Fisher-Price Cruisin’ Motion Soother

Fisher-Price Cruisin’ Motion Soother

The Cruizin Motion Soother is the first baby seat to give baby that soothing ride in the car without having to go anywhere. CruizRide Technology creates just the right movement for a true simulation of that all-comforting ride in the car. Keeping baby happy, whether at play with the fun toys or just relaxing with the music and sounds, is simple and easy. The seat ensures the right ergonomics for comfort and a head snuggler for support – plus it easily removes for machine washing. The toybar rotates back and forth/in and out, and there are 3 entertaining toys – a rear view mirror, a chunky little car with spinner ball in the middle, and a great set of clacker keys for bat-at-play. 8 songs and a nature track offer pleasant music for 20 minutes and volume can be adjusted.

Main features

  • Cruizin motion soother simulates a soothing ride in the car
  • Cruizride technology creates just the right movement to give baby that comforting feeling of riding in a car
  • Features correct ergonomics for comfort and a head snuggler for support
  • Toybar has 3 fun toys
  • 8 songs and nature sounds offer 20 minutes of music

Verified reviews


Effective and sturdy, but no bouncing & batteries are not included

The Fisher-Price Cruisin’ Motion Soother does not include 4 D batteries. Rechargeable D batteries could prove be the most economical for frequent users.The soother is well thought over, designed, and manufactured using sturdy plastic – the hallmark of Fisher-Price. It is ergonomic, cushioned, and has capacity of 25 lbs. The base is quite wide to provide stability. However, the center of gravity seems to be relatively high that may undermine the stability when the soother is used by a heavy and fidgety child. However, the cushioning and relatively low height should prevent any harm caused by the fall. A falling child would likely tend to roll out of the seat.Though without bouncing, the soother does well the job of soothing, and has more functions than passive bouncers, but it would benefit, if bouncing was included. The compact size at less than 19 x 17 x 9 inches and low weight under 9 lbs make it easy to transport.

Lynn Lena, IL

Beautiful soothing carrier

Besides the fact Fisher-Price Cruisin’ Motion Soother, Green/Yellow is motorized to simulate a gentle car ride, Fisher-Price Cruisin’ Motion Soother, has the most pleasing, gentle colors. Softest of mint, pale bule, white with orange toys that will draw attention.(and a rear view mirror.(too cute) The cushion is gentle and all the bases padded and covered with softness. I so look forward to offering this for mommy’s that visit me with new babies.One complaint…where was this product 34 years ago when my hubby and I were driving every night to soothe our babes to sleep? Probably still have the car if we hadn’t put so many miles on it from these endless jaunts. *GIGGLE*Truly a lovely way to make babies and mommies life easier.

Berta Crenshaw, MS

Exactly what we expected

We have a lot of kids! That being said, we didn’t get this gem until baby #6 and we love it. We like it better than the bouncy seats because the soothing motion can be turned on and left to do it’s thing. With a bouncy, you have to stay there and bounce it with your hand or foot until the baby gets strong enough to move it on their own. We found that the baby liked this one right from the get go and it has a nice bar across the front with two little toys dangling at the perfect angle for him to bat at with his hands now that he is developing some coordination. We could do without the soothing music, which the baby could care less about. But, the overall product is great. Highly recommend.

Briana Ashby, NE

Turned out to be the most used product – good for 0-6mos

Updated Review : I changed the rating of this item from 3 to 5 star and have all the reasons to do that.This product came very useful for my newborn who, like most babies born in the winters in Northeastern US, had to face nasal congestion. Sleeping would be hard laying straight on the bed. Hewould sleep, sometimes for 4-5hours only in the soother with the cruising motion on. Even once we got past that, it tuned out very useful during acid-reflux type situations.In normal conditions as well this is a fun soother. The toys are placed at just the right distance. My son, who just turned 6months, still enjoys playing with the toy car.Will recommend it to my other friends and family for sure.—–I ordered this Fischer Price product, thinking it could be an alternative for the bouncer. I was wrong since its very different. And bulkier.But it does simulate the car motion pretty well and can help your crying baby return to their smiling self within a few minutes.I did like the neutral colors. Saves one some money when they have another newborn of the other gender. And it’s very very sturdy. Wont’ topple the kid if he/she moves a lot.Right now I am also using it as a spare accessory when the bouncer is in the other room.Word of caution: This product eats up batteries pretty fast (and they do not come with it). Consider using re-chargeable ones for longevity and to make good use of the motion soother.

