Fisher-Price Bouncer, Turtle Days

Fisher-Price Bouncer, Turtle Days

Soft, snuggly, and ready to make baby happy as can be! Baby can settle comfortably into the deluxe seat, tugging on the smiling frog for a sweet little tune. Two colorful, rattling turtles catch baby’s attention. When it’s time for soothing, just remove the toy bar, turn on the calming vibrations and let baby rest on the comfy head snuggler. Use from birth until the child is able to sit upright unassisted. Calming vibrations and gentle bouncing motion help comfort and soothe baby. Reaching, batting and grasping hanging activities fosters eye-hand coordination. Listening to music stimulates auditory sense. Removable toy bar offers easy access to baby. Machine washable seat pad. Easy to move around the house.

Main features

  • Turtle themed bouncer with comfortable head huggie
  • Fashionable accents make bouncer sweet and contemporary
  • Keep baby entertained with three character friends
  • Pull on the ring to hear an upbeat tune that baby will love
  • Soothing vibrations keeps mom happy and baby comfortable

Verified reviews


Cute but lame

The vibrating works well and the chair is really cute but having to pull the handle to get the 15 second music to go on is pretty pathetic. How many baby that are old enough to pull a music handle will be sitting in a vibrating chair? None. That motion is pleasant for little babies… and they can’t pull a handle to hear a little tune for a 15 seconds. It was durable and cute but not worth the money. Spend a little extra and get a fancy chair that you know you will use for all your babies. I will be selling this one and buying a better one!

Suzanne Mount Cory, OH

nice bouncer

Good bouncer. Tested quite a few, and this one was the most responsive in terms of “bounciness”. Others were very stiff. This one moves very easily when the baby moves. It supports the baby’s back. It’s quite colourful and was inexpensive. My daughter loves it and stays quite happily entertained in it.The buckle part has a flap underneath it so that you can’t accidentally pinch the baby’s leg when buckling your LO in.It lost a star because it only plays one short tune when you pull the handle on the frog. It would’ve been better if there were various songs, each with a longer duration.

Mae Early, TX

Does the Job

I bought this bouncer for my parents, so that My husband and I wouldn’t have to lug our bouncer back and forth to their house every time we went to visit. It’s a nice bouncer, the vibrate feature is great for soothing our little one, but I’m disappointed with the construction and the toy bar. Instead of being a solid frame that the washable cover could be easily removed from, you have to disassemble the entire bouncer to get the cover off if it gets dirty. The toys on the toy bar are very cheap looking in person, and very HARD plastic. They hang down so close to the infant, my little one kept hitting her head on the toys. The ‘musical frog’ is nothing special. It only seems to play 1 monotone unrecognizable jingle, that does not entertain my daughter at all. But it holds her in place, lets her sit up and wiggle around in a safe seated position, which she loves. We just take the toy bar off, and let her sit around with the adults. I’m glad this is just our spare bouncer for visits. If you are considering this for a full time bouncer, spend the extra $10 and get a GOOD one. We love our other fisher price bouncer that we use full time.

Candace Taiban, NM

Easy to Clean/ Very engaging

I chose this bouncer for the price and the fact that the cover is removable and washable. My son had a diaper leak while in this chair. I removed the cover and washed it on the sanitize mode of my washer. The cover came out clean and the process was pretty painless. The vibrate mode is nice and the play bar is easily removable if necessary. The toys are in the perfect position for baby to reach them. It is easy to bounce the chair. The color scheme is nice because it is subtle.

Kristin Falmouth, KY


Go to target, walmart or babies r us. Its only $30! I bought mine last month. This is way too expensive.

Delores Woodlake, TX

Perfect for the money but easy to trip

Okay, I admit that when I read some other reviews about tripping over the wide legs I thought it was so ridiculous… HOWEVER, after buying this bouncer (and loving it) I realized how right those other reviewers were about the base! The two legs stick out slightly farther than the seat and I think the reason we trip over it is because it only sticks out SLIGHTLY farther thus we don’t give it much attention. My 3 year old trips weekly(1 trip caused a split lip and a visit to the ER) and I have tripped at least twice a week. We tied bright ribbon to the base and that seems to alert my son to step around it.My apologies for the rolled eyes at other reviewers who tripped and fell… I’m now officially in your ranks.Other than that, this is a great bouncer. My daughter has used it since she was a 7 pound newborn and is now closer to 20 pounds. Not great head support but a rolled up towel or the carseat head support cushion works great. It’s tipped far enough back that I don’t worry about her flopping forward and the angle of the seat keeps her feet slightly tucked upwards which is a position she likes. Some babies who like to be more stretched out may not enjoy this.Overall, don’t worry about spending less because you get a LOT for a little money with this one.

