Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Diamond Ring Rattle

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Diamond Ring Rattle

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Diamond Ring Rattle

Main features

  • Adorable toy “diamond” ring for that princess of a baby girl
  • Large, chunky and easy to grab
  • Inside are colorful gems that rattle and bounce around the diamond
  • Nice teethable surface for baby’s gums
  • Perfect for go-anywhere fun

Verified reviews



This rattle is so cute and different. Hadto get it for my daughter’s baby shower.Item was received on time.

Eddie Waco, NC

My daughter loves it!

Good buy, I originally just added it on to my order to get free shipping but it was a big hit with my daughter so I’m glad I bought it! Good for teething and its small enough to fit in the diaper bag.

Gladys Lucile, ID

Very bad quality!

This ring rattle is very good looking but I’m afraid it is of very bad quality. Hard to believe it is from a famous brand. Water went inside the diamond cell as I washed it following the instructions and it refused to go out. Makes you feel bad when you see the inside is constantly wet. Can’t help think the bacterias are growing all the time. 2 months after the use, the silver backgroud of the diamond cell started to peel off, so its good look no longer exists now. Not to say the rattle is really heavy, it really hurts when my baby hit herself or us with it.

Rae Tucker, AR

sooooo cute

my daughter used to love slobbering all over this. it was also great when she started teething. plus its ridiculously cute!

Luella Dahlonega, GA

Too Cute!

Its a little big and very hard, so not good for playing without supervision, but my girlie girl can hold it and shake a little bit. I think when she is a little bigger she will like playing with it more. I love this rattle though. It is just too adorable.

Doreen North Middletown, KY

Fisher-Price Diamond Ring Rattle

It’s clear diamonds are a girls best friend! Baby girl enjoys holding and putting the rattle in her mouth to test the quality and clarity of the diamond.

Elena Marshall, MI

Fun to play but takes time to grow into!

We bought this when our daughter was born, and started giving it to her around 2 1/2 to 3 months to begin learning about rattles. At first she used it to figure out how to make sound, and then she grew to love it. At seven months we never take it out of her playpen. It is a bit clunky, and she did pop herself on the cheek a few times but never hard enough to injure herself. She never cried or anything. I put a picture of her using it on the main page, course she isn’t smiling but she loves it LOL!

Josefa Birchdale, MN

so so cute

I really like this rattle. It is a little big for my 3 month old but she can grasp it in her hand. It is well made. I recommend it as an alternative to the traditional dumbbell looking rattle.

Verna Palestine, OH

Such a darling rattle and teether!

My infant daughter loves it. She is just now starting to chew/teeth on it at 6 months old. I got it for her shortly after she was born.

Marisa Cullman, AL