Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing, My Little Snugabunny

Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing, My Little Snugabunny

What a plush place for your little bunny to snuggle into! The softest of fabrics surround baby as she gazes at herself in the mirror on the motorized mobile and watches birdie friends fly by. A variety of music and motion soothes and engages her, along with a little plush bunny friend to keep her company. Requires 4D batteries, not included.

Main features

  • Plastic, Metal, Polyester
  • Imported
  • Soothing music and alternate swinging motions help calm baby and promotes a sense of security
  • Choice of three positions in one swing variety for baby and convenience when you want baby facing you
  • Easy to convert from one position to another
  • Folds for storage and portability
  • Ships in Certified Frustration to Free Packaging
  • Choice of three positions in one swing-variety for baby and convenience when you want baby facing you
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Verified reviews


Snugabunny vs. Rainforest Swing

I’ve tried out a number of swings. My two favorites are this swing and the Fisher Price Rainforest Open-Top Cradle Swing. I personally prefer the Rainforest swing because the open-top makes it so much easier to get the baby in/out of the swing. The pros and cons of the Snugabunny Swing are as follows:Pro’s:-Very Comfy Seat: The seat has very plush thick padding that’s very comfy for baby. The contoured shaped of the seat helps to hold baby securely and comfortably. The swing holds the baby in such a way that the baby is closer to a laying down position then a sitting position. The padding on the Rainforest swing is not nearly as plush or comfortable. The Rainforest swing also has a safety bar at the foot of the swing that some babies may find uncomfortable. The Rainforest swing holds the baby in such a way that the baby is closer to sitting than laying down.-Plugs-In: You have the option of either using batteries or plugging the swing in. If your baby is a fan of swings then you’ll run through batteries really quickly so it’s nice to have the option of plugging it in. The Rainforest swing has the same options.-Swing in three Directions: You can choose to swing either front-to-back or side-to-side and can also chose which side you want the baby to face. It’s very easy to turn the seat to switch directions. The Rainforest swing goes either front-to-back or side-to-side but you can only face one side. This has never been an issue for me but may matter to some people.-Fun Mobile: The birds go around in a circle while the leaves go up and down. Your baby can also see themselves in the mirror. The addition of the up and down motion makes this mobile particularly interesting to most babies. The mobile on the Rainforest swing also has leaves that go up and down and animals that circle but does not have a mirror. The animals on the Rainforest mobile have brighter colors and are a lot cuter then the birds on this mobile.-Decent Music/Sounds: There’s a nice variety of music and nature sounds to choose from. It’s very similar to the Rainforest Swing.-Customization: The mobile, sounds, and swing are all controlled separately so it’s possible to turn just one (or two) on at a time (same thing with the Rainforest Swing).Con’s:-No Open-Top: I wish that this swing had an open-top like the Rainforest swing. The mobile on the Rainforest swing lifts up and out of the way of the swing making it much easier to put my baby in/out of the swing. With the Snugabunny swing I find it difficult to get my baby in/out of the swing without bumping his head on the mobile.-Loud Motor: The motor on this swing makes quite a bit of noise. My son doesn’t mind at all but some babies might and it can be kind of annoying for me to listen to. The motor on the Rainforest swing is also somewhat noisy but not as loud as on the Snugabunny.-Swing Power: The Snugabunny swings much faster than most swings. Even the slowest setting may be too fast for some babies, especially younger babies. The Rainforest swings much slower then other swings and may not be fast enough for some babies even on the fastest setting. My son is perfectly happy in either swing we just use a lower setting in the Snugabunny and a higher setting in the Rainforest.

Ethel Meherrin, VA

we couldn’t have lived without this

This was the best $150 we ever spent. We would have paid $1000 to have our baby sleep the way he does in this swing!

Cecilia Grain Valley, MO

The girls love it, but the motor quality is lacking

I actually had to return the swing twice because of inconsitencies in the motor. The first swing went the same speed no matter what the setting, and the second one made a noise and barely moved. Finally on the third try we got one that worked, however it has slowed down now that we have had it for 2 months. We really like the style and soft basket. The adjustable seat is really nice to go from napping to wake periods, and the ability to plug it into the wall is a must since its not like the swing is portable. However if the m otor goes out again we will be looking at a different brand.

