Fisher-Price Baby’s Bouncer, Adorable Animals

Fisher-Price Baby’s Bouncer, Adorable Animals

Cheerful animal friends invite baby to play in a large comfortable seat with soft fabric. Elephant and lion paddles encourage baby to bat and reach for colorful spinning action, and a smiling zebra keeps baby entertained. When its time for soothing relaxation, you can easily remove the toy bar and switch on calming vibrations. All of the play, comfort and convenience features youd expect from a Fisher Price bouncer. Requires 1 D battery (not included).

Main features

  • Adorable animals bouncer is comfortable and fun for baby
  • Soft fabric and ergonomically cradled seat
  • Toybar has fun animals to entertain baby
  • Toybar easily removes for in and out
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Verified reviews


my baby has problem with its music

One specific music clip irritates her. Bouncing doesn’t work as well as swinging for my baby. A safer bet is to buy a swinging set cuz most babies like swinging motions better. I got it from a baby shower. Should have put a swinging set on baby registry as well so that people may has more choices. Eventually you can return items you don’t like.

Tamika Declo, ID

Love it!! Worth more than the price!!

I was a little skeptical at first, because of the low pricetag… but I am completely thrilled with this bouncer! She loves kicking and making the toys move and make noise (the Zebra rattles). Lightweight and PERFECT for taking to grandma’s house! I would never get anything done without this! Highly recommended! OH – and we have an off-brand battery in it, and after 3 months (using it everyday, many times a day, and sometimes forgetting to turn the vibe off for hours after use) the battery still doesn’t need to be changed!!

Willa Falkland, NC

Safety Hazard

My son loved this bouncer in the beginning and we used it all the time. He is now 15lbs and today he was sitting in it in the kitchen (tile floor) and he flipped backwards and hit his head! I will be contacting Fisher Price tomorrow.

Cherie Newburg, WI

Great for the money

This seat is great for the price. My 3 month old has been playing in it for over a month now. He can swing at and hit the toys. I (easily) attached two extra toys. The chair keeps his attention for 15 to 20 minutes. When he’s done playing he often falls asleep in it and will sleep for over an hour. I gave it a 4 because I wanted to buy additional matching products and was very disappointed when I saw the matching bouncer/stationary play gym.

Cristina Le Roy, MN


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bouncer! My son is a month old and up until about a week ago, he would not sleep unless he was somehow physically touching someone else (which usually ended up being me). He refused to sleep in his crib, his swing, his Boppy, etc. He would sleep in his carseat in the car though. This bouncer, with its vibrate feature, must remind him of riding in the car because it was lights out as soon as I put him in it, from day 1. Now I can actually get housework done during the day. My older son likes it too because now Mommy can play with both hands again! I do have one complaint, however. The more expensive ones I’ve seen have the toy bar wrapped in fabric. Because this one does not (it’s a just a painted metal bar), when the seat is on vibrate the toys make an annoying buzzing sound where they’re contacting the bare bar. No big deal, I just don’t use the bar currently because my son is only 6 weeks old, but it might be nice to have to keep him entertained as he gets a little older.

Yvonne Benoit, WI

Boring Bouncer

I bought this bouncer because of the great price and I needed something “portable” for my 8 week old daughter. This bouncer is great to use as a seat but it is boring for the baby. She will sit in it and look around without fussing for short periods of time. It is a very basic bouncer that comes with a removable bar of toys. My daughter took one look at the toys, swatted at them and that was it. The vibration feature makes her squirm and spit up so most of the time I just leave it off and use this to put her in when I’m cooking or need to do something quickly. For the price, you can’t expect all the bells and whistles. The design is adorable and the chair seems comfortable enough for short periods of time.

Letha Hahira, GA

Good product…but…

My only problem so far with this is that the battery dies too quickly! Or maybe my son just uses it too much. Even when I put a new battery in the motor doesn’t make as strong vibrations as they did at first. Otherwise my son loves it. It’s still holding him @ 4 months and 20 lbs. He’s not all that into the toys but with them being removable it’s an easy fix and I can just give him his regular toys to play with while he’s sitting in it. If I’m not using the swing for him to nap he is usually found napping in this.

Minnie Hillpoint, WI

Daughter’s favorite!

My daughter was not interested in her swing, so thank goodness for this bouncer. She absolutely loved it from the first day we used it, around 2 months old. Even now, when she is too big and active to sit in it, we detached the toy bar and have it set up in her playpen to look at. I credit this toy for making zebras her favorite animal. It’s extremely affordable and gave my husband and I many hours of time to eat dinner and otherwise occupy our time while she enjoyed kicking and interacting with the toys. We would definitely buy it again and would even pay twice as much for it knowing what I know now! Also, the primary colors are especially pleasing. Any “soothing, neutral” items we purchased prior to her birth did not excite her or keep her entertained.

