Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing with AC Adapter, My Little Lamb

Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing with AC Adapter, My Little Lamb

Sometimes your little one likes being held over your shoulder. Sometimes on your knee. Other times, she wants to be cradled in your arms as you rock her side-to-side or back-and-forth. But for the times you need to put baby down, here’s a swing that cradles and swings, soothes and entertains her just the way she likes it! It surrounds her in plush, cozy fabrics and a canopy that cocoons her. The soothing continues with eight tunes and a side-to-side cradle motion, a lot like the way you rock her in your arms. When your little lamb is ready for play, the swinging changes to a back-and-forth motion (because babies love variety) and she’s engaged with nature sound tracks and a mobile featuring a mirror, floating clouds and little lambs to entertain her. Includes six soothing swing speeds, little plush friend tethered right to the removable tray, and bead bar. Sturdy steel frame has legs that fold in for storage and portability. Requires 4 D batteries.

Main features

  • Rich softgoods fabric is sure to comfort baby
  • Swing has 6 speeds, volume control and folds for storage. There’s a canopy
  • Swing features 3 seat positions to cater to baby’s comfort needs
  • Music includes 10 tunes and 3 nature sounds.
  • Baby’s Weight limit is 25 pounds
  • Ensure either the AC adapter is properly plugged into a working outlet or if batteries are preferred
  • Swing has 6 speeds, volume control and folds for storage. There’s a canopy and a soft friend that’s tethered to the tray
  • Baby’s Weight limit is 25 lbs.
  • Ensure either the AC adapter is properly plugged into a working outlet or if batteries are preferred, only new, fresh batteries are correctly installed

Verified reviews


Comfy, engaging, and good for 6-7 months

Addressing 2 key questions first: how much space will it take and how long can we use it for? Read for more details about dimensions and check my images in customer images section.Dimensions:(See notes in customer images section for a better idea)Floor space: 36″ x 28″ (including the spread of both legs in fully open position)Height – 40″ (cradle is roughly 9″ above ground)Cradle curved depth from the top of head insert to the ends at feet – 24″(i.e. along the body length of your baby)How long can you expect to use it? (weight limit – 25 lbs)That is a tricky question and depends on your baby’s growth. The 75 percentile line in a normal growth chart crosses 25 lbs at 12-13 months of age and the 95 percentile line crosses this limit at 9 months of age. So, depending on your baby’s growth you may be able to use this anywhere from 0 months upto 9 months maximum. However, the catch is your baby’s height as well. Depending on his height, it may be too tight for the belts and tray to put across his body.Regardless of the well built mobile with toys and mirror, and the tray with some other toys, it is not easy for the little one to stay inside once they cross 6 months. The primary reason is that they don’t want to stay at one place and literally everything in the room/surroundings catches their attraction.So, I’d say you will get the most value out of this swing in first 6 months and use it for day naps as long as they can fit in.It is very comfortable, ample settings in terms of swinging motion, songs, swing speeds etc. (Check the features section in Amazon product description).Assembly: Relatively simple, took about 15 mins.Looks: Stylish, plush, and very royal..loved this aspect.Power: AC Adapter is really good but restricts use within 6 ft range of a wall socket. Batteries can be used otherwise if you want to ekpp it away from wall and not use any extension cord.Foldability: Not so easy! Takes some effort to fold and unfold, need both hands, cannot do it while holding baby in one hand.Safety: Very good with belts.Reliability: Fisher Price reliability and superb customer service with very prompt response (tried it on their another product and was very impressed).Overall, we are pleased with this product and would recommend it to other parents.

Eve Statham, GA

Good swing but a few downsides.

We recently got this swing for our infant daughter. After trying it out I can say that it’s a decent product but does have a few downsides. First the good:- the construction is decent and it’s not at all tippy, your baby will be safe,- it’s fairly easy to assemble if you read the instructions,- the seat adjusts so it can swing face forward or to the side,- the build in mobile it nice, it rotates
• some of the toys move up and down,- the seat cover is plush and soft, although the ears in the head part look more like a bunny’s than lamb’s,- the mini canopy at the back of the swing is cute,- main colors are white, baby blue, brown, with green and light orange; I think it’s gender neutral, because there is not enough blue/brown to make super boyish (I have baby girl).Downsides:- the motor is fairly loud. Depending on your baby this could either serve as soothing white noise or enough noise to keep them awake. Take that into account before buying,- ours came with a broken AC adaptor. It works fine with batteries, but it does bring into question the quality of the product (I called service at Fisher Price and they don’t have separate parts for this model yet, they asked me to check in about a month, BUT they wanted to send the whole thing back and send me a new one, shipping on them, so good customer service; if they don;t have new adaptors by then I will do it),- for a 3 week old newborn like ours (close to 8 lbs) the motor is too powerful and swings too hard even on the lowest setting. You have to drape a blanket over it to keep it from swinging uncomfortably far. The manual
• mention this, but if they know it’s an issue why not include a lower powered setting?-website description is incorrect about sounds- there are 16 songs and 2 nature sounds.Regardless of the downsides it definitely does the job, which is keeping the baby happy. Fixing the above issues would make it a 5 star product.UPDATE: It took a month to get new swing (from the time I’ve sent back adapter and legs) and it works now. Can not be happier, although the “new” swing was clearly refurbished (scratches and scuffs here and there, rumpled instructions etc). Baby is 2 months now and is mesmerized by the mobile (especially the mirror). She relaxes and falls asleep easily in the swing so I can recommend Fisher Price swings to new parents (hopefully they won’t break;)Originally I posted that there is no sitting option, but thanks to other parent I could easily found it. I double checked instructions and did not found info about though (at first was blaming on my husband;)Another note: when my daughter was newborn he loved to stare at the motor. 2 month later it is way to busy for her (she can see pretty far now), all the movement, mirror, toys don’t make her happy. I wrapped thin blanket around the whole motor and she is happy now.

