Fisher-Price Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing, Rainforest Friends

Fisher-Price Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing, Rainforest Friends

Designed specifically for baby’s sensitive skin, the Deluxe Rainforest Friends Cradle ‘n Swing features plush fabrics to keep your child cozy. View larger Two-position recline and 3 adjustable seat positions to suit baby’s mood. View larger Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing Deep and cozy Papsan style seat surrounds baby in comfort—with two swinging motions, soothing rainforest sights and sounds, and a variety of other customizable features that let you choose and combine what baby likes best! Plug-in option saves on batteries so baby can relax, swing and play in soothing comfort—all day! Soft and snuggly for soothing, with features to entertain, too! Fisher-Price Deluxe Rainforest Friends Cradle ‘n Swing cradles and swings…soothes and entertains…just the way baby likes it. How? By letting you choose and combine features baby likes best! Choose a swinging motion (side-to-side cradle or head-to-toe swing), a seat position (recline or upright; left-facing, center, or right-facing), and a swing speed (1-6)—then, if it suits baby’s mood, add 16 soothing tunes, gentle nature sounds and motion on the motorized mobile. Three soft friends “dance” overhead to soothe, entertain, and stimulate baby’s developing senses of sight and sound; mirrored globe lets baby see herself (and all around!); linkable rainforest frog toy entertains, too! SmartSwing Technology Fisher-Price Deluxe Rainforest Friends Cradle ‘n Swing features SmartSwing Technology, with a wide range of swinging speeds from low to high so you can find the perfect motion to soothe baby. It actually senses baby’s weight (so speeds won’t slow as baby grows)—and it starts without a push! It’s easy to assemble, with two convenient power options: use the included 120-volt AC adapter (so you save on batteries!) or 4 D batteries (when you’re not near an outlet to plug in). The sturdy steel frame has legs that fold, so it’s easy to store and move from room-to-room, too. Swing away—and see what develops! Fisher-Price Deluxe Rainforest Cradle ‘n Swing offers baby a sense of soothing comfort and security through two different swing motions and an ultra-plush, deep, and cozy Papasan style seat. Music, nature sounds, and a motorized mobile stimulate baby’s senses, with animal friends that encourage eye-tracking, a mirrored globe for self-discovery, and linkable frog toy that detaches for take-along. Part of the Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends Collection! What’s in the Box? Includes one Fisher-Price Deluxe Rainforest Friends Cradle ‘n Swing with 120-volt AC Adapter. Requires 4 D alkaline batteries, not included, for optional battery powered operation. Adult assembly required, Allen wrench (included) and Phillips screwdriver (not included) needed. SmartSwing Technology lets you adjust the swinging speed and direction for the most soothing experience for baby. View larger Age/Weight Requirements Use from birth until child attempts to climb out of product. Max weight: 25 pounds. Features Two swinging motions to soothe baby: side-to-side cradle or traditional head-to-toe swing motion SmartSwing Technology Deluxe Papasan style seat with machine-washable fabric seat pad and plush infant head support Six swing speeds, 16 songs, soothing nature sounds Two-position recline with 3 adjustable seat positions: right-facing, center, left-facing Easy to convert to different positions—just press button and turn Motorized mobile with mirrored globe; three soft friends “dance” overhead Linkable frog toy detaches for take-along Includes 120-volt AC adapter for battery-free operation, or requires 4 D batteries

Main features

  • Plastic, Polyester
  • Imported
  • Mirrored overhead globe features 3 soft, spinning characters
  • Has 2 recline positions and 3 seat positions
  • 16 musical tunes- 8 soothing/8 playful and 2 bonus rainforest sound effects
  • Smart Swing Technology has 6 distinctive speeds for customizable comfort
  • Comes with AC adapter so mom can save on batteries

