Fisher Price Cradle ‘n Swing – Rainforest

Fisher Price Cradle ‘n Swing – Rainforest

Fisher-Price Rainforest Cradle ‘n Swing Baby takes a relaxing swing (side-to-side or front-to-back) as she watches plush rainforest friends in the mobile above play “peek-a-boo” among the leaves. While baby reclines in comfort, one of 12 different songs play, along with soothing nature sounds. And when baby’s trip to the rainforest is over, the mobile swings away…until another day. Six soothing swing speeds (with a plug-In option that can save you money on batteries!) Two-position reclining seat and 3-point restraint. Folds easily for storage. Requires four “D” (LR20) alkaline batteries not included. Please dispose of batteries safely. Product Dimensions: 28″ L x 36″ W x 43″ H. Product Weight: 21 lbs.

Main features

  • Open-top cradle swing with rainforest theme
  • Moves from side to side or front to back
  • Six soothing speeds; Easily folds up for convenient storage
  • Requires four LR20 alkaline D batteries
  • Folds easily for storage

Verified reviews


An Excellent Buy

We purchased this swing for our newborn son based on the fact that my wife uses one at the daycare she works at. Perhaps the biggest selling point for us was the fact that you have the option of using a plug-in adapter or batteries. Since just about every other item used for a baby takes batteries, it was nice to finally see a product with an A/C adapter. Other features that we like are the side-to-side or front-to-back swinging option, the wonderful mobile which features up-and-down movement, and the music/rainfall noises. All of these options work independently of one another, which makes this product even more appealing. We haven’t had any problem with the swinging (or lack thereof) that others seem to be having. Sure, the swing doesn’t move very fast, but I don’t think my son is quite ready for roller coaster speeds just yet. My son seems very content while he naps in the swing as well.Overall, I think that this swing is an excellent purchase for anyone in the market for one. While it may not have the strongest motor, it has plenty of other options that make it a good buy.Highly recommended.

Liz Wanamingo, MN

A decent product for a limited time

We bought this swing the day we brought our son home from the hospital. For a new baby, it is perfect. It reclines far so that a wobbly-headed baby can lay comfortably. The gentle rocking relaxes baby and puts baby to sleep. At that age, he wasn’t at all interested in the mobile.As he has gotten older, the swing has grown fairly well with him. We haven’t had issues with the swing petering out, the music stopping, or any of the other technical issues parents have mentioned in previous reviews. We have never used the tray, so I don’t really have any opinion on that feature. I can say that from about 6 weeks through 3 months, our son LOVED the mobile and he has always loved the music, especially the natural water one with the animal sounds.Now that he is 4 months old, he is almost 26 inches long and he takes up almost the whole swing. I can’t sit him with his bottom in the actual dip because his head nearly touches the metal bar that holds the swing. He also likes to sit upright now and this swing does not have a totally upright setting, so he gets frustrated in it unless he is tired. The swinging motion is starting to go a little slower at this point, so I think that at 16 lbs he is already outgrowing it. It is supposedly good up to 25 lbs, but I don’t think it will make it past 20. It has been great while it lasted, though.———————————————————-We retired the swing when my son turned 5 months old at about 18 lbs. It could have gone longer, but it had started squeaking as it went back and forth, so it is definitely not good up to 25 lbs. It was difficult making the conversion from the swing, but we got through it! He REALLY loved his swing! Despite this not being good through the maximum weight limit advertised, I still feel that this product was worth the money.