Lourdes New Springfield, OH


I’ve used a few bouncers, and honestly this one is the best so far!It supports the baby’s head with the sides that come around.It sits HIGHER than some others, and most baby’s enjoy a higher view.Nope, it doesn’t have some “bells and whistles” (flashing lights etc.) that other bouncers have, but the little bar it does have, the animals move very well so it keeps baby interested.One thing I don’t like is the vibrating. It sounds weird and I feel like it’ll mess up their little spines or something. I just bounce with my foot if I’m sitting down and she’s pretty happy with that. When I’m up and walkin around doing things, I just talk to her and she’s happy enough to listen and watch me 🙂

Annabelle Valleyford, WA

Cute, ok for price

Easy to assemble and cute, catches my sons attention.Annoyed that the toys were put backwards on the bar and it’s a manufacturer’s mistake so there’s nothing I can do. There’s only one way the bar snaps in so that’s not the issue. On a good note it’s easy to snap in or remove toy bar.My son is 2 months and 23.5 inches and when he fusses and straightens his legs, the top of his head goes above the top of the bouncer and starts to bend way down backward. it’s scary to think what would happen if he fussed when no one was looking. Fisher price should think about extending the top half of this bouncer for people with “kicky” babies like myself! When he’s sitting there’s no problem, but he’s very kicky and likes to extend and lock his legs a lot in our lap and in the bouncer.Toy bar rattles noisily when vibrations is on, so you can’t use both unless you are ok with the noise.Would have given more stars but the fact that this bouncer bends back so easily when my son extends his legs is a big issue. I was always able to run to the bathroom or do dishes while baby was in his snugga bunny bouncer. No such thing anymore!

Lourdes Baltic, CT

Great Bouncer after 3 months for us

We originally got the Fisher-Price Rainforest bouncer but after assembling it we notice a few flaws and a problem with the seat so we traded it in for this one.The seat sit lows but the fabric is tight so your little one won’t sink to far/great for a bigger/heavier baby. Compared to other bouncers the price was a bargain especially if you find it on sale. Very easy to install. I finished it in less than 10 mins. There’s a one button vibration option on the bottom which only uses 1 D BATTERY, which is very cost effective. This is particular true if you have a fussy baby and the calming vibration is on almost 8-12 hours a day. It isn’t bulky and very light-weight to move around the house or to bring on a trip, although I do wish it had detachable shoulder straps like the Chicco Bouncer to carry around. There is a simple toy attachment but it doesn’t have any music or light option which tend to need more batteries.The toy attachment comes with 3 animals that have a ability to spin 360. It is really simple to click on and off the bouncer (unlike other bouncer toy attachment we have tested), so that you could use the bouncer as an extra seat at home or on the go really quickly. I really do like this feature because it made really easy to feed her when she is fussy and I was too tired from holding her. I also used it after a feeding to keep her upright because she had trouble burping and a bad case of reflux/GERD. 2 things that scares me occasionally is when she bats the Red round disk, which I was afraid that it might hit her face since it was hanging down fairly low and was heavy and when you click the toy attachment on you need to watch and make sure her little fingers aren’t near it.I have to say that my baby prefers this bouncer overall and it stimulates her motor skills because it challenges her. She really wasn’t able play with the toys until she was at least 3 months old so it was quite boring. So before 3 months all she did was stare at the toys and I would be the one spinning/batting it. Afterwards she learned from staring at me and at the toy that even though she couldnt reach it with her hands she would sit lower and using both hands hold onto the wire on each side and use her feet to kick the toys in a bicycle-pedaling motion and spin it herself. (SEE PHOTOS)As she got bigger she was able to hold the red round disk and hit it with her hands. Lots of cause and affect brain development.Also another good feature is that these toy are supported by a thin white wire so that my husband and I started to attach other small toys (like the Fisher-Price Tucan/Mirror or the Sassy Rattle Ring) between the animals for her to play with. Beware of over-stimulation though. Too much, too soon could stress your baby out.

Phoebe Sharon Springs, NY

Oh man, does my baby love this thing!!