Verified reviews


There are better Fisher-Price Cradle Swings out there

This swing has been a major source of frustration for me and is the reason why I’m giving this a two star review. This is the fourth, yes fourth Fisher-Price cradle swing I have owned. The first one was from thirteen years ago and had just three speeds and no fancy bells or whistles like sounds or motorized mobile. It was basic and it was great. I used it for my first two children and then passed it on to a friend who used it for her baby. The second one was a papasan swing that I brought second hand at a yard sale for our third child. The swing had already gone through two children and was used briefly for my third baby and then passed on to another friend who got a ton of use out of it and passed it back to me for my nephew. The third swing, and the one I like best is the aquarium swing that a friend gave us for our third baby. I prefer that one because it has an a/c adaptor and has the same excellent construction as our original cradle swing. Now let’s move on to the review of this Rainforest Friends swing.I was really excited when I found out I was going to have the opportunity to review this swing. It has neutral colors, much like the papasan swing I had picked up at a yard sale, which meant it would blend in perfectly with my living room and family room decor, and best of all it had an a/c adaptor so I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping a steady supply of batteries on hand. But my excitement faded away when I started to assemble the swing.Assembly for this swing is a major pain in the rear. I have assembled three previous models of Fisher-Price cradle swings with relative ease. They all snapped and screwed together in roughly five to ten minutes with zero frustration. This swing, however was a nightmare to assemble. I had to fight with it to get the legs screwed together and then the real struggle came when it was time to attach the seat to the motor. The old design with a nut and bolt was preferable to the new design that has the nut encased in a plastic collar that is not easy to align with the bolt. Both my husband and I had to do a fair amount of fighting with the connection points before we could get the swing fully assembled. If I only had to assemble this swing once, I might not be so annoyed about the assembly, but this "fun" was to be repeated not once, not twice, but FOUR times. Why so many you ask? Well, motor number one, the one included with the original swing had a defect where it would swing for about ninety seconds, stop and then the motor would grind for about thirty seconds and start swinging again. I called customer service and they were very helpful and offered to send out a replacement motor. Several days later the new motor arrived poorly packaged in a badly banged up box. Only after I had the swing reassembled did I realize that the control panel was cracked. Awesome. But I decided to run the swing and test out the motor so I could write this review. This motor had pretty much the same problem as the first one but would swing for about ten mintues before it stopped and started grinding. So I called customer serivce again and explained my problem and offered to send this motor back with the original one that they wanted back. A second replacement was then sent out (motor number 3). This one arrived several days later. It was very dirty and covered in scratches. Once I had it together I turned it on and was surprised that the motor was good. Then I noticed that the mobile had lots of white grease oozing out of it. Just what you want hanging over your baby, right? So I had to call customer service again. This time the rep I spoke to decided that she needed to escalate my call to a different department because she felt that it was pretty bad that three motors in a row had issues and she wanted to make sure that the issue got addressed. They confirmed that grease shouldn’t be all over the outside of the motor housing and asked me to package that one up so they could send UPS to pick it up. A third replacement motor was then sent with expedited shipping. This motor, like the two before it came scratched up and dirty, but it works and there’s no grease leaking from it. It does, however have a really bad ridge of metal in the tubing that connects to the leg that makes getting the leg on or off a task that requires two to three people. It took two of us to put the leg on and three of us to pull it off (one to pull on the motor housing, one to pull on the leg and another to depress the little button that holds the two pieces together). I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for that level of nonsense.Now that we got past the assembly and motor quality issues, let’s look at the rest of the swing’s features. The overall construction seems very flimsy when compared to previous Fisher-Price cradle swings. The swing motor is a bit loud, but every cradle swing we’ve had from Fisher-Price has been a bit loud so I wouldn’t hold the noise against it. The legs on this swing concern me. It looks like the new design serves the function of requiring Fisher-Price to use less steel to construct the swing and results in a less secure base for the swing. As the swing swings, the legs walk themselves in towards each other. It’s a gradual walk, but the more the legs come together, the less stable the swing becomes.The music for the swing is ok. It’s not overly annoying but it’s not something I’d forsee using in my house. I found the nature sounds to be better than the music. The mobile is cute and the little animals and leaves move up and down as the mobile rotates so that will add interest for the babies. I really dislike the mirrored dome. It will give baby a distorted view of him/herself. I much perfer the dome like the one on the aquarium swing to this one.The seat pad isn’t anything spectacular. The head rest can be moved up and down to accomodate babies of differing heights, but it’s pretty thin and isn’t going to help prevent flat spots on baby’s head. I’d rather this seat pad didn’t have the head rest so a head rest like the Boppy Noggin Nest could be used instead. The seat pad is gender neutral. I prefer gender neutral baby gear so you don’t find yourself swimming in say all pink baby gear from your first baby only to have to go out and buy all new stuff if you have a boy next.So the bottom line on this swing is I’d stay away from it. It’s not the best construction and if my experience with three bad swing motors makes me think they have some issues that need to be addressed. I’d suggest looking at different models of Fisher-Price swings instead. Look for the ones that have a different style leg.

