Fisher-Price Booster Seat, Blue/Green/Gray

Fisher-Price Booster Seat, Blue/Green/Gray

Convenient, safe, and comfortable, the Fisher Price healthy care deluxe booster seat boasts a feeding tray that you can sanitize right in the dishwasher, making feeding times healthier and cleaner than ever before. Designed for children weighing up to 50 pound, this handy seat also folds compactly and includes a carrying strap, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Main features

  • Ships in certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Healthy care feeding tray with snap on lid keeps feeding surface clean wherever you go
  • Easy clean seat with no crevices to trap crumbs
  • Three height adjustments and three point harness adjusts to hold growing child securely
  • Front and rear seat straps adjust to fit virtually any chair

Verified reviews


Please be careful of tipping hazard

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this booster, but wanted to note to other buyers that there is a potential tipping hazard with the seat.We visited with friends for lunch one day and they pulled out this booster and attached it to a folding chair and brought it to the dining room table for us to use. I sat next to my 10 month old daughter the whole time but simply did not react fast enough when she leaned forward and tipped the entire apparatus (the high chair and the adult folding chair) forward. Since the chair was facing the dining table, she ended up busting her lip right on the edge of the glass table. The booster with tray can be quite front heavy, so please be sure you only attach it to a very sturdy and preferably wide chair. And insist on it if you’re visiting others (we are often too polite for our own good). My daughter is not a very active or bouncy baby, but she managed to tip it over while leaning forward. There aren’t warnings to this effect on the booster seat, but I wanted to make the issue known to other parents to whom it may not have occurred.

Lolita Dunkerton, IA

Awesome booster seat!

I originally bought the “Swing Tray – Portable Booster Seat” because it was cheaper and I thought that it would be just as good. Well, it fell apart. I got this one and have been very please. It’s is like a travel version of the Healthy Care Highchair.There is a removeable feeding tray that can be put in the dishwasher. It has a cup holder and snaps right on to the main (blue) tray.There are three different height settings. This is great for traveling because different tables can be different heights.The back of the car and the trays are removeable, turning the seat into a booster for older and/or larger children.The seat is all one piece and there are no seams or crevices for food to get stuck in. It also makes the seat very easy to clean.The seat has a three-point seatbelt that adjusts, so it can accomodate a growing baby and toddler.The booster folds up and even has a shoulder strap to make it easier to travel with. There is a lid that snaps onto the feeding tray. It is also dishwasher safe. I like the cover you can put on the tray, just so you know it’s not getting dirty.There are straps on both sides and on the back of the seat. This makes it much easier to fit onto a variety of chairs. This is great especially when eating out.

