Fisher-Price Deluxe Newborn Vibrating Rock n’ Play Sleeper, My Little Sweetie

Fisher-Price Deluxe Newborn Vibrating Rock n’ Play Sleeper, My Little Sweetie

The my little sweetie deluxe rock n’ play sleeper combines the benefits of the deluxe rock n’ play sleeper with the benefits of the adorable, plush design of the my little sweetie fashion. Now with calming vibrations. The cozy fabrics with beautiful, embroidered flowers give your little princess a comfortable seat, and a gentle push from mom rocks and soothes baby. The inclined position of the seat is perfect for babies. A deluxe insert for comfort accompanies (and accentuates) the soft pink tones of the luxurious design. Sleeper collapses and is very lightweight, so its easy to move around the house or bring along on trips. Clackers are included for your baby’s entertainment. The pad is removable and machine washable. Now even easier to clean.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Features calming vibrations
  • Easy to clean
  • Gentle rocking action with a push from mom
  • Luxurious, soft fabrics to cradle baby
  • Lightweight, easy to collapse, and great for on the go

Verified reviews


Love the vibrating feature.

Just got this today so thought I would write an initial review. First thing I noticed is that it is not the colors I expected. I thought by the picture that the fabric would be grey, pink, & white with grey legs. Well it is actually lavender, pink, and off white and the legs are kind’ve a brown color. The colors make it look dirty in my opinion. I also notice that the seat is quite hard which I also did not expect. I thought it would be more cushioned.What I like about it so far though is that 1.) my baby seems to like it which is always important, 2.) it rocks super easy. With her bouncer it doesn’t take much effort to bounce, but as soon as I stop it stops too. This doesn’t do that. Of course I am rocking her on a hard wood floor, but I can easily sit on my couch and rock it with my big toe and if I need a break and stop it will keep rocking on it’s own for several minutes which I love. I also love the fact that this one vibrates since that is the one thing about her swing/bouncer she really likes too so the fact that I can let her sleep in this at night by my bed and still have that vibrating feature is a real plus. That is all I have for now. Will update again when I have used it for longer than a day. Hoping the color grows on me.Update: I bought this because, like many others, my baby would only sleep being held. I was reluctant after researching the Rock N Play and seeing that they have had some issues with mold, but decided that since I was aware of that issue I could watch for it and keep it clean. Well after using it for the first week I went to clean it as per the instructions and was shocked to see that there was actually a puddle of water in the base of seat under the cover and of course instantly see why the moisture is such an issue. I am not sure it is possible to keep this clean and dry enough (depending on where you live and the humidity level) to prevent mold from growing on it. It is literally a petri dish. For that reason, I am considering sending it back. This is a tough decision though because my daughter does like to sleep in it which has been great for getting her out of my arms and out of my bed.I hope Fisher Price is able to find a way to remedy this issue with future models beyond just giving cleaning instructions as it is a great concept and probably one of the best baby products on the market otherwise.

Bernice Stonefort, IL


This sleeper worked great when I first set it up. The baby stays in it for sometime but not for long. The problem I have with this sleeper is that I don’t get it to close. In the video it looked so easy but it’s not. No matter how many time I push the bottoms at the side it wont close. It’s really annoying me. I think one of bottoms isn’t working because it doesn’t snap when I press it. You should really make sure all the parts on your products are working before you sell it to someone. I’m so fed up and annoyed I can break this sleeper.

Frieda Kennan, WI

Rock n Sleep

The vibrating Rock n Play sleeper is an amazing baby item to have. Your new born will fit nice and snug into it. It’s nice and soft, and the vibrating motion will help put your lil one a sleep!

Mavis Dateland, AZ

Not a must have for tummy sleepers

My daughter has pretty bad tummy issues and sleeps best of her tummy. worth trying out second hand in case your baby is not a fan