Rowena Arden, NC

I got a used (stained) one!

I was sent a cheap looking swing that had scuffs and stains– clearly used. I returned the item as it was not at all what I had hoped for. There are far better swings out there for not that much more money…

Ladonna Rockland, ID

Another Great Fisher-Price Swing

Our family has used several different Fisher-Price swing models for several different babies and we have always been satisfied with them. They are an invaluable piece of baby gear for two main reasons:1. A swing really soothes your baby and can even help him/her fall asleep and establish a daily nap schedule.2. A swing can buy you some time while your baby is safely "restrained and entertained."The Rainforest Friends Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing offers a variety of ways to meet these needs, and also includes some convenient features not included in older swings, e.g. an AC adapter (finally!) to use in lieu of expensive batteries. It can swing side-to-side or else head-to-toe based on your baby’s preference and has a variety of swing speeds to accommodate your baby as he/she gets older and heavier. There are also multiple seat positions and recline angles to choose from. Switching from one to the other is very simple. The papasan-style seat cushion is soft, comfortable and feels durable.This model doesn’t feel as sturdy as older Fisher-Price swings that we’ve used, but that may be either (1) just a sign of the passing of time, or (2) the fact that this swing is made of more lightweight materials – which is good if you plan on moving the swing very much. Assembly wasn’t a snap, but didn’t require too much in the way of tools, handiness or time.All in all, this is another great Fisher-Price swing that will make baby happy while giving parents a much-needed break from time to time!

Imogene Durant, MS

Poor assembly makes it not recommended

I’m torn on this swing – once it is assembled, it’s a decent quality, and better than the old style front to back swing we had before. Still, the troubles in assembly make it not recommended – as many will not have the tools necessary to fix it.Pros:- Overall, it’s decent quality. It has a nice set of options to keep the child interested, including a mirror, mobile, swing, and music. Our 4 month old enjoys swinging in this almost as much as she likes her bouncy seat.- The music – it is soothing and there’s quite a bit of variety. It’s not loud, odd sounding, or jarring – which is a radical departure from most child’s toys.- The seat is well padded, comfortable, and the padded part removes easily for washing and cleaning. Since she’s a spit up machine, that’s very important to us.Cons:- It feels a bit flimsy, as others have said. The legs are held in place by 2 push in buttons, which holds fine – and we haven’t had any trouble with them walking together, but it does rock heavily when pushed or bumped.- The worst of all – it didn’t go together. Each leg is cut separately and has a u-shaped part that goes around a rod inside the connector. That’s a great way to prevent and error and make sure it is put together correctly. One leg went right on. The other, not so much – I spent 10 minutes pushing, prodding, and pulling to try to get it to assemble and latch – but it just wouldn’t work. After some investigation, the slot on the leg wasn’t cut large enough to fit over the rod. Luckily, I have a Dremel and grinder, so I went and ground the piece down so it would fit correctly. Poorly constructed and manufactured, for certain.Overall, it would be a decent product – but a mistake like that in manufacturing is unacceptable.

Latisha Haleiwa, HI

Nice and Gentle Swing!!

My nephew is in love with the Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing. This swing has two moving setting either back and forth or side to side (he prefers the side to side). I love this swing because it puts him to sleep almost instantly and also works wonders in calming him down if he is fussy. The mobile and the mirror on the top gives my nephew minutes of fun because he doesn’t last long before he completely passes out. There are six different speeds that the swing can go and I like the different music choices so that it is all ways a different song and none of us get bored with all of the selections. I love that it’s low to the floor so it’s less of a chance of having any accidents. You can plug it in or use batteries making it available for you to use it any and everywhere.The only issue that I have had with this swing was putting it together it took my sister and I about an hour of bickering and struggling to get it assembled but after it was together and stable we have had no issues only good times.

