Fisher-Price Deluxe Infant to Toddler Rocker, Alpha Fun

Fisher-Price Deluxe Infant to Toddler Rocker, Alpha Fun

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker The new Infant to Toddler Rocker from Fisher Price is here! The same great features that moms and babies have loved for years are in an updated frame and fashion! It still grows with baby through the newborn/infant phase as both a rocker and feeding seat with vibration and stimulating toybar. It then becomes a toddler rocker for kids up to 40 lbs. Wonderful new seat pad cradles babies in soft fabrics, then with a clip converts to the more upright seat for toddlers. The Infant to Toddler Rocker is in a fresh new fashion that moms and babies will love!

Main features

  • Grows with baby through the newborn and infant phase as both a rocker and feeding seat
  • Features vibration seat and stimulating toys
  • Becomes a toddler rocker for kids up to 40 pounds
  • Includes fun spinning toybar
  • Just like the classic infant to toddler rocker with a new frame and fashion

Verified reviews


Not really useful for us…

We have a regular bouncy seat and I also bought this to have another seat for another room in our house. This seat was great when my son was an infant and didn’t move much but now that he is six months old he is pulling himself up and keeps hitting his mouth and face/head on the toy bar holders. They should have put them on the outer side of the seat like on the bouncy seat we have. We can no longer prop it up in the reclining position either so that is useless now. I hope we can use it again when he is bigger but in the end I feel it was a waste and should have just bought another bouncy seat. Oh and it is not a bouncy seat it only rocks and even that is very hard to do with your foot like you can do on the other seat.

Taylor Ball Ground, GA


Our granddaughter was born with hydrocephalus and laying flat is difficult for her. This chair allows her to practice her visual tracking skills as she plays with the toys on the curved bar (which, by the way is easy to remove if she falls asleep) and offers her good support. She loves the vibrating feature and it seems to soothe her when she’s fussy. We added several more toys to the bar, using elastic (the kind you use for sewing) and that allows her to grab items and bring them to her mouth—just experiment a bit with the type and length of elastic so you don’t get too much “zinging” back and forth that could result in injury. It’s well-made, colorful and an excellent product and a good price!

Augusta Beccaria, PA


We bought this chair for our son who is quite long; at 4 months he was in the 97th percentile for height and we found he was getting to where he could scooch down in the chair and his legs were basically hanging off and touching the floor! This is a nice deep bucket seat which fits him quite well and the harness to strap him in is nice and padded, so he doesn’t mind (or even really notice!) it’s on! This is great because it vibrates AND rocks, and he likes the bright colors and swinging toys on the toy bar. And for $30, this is a steal! A must have for new parents!!

Marsha Hall Summit, LA

love these chairs

this is the second one of these that I have purchased (other one was a different pattern), both my niece and nephew have them and love them. great to have a product that works when they are little and transforms to something more as they grow

Tracie Williston, OH

Great purchase

Purchased this rocker to keep in our playroom- I really like it to use when my baby is awake and wanting to interact. I would say the incline of the seat is not really conducive to sleep as some of the other seats are, but this one is perfect for when he is awake. I also love the fact that you can switch it to a toddler seat. With so much of the baby equipment off limits to my toddler, he really appreciates that he can sit in this one too!

Iva Erwinna, PA

Love it!!!!

This works great! I wish I had this when my other children were babies because it works so well at comforting the baby. The baby loves it and is happy when put in it. I would recommend this for every parent with a newborn 🙂

Latanya Whitley City, KY

Great seat!

This is a great little rocker and the kickstand is great for sleeping baby. My 2 year old LOVES this chair too! Seems very sturdy and soothing to baby.

Cheri West Kill, NY


We had this rocker upstairs and a bouncer downstairs. My daughter much preferred the bouncer to the rocker (and the swing). Now my daughter is 18 months and wants to sit in the rocker, but she also wants to climb on it, making it unsafe. She has other chairs that she doesn’t try this on. One other thing that I preferred about the bouncer is that you could pull the toys and they played music.

Lucille North Spring, WV

Fisher-Price Deluxe Infant to Toddler Rocker, Alppha Fun

I recieved the rocker today as stated, and I put it together along with my son. It it is wonderful . As I have ordered many items from and shipped thru them,they really have great products. I will continue to order from Amazon for all my daughter in-laws baby boys needs. Thank You, Amazon.

Patrica Parkston, SD

Gift for my soon to arrive Grandbaby

Its adorable and will be so convenient to move it about the house depending where we are at. Great reviews! .

Patti Lepanto, AR

Loving this

I bought this chair after doing a lot of research on different bouncy seats. This one appeared to be the best.My son is now 3 weeks old and we love the seat. At this point,we’re obviously not using the toddler rocker feature, but we’re also not really using the activity bar yet or even the vibrating function. I have the activity bar on my changing table, where he’s just starting to notice it.What I use the most right now is the kickstand feature, which turns the chair into a small bed that I can put him in while I’m trying to get things done and he’s taking another cat nap. The chair is light enough that I can carry it from room to room or floor to floor in one hand with the baby in the other arm and I had a c-section.I’m looking forward to using the other chair features as my son gets older.