Melinda Calumet, MN

Just doesn’t live up to the original

We had the duckie cradle swing (short lived production period) when my son was a baby. That swing put him into a coma for naps from 2 months till 6 months and saved my sanity many times. The only drawback was the battery factor… it chewed through D cells like no one’s business. We kept it, hoping for another baby… and ended up with twins.A friend of a friend lent us her rainforest swing and I was stoked – coma for naps and NO BATTERIES!Unfortunately it’s just not as good as it sounds. It didn’t swing as high and it didn’t swing as fast … the mobile was slow, one of the leaves stopped flapping before we got it, and it wasn’t in a good spot for baby to even view it … the seat is different. It’s easier to recline and seems more comfy BUT instead of being all one piece that tilts back or forward, only the back tilts or comes forward, which is not so good for a reflux baby – squishes the stomach SLIGHTLY more. (one of my twins we have dubbed “the spit up queen” so I am more attuned to these things than I care to be… it’s OK if the back is reclined but not it you try to tilt it up)Neither of my twins cared for this swing at all – they would sit in it and look bored and then start to fuss and then start to cry until you took them out – they preferred the duckie swing. It worked its coma magic on them just like my son. I ended up buying a used aquarium swing (same concept only with music and lights in addition to the mobile) and they are so much happier. The aquarium swing is rigged up to plug in instead of use batteries so everyone is happy.Skip the rain forest swing – look for an aquarium or duckie swing. For what it’s worth – people are complaining a lot about the rainforest motor dying… my son’s duckie swing and the aquarium swing i bought are from 2003 and both are churning away strong as ever – maybe the quality was better then?

Dona Swiftwater, PA

Fisher-Price Rainforest Open-Top Cradle Swing is fantastic!

Estella Winter Harbor, ME

Very useful for us!

One of the first purchases I made for my new baby. When she was brand new from the hospital, she would sit in this swing and just loved it. Of course, it was a little too big so I had to roll up some (of the 2 million I received) receiving blankets to prop her up. She “discovered” the mobile about a month ago and she is all over that! Those are her friends…her entourage. I like that it is high enough off the ground that my Westie can’t walk up and lick my daughter (like she’ll do if she’s in a Bumbo or laying on her play mat.) The dog does like to “push” the swing if she doesn’t think it is swinging fast enough (LOL!)

Louise Bellevue, NE

It’s ok…

LOVE that it can be plugged into a wall instead of using batteries all the time.LOVE that it has an open-top design – no more interesting maneuvers to get baby in and out, especially while sleeping!LOVE that it’s not completely hard-bottomed – from the seat up, it’s like a sling.LOVE that it swings both side-to-side AND front-to-back.Here’s what I DON’T love:1.) The swing power does seem to be less than other models. Our old Fischer Price Cradle Swing evidently has some good velocity to it (which our daughter favors) and this one is a much tamer swing.2.) The mobile moves sooooooooo slow that it doesn’t hold my daughter’s attention at all.3.) It’s lower to the ground than our old model (might be a pro for most, but my back prefers it to be a little higher with our big girl!)4.) The music/sounds are pretty loud, even on the low setting. (You can forgo sounds altogether, if you choose.)5.) I wish the tray had some toys on it – not really sure what people do with the trays – suction cup toys maybe??6.) I like that it has a 2 position recline, but there’s barely a difference between the two.OVERALLIt’s a good swing, but I wouldn’t purchase it again and I still might return it. I’m disappointed because I can tell my daughter misses her old swing, which still works – maybe she prefers the hard-backed seat or maybe the high velocity. The reason we bought a new one is because the mobile stopped working, we were tired of using so many batteries, and we plan on more kids. We also wanted a swing that went both ways. But now I’m kicking myself for not getting an Evenflo swing so we could use our Exersaucer toys on the swing tray…

Lynne Iron, MN

Love the Open-Top

Overall I’ve been very happy with this swing and would definitely purchase it again.Pro’s-Open-Top: When I’ve used other swings I’ve often found it difficult to get my son in or out of the swing without bumping him into the mobile. This mobile lifts up out of the way of the swing (in the picture it’s only lifted part-way, it lifts all the way up until it’s in a vertical position even with the back part of the swing). This makes it so much easier to get my son in/out of the swing.-Swing in Two Directions: You can choose to swing either side-to-side or front-to-back. It’s very easy to turn the seat to switch directions.-Plugs-In: You have the option of either using batteries or plugging the swing in. If your baby is a fan of swings then you’ll run through batteries really quickly so it’s nice to have the option of plugging it in.-Fun Mobile: The animals go around in a circle while the leaves go up and down. My son loves this mobile.-Decent Music/Sounds: There’s a nice variety of music and nature sounds to choose from.-Customization: The mobile, sounds, and swing are all controlled separately so it’s possible to turn just one (or two) on at a time.Cons:-Seat Padding: The seat works perfectly fine for us but it is not nearly as plush or well padded as some other swings. If you’re looking for a nicer seat I would recommend the Fisher Price My Little Snugabunny Swing (this has pretty much all of the same features as the Rainforest swing except for the open-top).-Swing Power: The swing does not swing as quickly as many other swings (even on the fastest settings).