Alberta Spring Hill, FL

Definately one of my better choices in baby gear

I have made some unbelievably moronic choices when it comes to baby gear. This was definately not one of them!I had originally wanted to just go with an infant to toddler feeding station set up, but then I saw and purchased a Peg Pergeo Prima Pappa out of the PennySaver. Oooooh, Peg Perego… Had to have it…I hated hated hated HATED that chair. It was huge. The tray was too high. It had a zillion and one little nooks and crannies to get food into. I ended up shoving it back and forth between the kitchen and the laundry room for months. Once my baby really got into eating solids (which he didn’t do until 7 months) I fed him in his bouncy, on the floor. I just didn’t want to deal with cleaning that high chair. Even once he got to be a better (neater) eater, the space issues drove me bananas.I sold it – at a loss – and bought the Fisher Price booster seat instead.I love love love LOVE this little chair.First of all, it goes on our dining room chair – so it takes up no additional space. My baby fits in it very comfortably – it is just his size. I can put Cheerios on the tray for him and he can pick them up and eat them (although it does seem he drops and sits in them about half the time, too…) No nooks and crannies so clean up is easy. We can easily pack it up and take it to a resturaunt and he is so happy to sit in his little seat, smack the tray, play with his toys, eat his Cheerios – we are able to eat out in public again. I never thought I would be a germophobic parent but I do appreciate being able to take our own seat along from a cleanliness aspect, too. This chair is inexpensive enough that if you are lazy, or just like to be prepared, you could even buy two and always keep one in the trunk of your car for going out.I don’t really see the point in having the tray insert – the tray is so easy to wipe down but, who knows. Maybe it will come in handy some time.I do have some concerns about this chair really suiting a child from infant to toddler. It does not recline, as some of the other boosters do. However, in my experience, my child really was not ready to eat until he was able to sit up right. I think that a lot of people force solids onto children too soon, partly in hopes of getting their kid to sleep through the night sooner, partly out of deference to grandparents. You can always feed your baby in his bouncy, if he needs a reclining feeding seat.It does seem a little small to fit a toddler into, but once the tray is removed and it is used as just a booster seat, it will probably be fine. I really like that your child can get so close to the table using this little seat.Thumbs up, way way up, for this little seat. I plan to buy two more as baby gifts for my brother and cousin who are expecting babies in October (not with each other).–Update–I had twins last year and we needed a second booster. I wanted to get the same one and we went to TRU to get one – but they only had the yellow and orange one. I did notice it didn’t have the extra tray, but I also noticed it cost less. Since the extra tray was kind of useless anyway, I didn’t mind much. So we got the yellow and orange one and took it home and then I realized the height doesn’t adjust like it does for the green and blue one. Arg, I thought. Then I thought, does it really matter?? The yellow and orange one is at the same height as the blue and green one when it is in the 2nd/middle position. So I just put the blue/green one in the second position, set the chairs up next to each other, and let the girls eat. Works just fine. I was a little miffed at the cutting out of features but it’s nice that the price is lower – and really these features aren’t needed. I’d assumed the blue/green one was d/c’ed when I only saw the yellow but I guess that’s not the case. So blue and green, or yellow and orange – they’re both good.

Jerry Cornish, NH

Not brand new. DIrty, scratched used product

This is the second fisher-price product I have bought on amazon that arrived in bad condition. I am so very disappointed because I was getting everything together for my child’s first solid meal and opened up the box to clean it. Once I took off the plastic wrap I could tell right away this was a used product. its scratched up pretty bad and there is dirt in the scratches. At first I thought it was just minor dirt from the factory but then I turned it upside down and the little feet underneath it are filthy and show clear signs of being worn down. I guess when someone uses it and decides to return it, amazon just repackages it and sends it to another unsuspecting person. I would give zero stars if I could

Tiffany Honey Grove, TX

looks are deceiving

I had bought this for my son at 6 months old for visiting graqndparents. I really liked the features, but didn’t like it once i put my son in it. I loved the idea that it folded up, had a carrying strap, could come apart easily to clean, and the different trays. I thought that the back could be a little higher, he still needed some support, and couldn’t sit straight up. Also he is an average size baby, and when i put him in the seat he had just fit, and the seat looked really small with him in it. I returned and bought him a reclining seat with a higher back.

Coleen Makaweli, HI

we received a used product

Hi, we bought this chair as our baby’s first but we received a used product which had cleaning starches and marks on it. It’s a plastic product, we could have bought it used from a cheaper price. As our place is distant from UPS and we don’t want to carry it back, we have to keep this BUT this kind of trade is not good!!! SO, beware that you can also receive used product!

Kerri Stanley, NY

flimsy build

I know it’s inexpensive, and maybe it passes industrial tests as suitable for kids – but it’s nothing I want my kid sitting in.

Yesenia Montandon, PA

Wonderful item – better than a high chair!