Candice Kilgore, NE

Lightweight, foldable and portable, and great for my newborn with reflux

This little sleeper is a safe way of allowing your baby to sleep at a gentle incline without fear of suffocation or other issues. My little one has reflux, and often gets hiccups or spits up after eating, so I appreciate the gentle incline, as does he. While I have a variety of swings and bouncy seats for my six week old, many of which were hand-me-downs from friends, he only likes a couple of them. This sleeper is one of them because the incline is exactly what he prefers, not so tall that it wakes him up and not so flat that it gives him hiccups.When my mom comes over, she loves putting them in this because she can rock him by hand. She doesn’t like the swing that is automated, because it just feels like it goes too fast and is not very personal. Though the rock is extremely subtle and you can’t rock him very vigorously, it does help soothe him.He does seem to like the vibrations, especially if he is having a little tummy trouble. That said, it takes a d battery. Seriously? I didn’t even know they made those anymore.I also really like that you could just grab it and fold it up so easily. It’s even easy to grab and bring from place to place with the baby inside. This morning, I set him in there while I brushed my hair, and then picked up the whole unit with baby inside and brought it into the bathroom so that I could have a shower. While he cried for about one minute of my shower, he soothed himself quickly with a few calming words from me and seemed comfortable and secure in this sleeper.I’ve purchased a number of products to help with cosleeping, and as I said I own a number of swings and similar items, and this is one of only three things he’ll sleep in. We have one automated swing he likes from Graco, his car seat, and this one. The automated swing is extremely heavy and difficult to move, and takes up a lot of room. His car seat of course has a bunch of uncomfortable buckles in there, so I don’t like to set him in there unless were actually going someplace and want to buckle him in. This one on the other hand is lightweight, portable, and can be folded up and set against the wall when I’m not actually using it. I see why people rave about this line of sleepers, because it really does seem perfectly designed to comfort a newborn.

Bridget Hochheim, TX

great product

this is the second rock n play we bought, we have twins. i love the vibrating feature on this model, wish the other one we own had it. 4 stars only because you have to rock it yourself, but that is how it is designed and why it is a reasonable price. babies nap great in it and occasionally sleep in it as well. relatively easy to rock with a hand or foot while doing something else.

Alisa Federal Way, WA

Best Baby Item

I bought this item without knowing much about it, but I will say, it is the most used item we own. My baby is 3 months old now and has slept in this since day 1. It is the only place he will sleep at night.

Leann Caldwell, NJ

Seems to have limited time for use…

The fabric is nice and soft. It collapses pretty easily for moving around. I haven’t noticed any "mold" problem like others. I will note that there isn’t a whole of rocking motion possible with this as the stoppers on the legs prevent very much tilt. My kid had practically outgrew it around 3 months old (normal size kid), so this item may not last very long for you.

Renee Crescent Valley, NV

daughter loves this for her dolls

I got this for my 3 year old to use it for her Lee Middleton doll. I wanted her to have something realistic, but toy baby things were aimed for 12" dolls and her doll is 20". It will last her longer than any toy would also. It is really cute and doesn’t take up too much space. I also got her the bassinet version also but she is still too short to use it other than me putting her doll in it for her when she is finished playing.

Katina Sumner, IA

He prefers to sleep in this!

We have tried the swing, bassinet, bed, etc. This is the only thing I can get my little one to sleep in other than on his mama. Love this!

Alexandra Sandy Creek, NY

The perfect place to sleep

We like the Rock n’ Play so much that this is actually our second one. We received the first one as a gift, and then we bought this one after we got tired of carrying it between our downstairs living room during the day and our upstairs bedroom at night since it is the only place our baby sleeps now. It has significantly helped our little one get to sleep and for longer periods. Especially because he has problems sleeping flat due to his acid reflux. One thing to note is that the pictures of this item makes it look kind of pink, but the actual product looks more beige or tan to me. This was of some small concern to me since we have a boy. There was also a previous recall on this item because it developed mold, but I think that has been since resolved. And since it is very easy to remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine, I’m not sure how that would still be relevant.What I like:
• It is compact and easily fits in our bedroom next to our bed.
• Light weight and folds near flat. This is great because we take one with us almost everywhere we go.
• Infant sleeps on an incline to reduce acid reflux symptoms.
• Contoured to cradle and comfort the baby.What I don’t like:
• The three point harness is not removable. We never use it and it gets in the way.
• The cover needs to be washed at least once a week. Luckily it is easily removed and replaced.We received our first one when our son was about 1 month old. He is now 4.5 months and still fits just fine. He is nearing 16 lbs now and the Rock ‘n Play is rated to 25 lbs, although we will likely transition him to his crib in his own room once he is 6 months old.

Lynn Navarre, FL

Like Sominex for a newborn . . .