Juliana Williamsville, IL

Beautiful product

Great swing. I love the fact that you can now plug it in with it’s AC adapter and don’t have to buy those expensive D batteries.This one thing for me is a huge selling point now. The product was well worth it even before but now I dont have to waste the money on this frequently running out batteries. Plus I think thats better for the environment too.

Melody Posey, CA

Saved us with our newborn

Thank you Fisher-Price for giving us 4 hours of sleep at night with our newborn. We bought this when we had our daughter when she was 6 months old. She played in it a few times and then was done with it. When we had our son he couldn’t sleep very well at night. We moved him to this swing and he LOVED it. He slept in the swing at nights until he was 2 months old. He is now 5 months old and he is to the point where he now plays with the tray toys and loves the mirror and mobile. We have definitely gotten our money’s worth and still have more to come.I would recommend this product to any new parents.

Valerie Iliamna, AK

Swinging side-to-side is key

The Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing will be a great investment for most. For whatever reason, swinging side-to-side has been key in getting our kids to sleep. This product has three options, in addition to side-to-side, there is the cradle motion and head-to-toe swinging motion. You’ll also be glad it has many songs and sounds, as three tunes can be a little too repetitive. The mobile helps keep babied entertained. The extra head pad increases the useful life, as it keeps the smallest babies comfortable, and can be removed later. Fisher Price also has a Zen Collection swing, where the seat is removable, providing added flexibility.

Kellie Woodruff, AZ

Fisher-Price My little Lamb Swing

I ordered this shipped from USA to NZ. A bit over the top in cost to ship but I love this swing and it was worth every penny! My new grandson loves it and he had a great nap this afternoon! Easy to put together…took all of 20 minutes if that. Good directions in manual. Power cord goes from 100-240Hz so it can be plugged into NZ outlet with simple $1 adapter with no problems. No worrisome batteries to contend with while at home. Love the moving mobile. This caught his attention right away even at 10 weeks old. Lovely tunes for him to listen to and I can turn this feature down so it is not annoying to grownups! Easy switching of seat positions made for newborns too, and side to side or back to front swinging. Above mirror did have scratch on it from transport which is why I knocked down 1 star…no protective film which would have alleviated this problem. But, all in all, it is just what I wanted and I could not ask for a nicer, plushier swing! Got to love Fisher-Price!

Alana Corinth, NY

Fantastic swing

Swing technology has certainly changed a bit in the last few years. I was skeptical when I first saw this design, but it really is amazing. Our son loves this swing. It is very smooth and quiet in its operation. For those of you that recall the days of 4 D cell batteries in a swing, always dying at the wrong time, this plugs in! That in and of itself is a great development.I do not think this will last as long as the “old style” swing. I think the weight limit will come into play. However, for now, it is incredibly popular in our house.You will not regret this purchase.