Essie Pattison, TX

Good for reflux

My newborn sleeps in this every night, its a great angle (when locked in) for babies with reflux or allergies who don’t like sleeping flat. The toy bar is a big lame and music would be nice, but still gets 4 stars for allowing me to get great sleep!

Dana South Butler, NY

Great First Chair

We decided to grab one of these instead of a bouncer chair so it would last her a bit longer. She really liked the toys and would hang out and try to pull them down, and even slept in it once. Around 7 or 8 months she kept trying to sit forward, so we had to take the toy bar down. Around 9 months, she started climbing into it, standing up and like… surfing in it. It’s pretty dangerous around this age unsupervised, but she seems to love it so far.

Connie Rineyville, KY

Glad we purchased!

I wasn’t sure we’d be getting a lot of use from this rocker, but my baby loves it! I put her in after feedings at a slight incline to help with digestion and she enjoys being upright and looking around. Being able to rock her is awesome for when she’s being fussy. I read some reviews that stated this does not rock very well, and it does take some effort to rock on thick carpet! But on the hardwood floor she can actually rock herself with her movements and has fallen asleep a couple of times doing so. I’m not sure I would enjoy this chair as much if my entire house was carpeted so just wanted to warn others. I like that the toy bar is easy to remove and attach when needed even though the toys are a little plain. However, overall it was a great purchase.

Hollie Nunnelly, TN

Perfect for newborn

I got this as a gift and love it. So far my 3 week baby girl is making good use of this. After each feeding with formula, I put her there before I put her to into the crib. Since it is slightly slanted, it’s a great way to make sure she’s able to burp everything out before going to bed. This is perfect for feeding during night shifts, where I don’t have to hold on to her for a long period of time. After feeding, put her into the rocker and half an hour later, put her back into the crib. That saves a lot of my sleeping time.Another function of the rocker is you can put it into a cradle position, so if grandparents are taking care of them it’s easily place in any rooms as sort of a bassinet.However, you have to be caution that if your baby is fussy and moves around a lot, they might slide off from it. So it is very important if you are not in the room make sure to put the seat belt on. Otherwise, for a newborn, after feeding, they are fine with.I would definitely recommend to newborn parents like myself, because it is making my life a lot easier.

Ada Dobbin, TX

great chair!

we got this when we had to take our other bouncy seat to our nanny’s house. we didn’t want to buy another small bouncy that we wouldn’t be able to use for very long. this really fits the bill and is perfect for what we need – a portable place for baby to sit, with something to entertain her. the toys aren’t as dynamic as some others, but they entertain her enough to let me be able to cook a meal with her in the kitchen. it’s also not as plush as the bouncy seat, but she’s mostly in it when she’s awake (whereas she slept in the bouncy seat for the first month or so) she’s still pretty small in it (only 6 mos old), and i think she’ll be able to sit in it for a while, so well worth the money for us!

Silvia Bodines, PA

Pretty sturdy, not much of a rocker though

Yes, it can rock if you rock it. I was just hoping it would be more sensitive to the baby moving and rocking with him, but that’s not a huge drawback. The toy bar is a hit. Overall sturdy and well-made.

Karyn Boulder, MT

So glad I bought this rocker 🙂

This rocker was easy to put together, it is easy to wash and it keeps my son safe!!!!My son is almost a year old and still likes to play with the toy bar every now and then when in his rocker. :)I put it together in about 10 minutes and it has stayed together without any problems. :PI love love LOVE that the harness is attached to the bottom back bar, that way my son can not lean forward and out. He does tend to lean soooo far forward that he sometimes gets stuck upside down or sideways, but that is MUCH better than out of the seat entirely!! :)My son likes the colorful animals on the seat fabric and he also likes the vibration feature when he is napping. :)We LOVE this chair! 🙂

Tricia Liverpool, NY

Best seat!

When I was pregnant was deciding between this and a bouncy seat and I decided on this. Best decision! Started using it when my son was a week or so old. I’d put him in it while I showered, got ready, etc. It was great. He was almost 9lbs at birth and by 4 months 18! So he wouldn’t had much use with a bouncy seat. He still likes to sit in the chair at 16 months and play with the toy bar or “read” a book. It’s so handy and sturdy too!

Sofia Sault Sainte Marie, MI

Life Saver For My Congested Baby!

In addition to all the other positives already mentioned by other reviewers I would like to add that this rocker has been a life saver these past few nights with a congested baby! My three-year-old caught a bug from daycare and passed it onto to her 3-month-old brother. Although not recommended as a sleeper for babies this rocker has served well to keep him elevated, keep the congestion at bay and help him sleep. I also place a Kiddopotamus Snuzzler in this rocker to help cradle him and to balance out the pressure on the back of his head.I also use this rocker on a daily basis when baby is not ill–good place to keep him calm and occupied so I can get things done around the house. As a caveat, this rocker is not a babysitter for your child. If you leave a baby in any type of rocker or chair for extended periods of time they may develop flat spots on their heads. I make sure to place my son in different positions whether it be in his crib, in this rocker, in his cradle n’ swing or on his stomach for tummy time–the key is balance.You also can’t go wrong with Fisher-Price’s excellent customer service. The vibrating motor on my rocker died after a month of use and when I called to make a warranty claim the company sent me a completely new rocker within a week. You can’t beat that kind of service!Count this rocker as a MUST HAVE piece in your baby gear collection–I’d buy this over a Cradle n’ Swing if I had to choose.