Leonor Maple Valley, WA

Nearly Perfect– let’s babies and parents sleep

We purchased this swing when my daughter was just a few days old, and it was the only way she would sleep, aside from in our arms. She only liked the CRADLE position, so for fussy babies try that setting. The pros of the swing: four different audio settings (I used the waterfall for nighttime and jungle sounds for daytime naps, to help her differentiate night and day; the songs were too intrusive for my tastes), a very comfortable padded seat, a/c power so no batteries needed, and a wide range of swing power settings. Cons of the swing: a slight squeak when swing is in motion; occasionally the swing swings only slightly even when set on the maximum power setting; and the plastic toy tray had to be removed so our baby could sleep comfortably.Overall, this was about the best $100 we spent for our baby. She started sleeping through the night at about 2 months, and although she sleeps in her crib now, I still let her take her naps in the swing. She sleeps more deeply and longer there.Worth it!

Carolyn Latty, OH

Yes, the swing is slow but it’s still a wonderful product

I notice how many complaints there are about the speed of this swing and I agree that it is slow but that is not something to be complaining about. It is about the speed of natural swaying if you were standing and rocking the baby side to side. What more do you need? It’s for gentle soothing and rocking for baby, not for jostling and bouncing fun, that’s what a bouncer is for.Either way, it works wonders on my 3 month old to help her fall asleep and the mobile keeps her attention when she’s awake. The music is fun, upbeat and very different compared to other baby products, which is a welcome relief since most seem to have droning lullabies. I especially like the rainfall setting because it plays nice nature sounds for baby and she goes to sleep so peacefully while listening to them.The fact that it plugs in is awesome for saving batteries and the ability to make it glide side to side or swing front to back is a nice change of pace for baby (I assume as much since I don’t really know what she is thinking).What sold me originally was the brightness of colors – if you’re at the store and all you see are pastels, the Rainforest collection is very exciting. All in all, this is unique, captivating and comforting for my baby and that is all that matters. I am extremely happy with this product!:]

Tracie Tooele, UT

plugs in!!

LOVE this swing! especially since it has a plug and i dont have to worry about getting batteries!! sooo important in a swing.. my son used this for a long time too cuz he enjoyed to nap in it.

Maura Hoonah, AK

Returned…..I guess it was defective?

I was so excited to order this swing. My sister raves about her Ocean Wonders Cradle Swing. I ordered this one instead because it plugged into the wall.When I got it I was very pleased with the colors. It looked so nice and the assembly was pretty quick and easy.However, it would barely swing with the baby in it. Since we already have traditional swing from subsequent children I was really puzzled. The highest swing setting was comparable to the lowest on my other swing. Baby was not happy after being used to faster motion.So I boxed it up and will be returning it tomorrow. So far the return process to amazon has been very smooth and easy. Go Amazon! I choose to get a refund as the replacement would have been the same swing and after reading some of these review it might not have been defective after all. I might have to try out my sisters in person before I decide if I will reorder the Ocean Wonders.

Pearl Gilbertsville, KY

Doesn’t sit straight up.

I absolutely loved this swing when we first started using it at birth, but as my son got a little older we discovered that you can’t sit the back up straight enough. My son is 4 months old now and he wants to sit up, not lay back even slightly. So I give a 3 star.

