Fisher-Price Deluxe Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Deluxe Jumperoo

It’s bouncing fun for your baby!

Main features

  • Free-standing jumper with lights, sound, and 4-position height adjustment
  • Easy-fold design with carrying handles moves simply from room to room
  • Steel frame and suspended seat; spring covers protect little fingers
  • Snack tray and interactive toy bar with orange bear toy and a bead bar
  • Supports babies up to 25 pounds and 32 inches

Verified reviews


The Poop-e-roo

We registered for this because we did not have door jams to hang the normal bouncers from. We have been so happy with this gift. We have 10 month triplet boys and they really enjoy this bouncer.My babysitter calls it the poop-e-roo. We have noticed that when we put a child in it, 20 minutes later he poops. You really want to watch this because when they get a jumping, this can create quite a mess. I would recommend putting a play mat underneath it.You can put this anywhere. You do not need a door jam. There is no bottom to it though, so you may want to place on carpet. We even placed a water mat under it till they got the hang of bouncing and do not forget a clean up mat.The spring straps are covered well and have had no issues with fingers or hands getting stuck.The seat cover does come off for cleaning but seems to shrink a little each time.The adjustable height is great. Most seats only go to 30″ or so and then the child outgrows it. Our children are 30″ and still have one more level to go.The weight for the bouncer is 25 lbs, so if you have a chubby child he may not be able to use it to its potential. Our smallest child gets great heights.Cleaning can sometimes be more difficult. The wheel on the left side loves to collect debris under it. It does not come off so you have to use the wheel to drag a cloth under it and clean it. The musical Kangaroo in the front comes off for cleaning and changing the batteries. It can get quite dirty under there. It traps liquid and debris under it. If you do not have a schedule to clean it you may forget that debris gets under it and can get pretty bad.There are not many toys on this jumper and it is not an exesaucer but more of an additional amusement. On the left there is a blue wheel, my children hardly play with. On the right is a small bar with movable block type toys. The front has the Kangaroo, a bar with beads, lights and a large push button. You can set the music to play with the children move the jumper or you can turn it on or off.There is no tray to put any toys, so I attach Link a doo toys to the bars.I would recommend this and an exersaucer and rotate your children or child in the toys. This bouncer is great for bouncing but not too interactive with toys.

Nita Bypro, KY

Loved it!!

Our son loved his jumperoo for a few months. We started him in it at 4 months and he used it till he was about 7-8 months. He would jump and jump and just laugh and have the best time. He would get so exhausted and pooped that he’d nap like a champ!!! Once he started to learn that he could get around by crawling he didnt want to be confined in the jumperoo anymore…but it was a blast we’ll he lasted in it!!!

Stacy Rangeley, ME

It IS the POOP-eroo!!

That is so funny that a previous reviewer called this the Pooperoo because my daughter poops almost everytime I put her in it! And it really squishes up the back of her diaper because all her weight is pressing down right there – ew! But anyway, this thing is AWESOME! We bought it for my daughter right before she turned 4 months and, I swear, within a week of getting this for her my very “colicky” daughter was suddenly a happy baby. Before we had this, I was her Jumperoo – holding her for hours while bouncing on an exercise ball (not great on the back!)- and this seemed to solve all her problems! She is now 11 months old and still goes in her Jumperoo about a half hour everyday to watch a Baby Signing Time DVD (and so I can take a shower!). I’m surprised that even now that she is a skilled walker she still enjoys spending time in it. I’ll be sad when she outgrows the weight limit!

Marta Penrose, CO

ONLY jumper like it!

My 6 month old son can’t get enough of this bouncer. Because it gains strength in their legs so well, I think all babies should have one. Definitely worth the money! I’ve had no problems with it…except for the fact that he likes it in half hour doses. I guess a chew-toy attachment instead of the wind-mill type toy would be better and keep him busy longer.

Lorie Jetson, KY

Awesome Alternative to a Swing!!!

Neither of my daughters liked to swing, but they both loved the bouncing motion. We did not have this exact jumperoo, but a slightly older version of the Fisher Price Jumperoo made to look like a pony. At around 5 months old, my youngest could bounce slowly in the jumperoo, and by 6-months-old, she was bouncing like crazy!The footprint for the jumperoo is large, but if you have the space, it’s a life saver – put on some lively music and it will entertain for a good 30 minutes!I think it’s also a great way to build leg strength. My youngest daughter bounced in the jumperoo every day from 5-months-old to 9-months-old. She is now 10 months and walking!

Edna Valley Falls, KS

Worth the $

I bought this b/c I was told it was much safer than a doorway jumper. Either way- my daughter loves it…and with the 4 size settings- your baby will get to use it for a while.

Manuela Lakeland, FL

Really gives their leg muscles a work out!

