Fisher-Price Booster Seat, Rainforest

Fisher-Price Booster Seat, Rainforest

Looking for a way to keep baby entertained while preparing her meal (or when dining out)? The Rainforest Healthy Care Booster Seat has a rainforest full of fun that snaps right onto the feeding tray. Geckos, monkeys and other rainforest friends keep baby busy with lots of action, and the toy snaps right off when it’s time to eat. When baby’s done eating, mom can sanitize the tray right in the dishwasher! Remove the seat back and adjust height as baby grows. Includes removable, dishwasher-safe feeding tray with cup holder. Front and rear seat straps adjust to fit virtually any chair. Folds compactly to go anywhere you do! Feeding tray is not microwave-safe. Maximum weight: 45 lbs.

Main features

  • Ships in certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • The rainforest booster seat is the perfect product to keep baby entertained at the table
  • A fun rainforest toy insert fits into the eating tray for the child to play with
  • Features a tree with 3 spinning bugs
  • Frog and a gecko slider beads on the base of the item
  • A colorful parrot on one side and a monkey swinging from a bead bar vine with bananas on the other
  • The rainforest booster seat is the perfect product to keep baby or toddler entertained at the table while the parent prepares a meal
  • It features a tree with 3 spinning bugs, a colorful bobbling parrot on one side and a monkey swinging from a bead bar vine with bananas on the other

Verified reviews


Great chair for on the go

This chair is perfect for on the go trips, especially trips to Grandma’s. Works great, toys are a nice feature. Only one complaint is that the toy insert has stickers on it. The stickers were already starting to peel when I got it and on top of that I have a drooly baby so they just peeled off and made a mess. I love the chair I would just suggest to the makers to forget the stickers. I love the fact it will grow with her and its so easy to fold and go. 🙂

Bridgette Hanford, CA

our little one wouldnt sit in this seat for more than 2 minutes

Our little one didnt like this chair. We had high hopes for it, but the toys were too simple, and the seat too uncomfortable for sitting any duration

Shari Hazard, KY

Not for chunky babies

My baby had really chunky thighs at 3 months he was already almost 20 pounds and couldn’t sit up stright. Now at 6 months he is 22 and it seems uncomfortable for him. hmit keeps him distracted for about 2 minutes but jeit leaves marks on his lbs and stomach.

Meredith Aibonito, PR

Ideal for Grandma’s House, Smaller Homes, and Travelling…

The Rain Forest Healthy Care Booster Seat is an ideal product for Grandma’s house, for those with smaller homes and limited space for baby items, and for travelling. It can be used on most full-sized dining chairs and can be left in place, if necessary, so that storage does not become an problem.This is an excellent item for individuals who need to have a highchair handy for grandchildren or visitors, but who do not want a full-sized highchair taking up valuable living space. Individuals living in apartments or smaller homes, and who have a small to average sized infant may find it useful as a space saver. Those who frequently visit friends and want to have a highchair available for feeding will find this very portable and easy to attach and detach from a regularly sized dining room or kitchen chair.The drawbacks associated with the booster seat are several. Larger children may not be able to use this product for any extended period of time. A 21 pound, 28 inch tall infant has about 1 inch clearance between the tray and himself when the tray is in the most forward position. He is six months old and this is the first time that he has been able to use the chair. The chair is not particularly sturdy, although I do not think it would qualify as being flimsy. The tray snaps onto a protruding button and pulls off; a larger, older toddler might easily be able to disengage the tray. Finally, this is somewhat expensive when evaluated against its useful life. Those who have the room for a larger, regularly designed highchair would be advised to go that route.All in all, the Rainforest Booster seat is a good product and has valuable uses in certain circumstances.

Felecia Nettie, WV

Seems uncomfortable

We bought this seat for our 8 month old son to use at our cottage because we didn’t want to buy a second high chair. We liked the toys and thought they would keep him entertained and give us some time to eat, but it didn’t work. The toys are probably made for older babies since none of them were close enough to be chewed on. He seemed to think they were pretty boring. The tree doesn’t spin very well, and the critters are a bit hard to move. What made us return this seat is its very hard plastic and straight back, which seem very uncomfortable, even if our son is able to sit properly. He would tend to fall a bit on the side when tired, and there are no shoulder straps, so it wasn’t safe enough for his age.We’ll just pay $25 extra and buy another[[ASIN:B005IWM99K Fisher-Price 2012 Space Saver High Chair, Scatterbug], which we are very satisfied with.