Judith Sauk City, WI

Great Swing

We’ve had this swing since 2009 and it’s done so well for us. Our oldest son liked it and we used it moderately when he was a baby. Then we lent it to friends before our youngest was born this past April. It’s been in three different households and cared for four babies and it’s showing almost no signs of wear. Everything still works wonderfully.I love that it plugs into the wall and that I can swing the mobile out of the way. We rarely use the mobile anyway. And I love how easily the seat can pivot to swing front to back. Such a simple design. I can’t recommend this swing enough!

Robyn Royal Center, IN

The only swing my daughter likes!

My daughter hated the front-to-back swing we originally purchased and would scream within a minute of putting her in it. I bought this swing after hearing some babies prefer the side-to-side motion of the cradle swing, and hoping for a miracle. Well it works! It definitely calms her down and she loves looking at the mobile.PROS: Can be used as cradle or regular swing as the seat swivels. Great songs that won’t drive mom & dad nuts! Can be plugged into wall or runs off batteries. Goes together fairly easily and quickly.CONS: Takes up a lot of room. The mobile on mine is messed up. It clicks and struggles to turn. It could’ve been something I did when putting it together. Only good until baby is 20 lbs. but hopefully by then you won’t need the swing anymore.I’d recommend this swing before any other. It just offers so many options.

Doretha Los Lunas, NM

Excellent swing!

This cradle swing was essential to our baby’s well being! For a couple months, he had a really difficult time napping – this swing was the place he got his naps. It’s versatile (swings both directions) and has great sounds. Doesn’t drain batteries too fast.

Barbra Rio Linda, CA

My youngest isn’t impressed…

I had this exact same swing (only in a different pattern) for my oldest son, and he LOVED it. My younger son, however, won’t stay in it for more than 20 minutes on a good day. I got this one because I like the features: plus into the wall (or can run on batteries), swings front to back and side to side, volume control, sound/music variety, swinging speed control, and what appears to be a very comfy seat (makes me want one!). My only complaints are: 1.) the volume, even on the lower of the 2 settings, is still fairly loud (especially if he’s trying to go to sleep); 2.) the mobile is pretty loud as well. My younger son prefers his $35 vibrating bouncy seat to this $100 swing. Go figure.

Rosalind Princeton, TX

Motor seems to work fine for us

My son was 5lbs 9 oz when we brought him home from the hospital. I initially didn’t like the swing because I thought it was too powerful for him to swing in. It still seems pretty powerful at almost 8 pounds and 6 weeks old. But both him are enjoying it now.My only complaints are that when it starts up, it makes this really annoying sound until it gets going, which isn’t long. Also, the animals on the top of the swing meant to be entertaining, seem a little high to me. But then again, my son was and is still very small yet…I do like the music

Violet Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD


*** UPDATE ***With a 15-pound baby, the entire frame rocks and sways. One of the four ‘feet’ actually hops up into the air by around an inch. The unit is properly assembled and set up with the frame locked into place. I expect to see a recall on this item any time. The straps are cheap and cut into the passenger’s skin, and the underside of the lap bar has sharp edges, which cut into a baby’s skin when it is rubbed up against or kicked. When the baby was 7 pounds, it had a great fast swing on the high setting. Now, it has a pretty lethargic swing.Original review:When the swing is first started, it makes a mildly annoying grinding noise. I like that it has four swing settings, two volume levels for sound, and an on/off function for the mobile. The fabric seat is attractive and washable, and the mobile animals are colorful and brightly contrasting. The biggest drawback is the mobile itself, which is so noisy (another annoying grinding sound) I no longer turn it on. Overall, it is comfortable, cute and functional, and just too cute to send back!

