Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Fun to Fix Gift Set

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Fun to Fix Gift Set

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Fun to Fix Gift Set

Main features

  • Boy’s gift set includes charming baby boy toys
  • Hammer has a toller ball and is a rattle
  • Saw has a teether handle and a rattle
  • Wrench is adjustable and teethable
  • Adorable gift set perfect for any baby occasion

Verified reviews


cute and colorful

Very Cute and my son loves to play with them.. Colors are great too and very sturdy made . would buy again.

Elda Gilroy, CA

love the whole set!

I saw the saw and the hammer to this set sold individually at Target. I absolutely loved them and wanted to buy them for my little boy before he was even born. I was buying other things for him on amazon when I saw that the two toys I wanted were actually to a 3 piece set and then I just had to buy the set! I am glad I didn’t buy at Target because they don’t sell the wrenches there for whatever reason and I would have been bummed to find out about them later. My son is almost 4 months now and he can hold the hammer and saw, but the wrench is a little large for him but in no time he’ll be able to play with that too 🙂

Lucile Innis, LA


Great for babies! They make for a great gift and are super cute. They’re fun rattles. I love the little ribbon to add a linky to it to attach to the stroller

Aileen Salem, IL

Cute! Very Boyish but…

My six month old loved these but beware the wrenches that come hooked together can be a little dangerous if your little one gets excited and swings them about… They’re very hard and can hurt if someone gets hit…

Shirley Saltese, MT

just fine

Looks like a toy. We thought it was much bigger than it actually is. The rubber is not the softest and the ratteler inside could get annoying. Not as bendy as we thought. For the price it was not worth it…but at least i can give it to the dog…cheaper than buying a dog toy.

Geri Princeton, MN