Our 5-month old has been enjoying this seat for a couple of months, but now in the past couple of weeks she has gone INSANE for the toy bar. When we want to stimulate her less, we use it without the toy bar and position her in front of the sliding glass door so she can watch the world outside. She loves the seat and I consider it a great value for the money. We have used it a lot, have left the vibration on overnight a couple of times by accident and still haven’t had to change the batteries. A great, simple product design that works perfectly.

Darcy Highlands, NJ

info discrepancy on site and on box

bought this because of the price. i originally wanted the fisher price "ocean wonders’ because that’s what we have before, but there was a huge price difference between the 2 and they look alike, except for the print.after the super easy and super fast assembly, i see that the seat is higher than the "ocean wonders" model. my baby loves to rock-n-roll and bounce-out-loud (like, she would be flying w/o the seatbelts), and i would be a bit scared leaving her on here.then after the assembly, i put my giant baby on the bouncer and it seems too small for her and it seemed like it would topple over if she started to do her giant bounce. (take not that it only seemed like it. i like the angle and lower height of the "ocean wonder’s model) then i look at the box and it says the max. weight recommendation is 25 lbs. amazon site says max. weight is 96 lbs. my baby is already at 25 lbs.this will be returned.

Morgan Avinger, TX

One of my favorites!

Of all my baby purchases I have to say that this is one of my favorites. I also purchased the rocking chair. This bouncer is a great item for the price. My daughter loves it. I think it has to do with the black and while zebra. She is 4 months and loves touching the toy bar and playing with it.We got this chair because we travel a lot and our baby really likes her rocking chair. However, the rocker is way to big to carry in a carry on. This one is perfect, we can fit it, no problem, assemble it and daughter is happy and parents too. She learned how to nounce herself and can be entertained for a long time while sitting on it.

Jodi Waterloo, IN


this bouncer seat just can’t be any better. it was cheap. it shipped fast. it is really cute with vibrant colors and cute animals. the toy bar removes easily. the battery lasts forever. i’ve accidentally left the vibrate switch on overnite and still have not had to replace the battery. the fabric is cushiony but not fuzzy soft. easily wipes clean. i expect the cover to detach easily for times when i need to launder it. the seat is super portable, which is the primary reason i made this purchase.

Cathryn Effingham, KS

So Cute!

So bright and colorful my son loved this bouncy seat. It washes very well and was really east to put together.I would recommend it!

Gladys Kermit, TX

I wanted to like this

I bought this bouncer shortly before the arrival of my son. It was easy to assemble, really is adorable, and is easy to take the toy bar off but that where my pros stop. The chair reclines so far back and the toy bar is so far forward that my son never engaged with it. I used the chair to feed him but would have to completely put the chair away when not in use because the feet stick out so far we kept tripping over it. For an older child this chair may be better but again the toy bar is far forward that a younger child can’t reach it and because they can’t see very far in the early weeks/months may not even see the toys there. Fisher-Price makes a newborn to toddler rocket that I highly recommend as you get much more use out of it and my soon was able to engage with the toys beginning at two months old.

Ericka James City, PA

Best new mom product

I would not have survived the first few months of motherhood without this. My son loves it and it makes it easy to get work done and shower.

Tiffany Trabuco Canyon, CA

Great Bouncer

This bouncer is great. It’s a really comfortable shape and a good price. We liked it so much that we bought three. 🙂

Christine Goree, TX

Favorite Toy Ever!

My son was getting pretty bored with his swing, so we decided to purchase a bouncy seat for him. This is his favorite toy ever, and the big reason is because of the cute little zebra toy; he loves to babble and coo at the zebra! The vibrations are calming and they help to soothe him when he’s fussy. We have even taken it with us to visit relatives out of state, because it’s easy to fold up and take with you. This was a great buy!

Opal Byrnedale, PA

What a Deal

We don’t have a lot of floorspace in our tiny house, so I didn’t want to get one of those huge plug in swings. So, we bought a similarly sized battery-operated swing, and quickly realized that the 11 bucks a week in batteries it took wasn’t going to happen. Thus, I started looking for vibrating chairs. I think we used this for months without changing the batteries, and it was so cheap! I kept thinking, what do the expensive bouncers do that this one doesn’t? Because my daughter became calm in this little miracle. Ahh. She never liked the plastic toys…so I took them off. Easy. Plus, I could disassemble it and put it in my suitcase. The only issue is that it doesn’t automatically turn off, and it buzzes very quietly if you accidentally leave it on, but–again–it doesn’t eat batteries, so this wasn’t a huge deal.

Tameka Duck, WV

Works great

It bounces and vibrates. For such a cheap price, it’s worth it! Puts him to sleep right away! Good for young babies.