Clarice Clifton, ID


Our little one has silent reflux and colic and we went through quite a few portable swings and bouncies trying to find one he liked and could take along when we traveled. He loves car rides so I decided to try it and he loves it! Its cute, doesn’t burn through batteries like crazy, very cute, toy bar easily moves back out of way, and he’ll even sleep in it for hours at a time. The only down fall is it will cut off after about 45min and we have to re-start it. Other than that its been a great investment.

Francine Rollinsville, CO

It’s Ok but nothing great.

I was really excited to receive this item as having a cranky baby is something no one wants. Let me just say that this seat is not like riding in a car. It simulates motion but it does not have enough motion to make it feel like a car ride. This will settle a baby if they are not at their fussiest time. A car ride is my last resort to getting a baby to sleep. I am a foster parent and so I get all ages and personalities of children coming into my home. I wish this seat gave off heavier vibrations and maybe moved side to side a little aside from just bouncing up and down. I find that most of the babies I have come into my home enjoy the vibrating bouncy seat over this. The newborns seem to like to but after about 12 weeks, they seem to not care for it anymore. I do not like the fact that you cannot remove the head rest or the toys. How gross to not be able to wash the toys or the headrest where formula and drool fall onto. I don’t want to have to wash the entire cover if I just need to wash the headrest. Anyway, I give it 3 stars because it does help with the newborns. If you need something for older babies I would pass on this seat.

Virgie Maple Plain, MN

Not a necessity

I thought this would be a fun accessory to try with my 3-month-old, especially since he always falls asleep within 5 minutes of being in the car. Though it has some cool features, I wasn’t overly impressed. It was just ok for us.Pros:-Though the motions look odd (I actually thought it was broken when we first turned it on), my son did like it. It’s definitely unique, which was nice.-The colors are gender neutral.-Sturdy.Cons:-Isn’t able to be plugged in. Definitely a battery waster.-Bulky to move.-Cover is extremely difficult to take off and put on. Very little padding.-Doesn’t take the place of an item most people already have, such as a swing or a bouncer.Our son prefers his swing or bouncer over this, but I would think parents of babies with colic or those that aren’t easily soothed may want to give it a shot.

Glenda Garden Plain, KS


My colicy baby has slept 9 hours a night in this thing for the last six months. It’s easy to clean and I can’t find anything like it on the market. They have begun phasing it out, so I bought four more for my friends just in case.

Robert Randlett, UT

Mediocre for car motion, but great angle for reflux

I bought this bouncer in hopes that I could find some seat to put my second daughter down in so she would sleep away from me. She did not like it at all the first couple of months and the car motion really did not seem very soothing. I put it aside and meant to return it. At around three months, I decided to try it again and she took to it right away. I don’t use the car motion, but I place it in her crib and she naps and sleeps in it at night. The reason I like it is because her head is elevated at a nice angle and it helps with her severe reflux. She sleeps better in this than in her crib with the mattress slightly elevated. When I say better, I mean she typically sleeps 5 to 8 hours before waking up to eat. At four months, I can’t ask for more than that!I also found it easy to put together. The cover is sort of a pain to take off, but no more than her swing cover.I recommend it as a nice option for dealing with babies who have reflux.

Ramona Peak, SC

Baby doesn’t like it

Assembly is very easy and it looks creative but baby did not like it at all. The first time I put her in it, she smiled at the mirror and toys and then got bored. She gave me a quizzical look when I turned on the motion button and she hated the music/window wiper sounds (as do I). Since then I’ve tried putting her in this “car seat” at least once a day for a couple of weeks and every time she starts crying either immediately or after just a few minutes. So I think I can safely conclude that she does not care for it. On the other hand, she loves the Fisher Price Musical Projection swing most of the time. She even prefers her Graco carseat over this, but I imagine other babies will like this better than my baby did.In conclusion, a cute and creative soother but not all that special.

