Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub

Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub

Baby can relax in a soothing, spa-like setting! Three “grow-with-me” stages, each with optional calming vibrations, help soothe baby. Secure fabric sling with padded headrest comforts and supports infants in just the right amount of water, giving little ones a sense of security. As baby grows, the tub “grows,” too! Just remove the newborn sling and add the “baby stopper” insert. It puts baby at a gentle recline, preventing slipping and sliding, and making bath time less stressful. When baby is ready to sit up & play, the baby stopper insert removes to reveal a tub that’s just the right size. Plug makes it easy to drain & dry; hook makes it easy to hang on a shower rod or door for easy, space-saving storage.

Main features

  • Soothe baby with calming vibrations during bath time
  • Comfy sling lets baby rest safely in water
  • Adjustable and removable sling lets this tub grow with baby
  • Fits single and double sinks and has a drain plug for easy emptying
  • Convenient hook for drying and storage

Verified reviews


I Can’t Wait

Looking forward to using it when my nephew’s second child arrives next Spring. Fisher-Price is a brand name that I’m familiar with and have purchased and utilized for the past 30 years.

Melva Quaker Hill, CT

Your Baby’s Jacuzzi!

Unfortunately, they didn’t have these when I was a baby. This is a wonderful baby tub with a small amount of vibration just to make it interesting. They baby fits perfectly, it is easy to empty and clean, and it also has the neat vibration feature.Fisher-Price has good quality materials with this and many of their other products. They are not made to last forever, but certainly can be passed on to others in your family when your baby grows too large for it.Just what every baby wants – their own Jacuzzi!

Liliana Clark, PA

Best baby bathtub

We’ve been using this bathtub since baby’s first bath. The newborn sling was helpful for the first few weeks. I always felt like baby was comfortable and snug. Once he outgrew the sling (around 6 or 7 weeks) we have been using the tub with the infant bar. It mostly stops him from sliding down into the water, but he does get slippery and sometimes needs to be re-positioned . The tub has a drain at the bottom, but I usually just dump it out into the bathtub and then hang it from the shower curtain rod to dry. We haven’t used the vibrating function since baby likes the bath without it.

Avis Mount Aukum, CA

excited and happy

It will be great to see it when it will be put to good use when the twins arrive in January

Lashonda Feura Bush, NY

Good Bath tub

I rated Fisher Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub 4 stars because it is a good bath tub. The tub is a great size that can be used with a newborn all the way to a toddler.The sling was simply to remove and use. I haven’t used the vibrating part yet since the bath is rather short in duration but so far, this is simple to fill, empty and clean.Overall, a good bath tub but I would prefer more options of different shades and patterns.

Mariana Campbell Hall, NY


My newborn hated baths and hates being cold. This bath tub really soothed him to where he didn’t fuss at all he actually enjoyed the bath! It looks so comfy for him too he loved it. I wish they made these in adult sizes haha.

Lindsey Oyens, IA

Great bath tub!

Really great system that nails all the basics. The vibration function is a nice touch and can certainly help sooth the fussiest of babies.Pros:- Expand-ability from Infant to over 6 months- Easy to drain and hang up/store after use- Removable padded head rest (Simply attaches to the hanger)- Easy to follow instructions.Cons:- Does not fit correctly on my sink so I use it directly on the counter or in the bathtub- No Temperature Guide like the one found on theFisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bath Center.Note: A Philips screwdriver and one C battery is required to use the Vibration function.

Lorrie Ladiesburg, MD

Love it

I love the size, the new born, the fabric sling is perfect for new parents that are afraid of giving their little baby a bath totally recommend it !

Lorna Danby, VT

Great tub!!

This tub is GREAT! My LO loves taking baths in it – the vibrations are relaxing and the canopy is comfortable. Highly recommend!

Jeanette Danbury, NC

It’s a great product and our baby girl loved it at first …

It’s a great product and our baby girl loved it at first but is now going through An ‘I hate water’ faze so we are trying other things for now. But I live the sling and the piece that goes underneath to help her stay sitting up,

Kathryn Muncy Valley, PA


I was suprised at how large this was. But it works great. Love the fact that you can hang it up when it is not in use. It drys quicker!

Rena Amherst, NH

Calms Mommy most of all

Has helped me as a first-time mom relax and enjoy bathing him since it gradually and safely transitions him into bathing. Was sad when he outgrew the sling which felt so secure, but the hump insert in the tub really positions him safely, too. I am an eccentric anti-battery person, so have never used that feature, but am still a huge fan of this tub. He can now splash an amazing amount of water out of the tub even with the hump insert in place, so I will have to keep his tub inside our bathtub from now on.

Lottie Penokee, KS

Baby loves it! Bath time is his favorite time of the day.

We love this tub. We’ve been using it for six months (our son is a little over six months old now). Our first experience with the tub was doing a sponge bath in the sling. Our son was not a fan of that. After awhile we added water to the tub while he was still in the sling. This was much more pleasing for him. Once he grew out of the sling, bath time might be his happiest time of the day. He loves the vibrartion. He will splash in the tub for long stretches of time. Sometimes we just let him splash, spend less time bathing and more time letting him have fun. We will be a little sad when he’s able to situp in the full size tub and have to retire this one. Have never had any problems with this. Love that you can hang it to dry. Is easy to fill and empty. The headrest is pretty flimsy, but baby never complains. Highly recommended!!

Charlene Timber Lake, SD


Finally a comfy tubby that can even be sat up when baby can. So it does "grow" with your child.

Maricela Maple, TX

My two month old grandson really likes this bath

He seems to really relax while in the tub. He is calm while drying and dressing him after a soak. He usually goes to sleep after bath time. Would make a great shower gift.

Robert Otsego, MI

Pretty neat!

My daughter loves bath time! This tub is light weight and hangs from the towel rack. I’m not sure about the vibration feature….doesn’t push water for ripples just vibrates the tub. The design and ease of cleaning and transport make it a great buy!

Gayle Jasper, NY

Happy Baby

We purchased this tub after months of researching online and visiting baby stores. As much as I would like to say that I am pleased with the product, the best critic is our baby. She took her first birth in it with all smiles and you can see how relaxed she was the entire time. No fussing or wailing…..Only a content baby enjoying the warm water and soothing vibrations. It was a positive experience for both of us which was exactly what I hoped for.Cleaning and storing is easy since it can be hung up to dry and the mesh fabric can be washed and dried as well. The vibrations it makes are very subtle that baby isn’t startled when on. Thumbs up!

Sue Buies Creek, NC

jealous of my kid!! 😀

best baby bathtub ive ever used!! super good price… easy to move around… the middle piece is super easy to clean and switch around!… no complaints about this product at all 😀 the vibrations are GREAT!! wish I had an adult tub like this!!

Lacey Monroe, NH