Addie Monterey, CA

Nice colors, keeps baby secure

We bought this bouncer primarily for the price, but also the good reviews. In most respects, it hasn’t disappointed. The colors are vibrant and fun, and the batteries for the vibrating mechanism lasted a surprisingly long time. Note that it doesn’t bounce on its own – just gently vibrates. You or baby will have to add the energy to make it bounce.What’s a bit odd is the distance between the toys and the chair – it’s just too far for a baby to reach unless they can lean forward and sit up. But if a baby can lean forward and sit up, they’re no longer supposed to use the bouncer! So our daughter has reached wistfully for the frog for months now; at almost 4 months old she’s close to succeeding, but she’s also doing stomach crunches in her chair, so it won’t be long before we have to retire this product for something else.All in all, it’s kept her secure and occupied and that’s all we could ask for.

Candy Talcott, WV

Cute, Practical, and Affordable

I used a bouncer made by a different brand with my first child, but it was damaged in storage. I found this one and the price was very affordable and I loved the mocha butterfly pattern. Now, I have been using it for almost a month, since I brought my daughter home from the hospital and we both love it. It is very lightweight and easy to carry from room to room. If my daughter is fussy, I can usually calm her down by putting her in the bouncer, bouncing it, and singing to her. The battery life seems to be long as I have left the vibration feature on overnight a few times and its still going strong. I do wish the vibration feature had an automatic turn off feature, but for the price, I can’t complain.

Marie Springfield, ME

Great for baby!

Keeps baby occupied from young age and toys are engaging enough for baby to keep happy when I need to get other things done. Vibrations don’t exactly soothe her, but she loves the toys and the comfy chair. A must have for all new parents!

Brooke Leroy, TX

poor customer service

This usually is a great product im sure, but mine didn’t work so well! I had it for 3 months and it started tilting to one side more and more? My husband and I tried fixing it but it turns out that the product was just made poorly and the bars were busted on one side and not fixable!

Rita Le Roy, WV

Affordable and functional

This bouncy seat has few frills, but it gets the job done. We’ve used this chair daily since day one. The vibration is soothing (at four months we’ve only changed the batteries once) and it bounces easily. She can now even bounce herself when she kicks her legs. I feel like the toy bar is the perfect height (despite another review). When she was old enough to actually grab at things she could reach the toys. It does sit at more of an angle than other brands, but it was never a problem for my newborn. I feel that we will get longer use of it because she isn’t completely reclined in it.

Miriam Glenwood, IN

Good product…too bad my baby is still fussy.

This is a nice bouncer, pretty to look at and easy to assemble. However my 1 month old is not much of a fan as she’s a very fussy baby. She likes the music but she can’t pull on the toy that plays it, which leaves me to keep pulling on it. This defeats the purpose of putting her in the bouncer in the first place since I always end up leaving what I’m doing to go pull on the toy. I also find myself bouncing the chair too to calm her so the vibration might not be strong enough for her. Also, the vibration runs very quietly so I’ve left it on overnight a couple times not realizing. Yes as others have said, I keep tripping over it and stubbing my toe. Happens less now though since I’ve put its side parallel along a wall. Now only one leg sticks out as opposed to two.

Loraine Ellenton, FL

Look for round leg construction when buying a bouncer

A bouncer is very useful, especially one like this that has a round leg construction, which will help the baby to bounce, not just sit there. Another benefit of this particular bouncer is that the seat is deep, hence it’s difficult for the baby to lean forward. At first, I just used the bouncer to put the baby down in an upright position when tired of carrying him around and when he needed to burp. In no time he but figured out himself what fun he can have in it. I have not used the vibrating function much, when I do, the baby just looks surprised and a bit uncomfortable. Instead he loves to wiggle and throw his legs up and down. You’ll be surprised how much this bouncer actually bounces as a result! When tired of bouncing, he just sits and grabs the toys, when pulling the frog it plays some music. My baby boy is 5.5 months old and now he can really bounce strong — he loves it!!, he sits independently otherwise and it has not been a problem, in this bouncer he just leans back and lets the fun begin. UPDATE: there’s an added surprising interest for the baby — the button to turn on vibration. My son had been staring at it for the longest time until I put him to sit in front of the bouncer. It took him some time, but he figured out how to slide the button to the right to turn on vibration. So now he sits in front of the bouncer and giggles while the bouncer vibrates! He still doesn’t know how to slide the button to the left, but is working on it. Go figure what babies enjoy!

Pam Unionville, PA

Great for twins!!!!