Terrie Agenda, KS

Awesome and the seat does move into the upright position…

Got this for my son when he was a few weeks old. He was born at 9.13lbs and the 1st setting was more than enough to swing him. He is now 18lbs at 5 months and the 2nd to 3rd setting swings him at a great pace! The motor is super quiet compared to other models. The cushioning on the seat is great. Baby sleeps very well in the swing. And when he is awake he loves to look at the mirror and watch the birds spin around.Since this swing is advertised as recline position only (the sales guy actually told me the seat could not be adjusted when I asked him) when my son was 4 months old I ordered Luv U Zoo cradle/swing so that he could sit upright in his swing. I set that one up and it was just so loud (the motor) that I sent it back right away! When you are used to a quiet motor there is no going back. Anyhow I decided to look at the swing to see if I could adjust the seat somehow and that’s when I saw that the arm that holds the swing has 2 positions/holes just like the Luv u Zoo swing. Only on the cradle bunny swing it is hidden by hard plastic. So I just pushed/bent the hard plastic to the side and adjusted the seat. If you do this use a plier because it hurts when doing it by hand.Anyhow we have a great swing that I can recline or seat upright. Perhaps they could of added a vibrate feature for the seat and a toy tray would be nice. But other than that your baby will love this swing!

Alejandra West Grove, PA

The Cadillac of baby equipment

Before I had my twins I had wanted to avoid large pieces of plastic crap, so I had not registered for or bought used a swing. I thought swings were for bad parents who didn’t want to rock their children to sleep. Well, things change after you have your own children. There are no negatives, except the steep price. It has AC power, so it will never require a midnight run to the store to get more batteries. It has music that sounds like it actually came from real instruments and that I don’t mind hearing, a mobile that holds my children’s attention while they are nodding off, and it rocks forever–no timer! I cannot imagine regretting this purchase. It doesn’t always work when we have cranky babies, but it’s one (awesome) tool to have in the toolbox. It is the single best piece of equipment we have.

Amalia Arlington, WI

Could be better, especially for Fisher-Price.

I had the Fisher Price Rainforest Open Top Cradle Swing with my first daughter, and although she never liked to be in it for more than 10 minutes at a time, I loved it. It was quiet (no noticable motor noise at all), it swung flawlessly, the swinging part didn’t make annoying squeaks or anything, and the mobile was great; it moved around and the leaves went up and down around the animals. Ofcourse, the best part ever was that it plugged into the wall and had a place for batteries incase you needed them.SO, when I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd, I knew I wanted a Fisher-Price Cradle Swing, but I wanted a sleeker, more modern, simple looking swing. I chose the Snugabunny because of its neutral simple appeal, and because it still had all the other features I wanted. I have been using it for 2 months now with my 2nd, and she LOVES the swing (complete opposite of my other). The complaints I have is that the motor is louder than I’d like it to be, whenever the baby moves or someone gives her her pacifier and puts the slightest pressure on the seat of the swing, it starts making this popping noise as if it comes off its track or something. My infant weighs just 9 lbs and we make sure not to put too much pressure on it, yet it still does it everytime. Its super annoying, the noise it makes mainly. If I would’ve known all this I would have bought another rainforest swing instead. I would not buy this swing again.The other swing I tried at the store when I was deciding on this swing was the Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Cradle Swing (the new version of the rainforest swing) and it seemed to be flawless in performance just like the rainforest swing. It made no noise while swinging.I wish Fisher Price would stick to the same way of making all of their products, especially the same type, especially when they’re so similar!! I read other reviews about the kick and play pianos they offer. The Precious Ocean one isn’t loud enough, but the rain forest is rated just fine with the volume being plenty loud. What gives Fisher-Price? Where’s the consistency?!