Pardon my reference to drugs & babies in the same sentence (it’s just a little humor), but my point is that this very comfy sleeper, combined with the gentle vibrating feature (the key feature) will probably put even the most fussy little one to sleep. Amazing sleeping results with my 2 month old grandson (and I have past baby experience with 2 daughters and 5 older grandsons).This product is what I normally expect from Fisher-Price . . . well-designed and well-built.Some observations – This a lightweight mesh fabric sleeper with a 25 pound max weight limit. It folds up easily and is relatively light and very portable. Expanded for use, it elevates baby comfortably away from the floor for easy access and away from the chill there – but not so high as to be unstable or unsafe. The built-in bedding provides for a slight incline. The bedding is easily removable and washable . . . do that as needed, for obvious hygienic reasons. The vibrator device is powered by a single D-Cell battery. The sleeper will rock, but that is a manual feature – however the lightweight design makes it very easy to rock with the tip of a toe or finger. The color of the one I received is on the feminine side, but baby doesn’t care and this will be outgrown before he cares, so it’s fine.Nice little lightweight sleeper. Obviously, more features could have been built in. That would have made the sleeper heavier and more expensive. I like this as it is, with the highlights being the comfort, portability, and the great “sleepability” that the vibrator feature brings.

Audrey Leavittsburg, OH

Not a miracle for us

Didn’t work for my son… he hated it! The materials are soft and well made, as expected from the Fischer Price line, but I think the angle at which my baby’s bum and legs hit the bottom was too much, so he felt too much pressure to sleep or get comfortable. If there were something to help him bend his legs a little instead of sticking up flat it might have helped.

Deena Concord, PA

Seems perfect for visiting babies

Going to admit, this is a preliminary review which will be updated as soon as my granddaughter is released from the NICU and comes to visit. I chose this item so that, when visiting, we would have a place to safely put down her tiny body and not worry.After putting this together, which was very, very simple, I knew I had found just the thing for her. Adding a “D” cell battery, I found the vibration felt just about right – about the same as being rocked or carried gently around.The angle of the sleeper seems about the same of what mattresses were angled at the NICU for most of the preemies, so I’m thinking she will find that comfortable and familiar.The fabric is soft and colorful, the construction appears sound and the harness is more than adequate for small babies. With this grandchild coming home in a few weeks and another on the way in February, I think this Rock n’ Play sleeper will get a lot of use. Far more than a simple bassinet or normal baby bouncer.

Rebecca Saint Meinrad, IN

Dog tested…not in it, mind you!

Sturdy, and very easy set up! It is stable too. The colors are beige, green, and blue….gender neutral leaning towards boy.Definitely a great option if you are looking for a portable rocker. It is like a cross between a bassinet and a car seat.An the price is absolutely right!

Luisa East Waterford, PA


Our baby was having trouble getting to sleep for naps, which led to increased frustration, over-tiredness and fussiness throughout the day. Without proper sleep during the day, evenings were also a struggle. When we did get her to sleep it was in our arms (not sustainable). Then, the Snugabunny entered our lives. Game changer!Our baby took to this thing instantly. She now is able to get the sleep a baby needs. It has done wonders for her and has allowed us to develop a routine that involves proper sleep and other good habits that come with a happy, well-rested baby.We’ve read other readers’ concerns about flat head. We play it safe; she naps in this during the day and she sleeps in her bassinet at night, two very different positions, surfaces and angles. And of course, we do a number of other activities (e.g. tummy time) and we don’t leave her in it all day- only when she’s due for a nap/sleeping.The vibrator function is great, and the battery seems to last forever. The soft insert washes very well.Buy it. It will change you and your baby’s quality of life for the better.

Marian Saint Michael, PA


When we brought my newborn home from the hospital, he wouldn’t sleep in his bassinet nor anywhere flat. After a week of no sleep, I ordered this with overnight shipping. It is a godsend. He slept right away. During the first three months of his life we actually got sleep! It’s not great for much longer than that, given that the baby grows. Although, he can hang out it in during the day. The only bad thing about this Rock N Play is the fact that the ears could flop over baby’s face during the night. I solved this by sewing the ears and the head cushion to the underlying cover. Seriously, this thing is the best.