I love this seat! I bought two for my twins. I have owned several bouncy seats in the past and they were all too ‘upright’ . when my babies couldn’t hold their heads up they slouched over in those seats. These are just the right angle.Also, they stack for easy storage. And the pattern is absolutely adorable. Not too loud. Almost too muted, my babies are not interested in the hang bar with the toys. I don’t think they are colorful enough for them. So we took the hang bar off. The legs do stick out further than the actual seat which WILL make you trip, stub your toe, bang your foot on it at some point. Resign yourself to that and buy this seat anyway. Before they stop making it!

Natalia Metuchen, NJ

Love this item

I bought this for my 3 month old. Prior to this bouncer, I really didn’t have anything besides a car seat and bassinet to put her in. She was not happy when I would sit her in the car seat for a few minutes so I could do things like laundry and empty the dishwasher. Fortunately, this bouncer made life a whole lot easier. She will sit in it and give me just enough time do get a few chores done. I’m not sure if the calming vibrations makes any difference to her, she doesnt act any differently regardless if it is on or off. She loves to stare at the toy bar, she particularly likes the monkey toy. Also, the bouncer is very easy to put together. Overall a great product that filled a need, plus it is not too big- I have a small house and a swing would take up a lot of space.

Julia Charleston, AR

Great Bouncy Seat

When my twins were 6 weeks old both babies decided they hated their swings and suddenly there was competition for the one other infant seat we had. I ordered this one (thank goodness for Amazon Mom two day delivery!) Overall we loved it.Pros: The vibration stays on until you turn it off. (My son would wake up when our other seat shut off after 15min so I constantly had to remember to turn it off and on quickly to reset it before he woke up–not an easy task when one is also feeding/caring for another baby)The battery lasts a long time. I used to forget to turn it off so it ran nearly 24/7 and it still took almost two weeks to require a battery change.The toys are fun and engaging. It was a while before either one actively played with them, but from day one they just stared at the toy bar on this seat whereas they never seemed to figure out that either their swings or the other infant seat actually had toy bars. Also these toys moved very easily–I used to bounce the bar with my foot to keep one distracted while I fed their sibling.Cons: The battery compartment is difficult to reach. You have to remove the toy bar and the lower part of the chair cover to get to the batteries.What it calls a “head support” is a cute decoration but doesn’t do anything. We used a car seat head support when they were tiny (it just sat in the seat unstrapped but was enough to support them in a bouncer).

Lavonne Franklin, MN

Portable Seat for Baby

This bouncer was a life-saver during the first months of my baby’s life. We loved our swings, and bouncers, but needed something portable to take from room to room and on trips. The lightweight, compact nature of this bouncer made it so it traveled from room to room easily and to grandma’s house on more than one occasion. I also used it outside the shower on a regular basis so I could keep an eye on baby. A purchase well made!

Kaye Loving, NM

Super cute bouncer

Got this today and it was easy enough to put together and pop the cover on.I love that I can take the cover off and on easily for washing.I was actually surprised when I put it together and the butterfly plays a little song when you tug on the cord. I do not remember seeing that in the description anywhere.It seems sturdy enough for a small baby, do not know if maybe ours is just a bit off, but it seems a little bit wiggly. I expected the frame to be sturdier than it is. I do not think I would want to put an overly wiggly baby in it, but it might be fine.We followed the directions and cannot get the screws any tighter, so it seems to just be how it is.Overall I love it though! Will be perfect for our newborn. 🙂 And its fairly cheap, much better for the price than anything I found local.

Carolina Enderlin, ND

Great Chair!

My daughter loves this chair, she cries when the vibrations aren’t turned on. Definetly worth getting for anyone with a new baby girl and it looks cute too. Easy to put together. Even used it at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, took it apart, and put it back together at home.

Minerva Round Rock, AZ

Baby loves this bouncer

I bought this bouncer because it was well priced and it turned out to really be perfect for my baby. She loves how bouncy it is and is entertained by the toys. If I could change one thing, it would be to turn down the volume on the song the frog plays.

Sharlene Nunn, CO

The one thing I wouldn’t get rid of for a million bucks!

I got this bouncer as a shower gift. My little one is now 5 months old and this is “the item” for us, the one that I couldn’t survive without. We have been using it since she came home from the hospital, and she still loves it. My sweet baby has reflux, and she can not sleep flat. So she sleeps in this chair (which we set in her crib for sleeping). The vibrations calmed her when she was a gassy newborn, and now that she is bigger she loves the toy bar. She kicks and kicks and bounces and is very entertained.I do agree with another reviewer who said how gigantic the footprint of this is. However, it has to be that way for stability when my 15lb baby is wiggling, giggling and kicking in it and it’s bouncing. I will admit to almost loosing a toe to this thing several times.We have washed the seat cover about 5 or 6 times, due to poop/pee leakage, and it’s holding up really well (hang to dry). We go through about a battery a month, but like I said my daughter is in this thing about 12 hours per day, sleeping and awake.We also hang some of her Lamaze toys on the bar to change it up sometimes. You can’t take off the ones on it, but we add for variety.