Irma Salina, PA

Perfect for Napping

My little one LOVES to nap in this swing!We originally purchased the Little Lamb swing which I believe is the older model. Unfortunately we had an issue where there was something wrong with the motor and it ate up batteries every five days so we had to return it. We chose this one mostly because of the option to plug it into the wall. Thank goodness for this because our little one takes most of her naps in it!It’s deeper than the Little Lamb which is definitely more comfortable. It’s also much sturdier, although it doesn’t collapse as well as the Little Lamb. The music options are almost the same but the new plus side is that it has buttons for volume instead of a dial which is much better than the original model.The three directions are awesome and little one definitely prefers one direction over another sometimes! The swing also comes with a little bunny rattle which at first I thought was silly, but it actually because our daughter’s first favorite toy!

Kathrine Oregon, WI


I got this second hand from a friend. Her baby loved it but grew out of it very fast. My daughter was 5 weeks and 11 lbs when we first used it. There’s absolutely no noticeable difference in speeds, also it swings VERY wide. My baby girl loves a wide swing, especially when she’s fussy in her car seat – it relaxes her instantly, but a SLOW one.I had her in just long enough to do some quick makeup and pack her diaper bag. I nursed and burped her 30-45 minutes prior to putting her in the swing. She was swinging for 10-15 minutes when I heard her fussing because she woke up. I went to soothe her and see if she needed to nurse again and she started spitting up TONS of milk. It was literally gushing out of her mouth.Now, my diet is consistent, she exclusively breastfeeds, she’s never had a bottle, she’s never had bad gas, and she’s only spit up a total of 3 times all of which were trace, dime sized amounts. There’s no reason she would spit up that much. Thank god I was in the room and looking at her when this happened because she could have choked on it there was that much.I will NEVER use the power swing on this again. Which is a shame because I was looking forward to her enjoying this. If you want something for your baby to nap in try the fisher price newborn napper. It’s takes up less space, folds away, is portable, and rocks very gently either from your or your baby’s movement.

Martina Harlem Springs, OH

Careful with sleeping overnight due to MOLD

My son has been sleeping overnight in this swing for a month. I took the cover off today to wash and discovered condensation and mold on the hard seat. His warm body against the cold hard plastic and the non-breathable cover caused condensation which dripped into a channel in the middle of the seat. The condensation collected in the channel and grew black mold during the month that we have been using it. I spoke with Customer Service at Fisher Price to see if they were aware of this and if there is a way to fix the problem and prevent more mold in the future. I was offered a new seat, but I didn’t think this would solve the problem. Then I was advised that their swings were not meant for sleeping overnight and to air out the seat periodically to prevent condensation and mold in the future. I took pictures and offered to send them so they can look into fixing the problem, but they were not interested. I was disappointed that Fisher Price was not helpful, but we will try to fix the problem on our own. My husband will be drilling more holes into the hard seat to increase the circulation to hopefully prevent this problem in the future since our son is sleeping great in the swing at night and we want to keep using it for that reason. See images of condensation and mold added to customer images.

Patti Odell, NE

Loved at first, now hate

This swing is amazing for newborns! But our daughter is only 3 months old and 12 lbs and the motor no longer works well… it will be at speed 6, the highest you can go and it barely moves… sooo frustrating since we use this for naps and down time. So am I supposed to buy a “seat” swing for post 3 months? This is too expensive to work for only 3 months…