Hilary London, AR

Our favorite thing!

Ok, we have the $200 swing, the Baby Einstein saucer, the $50 activity floor mat with all the bells and whistles…..a mini baby equipment warehouse. What do you think is the best thing, the favorite thing, the one our five month old little girl absolutely loves the most? This is it….the Fischer Price Baby Bouncer. She LOVES this…..kicks like crazy, and has a ball with arms and legs going and busy from the second we put her in it. The overhead hanging brace comes on and off very easily, and we can hang other items on it as well to add a bit of variety. Another thing we really like about this particular piece of baby equipment is that the baby isn’t just sitting there being passive…..she has to really get her body moving to keep this bouncing. Very stable, has a safety belt. I would recommend adding a folded receiving blanket under your baby’s legs at the front edge as there isn’t enough padding there to protect the calves and heels if the baby really gets kicking….which they will! We haven’t tried the vibrating feature, and probably won’t bother putting in a battery. No need for it. This is the best piece of baby equipment we have bought, and worth twice the price.

Debora Elmwood, TN

Great Product for the Price

While at a friend’s house, we saw their son in the Fisher-Price Adorable Animals bouncer having a great time. We went right out and bought one and our son loved it. Initially we thought it looked kind of cheap, but it was perfect. The toy bar is right in front of your child so they can bat at the toys (and, the toy bar is removable so you can get it out of the way for moving your child in and out of the seat as well as for giving them other toys to play with). The legs are not super stiff, so our son was able to get the seat bouncing and give himself a ride. Also, it was easy to get the cover off and clean it (after my son pooped while he was in it…LOL)This bouncer is also easy to move around, if you’re carrying your baby in one arm, you can lift this one with one hand and it’s not too bulky to move into another room or fit on top of a small dinette table or kitchen island.

Candice New York Mills, MN

Loved it after a while

I wasn’t convinced my baby would like a bouncer, especially since he hated his swing, but I was being told I "had to get one." So, i looked for the best reviewed inexpensive one, and bought it. He was around 2 months old, and he hated it! Would last maybe 5 minutes and then be upset. I was glad I didn’t spend a lot since it was another flop. Fast forward about a month, and suddenly he doesn’t mind it. In fact, this has been the only way I can take a shower and get ready. He loves the toy bar and it’s been fun to watch him slowly learn how to play with them. I don’t see a difference when the vibration is on or not, bu the batteries haven’t been replaced in 4 months since we got it. It’s also super easy to clean, which is good since it seems to set him in the perfect position to have explosive diapers! I’m glad I stuck with this bouncer and tried it again, it has been a lifesaver.

Mollie Winston, MO

My 3 month old enjoys this a lot!

I only wish the toys hung down a little more. I have to clip on my own toys because she tries to grab at the ones that come with it…but her t-rex arms are a little too short. All in all, I’m glad I went with this color/print as opposed to the girly one because the toys are more enjoyable for her to look at. (Bright, primary colors vs. pastels).

Sara Provo, SD

A MUST-Have Item!! 🙂

When we first got this bouncer, our son didn’t like being put in it. However, at about 2 months, we tried again (when he started being able to swat at things) and since then, it has been literally the best purchase we’ve made. In fact, we have one for home and one for his daycare center–that is how much he loves it. It also is a great place to be able to set him down in while doing things (ie: laundry, dishes, makeup)…He will either play with the toys, grab the star or will sit and watch me. It is also very portable so whenever I go over to a friend’s house or anywhere, we take this with us.Seriously, this bouncer is SO inexpensive compared to other big baby stores and is very durable…and worth every penny. I will literally suggest this bouncer to every new mom.

Tamra East Ellsworth, WI

Perfect for my grandchildren’s visit

I was looking for a inexpensive bouncer for my granddaughter’s visit. This was perfect and the colors were vivid and appealing to the eyes.

Brooke Wonder Lake, IL

Great value for the price

We bought this as a second bouncer to have upstairs to avoid having to carry one up from downstairs. It is definitely no frills- and less bell/whistles than the rainforest bouncer but it is cute and serves it’s purpose plus my son seems to enjoy it as well.

Jessica Hudson, KY

For the price, you can’t go wrong

We bought this as a second bouncy seat to keep up in our bedroom for times when we need to brush teeth, get ready, fold laundry etc. and don’t want to flop baby on the bed. We have the expensive, nicer bouncy seat for downstairs. This seat does the trick, holds baby’s interest and cost less than one night’s take-out. Can’t beat it!

Erna Livonia, MI