Pamala Glenmont, OH

nice bouncer

Simple, cute. Wish there was a bit more hanging from it. But overall happy with productThe only bad is that we keep stubbing our toes on it. It’s designed with a weird angle that always makes you hit it no matter what

Aida Fryeburg, ME

Great chair for baby

We purchased this to match the same print high hair we have. Baby loves it, but I only gave it 4/5 because the song that the center toy plays is the most annoying sound I have ever heard in my life. Seriously. My husband is considering cutting it off.

Gertrude Hillsboro, KY

Lifesaver in the beginning

This chair was a straight-up lifesaver for the first 3-4 months of our baby’s life. We practically used it in to the ground (literally, her butt was touching the floor by the time we finally decided to retire it, and even then we spent a few weeks propping it up with pillows). It’s a sturdy chair, but the the time our baby was about 13 lbs I didn’t feel she really "fit" it anymore. However, quality-wise, it’s still in great shape and will be in the garage awaiting potential future babies.We used it for anytime we needed a hands-free moment, we used it for naps, we used it for sleeping (we were told eventually by our doctor that flat, back sleeping is best but come on…all new parents will do WHATEVER WORKS in those first few sleepless months). The vibration was also awesome, soothed our baby and she was always calm in the chair. You can bounce the back and once the baby gets older they can do it themselves. The bouncing helped immensely for getting her to sleep. You can even bounce it with one foot while you type and work on the computer.We didn’t use the bar with the toys that much but it was easy to snap in and seemed entertaining enough.We used the safety strap after she was 2 months or so and could actually move around a bit. It felt secure and I was confident she wasn’t going to fall.We literally used this chair CONSTANTLY and even bought a second one for grandma & grandpa’s house. Would say it is a necessity for a new baby.

Terra Lake Panasoffkee, FL

Comforting Vibrations are pretty cool after all

Wasn’t sure I would ever use the comforting vibration function, but I do all the time and my son loves it! Surprisingly, it helps to work out the bubbles… very handy!

Nettie Cleveland, WV

Awesome bouncer!

My baby LOVED this bouncer all the way til the day she got too big for it. The fabric is very soft and easy to wash. The bouncer itself was comfortable for her to sit in and a great position for newborn up until she could sit on her own. The middle butterfly plays a little tune when you pull down on the ring. It took my baby a while to be able to reach the toys because they were pretty far from her little arms, but she quickly adapted and learned to kick the rings when she was about 2 months old to make them move. Before that, she loved to just watch the butterflies dance as she moved in the chair. As she got older she got really good at kicking and bouncing the chair on her own and grabbing/hitting the butterflies. My baby did not personally care for the vibration feature. Overall, I am so happy with this purchase. It was one of the few things my baby absolutely adored and was so sad when we had to pack it up in storage.

Loraine Redway, CA

Great for the price

There are no bells and whistles with this product, it does what it says it will do. I have a more bulky Combi bouncer that is more ‘plush’ but it is also not as portable as this one is. I like that this one is very portable. You can carry it by the toy bar *not with the baby in it*** so it makes it easy to transfer room to room especially when you’re holding the baby in one hand. My other bouncer is too large and awkward to transport with one hand. We find ourselves using this bouncer more often then the more expensive Combi. Go figure:)

Darla Smyer, TX

Good seat for a small house.

We bought this seat as a location for baby to be in our kitchen when she wasn’t in a wrap. We were looking for a bouncy seat that was small since we have a small kitchen. This fits the bill. The cover comes off easy to wash and the coloring is nice for a boy or a girl. Our only complaint is the corny, awful music on the frog pull-toy. I am a musician and it drives me crazy. Will be removing the battery. This electronic sounding “beeping” music has got to go…

Kristen Hermansville, MI

Love Fisher Price

Fisher Price is a brand that I trust. So when I was looking for a bouncy chair and found this I knew I could buy with confidence. My daughter loves sitting in this and the vibrate feature helps get her to sleep. She is enthralled with the butterflies and likes the bounce in the chair too.As a parent I am totally 100% happy in the knowledge that this is a bouncer my daughter is safe and happy in.

John Huletts Landing, NY

must-have for every baby & mom

We bought this one for my daughter because the one we used for her brother was too shabby (it was a hand-me-down). I knew from my experience with my son two years ago that this simply vibrating chair is a must-have for a new baby: it’ll soothe the fussiest baby and grants you peace to have dinner, a shower or another 20 minutes of quiet time.

Colleen Sulphur Springs, TX