Tamika Bettsville, OH

Best swing I’ve owned

This is my third baby and my third swing (I had a hand crank one and a battery powered cradle swing before). This is the best one I’ve had yet. I love the bright colors and great mobile toys that actually keep babies attention, that it has the ac adaptor (which is all that we’ve used), and the option of baby swinging front to back or side to side as different babies prefer different ways. Unlike others I don’t find the motor too loud. It’s as loud as other swings and the sound of the motor is usually soothing to a baby anyway. I put the swing together by myself and it went together quickly. I feel that it is sturdy. The seat is at a great angle for a newborn and can adjust when they want to sit upright. I don’t care too much for the music or sounds (although my older kids like it) but I like that the mobile moves and the leaves on the mobile open and close. My baby is still small (about 11 lbs.) but I don’t worry about the swing not being able to handle more weight since we have only had to use the lowest swing setting to keep it moving. The other swing I was going to chose was a papasan swing but the new style was on back order and I was nervous about the reports of babies tipping out of the seat. That’s not a problem on this swing and my baby looked snug and comfortable even as a newborn. I’m happy with my purchase.

Keisha Richmond, IN


I have had both battery- and corded swings, same company, same general style. This one with a cord will pay for itself multiple times because of the cord. The others we spent $$$ on buying batteries (the big fat ones, too)every month or two, and more often when the baby got fat and heavy. Eventually, the motor gave out when he was about 8 months old. This one was the replacement, and we used it for the second baby, until she wanted to climb out of it (not a problem with the buckles, but her determination). Great swing, most recommended by me, 3-time swing owner.Also, if the kid isn’t in the swing, unplug it or watch your kid. You don’t want them getting caught in the cord.

Vicki Greenvale, NY

5 stars swing

We LOVE this swing!! We have been using this swing for 8 weeks now and baby LOVES it. I LOVE the fact it plugs in the outlet, Never have to spend money on batteries again :)Baby enjoys the option of front swinging or the cradle swing motions. He is now also enjoying the motion of the toys. We like the music options and the volume of the music.The swing runs quietly and smoothly,Seat is soft and comfy!We are VERY happy with our purchase

Jayne Oneida, TN

Typical Fisher Price – motor blows in a few months

Everything by Fisher Price is craptastic. This swing in no exception.Despite the cheap materials (plastic and polyester) we expected the motor to work.I tried the swing with an 8 pound weight and it worked weakly. Ahen with a 16 pound weight and the swing barely budged.I phoned Fisher Price. They told me if the product is in warranty, they can send a motor. If not, I will have to pay $50 for one.I have combed through so many swing reviews on Amazon. Crappy motors are very typical of Fisher Price. Some people have gone through 3 or 4 motors in a year.How many of these throwaways end up in landfills every year? Makes me think they make these lousy on purpose. So you can never actually use a swing with more than one kid.This swing is crap and it is going back.Mamaroo here we come….

Cindy Hidalgo, TX


After three months I was so tired of holding my LARGE baby 24 hours a day. He would not sleep if I put him down. He would scream. I was beginning to think he had colic. The only thing that soothed him was his crib mobile. We had gotten the other Fisher Price power plus swing and he absolutely would not sit in it! So I decided to go ahead and put him in this one in the store and by manually moving it back and forth (snice the stores are too cheap to put batteries in it) he just sat back, relaxed, and started cooing at the mobile (which wasn’t even moving) So we bought the swing. It was soooo EASY to put together compared to the aquarium swing that I had had for my 3 year old when he was a baby. It has soothing music, which we mostly use now. AND it also has an upbeat music selection for play time. The swing also has 2 different nature settings which we have not used yet so I’m guessing they are probably useless? But who cares if it has more features then you actually use? This swings motor is VERY quiet compared to the grinding motors of most of the other swings we have been through (quite a few as i have 4 sons) Since my baby is large I always use the highest swing setting and it moves just fine. I’m not sure why others have had a problem with the swing not swinging since my 3 motnh old is a big boy compared to other kids his age. For the people who gave it a bad review for this reason every fisher price swing i have ever tried will not move with an extremely active or crying baby so this is not a defect, its simply so when your baby falls asleep the swing doesnt give your baby whiplash. I do not think fisher price will ever correct this problem and i dont blame them (lawsuit city!) In my opinion, Baby’s do not need to be swung back n forth like a kid at a playground who is trying to go faster and faster. The mobile is at a great angel by the child’s feet for better viewing. It is stated on most crib mobiles to place your baby so his feet are under it not his head.The only thing I would have done differently is added another adjustment so baby can sit up better for playtime. and maybe add some toys on the tray. The matching high chair is a lot better for playtime.