Gussie Council, NC

Good swing, love the colors

I got this swing for when my nephew comes over with his new born baby. Me and my son set it up to put in the corner of the living room, so we didn’t have to keep taking it apart and putting it back together. So the first thing I want to say about this swing is that it isn’t too hard to put together, but the legs don’t seem as sturdy as other baby swings I have had in the past for my own children. However, the baby loves the mirror, and we love the fact that it swings side to side as well as back and forth. The music is okay, sometimes the baby just likes quiet, so we don’t use the music all the time, but it has a very comfortable seat, and I love the fact that it is machine washable. The colors match perfectly in my living room, so I don’t mind keeping it in the corner set up. All in all, I think this is a good baby swing, I just wish it was a little more sturdy.

Dale Celoron, NY

Can’t live without this!

We could not live without this swing. The most important thing is that it does not need batteries, you can plug it straight into the wall. One negative is that it doesn’t store easily when you need to put it away, but I guess a lot of baby stuff is that way. My oldest kid would only nap in their swing, so that is what we had to do for 10 months, it was a lifesaver.

Sasha Kamrar, IA

Nice Product With Some Flaws

Overall, I like this Fisher-Price swing, but there are a few features that I am not too thrilled with and could be improved.Pros:This swing, as well as swings in general, are a godsend to parents who are trying to calm and sooth theirThe seat looks and feels very comfortable.The unisex design is suitable for both boys and girls, so you can use the same swing with children of different genders.The little mirror above the swing is very intriguing to the little ones.The hanging characters move around, which is another useful distraction.The swing features sixteen tunes and sound, and gives the little one (as well as his or her parents) a much needed variety.Cons:Not easy to assemble.The construction seems fairly flimsy. It looks like it could be easily knocked over or damaged if you accidentally bump into it.I’ve had some problems with the swinging motor failing over time in my other swing, but so far I have not had any trouble with this one. If anything changes in that regard I’ll update this review.

Chasity Lenni, PA

WOW!!! Absolutely Amazing swing

I have already purchased 8 of these swings for baby gifts. Every single one of the recipients called me several times to thank me for this super swing. It works marvelously. Keeps the baby calm for hours. I will be back for more of these. I only wish the price would go down. They used to be around $90, but this one was $125. I guess they think they can rake it in if it’s so popular.

Maggie Burlington, CO

Adorable swing

This swing is awesome it’s wings back-and-forth and left and right it is nice and cushy for a tiny one it’s close to the ground so you don’t have to worry about falling and it just adorable. I even like the mobile it’s so cute

Gwen Bushnell, FL

Great swing

This is a great swing. One of the best you can buy. It is essentially the same as the My Little Lamb swing, but minus the cute and fluffiness. My Little Lamb has the very plush, soft, furry seat cover, whereas this one just has a soft fabric cover. All of the other features are the same. All of the same capabilities, at a cheaper price. It all depends on what you want as far as looks and fabric designs.There are so many options as far as the music and sounds. The mobile is great for added entertainment. You can swing forward/back or side to side. The seat fits a newborn just as well as an older infant. The seat on this as well as the My Little Lamb, Snugabunny, etc, is so comfy and cozy. Baby can set back in and just looks so comfortable.The color scheme on this one is fairly neutral although I do feel it is slightly more boyish. It does look better in person though. The colors are not too bright or gaudy. It really has a gently, soft look to it as far as colors.Option to plug it in to the wall is obviously a huge plus. No worry of batteries going dead or last minute trips to the store to buy some. I’ve actually never even used it with batteries, I just plug it in.It is easy to put together and is done in minutes. Toys attach to mobile quickly and easily. It is easy to switch the swing direction. Although it is a full size swing, it does not take up too much space. I have seen a lot of swings on display when checking them out at the store and some are more bulky and just take up more space. This one is a nice compromise – not too big and definitely not too small. It is perfect.Overall a great swing. It works perfectly, has plenty of options, and is comfy for baby whether swinging for entertainment or using it to help with nap time. It is a great alternative to the more “cushy” and cute My Little Lamb. It has all the same features, but with a lower price.