Edythe West Monroe, LA

LOVE this swing

This is a great swing. First, the plug-in (as opposed to batteries) feature alone makes it worth the purchase price. I had two (hand-me down) Nature Swings before and I was going through $10-$15 in batteries every 2 weeks. Second, although at first I thought the 5-point harness/strap system was annoying, I very quickly realized it is awkward hooking her in, but super convenient getting her out because the shoulder straps flip straight up. And, the more you hook her in, the less annoying it becomes. Also, now that she is older (8 1/2 months, but only 15 lbs) and has better use of herself, the shoulder straps keep her in when she lifts up. If we still had the Nature Swing, we would have had to retire it because the lap-belt-only system would not be containing her at this point.When my Nature Swings died (hand-me downs that served the original owners and me very well), I bought the Little Lamb because I thought it was plug-in, too. When I saw it required batteries, I returned it. Both the Lamb and the Nature swing have the hand-dial. I thought the Snugabunny push buttons were just a gimmick, but they make it so much nicer to use, especially if you are putting a half-sleeping baby in the swing and don’t want the sound of the hand-dial to rouse her. The buttons are completely silent. I did note, however, that the Little Lamb has a lot more cushion in the carrier than the Snugabunny, which has a lot more than the Nature Swing did. My one suggestion for improvement on this swing would be to add more cushion for the child to lie on.No motor problem: Other reviews mentioned a motor problem. If you do not spread the leg-base out completely, it makes a clicking/grinding sound. As soon as you spread them out, it resolves. (I learned this b/c my cleaning lady and babysitter both push the legs in to make more walking space. I have to pull them out again every time they leave.) My daughter has used this swing every single day for months, and often sleeps in it for 4-5 hours at a time. We have not experienced any motor problems other than the noise mentioned that you solve by opening the legs. (If unresolved, it may damage the motor — not sure.)This is a fabulous product. Highly recommend it.

Stella Kane, IL

Bulky and Hard to Use

I am so surprised by all the good reviews for this swing!I think it’s terrible. First off, it’s HUGE and there is no easy way to move it around. So you won’t be moving it into a quieter room or taking it to Grandma’s. Second, the mobile is too bland for the baby to see and enjoy, there’s a reason why most baby toys are neon plastic, because neutral colors do not excite the baby. No baby will be entertained by the three brown birdies on the mobile, the mirror helps, but bright contrasting colors really keep baby happy. Third, it’s hard to get the baby in there! The giant mobile and controls sit right above the cradle and you have to maneuver the sleeping baby into the cradle and it often wakes them up. You can get a compact portable swing that will do the same thing and your baby will like it just the same.

Sierra Andover, SD

High quality product

This product is very high quality. The swing is very plush and soft. I like that you can reverse directions, and there are several speed settings. My baby really likes looking up at the spinning birds. You can make them spin automatically. My friend also has the same one and her baby also loves it.The assembly is slightly annoying, so I had my husband set it up. =)

Genevieve Ontario, CA

Loved it until it stopped working

This swing was great and my son loved it until it stopped swinging. My son is only 10 weeks and the motor is already broken. FP is sending me a new motor, but a swing this expensive shouldn’t be broken after only 2 months

Taylor Brodhead, KY

So beautiful!

This is the ultimate in baby swings. It is a pink confection. There are all kinds of buttons to adjust speed and play music or soothing nature sounds on it. The construction is amazing. You can put the baby in the swing without banging her head and she can rock or swing depending on how you have it set. There is a pretty pink flower mobile that you can have going for the baby as well. The best part is you can plug this in to a wall socket and save on batteries. It also folds up easily for storage. We love this baby swing and so does the baby!

Elise Black Hawk, CO

Nice baby swing

This swing is the higher-end of the Fisher Price line of cradle swings. Fisher Price has a slightly higher-end model called the “Zen Collection” which is a darker color, and a darker, more adult coloring. In the zen model, the hanging toys face directly down towards the baby, but on this, they are tilted.It’s quite pink. It differs from the ‘butterfly’ model, which has hanging butterflies instead of this model’s hearts and flowers.Option for side-to-side or head-to-toe swinging motion. (cheaper swings often swing only head-to-toe)

Ina Weiner, AR

very cute, but color is not as picture shows

My baby girl has not arrived yet, and although it seems like it will be a wonderful product, I give it 3 stars due to the fact that the picture represents pink/grey color scheme, it is not what arrives. It appears as a cross between lavender and brown. Her room and all the colors I have chosen are pink/grey. So I bought the whole line and it truly doesnt match. 🙁

Briana Chanute, KS

Doesn’t last long!

Odd, this product seems to be high quality except for the motor! It plays nice music (and I’m easily annoyed), deep, and well padded. There isn’t much of a low setting for the swinging. When I first put my little one in at 9lbs she seemed to hate it…it swung too hard. But I tried it out of desperation one night because I needed to eat (she was slightly colicky)…and she went right to sleep. So from then on, while mommy ate, it was her dinner nap spot. After about two months of use, it started to squeek (annoying). Then shortly thereafter, it just stopped swinging. She is only about 13lbs and 3 months so it wasn’t because of weight and we didn’t use all that much. After I looked through these reviews I saw many bad issues with the Snuggabunny, even one with a electrical fire!!! I would buy something more reliable. Sad, I thought Fisher-Price was a decent company.

