Fisher-Price Deluxe Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Deluxe Jumperoo


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We bought this for my daughter for Christmas and she’s now 7 months old. She just figured out how it works and she loves it! She goes nutts jumping and throwing herself back and fourth. She doesn’t last too long it it because she wears herself out, but she is so funny to watch. I would recommend this product for any active baby. I think it just takes time for them to figure it out.

Christa Maroa, IL

My 6 Month Old ADORES This Toy!

My son is just completely in love with this toy! I set up a playdate with a friend of mine and she let my son use her jumperoo… He fell in love… He was jumping up and down and shaking the toy! He was laughing and laughing and that’s why I just had to go out and buy one for him. I totally recommend this toy.

June Windsor Mill, MD

the boys love it!

I purchased this jumperoo ((along with an exersaucer)) when my twins were 5 months old as I heard so many great things about it. At 5 months the boys definitely prefered the exersaucer, because they just didn’t understand how to “jump” yet. It wasn’t until they were about 6 1/2-7 months old that they really started to love it, and now at almost 8 months I believe they prefer it to the exersaucer! It is very easy to bounce, and you can turn the music on or off ((great feature, but I usually turn the music off as its loud enough as it is)) and there’s a little toy on the front tray as well ((that is removable)). There is no potential for it collapsing, or for banged fingers and such as there is when you use a door-frame jumper. It is extremely bulky though, much larger than the exersaucer and the fold is useless for anything more than getting it to fit through a doorway. The weather has started to look up recently, and taking this to the porch for some outdoor playtime is a very big production, its much easier to move the exersaucer.Other than it being a bit bulky, I love it! My sons absolutly adore jumping and playing with the toys ((always gets giggles!)) and it gives mommy and daddy some time for themselves! HIGHLY reccomended!

Rhoda Goldbond, VA

Much sturdier than a hanging jumper.

Yes, it’s big and bulky, but it’s sturdy. Solid construction makes it safe for active jumpers. The colors, sounds — all of the bells and whistles entertain baby when he he’s too pooped to jump.

Carmella Quail, TX

Our son loves this!!!!

This is the perfect accessory for an active little boy. We purchased this for our son about a month ago. He is now 4 months old. He bounces all over the place. He loves it. It has helped him strengthened his leg muscles. First, he would just stare at the colors and images on the chair and surroundings until he got the hang of it. Now he is really enjoying the music and noise it makes. Definitely worth every penny.

Margot Farmersburg, IN

The best toy my son has gotten

This is the greatest toy. My 5 month old son will bounce for hours in it and I feel safe because it has a metal frame and it’s not attached to the doorway.I only have one complaint…why can’t it be portable????? Nobody makes a portable one, so I have to take it apart and bring it with me when we go out. If I know that we’ll be at someone’s house for a few hours, I will make the effort to take it with me.Kelly

Noelle Serena, IL


My son loves this. He plays in it longer than he will in his exersaucer. He doesn’t play with the toys on it too much, but loves to jump. We do not have the doorways for the other kind of jumpers, so this one was nice. It does take up quite a bit of space and is kind of hard to fold down.

Elvia Melville, MT

Great, but watch your kiddo

Our daughter LOVES this toy. It’s great for the baby who loves to stand all the time and the parent who just can’t hold her enough.The one problem that we had with the toy is that her hands would get stuck in the leg holes even when we were keeping our eyes on her. All of a sudden, her hands were no longer playing with the toys or up in the air and we would peek under the jumparoo and see them dangling out the leg holes. 🙂 It never seemed to bother her, but we decided to stuff one of her blankets or a towel in front of her to fill the gap in the seat area so that her hands couldn’t fall through anymore.I have a picture posted to illustrate what I am talking about.Despite this issue, I would buy this toy again without a second thought.

Zelma Pawlet, VT

Great toy for baby! Get one!

This jumperoo is wonderful! Babies just love playing in it! My son was a little scared at first but once he got use to it, he loves getting in it! The only problem with this is it is so big~

Marjorie Chalkyitsik, AK

Baby got bored with it

She enjoyed it at first, but now at 6 months, doesn’t like spending more than a few minutes in it at a time. She prefers her exersaucer by far.

Kenya Pilger, NE

So Fun

My son (7mths) and his live in cousin (6mths) love this toy. They just bounce up and down like crazy. My son will only play in it for a few minutes though because he does not like to bounce as much. As for his cousin he loves it beyond words. In fact he loves it so much that when we hold him we have to be ready to be the Jumperoo because he will start jumping. Since he does spend so much time in it his legs are much stronger and he is able to push himself more when trying to crawl verses my son.We love:1. The colors2. The sounds and the fact that you can set them to where every movement made by baby sets them off.3. The toys are fun and easy to clean.4. It is height adjustable5. I folds up in a snap6. easy to put together7. seat is pretty easy to pull out to cleanDrawbacks:1. It is pretty large2. Legs are not as sturdy as I would likeupdate 6/5/06my son is now 9.5 mths old and he still loves this toy!! We put him in it before nap time and within a few minutes he is passed out while still jumping!!!!!!!! This toy is FANTASTIC and we still have one more size adjustment to go, so we have at least a few more months to go before he grows out of it.

Lynda Whitewood, VA

Love it!

My daughter is crazy about this jumperoo. She will jump and jump until she will gets tired. I can do things just putting her in this jumper, Love it! Fisher Price did a good job with this great product.

Rebekah Alvarado, MN

best on the market

I love the peace of mind this jumper gives my husband & I. We no longer have to worry about the jumper falling off the doorway. Our baby girl loves it too. She has been in it since she was 4 1/2 months old. I love the different height adjustments. It does fold up, but it’s a joke. I didn’t knock off a star because I know that this isn’t really meant to be portable. I wish it were, but I would suggest buying a normal doorway jumper if you want to take one with you as long as you aren’t going to be using it a lot.

Eve Batson, TX