Ma Jeffrey City, WY

Great for Price

Got this for Grandma’s house and baby loves it. She was put in it at 8 weeks and it works great and is super portable. The only word of caution is that Grandpa put it together and clicked the buckle in the back for toddler seat instead which meant the little lady was sitting up way too much for an infant (hit her in the back of the head)…Mommy fixed ! (easily, it’s just a different buckle for infants).

Janna Hagarville, AR

Baby loves loves loves this

I purchased this to give LO somewhere to hang out when I’m working from home. She loves to sit in the chair and talks to the "group of friends" hanging in front of her. Assembly was fairly easy and the price was great. By far one of my most used items for my LO right now.

Caryn Kimberly, ID

Big and bulky

I had five different bouncy seats with my twins and this was not my favorite. It was okay but took up so much room. You can get a smaller FP one with a light up activity bar with music for the same price. I would recommend the lighter smaller FP monkey seat.

Valeria Gilmore, AR


Very handy piece of baby gear. My six-month-old enjoys rocking and playing with the toys, though he’s getting strong enough to lean forward, but the seat still supports him well. I love the feature where you can prop the seat in a recline position; we used this as a makeshift bassinet a few times. He’s not a fan of the vibrating, but I don’t think that’s the product’s fault. Overall I’m pleased with this purchase!

Minerva Chico, TX

Best for toddler

looks big for baby, but if you want something to last longer this is the one. My new born and three years old both can sit on it. It holds up to 40 pounds.

Mollie Newman, CA

Great for newborn napping. Don’t buy in place of bouncer.

Our son is about 3 months old and so far this rocker is a great place for napping. Our little guy has some reflux and he sleeps better in this than his crib. The slight angle helps keep his reflux at bay while he’s napping. It is a little large for him at this point to use as a rocker. We originally didn’t have a bouncy seat as we thought this would take the place of that. However we since have purchased a bouncy seat in addition to this. Our son loves both items but for different reasons. I am looking forward to when my son is old enough to use this chair as a rocker. I would definitely buy again!

Maggie Lovejoy, GA

Better for an older child

My son had a FP bouncer that he enjoyed, so we thought about getting another one to have upstairs. He is almost 5 months old, and we thought he’d likely grow out of the bouncer soon, so we thought the Toddler Rocker would provide a place for him to sit that he could use longer. Sadly, he hasn’t enjoyed it so much (yet). He has learned to pump his leg in his bouncer, but the same motion does not get this rocker going. He hasn’t learned to move his head back and forth, and his feet just now reach the bar across the bottom of the seat. It is very upright, and he definitely needs to be strapped in, or he will slide out the bottom. He does like the attached toy. I think this will be better when he can walk and his feet can reach the floor when he is sitting in it. It could be used with the stand out to tip it back, but my son doesn’t enjoy being stationary – he likes to be bouncing/rocking all the time.Update – My son, now 13 months, is finally sitting in this chair as was intended. He is big enough now that he doesn’t need to be strapped in. It seems to work well for this age.

Petra Jacksonville, TX

Versatile but hard toys & metal rim

I like that this is so versatile. We don’t live near my parents so I sent this to them for when the we bring the grandchildren to visit. It is nice as a deep bassinet and as a rocker for a slightly older baby. Haven’t tried it as a toddler rocker yet.2 complaints: 1) The toys on the toy bar are made of HARD plastic and when my son bats at them with his little flailing arms I worry about him hurting himself; 2) The rim on the bottom edge is a metal bar covered with the vinyl/cloth of the seat but it has no padding so it is HARD. My son kicks like a madman and when his heels get to the bar I have to cover it or keep adjusting him. The seatbelt could theoretically keep one’s heels above the bar, but at some point kids are not big enough to sit like a toddler and too long to be belted and have their heels above the bottom bar.However, for the price and versatility, and for something the kids use a few weeks of the year, I say it does the job. And it’s adorable.

Lenora Angola, IN

Good Transitional Seat

Love that this chair will be used for a couple or so years at least due to the weight range. Not something you can easily find with baby/toddler furniture.

Amber Cincinnati, OH

Makes big and little kids happy

When I got my son’s old bouncers out for his new baby brother he promptly decided to sit in them. Cute, but unfortunately he is now several pounds out of the weight limit and way too big for them. Since one of the bouncers vibration feature had stopped working I decided to buy a new one and then I saw these infant to toddler rockers. Perfect solution for an inclined seat for an infant that allows the jealous older brother to also use it. Both of them love it.

Evelyn Rio, WI