Jacquelyn Mormon Lake, AZ

Not so much the Snugabunny swing, as more the Snugabunny seat

We wanted a high swing so our little one could both be soothed and look around at the same time.So we ordered the Snugabunny. We assembled it and it worked well – for about 5 minutes.Then it stopped swinging. I came to he conclusion that the linkage between the motor and swing was kaput as it only swung after I pushed it, then the motor would not pick up.So in short, a very nice stationary seat that we could manually push, but not what I was expecting.I guess we are fortunate in that it broke after 5 minutes so we could return it.

Leticia Lakeville, IN

Worth every penny

I loved my Fisher Price Take Along swing that I used with my first child. Unfortunately, it kept breaking and didn’t last long enough for my second child. I like that we can plug this in or use batteries. I don’t like that it reclines so much. When I purchased it, I thought the recline position was adjustable, but it is not. My daughter (3 1/2 months now) doesn’t seem to mind. She loves her swing!!! (As a newborn, she was a fussy baby. This swing would calm her down!) While it is not that big, it does take up a lot of space. We have moved it from room to room a couple of times, but it is a hastle. The mobile seems really boring to me (dull colors), but my daughter is very interested in it. The music and mobile play for a good bit of time, but I wish it had a setting to stay on when plugged in. It is very easy to take the cover off to wash and to put it back on. It can rock side-to-side or front-to-back. It’s very easy to switch these settings. I was hesitant to purchase this swing because of the price and space it would take up, but we have gotten more than our money’s worth out of it!

Lilian Lebanon, IL

Great swing

I have four kids, and I’ve gone through a lot of swings. This one rates right at the top. The seat is very comfortable, the swing axis options are very handy, and I love that you can plug it in rather than keep changing the batteries. You will save $30 easy on batteries over the life of this part. The only minor negative I can give is that none of our babies liked the rotating mobile (too stimulating) so I just leave that off. I also rarely use the built in sounds, but occasionally they are handy. Overall it’s the best swing I’ve used.

Deborah Lexington Park, MD

A wonderful swing

Yesterday I assembled this, which wasn’t terribly difficult. It has an allen wrench included, but you still need a regular screwdriver. I guess it took about 15 minutes to get it together.I think it’s really good quality. The bumper goes around the entire thing, then it has a head support to keep the baby’s head from swinging with it. Since it’s all pink, probably you don’t want it if you don’t know the sex of the child to come! The base is wide and stable.The swinging can be set in 3 different directions. You can go forward and backward, or with a button, change the bassinet to face either right or left. Also you can adjust the tilt to be flat or more upright by pressing the support underneath it.The controls light up so you can change the speed in the dark. The sounds are the best part for me. No more listening to the same song all the time. There are also 2 nature sounds…birds and a babbling brook. On the bottom of the mobile is a convex chrome circle, about 6″ wide for the baby to see herself. At the base of the support is the place to connect the AC adapter.About the only thing I didn’t like was you can’t easily take off the cradle part to take it someplace else. You have to use the allen wrench. So even though the legs fold together, it’s more difficult to travel with because you have to have the wrench and fiddle with that part. But all in all, it’s an excellent high-end product, and I recommend it highly.

Bobbie New Ross, IN

Fire Hazard

Abosultely loved the Snugabunny cradle n swing. Purchased the swing from Amazon the end of May. It had been a life saver calming our daughter and getting her to sleep. Today she took a nap in it and when she woke up the swing was set on high but wasn’t swinging. The music was playing and I got her out of it to change her. The swing was left on and when I walked back into the room, there was a large amount of smoke coming from the upper housing unit. Would have given it 5+ stars prior to today, but now can’t.

Susanne Savage, MT

Love this swing!