I researched so many items for when baby started to eat and decided we were going for a “portable” option AND one that would allow us to use a chair in our dinette set instead of a high chair (we have a small dining area!). This product is has straps that secure it under & behind (across the back) of a chair. The straps adjust to fit even a very large chair and then to undo (for travel) you just unclip the snap-in buckle. Readjustment if needed for another chair is so easy. I also love the removable abd WASHABLE tray for food, additionally the tray has a cover – like tupperware – if you need to store it in the refer. for use at another meal. The ‘3rd’ or bottom tray is easy to clean, removable also. It all packs up easily to go to Grandparent’s house & has a shoulder strap to carry it around. All-plastic parts for easy cleaning!Update at 7mos (July 04) – this has been a GREAT buy. So much easier than a high chair & so inexpensive. Still using handtowels to keep him from leaning over sides too far – but is used 3x/day for feeding & is great. Even an ugly bout of throw-up can be cleaned from this durable device. Also fantastic for travel to Gma & Gpa’s! Started using regularly around 5 mos & will last a while I’m sure!Update at 1 yr: still use occasionally, but found a full-size folding high-char that we love. Also the full-size high chair is ok now that he is bigger and more ‘mobile’. Contains him a bit better. Still, the booster seat is great for travel to relatives!Update at 2.5 yrs: STILL using it! And it’s been great with baby #2 also! Easy to take to restaurants or to relatives. Easy to clean (I just put it in the ub & spray it all off & let it dry there too).

Valerie Lakeside, MT

Poor Quality

I took the booster seat out of the box & put the strap over my should & the strap broke loose from the base. Looks like the thread used to seal the strap into the base broke free. I had to redo the strap & secure it.Poor quality to have it break 5 mins out of the box.

Lorrie Fowlstown, GA


For a few dollar difference, get the deluxe version. I like the lid to the tray. It keeps the tray clean in between uses. The other feature the deluxe version has is the height adjustable seat. It has 3 heights. I like to use the tallest so my 9 month old sits closer to me. We keep it in the car and use it at restaurants and when visiting relatives.At 9 month my kid likes to watch us eat and we feed him little bits of our food when we eat out to keep him entertained. He likes the seat. It let’s us eat in relative peace.I also have a high chair cover but I prefer to use our own booster chair because it’s more clean and the tray is useful to put his cheerios on which he can eat himself. He isn’t old enough to reach for food on the regular table from a high chair so the booster is more useful for now. Once he is older I think restaurant high chairs will be fine.

Sharon Winnetka, IL

Perfect for grandparent’s house

Got this to keep at grandma’s house! It’s perfect. Very secure, very well made. It straps to most any chair because the straps are adjustable. It is all plastic and very easy to keep clean. Great booster seat.

Lucy Richmond, VA

To small for my baby

My baby just turned a year old and is big for his age, 26 lbs, 32 in. I brought this gift out of storage just the other day and he looked too tight and uncomfortable in it! The chair looks likes a really nice chair and sturdy too. But I took it back because he didn’t look comfy in it.

Jacklyn Sykesville, PA

Works well enough.

a 4 because you don’t really need 3 pieces for a tray, one works great, the dish washer safe part rarely gets in the dishwasher since I clean it after every meal and run the dishwasher every other day. Also I have seen trays slide along the side and lock anywhere on other models and this has 3 tabs on the sides to lock the tray on. Which is ok. It works. I do like the size, fit , and that it sits on a chair so as she gets older it can be a booster seat. I started using it for my daughter at 8 months, could have used it sooner, but at least wait until your child can sit on own to use it.

Ashleigh Marquette, WI

Perfect for toddler

I love this booster! We only used a highchair for a short time and our little one wanted to be at the table. This was a great choice and we actually bought a second one in another color. It is so easy to clean or take with you to family or friends house. It definitely simplified things for us so we didnt worry about her mess or finding a place she would be able to eat. Its inexpensive and functional.I bought mine from and was very happy. If you use the code BAIL2798 you can get 20% off your whole purchase from all their sites. Amazon also has good deals sometimes.

Mattie Delta, OH

Like it, but could use some improvements

I really like this booster seat compared to other boosters I’ve used when over at someone else’s house. Wish I could give it more stars, but there are drawbacks.The good things about this booster are:1)The tray is very easy to snap on and off (versus ones that have to slide along a slot), 2) the seat conforms to my kids little bodies. I find it prevents them from inevitably slouching down as I’ve experienced with other boosters. (But, I don’t think this would be a + if you have a particularly chubby baby. The seat seems more narrow relatively speaking.)What I don’t like:1) The top trays are so easy to remove, my son figured out how to pull the them off very shortly after we started using the seats. My daughter was right behind him. Basically, a useless item until they are old enough to understand that we don’t think it’s a good idea.2) No way to remove the straps and throw them in the wash. Maybe this is common in boosters, but let’s face it, kids make a mess and the straps get dirty too.3) Why is only 1 piece of 3 dishwasher safe?

