screaming. If we didn’t have the papasan I’d never get anything done. She happily takes her naps in it. My husband wants one his size & we love that it’s so portable.

Marcy Fairview, MI


It looks really comfortable and relaxing but it just doesn’t seem to stimulate my baby boy. He gets bored really fast. But-the music it plays is great…I’d recommend getting the papsan swing…..stimulating and relaxing!

Virgie Grand Junction, IA

this is a must have

Alot of my friends baby had reflux so I thought my daughter would have. At about 1 1.2 months I would put my baby in this chair in her pack n play (which was in our room). Then at about 2 months I put the chair in her crib to get her used to the crib. Once she started moving I took her out of the chair and she was used to her bed and room. It was great and it made her feel snug and secure. I borrowed my first one from a friend so I’ll def. buy one for #2.

Terrie East Marion, NY

(((((((((( THE BEST )))))))))))

This was the best chair for my son…….((((It was his bed for the 1st 3 months!!!!))))The only thing that he wouldsleep in!7 lbs 7 oz birth weight20 inches -birth lengthHe loves this chair, and still at 6 1/2 months21 lbs and 28 inches long ….still napsin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WONDERFUL ….A musthave!Sandra

Carmela Hoyt, OK

Comfortable but …

This seat is a very comfortable seat for babies, especially newborns. It does provide another place for them to sleep. The only downfall is once they start to move (like kick their legs) this seat is stationary and does not move like a bouncer. Carter’s makes a seat with the same comforts as this papasan but also bounces and I would recommend it over this one.

Jannie Forest Park, GA

This is the best bouncer out there!

I am so happy with this bouncer, not only does it keep my daughter calm for hours each day – it is the only one that I can tolerate having around my house. I am very against all the tacky patterns (for example clowns or bright fish) that decorate most all of the other bouncers. This one bouncer I can leave out 100% of the time and it does not bother me. I will admit that it is better for younger, smaller children – but by the time my children outgrow this bouncer they move to a swing anyway. By the way, the bouncer colors look better in person than they do on the internet – on the internet they look kind of washed out. Also, it folds up very small – when I do put it away, I stick it between the side of a dressor in the baby’s room and the wall (in about 8 inches of space – but I am bad with estimates, so maybe it is a little more – but you get the idea). Oh – I should also add that mine came with only one bunny – two are pictured on the Internet. Not worth the hassle to go back to BRU, however, one bunny is enough (not even really sure if there were supposed to be two – maybe it was just pictured that way on the internet) – and probably won’t even always use that one because it does not stick well to the velcro (the velcro patch is too small). You can also stick a more stimulating stuffed toy on the same velcro patch – for example a black and red toy.

Mai New London, OH

Another place for them to sleep!

I had preemies and this was too big for a long long time, but I had them padded, swaddled and pinned the head cushion back and it worked out just fine.Now that they are 9 pounds 22 inches..they’re finally fitting into this seat. One LOVES to sleep in it. At first I kept putting her in there as after feeding I was worried about whether she was well burped once I had to get on with her sister, this chair seemed to not only keep it all down but doubles as her cozy nest. The attatched blanket(removeable) it great for tucking them in. The music loop is tiring but def. more soothing than the Kick and play bouncer we have…what a short lived item.We do have to keep it at a tilt with a cushion at the foot because it’s too much of a tilt and they slide down quite a bit. They’re almost 3months..I know we have much time to go still with this chair.It’s really nice fabric and not obnoxious like a lot of other items out there. Soothing for both of us. Thinking about the swing now…it must be as great as this papsan, right?

Yesenia Blandon, PA