Fisher-Price Corner Bath Cubby

Fisher-Price Corner Bath Cubby


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It won’t stick!

We got this before we remodeled our bathroom and it wouldn’t stick to the tile. We figured it was just because the tile was old. So we put it away until after the remodel. Well nearly 100% of tub units we saw had U shaped corners as opposed to the V shape you need for this to work. SO we got a new bathroom and the thing still doesn’t work. But based on the other reviews I see we aren’t the only ones with this problem.We ended up with a $5 buck toy net that sticks to the wall perfectly!

Rhoda Sturgis, MS

One side won’t stick to my walls

Decent size cubby to hold toys in the bath, but one side doesn’t seem to want to stick to the walls.

Leah Bayside, TX

A Must Have Product!

This one of the most useful baby products out there. It keeps all those bath toys together. Made of sturdy plastic and mesh, with strong suction cups. It is large enough to hold all of my son’s various bath toys and foam letters. It is open so that my son can get out whatever toys he wants to play with. The cubby has a mesh front, as well as a mesh bottom so that all toys dry completely without mildewing. I have had no problems getting the suction cups on it to stick to our tile tub either. It has stayed since the first day I put it there. This is just great! It has a cute little fish theme. We have the matching ocean wonders bathroom space saver as well. Highly recommended!!

Lucy Harrah, WA

Better than the others…

We are quite pleased with this bathtub toy cubby. It holds a lot of toys and the top is wide open for easy access. It stays attached much better than our previous one. It has only fallen a few times. It’s not perfect but it’s the best one I’ve found so far. We previously had the cheaper (you get what you pay for!) Sassy mesh frog that hung on the wall of the bath tub. It was very difficult to use, held few toys and fell down frequently. Pay the extra $5 and get this one- it is much better!

Lila Dry Fork, VA


The suction cups won’t stick to the formica around our tub. I thought maybe they would stick if we had tile, but I see that others with tile tub surrounds can’t get it to stick either. Now that I think about it, suction cups like this always fall off of our fiberglass shower & glass storm door too, so I guess I should have known better than to get a suction cup bath toy holder. This Fisher Price corner bath cubby is a waste of money, I’m going to try the kidco storage caddy instead. I wish I had gotten it in the first place & I suggest you do the same.

Nell Fedora, SD

Cleans Up My Bathtub!

My one year old son and I share a shower/bathtub. The older he gets, the more bath toys he seem to acquire! Well, after finally getting frustrated with lining them up along the edge of the tub, I found this little cubby at Wal-mart one day. I wasn’t expecting much, but it was something for the time being, till I could find something I felt would be sturdier. Fortunately, there’s no need!I’ve had this for about 2 months now, and it has never, not once, fallen down. I have your average, fiberglass shower/tub, and this thing is FILLED with bath toys. I guess it depends on what type of tub you have, but this was a great find for me. I absolutely recommend it.

Rosalinda Taneytown, MD