Gayle Napoleon, MO

Ok chair. hit or miss

Bought it hoping my son would like it. He likes it ok. He likes to sit on it when i place it on the floor, but my son whined after short period of sitting on this chair so I ordered Lipper International 516C High Chair, Cherry for $35 from amazon after testing it out in different restaurants (it’s virtually in every restaurant)so using this instead.At 7month old my son figured out that he can pull out the different layers of the table and he started to do that everytime i sat him in it

Emilia Bridgeport, OH

What can you say? Simple and great

They’re 2 straps use to tied down the booster to a chair. Make sure you read the instruction and do this properly.The 3 set of trays combo are great for kid to have food on.My baby is only 5 months and we started him on some solid and this is good. We have a boppy chair but he quickly outgrown that so we bought this. It’;s a little bit lose on him so we put some small blanket on the side of each to keep him center :).

Milagros Guymon, OK

We use it as our full-time high chair!

We got the Healthy Care Booster Seat after both of my sisters-in-law told us how much they liked and used theirs. When my baby started eating solid foods (about 5 months ago) we got this, thinking it would tide us over until we chose a full-size high chair. We are still using it because it is so easy to use, easy to clean and we see no reason to buy another high chair that will just take up space. When we travel, we fold it up and bring it along. So convenient, so versatile and so cheap compared to a full-size high chair!

Virgie Breda, IA

Just your average booster

The one thing that I really liked about this chair is that the entire thing was dishwasher safe. I put it in the dishwasher every so often to disinfect. My son did not fit in it for very long. ( he is big for his age though). I bought this to keep in my car for when we were away from the house, like eating at grandma’s or something like that. It just the job, but it’s nothing spectacular !

Polly Chesterville, OH

great high chair

i just love how convenient and easy this chair is to use for my 5 month old. we just started him on solids, and wanted a high chair that would be easy to take to grandmas house, and one that attached to a regular chair.i bought it because of the terrific price and good reviews and am not disappointed! love the plastic cover that you can put over the tray when you are not eating, to keep it clean.Its super easy to clean, baby seems comfortable in it, and when he gets older, we just pull it right up to the table and its a booster seat.probably the best all-in-one baby product that will last long into toddkerhood that i have purchased!

Louise Parkville, MD

Great for travel, but just OK for daily at home use

I just started using this for my 9 month old only b/c she started not wanting to sit in the original high chair we have (Fisher Price Space Saver). We had purchased this as a travel high chair to take with us to dinner at other people’s homes. For that purpose it definitely is very useful – easy to collapse, carry and install.However, for every day use, I think it is just OK. I find that it sits too low, even on the highest setting. The tray is lower than our table level (vs. the Space Saver where it was about the same level). This is particularly frustrating for me b/c we have a dog who is now able to put his chin on the high chair tray.The dishwasher safe tray (white one) does not seem to snap on well so my baby keeps playing with it and is able to totally pull it off. As a result, I just stopped using it and directly use the blue tray. I personally find that it is a bit hard to snap the tray on and off.I don’t think this would be easy to use for a baby first learning to sit in the high chair unless your baby already sits unsupported pretty well. The seat back is very upright and does not recline. It is also a hard seat with no padding.

Margot South Sioux City, NE

I love this seat

This is great for on the go! And your tray is always clean!

Kelsey Great Falls, MT

Good booster but..

This booster is solid, built nicely and does what its suppose to be but it is not travel friendly. Its a bit on the heavy and bulky side. Especially when you are taking your baby out, parents, from experience have lots to pack when going out and i dont think people want to carry something that adds bulk and weight while on the go. Other than that i recommend this chair for home use.