Millie Harveyville, KS

AMAZING! Life Saver! Must Have!

I absolutely love this swing. I have two swings, I started out with the Graco silhouette which I also loved, but it was taking way too many batteries. This swing reclines back to a perfect sleeping position, has a plug-in option, AND swings two directions WOW I’m sold! Speeds are good, very easy to use. If money is an issue, you can always buy used. 🙂 GREAT SWING!

Myrna Bon Wier, TX

Short lived item for bigger babies

This swing has it’s good and bad points.The GOOD:-Easy to assemble-Comfortable seat for baby to fall asleep in-Most of the music is not annoying to me-Plugs in to the wall, I’ve never put batteries in it-Mobile swings out of the way-Swings both directionsThe BAD:-The tray comes down in between the legs, making it difficult to use when you have the baby swaddled or in a nightgown-Now that my baby is around 16+ lbs, the motor is working overtime, sounds noisy, and the swing itself is getting unstable. I think I may have to retire it long before he hits the actual weight limit of the swing.I’m disappointed that this swing is not going to last much longer. It seems to be one of the best things for my baby when he gets wound up. But lately one of the legs is rising up off the floor when he is swinging. If you have a smaller baby, it will probably work well for you. It would work better if the tray was removable or there was no leg center piece.

Elisha Hatboro, PA

Got Some Great and Some Not So Great Features

I previously owned two ocean wonders swings but needed a new swing. I purchased this immediately due to the plug-in option. I have a son who has had chronic ear infections so he spent many nights sleeping in this swing. Here’s what I like: the swinging motion is gentle. The ocean wonders swings were a little too forceful in the swinging if you ask me. I also like the fact that the swing has a open top and the mobile can move out the way. I bonked my baby’s head a zillion times on the ocean animals getting him out with the other swing. The plug-in option is terrific. NO MORE D BATTERIES!!! What I don’t like or should I say hate, is the fact that the tray table is permanently attached to the swing. I’ll be the first to admit that the detachable tray was sometimes a pain because it would always be on the floor or there was never a place for it, but now, if you don’t want to use the tray it’s just there and now my son likes to grab on it and slam it down repeatedly. I have to always use it even when I don’t want to. That is my chief complaint. Other than that, I have not had a problem and recommend this swing.

Dorothy Stanford, IN

Great Swing

I got this swing as a gift when my second child was born. Although he wasn’t a big fan of it and reached the weight limit much faster than we ever expected, it was great for our needs. I LOVE that the swing comes with an AC adapter and could be plugged in rather than going through batteries constantly. The music was soothing. My only complaint is that the mobile motor was really loud.

Helen Pendleton, TX

Just alright

The swing and mobile are a bit noisy. Wish I would have sprung for the more snuggly models as the seat doesn’t have much padding. All in all okay for the price

Angelia Enloe, TX

Great swing

We started using this swing when our infant was just one month old, and five months later it’s still going strong. It has already earned its stripes, serving as a great place to keep him entertained or catch an extra nap at moments when I need my hands free and he would otherwise be fussy. Great features are the plug (so it doesn’t eat batteries) and that, although it does take a lot of floor space when in use, it does fold up more vertically to allow you to stash it in a corner or against a wall.

Emily Imler, PA

Not bad…..

I was super excited for this swing, because it plugged in and I’d hoped it would be quiet. It’s not loud, but it definitely makes noise. I also don’t really like the seat-it’s not a papasan like I wanted. It’s a good swing for the price, and the plug-in feature is great, but I wish I’d spent the extra $25 and gotten one of the nicer Fisher Price options. Our boy is 8 weeks old and 15 pounds, so we’ll see how it holds up as he grows. I’ll admit, I’m nervous about it-doesn’t seem super beefy. The mobile is very colorful and cute, altho I wish it had a mirror or lights. The music/sound options are pretty good.

Lori Lincoln’s New Salem, IL