Miranda Holmes City, MN

Not perfect, but a nice option.

For the most part, assembly was easy. However, attaching the legs to the motor mechanism was a serious pain in the rear. It was really awkward to get the legs inserted fully into the holes due to the size, shape, and position of the motor housing components. They did not slide in easily, it took a lot of twisting and finagling to finally get them fully inserted and snapped into place. I felt like it should have included the disclaimer: "Warning: do not attempt to assemble if you are a cranky, hormonal pregnant woman lest you be tempted to throw ill-fitting legs across the room."The only tools that you need for assembly are an allen wrench (provided) and a Philips head screwdriver. Apart from attaching the legs to the motor, the rest of the assembly was very easy and could be done quickly.The swing has a nice, gender-neutral appearance. The fabric is soft and comfortable. The seat is padded, but not especially plush. I do wish that the head insert was removable and not sewn on. It would be fabulous to be able to just throw that one portion into the washing machine (thinking of spit-up, drool, etc.).The songs and nature sounds are nice and have adjustable volume. The mobile also is motorized to help provide a bit of visual interest (there’s also a mirrored dome on the underside of the mobile. There are three different swinging positions (but really only two different movements – side to side or head to toe (facing either right or left). I personally thought the highest swing speed was a bit intense, but that might be different once you have a baby in the seat providing a bit of resistance.The legs do squeeze inward for storage, but it is still a fairly large swing and takes up a good bit of space. I really like the plug-in option (you also have the option of using 4 D batteries). It’s great to not have to worry about the batteries running out, but I still have the option of moving it around my house away from outlets if I need to. I like that flexibility.All in all, it’s an attractive swing and can be used up to 25 lbs. Now all I have to do is convince my two-year-old not to try to climb in it and break it before baby brother arrives. 🙂

Charlene New Millport, PA

Good swing, but NOT unisex

I thought this could pass off as unisex but after opening and seeing the green, there’s no way in my opinion, the first thing that comes to mind is it’s for a boy.With that being said, this is a good swing and much better than my battery operated one. It’s fairly quite, the music for me is a huge plus, my daughter loved the music on our previous swing. It’s sturdy, you’d think it might be wobbly, but it’s not. There’s fairly decent padding on this and the material is soft.The one downfall for me is that even though it says 25 pounds, there’s no way after 4-5 months I’d see this fitting a baby. With the traditional swing, my daughter can still swing in it. She loves her swing!All in all this is a good guy and worth it.

Irma Anchorage, AK

Baby Loves It!!

This is an adorable baby swing and the baby LOVES it! It took 2 adults about 30 minutes to assemble it, the last step being the most tricky, but not impossible. I like that it has an AC cord as I don’t always have extra batteries handy so it is able to be used immediately upon set-up.Fisher-Price has developed an efficient swing that seems easy to keep clean. It is colorful and attractive to the baby while matching most home decors. He especially likes the mirror, I think it is the first time he had ever seen himself! The swing is not too bulky so it doesn’t take up much room in my home. I appreciate the adjustable seat, the baby can lie down or sit up, depending on his (or my) mood. I love having my hands free while the baby swings happily in the same room. I can get housework and schoolwork done while not having to hold an infant the whole time. I highly recommend this wonderful addition to the Rainforest Friends line of baby items. It’s been a lifesaver!

Cathryn Pipersville, PA

Great for newborns

I decided to use this for a friend of mine who visits my house regularly with her newborn. I originally had the Zen which looked nice but wasn’t all that. To be honest I prefer this one over the Zen. The baby that uses this is now 9 weeks old and loves sitting in it. The swing features two swing mode, side to side or the regular front to back (think the park swing). It also has six speed and I can tell you that they’re all dependent on how heavy your baby is. The lighter your baby in weight the faster they go. The seat is also plush and comfortable and baby seems happy in it.The sounds aren’t really that great but they’re bearable. One of the best feature of this swing is the fact that it can fold compactly. If you’re an apartment dweller with limited space then this is for you. It can also take batteries but it also can use an AC Adapter as well. Why use batteries when you can use electricity but its great knowing that you have an option. The toys aren’t that much fun and doesn’t really keep the baby interested for too long but that could be because he’s still fairly new to everything. I did wish though that the seat was removable like the Zen was but besides that this is a great swing. The seat cover can be removed and washed so don’t worry about having baby in a dirty seat. I gave it 4 stars because I did wish that the seat was removable so you can use it as a stand alone chair.