Ava De Young, PA

Works to soothe, but so does a swing; music is inaudible

Our newborn does surprisingly well on the roadtrips to the doctor’s office for checkups and we were happy to get this.After a month or so of usage though as first-time parents, we can only fairly give this 3 stars.Our Dislikes:==============First, the plastic cradle is very hard and the “padding” is like one-layer thin. When I put my hand on it, I feel how hard the plastic is. So hard that when we use this, we cushion it with a folded over plush blanket.Second, the music is inaudible. I’ve pushed on the UP-Volume button 50 times and it does not get any louder. When you actually turn on the “rumble” portion of the seat, you cannot hear the already inaudible music over the sound of the internal motor. Maybe ours is defective, but you might as well just write-off that your baby is not going to hear the audio part.Third, the design is a little silly. The car-seat “rumble” lasts for 60 minutes, but when it is finished, the Power LED light stays on. In fact even with no music and no “rumble” the Power LED stays on. This is minor, but I think the Power LED light should be on when the thing is actually on and off when the thing is actually off. I should be able to glance at it and know for sure if it is off or on, especially since it is powered by 4 “D” batteries that you don’t want to have to keep replacing.Fourth, our 1.5 month old baby at ~9lbs and 22″ fits this just right. We had friends over who had a 16lb baby boy and a 20lb baby girl and the PACKAGING states this car seat soother is good for 25lbs but in reality, there’s no way!! I think 16lb is the absolute MAXIMUM before they are going to get too big for this, so keep that in mind! At 9lbs, or newborn fits in this a little too well.What we do Like:=================Simply the fact that this works just well enough. Meaning, the ability to eat dinner with your wife (even if we scarf it down in 20 minutes) even once is worth the price of this car seat soother. We have used it a few times when the baby is a little fussy and dinner was getting cold, it worked for the 20 minutes we needed and what a blessing! :-)That being said, we also have an electronic swing with adjustable (and loud) volume and adjustable speeds. Though it cost a bit more, it’s more versatile. It will serve us well for probably up to 30lbs and it works to soothe a fussy baby enough that we can finish our dinner, etc.The carseat soother sits on the floor, whereas the bottom of the swing cradle is a foot or more above the ground and our dog stays away from it. The carseat soother our dog could (but doesn’t) jump on it…The size and portability of the carseat soother is also nice, but if you only have the budget for one of these, then an electronic swing is more versatile in the long term.So 3 stars since our baby will quickly out grow this, the plastic is so hard it requires additional padding, the music is inaudible and our electronic swing by the same manufacturer provides us the same benefit.

Joanne Saint Lawrence, SD


We are the family that takes the baby out of the car seat at every opportunity and believe leaving a baby in car seat too long is not good. But there is a time and place for everything. We absolutely love this baby gadget, which we use occasionally. I could not believe how it really simulates a car. Baby has been calmed by this on many occasions and now that she can grab at things, she really likes the toys and mirror on this one. So it’s a great little gadget, but be sure not to overuse it.

Nora Hainesport, NJ

Returned item!

Item looked used and returned already and for some reason I can’t return it even though I just got it yesterday! Looks just a mess of loads of parts to put together. Awful.

Lena Drakesville, IA


We were very hopeful when we got this that it would substitute for the way car rides relax our baby. It did not. A few things…First, the fabric was not what I was expecting…feels cheap for some reason compared to other fisher price things we have gotten.Second, the motion does not soothe our daughter. This is subjective – – we realize all children are different, and also that in the future it may soothe her even though it has not yet in the month plus we have had it.Third, it does not hold a baby like a car seat does…between the fabric quality and the seat itself, it is just not snuggly enough if that makes sense. I feel like our daughter sleeps well in her Chicco car seat…she is snuggled in and cozy. This does not have that effect.Overall, save your $ – our swing and bouncy worked much better then this.

Lorna Orland, IN

Loved it, but it broke first week.