Deanna Boulder City, NV

Excellent plush swing with premium features

This is the fourth baby swing I’ve used and it’s one of my favorites. Here’s why:-Cushy plush seat with extra cushy newborn insert and bunny pillow, very adjustable (with removable inserts and different strap positions, securely holds a wide range of sizes)-Adjustable position has a more upright position than many swings (good for snotty noses/colds)-Removable activity tray keeps toys attached and available (good for babies who throw their toys only to immediately bemoan their terrible lack of toys)-Mirror on mobile keeps baby captivated without too much excitement-Though motorized, mobile has pastel colors and so is still fairly low-key-Music is fairly pleasant kiddie music, nursery rhyme and baby songs (not as nice as Graco classical tunes but better than other fisher price swings)-Single on/off switch means you can control all actions separately but you can also shut everything off at once (many models have separate motion/sound controls)-Music, moving mobile, various directions for seat to swing and swing speeds, various musical tunes-Lots to amuse waking baby, but not so stimulating to prevent sleep-Seat is nice and low, great if you’re nervous about falls, or if you want to stretch out on the floor and keep baby company-legs fold in for a small storage footprint or ease in moving around the home (still stands upright when folded)-ac adapter or batteries-motor’s not too loud (much quieter than zen, about the same as the graco traditional swings, though louder than the graco glider-type swings)-dangly mobile toys are removable if you want them away or if you want to replace themI’m not in love with the overall aesthetics (our Fisher-Price Zen swing is definitely the best looking mainstream swing, but it lacks many of the nice features of this one), but it is gender-neutral and not too busy, if a little too precious. Would fit a traditional nursery beautifully, though not really at home in an adult living room. On the other hand, at least it doesn’t look like it belongs in a Chuck E Cheese.You should know that this swing does have a large footprint when it’s in use–it takes up as much room as any swing I’ve used. Also, the mobile is a bit close in–a larger baby will be able to reach up and grab the toys. That may or may not be something you like. And again, they are removable if they become a big distraction/problem.One last thing, although the max weight is listed as 25 pounds, my 17-pound baby’s pudgy thighs are already pushing the envelope on fitting under the removable plastic tray. I don’t think she’ll be able to use the tray for much longer. This might also be a factor of cloth diapering, which does make a lot of harnesses a tighter fit.Overall, a plush, comfy feature-packed swing that’s cushy enough for long naps and interesting enough to amuse before and after (read: more quiet play, less wailing)

Cortney Eriline, KY

Good swing – almost perfect

I have had four kids over the past 7 years. I have twins. The end result: I’ve bought, or been given a number of swings. I can say without a doubt this kind of Fisher-Price swing is the best. Now, they have a lot of variants, but the basic function is the same. It’s hard to go wrong with any of them. Here are a few observations:
• They are awesome for nap time. And the swinging is good for inner ear development.
• They are awesome for kids with colds, since they can sleep with their heads upright and the swing will sooth them if they wake up coughing.
• The stupid sounds/music don’t matter. You are better off getting a white noise machine. Or turn on a fan.
• The mobile just keeps kids awake. Don’t even hang the toys from it.
• The plug in option is way better than using batteries. Not just the cost savings. The “oh crap my kid woke up from his nap because the swing stopped” savings.
• I prefer the models without the removable tray. Why? To quickly zap a cranky baby, tap your hand against the swing to create a rhythmic “thumping” noise. It knocks them right out. I find that the plastic piece that holds the tray in place is
• right
• where I want to thump the swing, which can be rough on my hand.I like this model, but you might take a look at the cheaperFisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing, My Little Snugabunnyas an example of one I prefer over this one.

Karina Rectortown, VA

Nice swing for smaller spaces

We got theFisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing, My Little Snugabunnywith a gift certificate soon after our baby was born. Loved it. Was the only place she would reliably fall asleep. It was sturdy and while the sounds and music were only fair, it was good enough.I was curious how this model would compare, and was interested in something that could be place elsewhere in the house. The snugabunny was pretty big and hard to move around.These two models are comparably priced, so make for a good comparison. First of all, size. The Little Lamb is shorter, with the baby lower to the ground and takes up less surface space. It folds down easier and so is more portable.It doesn’t seem quite as sturdy, however, as it offers a bit less support. And a pretty loud squeaking sound developed a few weeks after using it, which no doubt can be solved with a little well placed WD40, only I can’t get to see where the problem is. So, the squeak continued, and as our baby nears 20 pounds, it really has a hard time keeping up a swing.So it’s smaller, but also less powerful. I feel like the music and sounds are of a slightly higher quality.I really like the attachable tray with hand holds, or whatever they are, they can also be used to hold clip toys. Our baby seems to like this as well. But, the seat in the snugabunny is a fair bit more cuter and there’s that great little rabbit. The snugabunny seems more, as subjective as this might be, classy .As far as safety, both offer a good 5 point harness.

Gayle Franklin Square, NY

Best full size swing

This swing is hands down the best full size infant swing, period. The seat cover is so plush, soft and cozy. The color scheme is neutral and adorable for a boy or girl. The seat is perfect for a newborn to snuggle into, as well as older babies up to 25lbs.The options with this swing are plentiful. You can swing front to back or side to side. There are plenty of music choices as well as nature sounds. There is something to please any baby and enough settings/options to ensure that baby will never be bored. The positions can be changed quickly and easily.The wall plug means never needing to spend a fortune or scavenge for batteries.This swing is everything you could want. It has cozy comfort, soothing sounds, calming movements, a cute mobile for entertainment, no need for batteries, easy to set up and use, durable/well made and overall just too darn cute.I was looking at those new orbital swings which are about double the price of the Little Lamb swing. They looked so cool and modern, but with a hefty pricetag and when it comes down to it, they just do not have all of the features/options and really are not worth spending all of that extra money.This swing is highly recommended. I cannot imagine any mommy or baby being unsatisfied with it – there is just to much to love about it. No complaints at all.

Myrtle Pinon Hills, CA

A must for every nursery

So glad they included the adapter, no more batteries. Many options. Well made. Love the little lamb theme. Easy to put together.

Augusta Pine Grove, LA