Olga Hinton, VA

so convenient

This was such a great item. We bought it for a cruise we went on when she was 6 months. It would entertain her while we ate and so easy to carry around. Easy to clean too. I bought a bag to carry it in and I would suggest that. Made it easy to travel with

Renee Harrison, NE

Great little booster seat!

I bought this for my then 5 month old son before we got him a highchair and it worked really well! We still use it on occasion b/c he loooves the little toy tray that you can attach. We’ve also used it on trips to the inlaws. The straps make it very easy to tie to the chair and it fold us really nicely for travel! My only complaint is that the tray snaps into place a little TOO well. Makes it a tiny bit difficult to get on and off! But overall, this is a very nice product!

Deanne Linn Creek, MO

Awesome and helpful

I Love this high chair not only is it super cute, but super useful as well. We got this when my son was 3 months old and he still uses it at 10 months. I’ve read some reviews that people say that a basic model would do and yes it would but I personally like the toys. My son is now 10 months old and he likes to crawl around and get into everything which is not normally a big issue since I’m able to give him my undivided attention, but when I ‘m cooking dinner he likes to be were I am so what I do is put him in his chair with his toy tray and he stays entertained long enough for me to cook. The good thing about this is that the tray is easily removed so that when they get older you can just strap them in using the lap belt, and scoot the chair closer to the table. The toy tray is detachable, and everything cleans very easy.

Yesenia Mont Vernon, NH

The rainforest collection keeps getting better!

I have purchased so many rainforest items and this was a natural next step out of the highchair as well as for ease of having a feeding seat in the car always. The toys don’t make noise which is really nice for times when other people want some peace and quiet but may not hold your child’s interest for very long. The seat itself is easy to attach and clean and I find it handy and simple. If you want to save yourself the $10 and bring your own toys, theFisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat – Yellow & Orangeis the same exact seat without the toy. I enjoy it and it does what I need it to do. I keep it in my car and am considering purchasing another one to use in the house since the highchair takes up so much space.

Maureen Hillsboro, AL

seat too wide

I don’t know what kind of extra wide baby is out there needing such a wide seat, but our son leans to the side immediately after getting in (and he’s fully capable of sitting up on his own right now). Also, it’s a little hard because there’s so much stuff on the tray for the baby to interact with, there’s not really a good place to put the food for baby to pick up.

Rosella Altmar, NY

Happy I bought this seat!!

My mom’s house needed a chair for my son to sit in while she babysat him. I did not want to get another highchair because my son would rarely use it there and it would be in the way. So I bought a booster seat that we could also use for traveling. I settled for this chair because of the rainforest theme. My son loves slapping the red parrot around.

Michell Peggs, OK

Best investment

We have another model too. The only difference is color and toys. We loved the first one and bought this one to our 2nd baby. It may not look as comfortable as those "high chairs", but it works, and it works for 3 yrs or whenever your kids decide not to sit in like a baby. I mean, be honest, how long would you expect your child to sit in a baby high chair????Babies love this toy tray. No, parents love it the most. We can actually have adult conversation while our baby plays excitedly in this booster seat.The toy tray can be taken off and just use the food tray for finger food. 3 adjustments to the position of the tray. 2 safety belts under the chair to secure it to regular chair. 3-point seat belt for the baby. Easy to take to the restaurant. Awesome. Highly recommend.

Martha Remus, MI

Great on the go mealtime seat and entertainer!