I loved this product and the idea of it. I put my baby in it everyday for a week, but never turned it on because he just liked sitting in it. Finally at the end of the week I decided to turn it on and I could hear the gears turning, but the seat wouldn’t move at all.. I know it worked when I first got it, because I turned it on to test it out. So I tore the whole thing apart and rigged it up with tape and it works now, but for $50+ I dont think I should have had to rig the thing up.

Laurie Cobden, IL

Nice Baby Chair

This makes a great baby seat. The music is soothing and the toys are cute. They will hold a baby’s attention. I like that chair is comfortable and sturdy. I like that I can move this chair easy around the house.It is easy to clean up but you have to take the whole pad off as well. The toys are their permanently so they will not come off easy. The motion works ok but it seems to really be lacking the motion. I was expecting a little more movement. Overall it is a great chair for the baby to nap in sit in play in.

Clara Milford, NE

A good place to set the baby down, but not like a car ride

I am one of those moms who got desperate and decided I’d try anything to get my infant to nap. The car almost always worked to make him go to sleep, so I thought I would try this to see if it could save me some miles on my car.The baby NEVER ONCE fell asleep in this seat. But, I find that I like it anyway. It’s another place in the house where I can set him down and he can entertain himself for a few minutes. It’s a comfy-looking seat, and he loves the toy bar that has the hanging keys and rattle. It’s very portable, so you can move it from room to room. It also doesn’t take up very much space.This isn’t an essential item, but I don’t regret buying it. I just wish it had lulled him to sleep.

Cheryl Verdunville, WV

Failed the baby test

Perhaps I had too high expectations, but this product was a real disappointment.One major pro, it doesn’t tip over.

Nadine Custer, MT

Absolute must for moms

I use this all the time and my baby loves it. I highly recommend this as it has a very secure strap and the sides are high enough that my baby feels secure. I use it everyday multiple times a day.

Francisca Merigold, MS

A Great Idea for Colicky Babies, but Flawed

My wife and I purchased this for our newborn son, suffering from colic for more than a month now. We had high hopes after reading some of the reviews and especially considering how much he improved when in a real car seat on real car rides.PRO’s:–Sturdy construction; no worries about it falling over or moving unexpectedly–Well-padded seat–Belt system mimics typical baby car seat harnesses (which often calm colicky babies as well, even sans vehicle motion)–Seat doesn’t just vibrate; it “bumps around,” mimicking a car ride fairly accurately, actually–Easy to assembleCON’s:–Only two looping sounds available (including something that sounds like a clunker with wipers in the rain… odd)–No AC adapter included NOR optional (no power cord input) — must use 4x D batteries, which can get pricey–Looping audio times out at 15 minutes (what?)–Car motion times out at 60 minutes (again, what?)BOTTOM LINE:This is a really good idea, but ultimately a flawed product. I could overlook the strict limitation to using D batteries for powering the device–not particularly environmentally-friendly, mind, but nothing’s perfect–but the fact that the looping audio times out at a measly 15 minutes and–worse–that the car motion times out at 60 minutes makes this useless for us. The car motion really seemed to help him a bit, but he would wake up within seconds of the 60-minute motion timeout. What’s the use in that? A 120-min timeout added option would be much more helpful to aid both frazzled infants, and their zombified parents, a chance for purposeful, restful sleep.

Kimberley Victor, MT

Soothing motion and music – light motion, perfect size

There are 2 choices when it comes to buying a motion soother/rocker for your baby – which one really depends on what your baby likes – each one is different. Glider, Motion smoother, Rocker.. each of them having different kinds of motion, some even have pulsating vibrations.So, you really have to try different ones before deciding which one your baby feels calm. But let me tell you, once you have found the right one – it is a life saver, you will be so glad you bought one. Babies can be crying so hard and once you put them on a rocker/soother like this – they just relax and start smiling in minutes. If you have observed, babies tend to sleep more in cars – the idea is to get a similar feel for them at home.Now, for the Fisher price Motion smoother – it was easy to assemble, need D size batteries (not included). It produces a very small amount of motion just enough to put a infant upto 6-8 months (or even upto 1 year) old to soothe them.If you have not bought one – I would suggest that buying a motion glider/soother should be on the top of your list – you will be so glad that you bought one.

Lauren Piedmont, OH