Corine Columbiana, OH


We had the Fisher Price Nature’s Touch swing and it clicked and squeaked and it ran on batteries. We just hated it. This one is very smooth. It does squeak a little. If we put it up to full speed the arm that holds the chair to the swing will hit one of the legs. I think this just happens because our son is too lite for full speed yet, we will see once he is a little heavier if it still does it.We LOVE that it’s plug in though. Saves so much money and annoyance not using batteries that die quickly!

Pat Laketown, UT

Could be Improved Upon

There are a few things I really like about this swing. I love the way you can turn the seat so there are two directions that you can rock. This is a neat feature, although most babies are fine with one rocking motion. This is handier as a way to face the baby in the direction you wish without having to move the base. I like that the swing is foldable, although this does seem to cause the swing to lose a little stability. I haven’t had any problems with the swing falling over, but it seems more wobbly than myGraco DuetConnect, which wins over this swing easily. The Graco has a deeper seat, which means it will last longer if your little ones still likes to swing as she gets a little older or is just big for her age. The Graco seat is removable and becomes a bouncer. I always like it when my items do double duty.This Fisher-Price seat has very cute toys. The rainforest friends are a staple in my house. I love this as a theme because it works for either gender. The music is sweet and soothing. Many of the older swings did not have a wall outlet option and ran only on batteries. This one plugs into the wall, which is great although I don’t think you can tout this as a feature unique to this swing as this is the case with most swings these days.

Jordan Lakeview, NC

Almost perfect

I have four kids. I’ve gone through a lot of swings over the years, and I can say with confidence that Fisher-Price makes the best swings. They are the most comfortable and they last. We use these for the “mid-day nap” and nights where the baby has a cold (helps keep them upright and settle them if a cough wakes them up). Let me tell you about the things that matter when it comes to baby naps in these swings:1. You can plug it in so no batteries failing in the middle of nap time2. It’s soft and comfortable3. It swings from side-to-side.Let me tell you what doesn’t matter:1. It plays music and has other sound options (they don’t help)2. It has toys for babies to look at (I take them off, they bother little babies and distract older ones)3. What the theme is: babies don’t care.Some of them have a set of toys that snap across their lap. This keepsk them awake and makes it hard to tap on the side. Tapping on the side of a swing rhythmically is a *great* way to put a baby to sleep. I don’t want a piece of plastic there, I want padding which is more comfortable to tap.So this is a great swing, except for one catch: it has the old “dial” for setting the swing speed. This is a little noisy, so if you put a sleepy baby in the swing and turn it, it can wake them up. When you are sleep deprived yourself, anything that helps a baby sleep is gold. So get this model (or one like it) instead, which is pretty much just like this one, but it has nice quiet buttons:Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing, My Little Snugabunny

Tanisha Rossiter, PA

Love the AC adapter!

This is our second swing, the first was a hand-me-down that was well-worn and only had a single-direction swing. This is a nice 4-star swing because it is easy to adjust the swinging motion from side to side to front/back.Here’s what we like about it:========================1. AC Adapter! Our old swing only ran on batteries that we’ve replaced a few times already. THIS swing lets you choose to use AC adapter or batteries.2. Adjustable swing motion – side to side or front/back3. Has your standard nature sounds/melodies common on most swings4. Adjustable swing speed5. Rotating mobile with mirror that can be turned off (our old swing had a non-electric mobile that kinda just stayed there)6. It has the ability to fold! (our old swing is a behemoth monster that is hard to even switch rooms with without carefully articulating and rotating it through the doorway)Here’s what we don’t like about it and why we have only given 4 stars:======================================================1. Currently, there’s some plastic piece in the motor that rattled when I was assembling this. I can only presume something already broke and is loose inside the motor housing. The shipping boxes looked fine. Swing seems to work fine otherwise.2. It says it has 6 speeds, but really only 4 speeds are usable. Our baby weighs 15.5lbs now. If I set the speed to 5, the swing will sometimes hit its own stand! Yes, the swing will swing too much and hit the support stand. (I’ve noticed this will happen if you help start the swing motion, but the manual says not to and we are not ‘helping’ the swing motion, the device is doing this on its own and may be out of adjustment – see potentially related point #1 above) No fret though, we just set it to speed 4.3. The melodies/nature sounds stop after ~20 minutes. This doesn’t make any sense if it is on AC power. I think 30, 45, 60 minutes would be more convenient.4. This isn’t quiet, though the rhythmic noise might be a soothing factor by accident. It has a clicking and low rumble-rubberish-squeaky type noise as it swings.5. If your toddler bumps the swing, it will swing out of whack and continue that way, due to the design. Our old swing had 2 pivot arms so if bumped, it would always correct itself; this has a single pivoting ball motion that is easy to "get off track".Overall, a nice, modern, 4-star swing that has allowed us to cook or eat dinner or get some light household chores done, which is always a nice thing!