I hate the task of feeding my 10 month old out of her high chair when we are at relatives house sans high chair. It have also notice as of late that my daughter likes to simply sit with mommy and daddy in a chair. I had a hunch that this would solve for both these desires, and I was right! Now I must confess that my daughter sits in chairs similar to this at daycare, so she seemed well accustomed to the concept.This chair is perfect! Just what I had hoped. It’s so easy to use to feed my daughter while vacationing. I prefer to simply sit the chair on the ground and feed her. If it’/ one of those real distracting feeding sessions, I out the entertainer tray on and let her stay busy while I shovel the food in. Other times, I use the normal tray part and let her pick up the finger food. Very very pleased. It’s easy to fold, nothing tricky to put together. I plan on using it at one and on the go.

Deana Deer Creek, IL

Easy to clean, useful, entertaining

My friend recommended this booster seat to me because her baby boy liked the toy tray, and it was easy to clean. The same has been true for my boy. Sometimes he gets tired of the toy tray, and he can’t reach some of the parts to put in his mouth, but he uses it every day. It’s also nice that the booster seat is lightweight and doesn’t have many places for food to get stuck in.

Saundra Rexford, KS

Great booster seat

I bought this to leave at the baby’s grandmother’s house. Works great. The toys did not cost much, though it’s impossible to feed the baby while the toys are attached. The downside of the toys is you don’t get a removable tray or cover, but after my baby eats, the toy is attached and she plays for a while. Very easy to attach to a chair and easy to use overall.

Meagan Louisville, AL

So great for small spaces

We live in a very small apartment, so we started stressing when it was time to get our daughter a high chair. This one is just right for us. Our daughter really likes the toys and they’re set up in such a way that we can feed her without taking the toy tray off. The only downside of that is that there are stickers, so when I was wiping the toys off I saw them start to wrinkle. Also, the chair is a little small. My baby’s 7 months old but a preemie, and the tray is almost at her chunky legs. If she was full-term size, she would probably be uncomfortable. But it is nice and wide.We’re happy with it, and so is the baby, which is the most important part.

Julianne Salley, SC


I purchased this for use when my grandson was about 7 months old. I didnt want to have a full size high chair. It is AWESOME. He LOVES the toys which still keep him happy while I prepare food (he is 12 months now). I use it to take w/us to great-grandparents, aunts, etc. I have absolutely NO complaints about this seat. I would HIGHLY recommend… and I am VERY picky with what he has and uses as he is our FIRST 🙂

Kristina Charlotte, VT

Best Booster seat ever!!

this booster seat has been a lifesaver, I use it with my 2.5 year old who likes to sit at his table with it and with his 7 month old brother as a first high chair. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and is super easy to travel with, the detachable play tray is awesome and my little one loves it. He can be entertained for 15-20 minutes if I need a moment to get dinner ready or anything. The tray is dishwasher safe and the whole seat is very easy to clean without troublesome nooks and crannies to trap caked on baby food. I would tell others to get this booster, over others that are not as nice or entertaining, overall a great value, worth every penny.

Lashonda Woodland, CA

Love it! So handy – should have bought this long time ago!

We had another type of clip-on seat for restaurants and while the other one is nice, this is far superior and works perfectly as long as there’s a chair to clip it to (doesn’t work in booths). I love the toys on the top part, which is super handy for keeping baby entertained/distracted. Having the food tray right in front of her also is much better. Our clip on one didn’t have a tray for her food. Baby is 1 yr and just purchased this less than a month ago – still very handy!! Wish we bought sooner!

Kellie Rockfield, IN

much better than a full sized high chair

I was shopping around for an easy to clean high chair when I found this. It was much cheaper than a full sized chair and is indeed super easy to clean. The whole thing is smooth, easy clean plastic and we wash the tray in the dishwasher if it gets too dirty (or if it sits and gets forgotten with dried on food). We had some nice, sturdy chairs with easy clean plastic seats sitting around unused so now it’s strapped to one of these and works great. After feeding we just wipe everything down with a wet rag. There are no nooks and crannies to hide crumbs and gunk. The only thing that gets dirty is the straps, but since we can spray the whole thing down I’m not worried about it.Baby doesn’t mind using it all and it seems to fit her well- she’s less the 16 pounds and the full sized chairs can just seem ridiculous on such a little baby. When we’re preparing dinner we can sit her in it with the toy tray and she stays busy and lets us cook. We haven’t traveled with it yet, but it’s nice knowing we can and we plan to take it with us on some vacations this summer. I’m super happy I found this before I sprung for some giant, expensive high chair. We love it!

