Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics 2-in-1 Activity Friends Mobile

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics 2-in-1 Activity Friends Mobile

This Brilliant Basics 2-in-1 Mobile features two modes of use: as a crib-attaching mobile and then as a crib-attaching activity center for baby. In the MOBILE MODE, three fun animal characters – hippo, lion and turtle – that are plastic with softgoods accents spin on fun swirling mobile arms. In the ACTIVITY CENTER MODE, the mobile arm is removed and the three animal characters are attached to the bottom of the base for baby to play with. The base features a friendly smiling zebra, clacking beads, a spinner dial and a roller that baby can bat at to activate music and motion. There are also Mom-activated music controls where she can decide: 1.) to activate music alone. 2.) to activate music and motion 3.) to select the music type – either “soothing” or “active.” The “active” music is short-play and features 3 fun short ditties that play with baby activation. The “soothing” music is long-play and more traditional, classical-style lullabye music that will play for up to 12 minutes.

Main features

  • Can be used as a crib mobile or activity center
  • Three fun activities, three animal friends and up to 15 minutes of music
  • Choose from soothing or playful music styles
  • Easy removable arms for switching from mobile to activity center
  • Sturdy strap keeps mobile firmly attached to crib

Verified reviews


Five Stars

I love all options available to you with this product to use it at different ages of the baby.

Paige Marion, VA

Baby loves it but wished music was longer

This would have gotten 5 stars if only the lively play music lasted long enough to really entertain her. This is my second mobile for my 3 month old. The former beingTiny Love Tiny Princess Mobilewhich was unfortunately more expensive but my baby hated it. She would look at the spinning items and scream her head off. They are not scary looking, well at least not to me but she hated them. This one she tolerates and would even smile and giggle when they spin, I’m assuming it’s the bright and lively colors she’s fascinated with. She does get frustrated though once the song stops playing and I’m nowhere in sight to start the music all over again for her. She’s too young o activate it by herself so I’m once again on the hunt for a mobile that plays a little longer and will keep her entertained.I’d say unless you plan on only using this at nap time or if your baby is older and can activate the music themself then this is a great mobile for you. If not then you’d probably be frustrated as I am.

Martha Atlanta, KS

Fits any size crib

We got this mobile because most others wouldn’t fit our crib (it has a wide top rail). It will securely fit any size crib. Our 2.5 month old likes the soothing music and watching the simple motion. We’ve been using it successfully to calm him down and help him fall asleep on his own for naps and bedtime. The “lively” music only runs for about a minute but this is because it is supposed to be baby activated (by spinning the red wheel). I think our little one will enjoy that feature as he gets older. The 15 minute run time of the soothing music has been sufficient for our use.

Sophie Delevan, NY


This has worked perfect for my daughter’s crib. I like that it has the mobile and then the activity thing to,play with too.

Henrietta Ketchikan, AK

For the Price, it is Good

I wish the music was a little longer. It only stays on a few minutes at best. It is worth the price, wish I would have paid a little more and got a mobile that did a little more. My baby loves looking at mobiles.

Frieda Noble, IL


Este movil es practico para el bebe, tiene varias melodias, es muy seguro y mi bebe lo ha disfrutado mucho, mi mejor compra hasta el momento.

Bonnie Jackson, AL

love it!

our son loves this mobile! the music is pleasant and the volume/spin options are great. love that he can now sit up and spin the dial to make the music come on by himself. he sits up in the morning and plays with it, so awesome!

Carmela Centralia, MO

Only 15 min of spin time

This mobile only spins for 15 min so, it’s not very good for transitioning my 3month old from her bouncer to the crib. We had to have her sleeping upright because of severe reflux so, she had to sleep in her bouncer or swing and now that it’s under control, I’m trying to transition her. These should have more than 15min spin time because I have to go in there every 15min and reset it! I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if you have baby sleeping in the crib from the get-go but, a lot of people have to transition so, I wouldn’t recommend this for transitioning to the crib if your baby is not comfortable in her crib.

Rhoda Brooten, MN

Great product for a great price

Daughter loved the mobile. Now she loves the music. She turns it on herself in the morning and plays with the little activity stuff.

Rachel Warren, PA

Love it but…..

It was a little on the difficult side to put together. The spokes and mobile cap don’t go on so easy and because I was worried I might break it if I used too much force that made it take longer to assemble. I ended up having to use a hard object to force somethings down into place. Once that was done it was fine. It’s a very pretty and colorful and works for boys and girls!

Jasmine Freeville, NY