Sonya Strafford, MO

FP Deluxe Cradle Swing

We had the FP Papasan version of this for our second child, and she did not like it all that much. Now, we have the opportunity of having this for our third child and it buys me about 15 to 30 minutes of time when I put her in it. I know of other babies who would take 2-3 hour naps in it, sadly not mine. Assembly was easy enough, but footprint is big. We keep it in the living room, not enough space in the nursery without stubbing your toe on one of the legs.

Paulette Bowmanstown, PA

A must have

I think a swing is a must have baby item. I usually rock my son to sleep or he falls asleep on his own but there are times that this is the only thing that will calm him down, and it is worth its weight in gold during those times.

Kathleen Aurora, KS

Amazing Swing!

I love this swing. The design is really well thought out from a swing standpoint. There are two legs that touch the floor at four points making a steady base. The swing moves side to side with the seat rotating such that the baby is moving left to right; head to toe or an at angle. Above the child is a reflective dome and slow moving mobile that can be turned on/off. The swing has several different speeds and volume levels (poff, loud and really loud) which are set on a control panel on the top of the unit.I don’t think anything feels cheap or flimsy, but it did take a few minutes to get everything aligned. The legs lock into place (both out for use and in for storage) and once locked are a pain to get un-locked. The feet are designed for carpet. If you are going to put it on hardwood you’ll want to find some sort of pad to protect the floor. The seat cover comes off the seat easily for cleaning and the unit is pretty quiet overall. The best part is that it plugs into the wall or runs off of batteries for the swing/sound.Assembly does have something to be desired. The instructions are clear and the parts only fit together one way, but there is not a lot of tolerance with the assembly and some of the parts took me a while to line up. Mine also came with cardboard taped on every end and curve that took a while to get off, but it looked pristine when I got it assembled!As swings go I’m very happy, not replacing batteries every few days is a huge plus and the ability to easily turn the seat to face wherever I am in the room while the baby rocks is great. Would buys again and recommend to friends!

Tami Crawford, GA


Our little girl loves her swing! She sleeps in it almost every night. The mobile is really cute & the music/nature sound options are nice. Worth the price for sure!

Tessa Mora, NM

Love this swing! Compared to Rainforest Open-Top Cradle.

This swing is a nice upgrade from theFisher-Price – Rainforest Open-Top Cradle Swing. I like the placement of the mobil, and the mirror is a nice addition that wasn’t there with the Open-Top Cradle. Another difference, is the tray has been removed. We never used the tray, but at times we would place toys there for our son to play with. Overall though, the tray wasn’t really used, it only made it difficult to place my son in the swing. The Deluxe Cradle has straps to secure your baby, and has a nice padded liner (much the same as the Open-Top Cradle). Removing and washing the padding is easy. You can switch between 16 musical tunes and adjust the volume. You can also adjust the speed of the swing and rotate the seat to swing back and forth, left to right, or right to left, and tilt the seat up or back.All together the swing took 30 minutes to put together. The legs fold for storage… though I didn’t find this of any use because the seat takes up so much room, you can’t really tuck it anywhere. AC adapter is a good length, but you can use batteries (not included).The only complaint we’ve had with these swings is they are not silent. They make a creaking noise when they rock. At first it was annoying, but soon became part of the swings motion. It won’t wake your baby, if anything it will help put them to sleep!Fantastic swing!