This is a great item to help your child strengthen their legs, plus the added bonus of wearing them out before nap time! The look of joy on their little faces, once they figure out how to jump, is the greatest thing ever!

Barbra Crofton, KY

Great product but WAY overpriced

I like this product, as does my son (though he hasn’t quite figured out how to jump yet). But, it is totally not worth $170. I fail to see why it is so expensive, and no toy for an infant should cost that much. It only really plays one song. For $170 it should offer many more features. I bought mine at a consignment store and paid next to nothing. I say it’s worth $75 at most brand new, which is about the price of the Rainforest Jumparoo It is a great toy, though it is big and rather cumbersome to lug around. However, to us it was a much better option than a door jamb jumper.

Felicia Delong, IN

3 mos till now (7 mos) still LOVES it!

This is a MUST HAVE! It’s fun for parents (watching) and baby alike. We rolled up blankets and put them on either side of his head until he could hold it up. He even tries to jump in his exersaucer 🙂 (I recommend both because this one is very physical, but the exersaucer is important for entertainment and hand-eye contact, etc.)

Eula Donnybrook, ND

Such a lifesaver!

My son was getting tired of his overhead play gym and needed to be off the floor. We decided this jumper may be good for him since his legs were already really strong. The first few times he was in it, it freaked him out but now he jumps for a really long time. He enjoys the toys on the jumper and really gets going. Even when he isn’t in the jumper, he tries to jump. It’s great exercise for him especially since he isn’t crawling yet. It’s great also when you need to have your hands free and keep him entertained. I do agree with the other reviews that it is not very maneuverable but it’s sturdy!

Lillie Spring Valley, CA

The best thing you can get for your little one

I got the Jumperoo for my daughter. She is 5 months old. She loves it she gets so excited playing in it. The first time we put her in it she made this noise I thought she was choking, but I realized she was making her new happy noise.

Gilda Foosland, IL

DD’s favorite toy

My daughter will stay in this as long as you let her! She is 6 months and jumps like crazy. This jumper had an easier bounce than the rain forest or Baby Einstein jumpers. It was a bit cheaper too. When we tried it at BRU, she literally cried when we took her out. While she likes the exersaucer, she LOVES the jumper.

Cecilia Aguilar, CO

My baby loves jumping!

I had to buy this jumper for several reasons: (1) – I rent my apatment and could not have a doorway jumper (which would be cheaper) because my landlord would not approve it; (2) – my son likes jumping and tries to jump on my laps when I hold him since he was 2.5 months old (he is 4 months old now); but he’s a chubby baby, and my arms get very tired when I hold him jumping. (3) – I read many positive reviews of satisfied parents.Both my son and I like this jumper. Like all Fisher Price items, it was very easy to assemble. Other reviewers had mentioned that it needs lots of space, but it takes only 30X36 inches when assembled. Though the manufactuter recommends to use it for babies who can hold their heads up, most pediatricians do not recommend it until the baby can hold his back – not earlier than 3.5-4 months; so I waited until Ivan got 4 months old. First time he was very surprised and amazed. “I can stand myself!” – his little face said. Very quickly he discovered how to use it and started jumping carefully first, and with more joy then. First few days I let him stay there for only 3 minutes each time, then 5-7 minutes, several times a day. I think he’s still too young and his spine is not strong enough for longer loads yet, so I take him out immediately when he seems little tired. Later we will use it more.The only thing I do not like is the revolving toy on the right hand of the toybar. When I put my little man in the jumper first time, he was looking for any handle on the front bar to hold himself, and tried to grab that revolving toy. I noticed that a tiny finger can easily get stuck under this toy, and if it revolves the finger may get hurt or even broken (I checked it out with my own finger). I recommend to remove this toy before you start using your jumper. Maybe I sound like an obsessed crazy Mom, but I assume it’s never too much precaution when it comes about your baby’s health and safety.

Abigail Dickerson Run, PA

Great entertainment & excersize for baby …

There’s not much to not like about it except maybe the difficulty in pulling the baby out, but nothing like trying to get them out of the infamous “door jumper”.

Hope Port Hueneme, CA

One of the best toys!

My daughter loves this thing! It really does keep babies entertained.I agree with the reviewer that said their baby poops while sitting in this, my daughter does too.The previous reviewer also said there was no tray to put toys in but if you remove the kangaroo on the front there is a small tray you can use for various things.A must have!

Joanna Kila, MT

Best Buy for the Price!

I LOVED this jumper. Our floorplan is very open, so we don’t have doorways in which to hang a jumper. Also, that idea has always made me very antsy, so the idea of a free-standing jumper made me feel much safer. I love the 5 height adjustments, the washable pad and removable front toys. I love that almost every piece can be easily washed and the others just take a little more time. The only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars is the amount of space it takes up. It is very wide and even when folded, requires quite a bit of space. It does make some noise when your baby jumps, but nothing unbearable. All in all, I loved this product and so did both of our boys!

