Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Little Glamour Gift Set

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Little Glamour Gift Set

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Little Glamour Gift Set

Main features

  • Girl’s gift set includes charming baby girl toys
  • Diamond ring is a rattle and a teether
  • Bracelet is teethable and features charms
  • Purse has coins that rattle and a mirror
  • Adorable gift set perfect for any baby occasion

Verified reviews


Wonderful product, price gouged by Amazon.

I found this together set at Wal-Mart for $8. I’d be willing to pay a LITTLE extra to avoid that store, but SIX dollars? Come on Amazon.

Karyn Hallowell, ME

Very cute, but….

Very cute set, but my 6 month old twins aren’t ready for them yet. They are a bit heavy, and of course hard and plastic, so every time they tried to play with them, they would drop it and hurt themselves 🙁 I will introduce these again to them when they are a bit older and stronger.

Helene Long Barn, CA

Baby Loves these

I bought these back when my daughter was 4 months approx. She is nearly 10 months now and still teethes on the teething parts. She also loves the mirror and the rattly parts she can see and it’s really cute when she puts them on her arm/wrist. They are perfect also for the diaper bag/traveling since they are a good size and don’t make annoying noises that might disturb others in the doctors office or where-ever you need to go. Also, since they are gel like and plastic they are simple to wipe clean and disinfect.

Edna Yoder, WY

Great toys for the baby!

I saw these and thought, what’s so special? Then I looked at the pic and noticed that they were larger than initially thought. I received these and they are the cutest toys for a baby girl! The concept is totally awesome with diamond ring, bracelet and purse, but the best part is each toy serves a function. They are the perfect size for babies, not too small and not overly large. My daughter is loving on the teether bracelet right now. Quality toys at a good price. Good to go!

Virginia Germanton, NC

Lovely set

Adorable baby teether/toy set. It was too heavy for my baby to use when she was under 6 months old. Now that she is 9 months old she enjoys playing with it instead of just looking at it when we rattle it for her.

Barbara Vonore, TN

Well made

These are sturdy toys that I’m sure any little girl would enjoy. Our 7 month old never took much liking to them, but they’re certainly well made and I have no complaints on the quality.I think her small size (10th percentile and still wearing 3 month clothes) has kept her from being interested in these larger "baby toys".:)

Janelle Dublin, NH

So cute!

I purchased this for my 5 months old granddaughter for Christmas….she loved it! I always buy Fisher Price because of the high quality of their toys…and this one is no exception! Great value for the price!

Alisha Forbes Road, PA

Super cute teething toys for little girls!

My daughter is 7 months old and really loves playing with this set and does so daily. She loves to play with her “diamond” and loves the cute rattle sound it makes when she bangs it about. She also likes her teething “bracelet”, it’s not to soft or too firm and is perfect for babies to chew on it, but my daughter still pefers her Sophie the Giraffe. The purse is a sturdy hard plastic that has little “coins” that rattle. The attached heart has a really good quality mirror, which was a nice surprise for the price. She can clearly see herself without the weird distortion that the other cheaper child safe mirrors have.While some parents have complained that the set was bigger than expected, I nor my daughter didn’t mind too much. While the softer teether was too big for her to really use at 4months, she was quite happy playing with other toys until she got big enough to use the teether. I think this is a great set to purchase for baby girls. It’s cute, girly, and babies will really enjoy playing with it. I think it’s a good and affordable set!

Alexandra Artemus, KY

Pretty for your proncess

These pink and purple toys are great for any little princess, soft to teeth on and fun rattle for distraction.

Paige Bartelso, IL