Michelle Amazonia, MO

6 month old LOVES it!!!

I had a dinosaur of a swing that was a hand crank one I got way back with my first child. So when I was offered this one I was pretty ecstatic. I have to say, it’s one of my son’s favorite spots (well, other than my arms!). He is beyond the age where he really falls asleep in them, but I was really impressed at how happy he was to be swinging along in it.Pros:I love that you can flip it around to different positions: if your baby likes a sideways rock or a front-way rock, this swing can do it.The mobile is super shiny on the top so the baby can see a reflection of himself and the room in it. I thought the mobile looked very simple and he wouldn’t like it because of it but I think because of the shiny area he was actually fascinated, just as much as the fancy mobile I bought him the month before.It’s also super plush and cozy; and has great straps on it to really secure baby in there without being uncomfortable. I love the fact that you can run it off of battery; but it’s even BETTER that you can plug it into the wall. That was a big one for me… I don’t want to bother changing batteries all the time.cons:NONE!

Tracy Foreman, AR

As compared to the Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing

We already owned theFisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing, My Little Snugabunnybut were really happy to receive the Deluxe unit as we had had some issues with the first swing.First, let me say that both swings were a bit challenging to put together. They are both very cute with moving mobiles, sound and a selection of motions and speeds to choose from. However, we have have had some challenges:The regular (older) unit wouldn’t tip back and lock in that position. It also had a less shallow cradle or bucket for the baby to sit in, making it less appropriate for larger/older infants.The deluxe unit gets bogged down with weight. It will quit swinging on low settings in the 18lb range so we are forced to run it on a higher speed. It also makes more noise and is less quiet than the basic unit. That said, the “seat” or bucket on this swing is deeper making it a much better fit for your growing baby. Rated for up to 25 lbs, it should last longer than the basic unit. I like the mobile animals on the basic unit better than the deluxe unit but that may be because we also have the same design on the crib mobile and I like having a bit of diversity.The little princess loves both swings but will fit in the deluxe model longer thanks to the deeper bucket seat.

Natasha Meriden, CT

Works well but has some flaws ..

Features1) The speed of this cradle cum swing could be adjusted as per the baby’s requirement. There are 6 levels of speed from low to high2) The seat of this cradle cum swing is made up of fabric and is machine-washable and has an infant head support3) This cradle could be used right from birth till the baby reaches 25 pounds or when the child tries to crawl out of the cradle4) It can be operated either by battery (4 – D batteries) or by plugging in with an AC adapter consisting of 120 volts. The AC adapter is included in the package.Pros:1) The Cradle ‘n Swing is designed in such way that it suites baby’s sensitive skin and made of plush fabrics to keep the baby cozy.2) It has 3 adjustable seat positions to suit baby’s mood. Side-to-side cradle or head-to-toe swing, 2 seat positions – recline orupright; left-facing, center, or right-facing3) Soothing rainforest sights and sounds, and a variety of other toys entertain the baby.4) Gentle nature sounds with 16 soothing tunes pacify and calm the baby.5) Three soft toys rotate overhead and soothe, entertain & stimulate baby’s developing senses of sight and sound. The rainforestfrog toy acts as a play toy for the baby.6) Mirrored globe lets baby see itself and all around.7) The swing is designed in such a way that it can be used by baby boy as well as baby girl.Cons:1) The seat is small and so can accommodate babies 6 – 8 months only and not older babies.2) The songs play for a while and stop. We do not have the facility of auto timer to set the length period of the song as per our requirement.3) If we want to operate this cradle cum swing by batteries, 4 – D batteries are not included in the package and we need to purchase it separately.

Mandy North Hartland, VT

Perfect swing to soothe your baby

The swing arrived box in box. Unpacking was good, instructions were very clear. It took very little time to put it together.It has music and sounds which sound very good. It also has a little mirror for the baby to look into. The colors are good for eiather a boy or a girl.The best part is that it swings front to back and sideways.I highly recommend getting one of these swings for your baby.

Odessa Reform, AL