Ericka Carson, ND

The best toy you can get for your baby!

We originially bought this toy because we didn’t have any great doorways that would work for a jumper. We also knew that this one was safer because our daughter wouldn’t be able to bounce her head into anything. Although it’s pricey, this jumperoo paid us back in the first few days. We put our daughter in it when she was 4 months old, and she loved it from then on. She would sometimes jump in this for an hour! Not only did it give mommy some time to get household chores done, our daughter was totally entertained and the jumperoo is great for building leg strength! Plus, we could put this anywhere in the house or take it to Grammy’s. It is a bit cumbersome to fold up for travel, but it can be done, and is worth it!I think a jumper is a must-have for babies. And the Jumperoo is the only choice for a jumper. It is MUCH safer than the ones that attach to door frames. You will not be disappointed!!

Maggie Red Rock, OK

Fun time jumper!!!!!

My eight month old daughter loves this jumper! She laughs and gets such a kick out of being able to jump without being held. She takes better and longer naps after she plays with her Jumperoo. I wish I would have bought this months ago! I just wish Fisher Price had an Ocean Wonders Jumper, so all of her goodies matched!

Rosalind Toronto, OH

Great for Beginners

My son liked this during the entire spring/summer when he was around 7 months old. It was used mostly outside and is pretty tolenerany of slight sloped ground. We got the green/ jungle version and he really enjoyed the lights & sounds. He took to boucing instanlty as well as the removable toy bar. I really like that there was an assortment of activities for him to choose from that were age-related. The adjustments for height were easy to adjust. (It is a sliding metal bar that holds the fabric). The toy didn’t last long with my son since he did not like to be constraned to a seat after he was 9 1/2 months.We did get our money’s worth since it seemed that this toy was the only thing I could set him down in that he enjoyed and I was able to enjoy a break for a change. I think all beginner stages can enjoy this to some degree, but the pre-sitting thru sitting age is more of an ideal age range for this toy.

Alexis Leon, IA

He loves it!

Our baby is nearly 5 months old and, after reading the reviews, we decided to get this. Despite the amount of floor space it takes up (not much more than the Baby Papasan swing, by the way), I felt safer with this than one hanging in the doorway. He loves it! I think he feels independent and is burning off some energy, too.My only complaints/suggestions-to-the-company are:–I wish the toy on the front was easier for this not-quite-5-month-old to reach. He can’t get to almost any of it, and gets frustrated. I’ve had to take it off until he gets bigger. Maybe giving us 2 toys — one that a smaller baby can reach, and this one to switch to when they get bigger, would be a good idea. Or change its location so all babies, no matter their age/size, can reach it.–Include in the directions some guidelines on what the height of the chair should be. Maybe it’s obvious to everyone else, but I’m still not sure whether he should appear almost sitting, or more standing when at rest in the seat.We haven’t had this all the long, but right now, I’d have to say it’s his favorite. Great buy for sure – I’m very glad we did it!

Carly Chaplin, KY

A BLAST for baby and parents!

We bought this when our son was 3 months old. He knew what to do the second we put him in! He loves to jump and it’s a great way for him to spend extra energy while we watch him or do a quick household chore. It was a breeze to assemble and the seat comes out easily for cleaning. He loves the music and toys and seems inspired to jump when the music plays. He seems to prefer it over his exer-saucer, swing, and bouncy seat. We’re even taking it apart to bring along on a road trip. This is a must for little froggies and joeys who love to bounce!

Candace Simms, TX

How about 10 stars?!

In brief, the Deluxe Jumperoo is BRILLIANT. It epitomizes why Fisher-Price has been the best-selling US toymaker for a jillion years: it’s bright, efficient, durable, fun, adjustable, portable and cleanable.There’s absolutely nothing educational about the Jumperoo, and that’s perhaps one of its best features — a ride in it is nothing more than pure joy. Since I popped my daughter in one at the store at 4 1/2 months, she’s been a bouncin’ fool; early on, we put an upside-down bathmat under it so her little feet could grip something, and now as she’s grown into it, it’s even more fun. The athleticism it encourages is impressive, and her leg strength has been exponentially improved after all the hours of leaping and bouncing (sometimes for so long she’s actually bounced herself to sleep in it!).One caveat: if you haven’t already, invest in rechargeable batteries! I’ve replaced hers countless times in the last 3 months, and can’t imagine having to keep paying for alkalines. Even though the lights and music are just nice side-effects for a fabulous toy, we never get tired of the happy “boingboingboing” sounds…

Betty Delanson, NY