Bethany Camden, MI

Love it!!

Easy to clean, easy to take on the go and strap to any kind of chair! We did a jungle theme so this was perfect and it can be used for either gender so we bought it for our daughter keeping in mind that we could have a boy next. Our baby has used it from 4 months old just to play with the toys till now at 12 months to eat with us at every meal time. It will take a couple more years for her to outgrow it and by then we might have a second baby to use it as well 🙂

Roxanne Firestone, CO

Where Next?

This is great…we just received it and my granddaughter loves it! I love the portability of it as well as the dual function. I like the fact that you can adjust the height of the seat with the chair/table distance between them when it is used as just a booster seat. The seat is secured with a strap not only around the back of the chair but going under it as well. The tray has three positions to fit the distance between it and the child. It’s great that it’s more than just a tray for them to eat from but you can insert the toy right onto the tray and it stays put while the child plays…and you can finish eating. I like the fact that this is portable so I can take it with me so I don’t have to worry about restaurant highchairs fitting or even more importantly, if they are actually CLEAN! It just makes it nice to be able to take this with you anywhere that may not have an ideal kid friendly eating situation. I would recommend this item.

Georgina New Hope, VA

The toy is fun!

My son loves the toys in this seat booster… but for feeding it was not very convenient! I guess it depends on the type of chair that you have at home… I did not feel that my son was very secure in this booster attached on a regular chair. In fact I never used in the chair, I fed him with this seat on the floor, which was not very convenient.

Angelique Washburn, WI

awesome seat but those toys are worthless

Awesome booster seat, easy to clean and stow. I’m a first time parent, in retrospect I would have skipped buying a regular highchair entirely if I had known about this. One thing–the “toys” are silly plastic junk, I threw them away immediately. I agree with the other reviews, if you can find a cheaper version without the worthless plastic toys then get that one.

Frankie Villalba, PR

Excellent solution for small spaces with no room for a separate high chair.

We are incredibly pleased with this! Easy to clean up (except for the play/toy part), straps come off easily for cleaning, love the fact that you can adjust how high it goes, deep enough to be comfortable for our tall child, and fits easily and securely on any chair that we have come across. Such a great deal!

Melisa Clayton, IN

Great Booster

I like that it grows with your child. It’s kind of sad I have such a large baby. He will outgrow the tray soon and he loves those little toys. It will still work great as a seat only so he can reach the table. Very secure.

Ladonna White Lake, WI

Love It!

My baby is year old and she’s been using this seat for 2 mos now. She loves it because of the toys on top. They keep her busy while I quickly shovel food in her mouth. I tried using the tray without the toys, but she would rather have the toys on top. However, I love the idea of a tray underneath the toys and hope she’ll start using it soon. I like the fact that, when folded, it takes up very little space. This makes it a more logical choice for an apartment than a highchair. The only bad thing about this product is that there are stickers on the toy tray and after playing with it for a while, they start to chip off. This is not so great cuz I’m afraid she might get it on her hands and then put them in her mouth. All in all, it makes a great product. However, if I could find a similar product without stickers, I would get that instead.

Meghan Baptistown, NJ

Excellent buy

This is a great product. We use it for travel. Sometimes we use it at home. My son is 15 months old and if we say food and the chair is on the floor, he goes over to the chair and sits down.

Leah Fleischmanns, NY

High Chair is of better use

I use it for travelling with my daughter to restaurants or parks. Helps her sit up and eat. Very light weight, strong plastic. I like it.However, if you have a high chair.. this has less use. I bought it mainly for travel.

Carole Sunnyside, UT

Works great!

I bought this for when we visit the grandparents or friends’ homes. It works great, keeps him entertained for a short while and works as a makeshift high chair. I originally thought I would use this in restaurants as well, but it’s a little bulky to tote around with everything else like diaper bag, etc. even when you fold it up. I’d rather just stick a cover on the restaurant high chair and call it a day.

Kelli Scotland, CT