Joann Mantua, UT

Best Booster available

We love this seat, It is compact enough to take to restaurants or anywhere you may need it. Our daughter just loves sitting in it. The tray is really nice and the cover is a great option. I would definately reccommend this seat.

Tracey Richland, PA

I did this one right the first time!

My mother-in-law keeps offering to buy me a high chair, and I tell her the honest truth: I am thrilled with this little booster seat, and I have no desire to bring a big traditional high chair into our small dining room. I keep telling people that this chair is one of the few things I did right the first time. It is unobtrusive and portable, it grows with the child, and — contrary to what grandma thinks — it seems to be perfectly comfortable for my child. We have been using it since my son was four months old. He is now 14 months, and it is still perfect. The tray is just the right height. He can reach his food better in this little chair than he can in the fancy high chair that grandma has at her house. My son has always been a big, chubby baby, but we still use the tray on the middle of the three settings, so I’m not worried that he will feel constricted as he grows bigger. The chair is easy to clean, and it looks cute attached to one of our dining chairs. It is a breeze to take down and set up — we take it everywhere. I cannot imagine why anyone would choose a full-size high chair over this little gem!

Margie Lakota, ND

great seat!

I bought this seat for my daughter, who is two years old. I always struggled to get her into her high chair. She’s kind of wild, and a free spirit, hates strollers and anything that is too confining…anyway, we had the high chair, and a really nice one, too…but it was taking up valuable real estate in my house, which is quite small. I felt this might be a better option and I’m so glad I bought it. The height is adjustable, which is great because my table has a wide lip. The seat fits perfectly, and I can even tuck the chair in under the table when she’s not sitting in it. I don’t use the tray, I bought is as a booster sit so she can sit at the table with us, and she loves it. No more wrestling to get her into the high chair. I give it two thumbs up. I recommend this to anyone who has limited floor space, or a child who doesn’t like to feel confined.

Kathie Pottsville, AR

So Far Good

I’ve been using the seat for my 7-month-old baby for 1 month, and I’m very happy with it. I love the colors. It’s nice see colors rather than pink and blue for a baby product. It’s easy to clean. Everything works well. So I give 5 stars for design and construction. I have to take 1 star because 1)I haven’t used it long enough and 2)it’s different from the picture on Amazon – the lumbar part of the seat doesn’t have a hole.

Clarice North Branch, MI

Don’t think we’ll need a high chair. Ever. Be careful though when putting the trays together.

We have been using this for our 6th month old at home and at restaurants. He sits in it just fine and it is super easy to use and clean. One of his favorite activities is when I put baby puffs on the tray and he will grab them and try to feed himself. Due to the tray *most* of the puffs will stay on the tray and not end up on the ground.One word of warning though, be careful while putting the upper tray on if your child is already seated with the lower tray in place. I accidentally snapped the white upper tray onto the lower blue tray when my son’s fingers were resting on the lower tray because he was already seated. He cried but thankfully it wasn’t more than that. In the future I will snap the two trays together FIRST before attaching it to the booster.

Meghan Cleverdale, NY

Mini-version of healthy high chair

I like the fisher price full size version of this high chair. I actually returned our first one and went back and bought the fisher price healthy care highchair. I bought this and I love it. It had a removable tray that’s great to put in the dishwasher and I also like the cover that goes on the tray to keep it clean. It has 3 height adjustments so it fits any table and has a 5 point restraint. The only thing I would like to see is a carrying strap because when you’re trying to carry baby, diaper bag,and this chair…it gets tricky. I would still recommend this.

Tommie Arnold Afb, TN

Very handy!

My kid spends a lot of time at grandmas, and we needed another highchair for grandmas. We decided to invest in this instead of a full blown high chair and are very happy with it. Its very easy to take out too.We bought the Deluxe Booster seat, but I think we would have been happy withFisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat, Green/Bluetoo.Note: I would not use this as a permanent replacement for a highchair – its only as sturdy as the chair you strap this on. My son can rock this back and forth (he is 10 mo) on his own – its fine for something temporary since we don’t leave him on it unattended – but not more than that.

Vicki Spring Mount, PA