This swing is a life-saver! My 1-month old son loves it and will happily swing in it to give me a break. It has a five-point safet harness so I feel confident that the baby is safe and secure in it. My son loves to look at the birds and often falls asleep to the bird sounds. On top of everything else, it’s really cute to look at! I highly recommend this product!

Suzanne Lane, KS

Replacement for used swing

I am using this swing at our house because I am the day care Grandma for our grandson. This is a replacement swing for one I had bought used and it broke so we decided to get one like the one he is currently used to at home. After looking at several local stores we decided to purchase this through Amazon because the price was considerably cheaper. It arrived when expected and was surprising easy to put together. The only complaint I have is that the motor makes a GRINDING sound which apparently my son’s at his house does too. My grandson loves the softness of cradle and likes to watch himself in the mirror. Loves the music too. I don’t know if he really cares about the birdies flying around the mobile, might have been better if they were more colorful. Also if you want a compact swing this is not it,. It does take up space, it does fold up but not very compact so storing it after he has out grown it will be a challenge.

Sallie Mystic, IA

Nice Swing – but arrived defective

I would give this swing 5 stars because my newborn LOVES it. However, when we received the box it looked like it had been opened before…and after we put it together we were pretty sure it was a prior return.After putting it together we realized the mobile didn’t work. Which is a bummer, because that was the feature I was excited about. I called Fisher Price and asked if I should return the product to Amazon or not and they said they could send out a new motor unit/mobile. Since our baby loved his swing so much, we decided to just wait for the part, which was supposed to be just a few weeks. Well, a few weeks has turned into nearly 2 months, everytime we call the part is on backorder and estimated delivery date is pushed farther in the future…and my baby will outgrow his swing soon soon he can only use it up to 25 lbs. So if Fisher Price ever does send the part….by that time the swing will be useless to us…I wish I would have returned it the minute I found out it was defective so I could have a fully working swing. Fisher Price’s customer service rep was very helpful in getting the part ordered…but if I had known it would take this long….I would not have purchased the swing.I am a member of and have seen many posts by other mothers waiting for a motor for their defective swing…so beware! Its a fantastic product when it works, and customer service is very helpful. But what good is the warranty when you can’t get the part you need before your child outgrows it?

Adele Parnell, IA

Baby loves it, it’s comfy, the music is soothing

This is a great swing! I purchased it because it had the best reviews (both on Amazon and other sites). Baby loves it, I love that the music isn’t annoying (more like spa music and nature sounds). I like that it’s adjustable – from side-to-side rocking to head-to-toe swinging. I think it breaks up the monotony for baby. (he’s in a front facing swing all day at daycare!) Baby also recently found the mirror, so he seems content and occupied in it more so than his first 2 months.The motor is quiet.The one downside I think is that it stops swinging with the slightest touch. Just trying to put a pacifier in the baby’s mouth will stop the swinging motion. I’m not sure also how much stopping it while activated will affect the motor, but so far we’ve had no problems with it. I was worried the base would be too large, and it does take up quite a bit of surface area, but the perks of this swing outweigh the other swings with smaller bases, I feel. Perfect for the corner of a room.

Jocelyn Nogales, AZ

Great product

This is a great swing, my son slept morning, noon and night in it. I had mine for a few months when the motor went out, but I called Amazon customer service and they were awesome about working with me and helping me out. I would buy this swing again b/c it had many different settings for speed, lots of music choices, adjustments for heighth, swung front to back or side to side, and was able to plug into the wall which saved lots of money not having to buy D size batteries every other week.

Gena Wetumpka, AL

Very good swing for a baby

We use it often – our baby loves it – she stares at the moving part and listens to themusic and often falsls asleep in it. It’s a pretty comfortable swing for the baby. I should say that even the slowest speed is pretty fast – but that’s all we use- the lowest setting – and it works for us. We turn it off once the baby is asleep.

Felicia Shoshone, ID

First time parent

This unit was a God send on getting our little guy to quiet down! Nothing would make him happy except this item….However it does have a minor motor sound, but once its up to speed it goes away, the sounds from the clutch slipping. That’s why you can grab the swing and stop it with the motor still running.No complaints, hope my boy can stay in it for a couple more months!

Haley Quincy, MI