Doris Jerome, MO

Baby loves it TOO much

I regret registering for this product. For the first 4 weeks my baby only wanted to be held, until he finally adjusted to sleeping in this. He’s safe and comfortable, but now, at 5 1/2 months old, he’s quickly outgrowing it and it’s made transitioning to the crib a NIGHTMARE. He will not reliably sleep in his crib yet and still prefers the sleeper. But he’s almost too long for it and can now roll over, so it’s time to put this away for good. Wish I’d never heard about it and simply worked harder at getting him to sleep in the crib as a newborn. Buy at your own risk. Ugh.

Constance Hillsborough, NC


I ordered this for my newborn grandson and was amazed at how fast it arrived. The best thing about this is the calming vibrations, which help him sleep. Not really happy with the colors and the fact that you have to rock it yourself, but other than that, this is a very nice sleeper. I also like that it collapses for easy transport.

Rosie Urania, LA


Gosh I wanted to like this.Everyone I knew who used this told me it was a miracle-worker for getting their newborns to sleep.Unfortunately, our newborn did not consider it a miracle-worker. He just didn’t like it, and seemed to prefer a swaddle or laying with mommy. Oh well, I guess we saved some money when we sent it back.

Serena Locke, NY

A hand rocker

I thought this rocked on its own but it doesn’t. You can use your hand to do it. Because of this I was disappointed until I put my 4 month old child into it on vibrate. He quieted right down and managed to rock it himself with his own movements. Cool. It didn’t work every time he fussed but it’s a good product. He’s 18 lbs and can use it awhile longer so you can gauge whether or not your kid would fit ok.

Aline Mammoth, PA

Versatile and portable

This is perfect for babies with gastric reflux or those who just like to sleep at an angle rather than flat on their backs. I also find that the shape of the seat cups the baby and makes it feel secure and cozy, just like it’s in my arms. As others have mentioned, the rocking and vibration features are useful for babies who like those kinds of things. Mine doesn’t happen to care much for that, but the features are easily ignored and don’t detract from the other benefits. The cover and inserts are soft and made out of a nice, washable material. The material isn’t waterproof, though, so you shouldn’t be surprised if accidents lead to liquid leaking through…just something to be aware of.An added bonus: Because this sleeper is so portable, it’s really great to bring to restaurants so your baby isn’t on the floor in its car seat. The elevation of this sleeper just seems a bit cleaner and nicer for the baby than putting the car seat on the floor.

Selina Benton, IA

Sturdy, Comfortable, and Nice

Assembly was more difficult than anticipated. The instructions, once located, made the process much easier. It is worth noting that the safety straps were the hardest part to get right.Once assembled, it seems nice and sturdy, well-capable of holding a 25-lb child. The rocking motion is manually triggered, as others have noted. I was somewhat worried that the apparatus would be relatively easy to tip over, but I am quite reassured now. When assembled, the baby sits at a height of approximately 30 inches off of the floor, so it isn’t too high to be safe, but isn’t so low that it is completely inconvenient.The battery is only necessary for the vibrations, which seem dispensable for our child. So, your mileage may vary. Replacement of the battery does require a screwdriver, which is suboptimal.It does require frequent cleaning, but…it’s for a baby. What else could you expect?? One thing that does bear mentioning is that there is a plastic support under the cushion. That plastic support seems to be permanently attached to the nylon that holds the frame in place. That plastic support probably doesn’t hold more than a half a cup or so before any “liquid” starts to leak out onto the MUCH MORE DIFFICULT TO CLEAN nylon. So. If you have your baby in this, be on the lookout for leaks! And promptly remove any liquid. Otherwise, you’re going to have a much more difficult clean up ahead of you.I wouldn’t really say that this thing is all that portable. I mean, it certainly beats a portable crib, and portability is measured against a different yardstick once a little one comes along (along with all of the necessities that suddenly become unavoidable.

Camilla Otley, IA



Myra Bartelso, IL

Perfect for the newborn

I ordered this sleeper for a gift for my daughter, who is due in March. We did take the Rock n’ Play out of the box to check it out, and we both fell in love with it immediately. It is so soft to the touch, and the frame is well built for the weight of a newborn. Obviously we haven’t had a chance to test out the vibrating feature, but I can definitely see how it would lull a baby to sleep – and it’s easier than driving them around in the car or putting them in a basket on top of the washing machine like I used to do! LOLThe incline of the main bed and the cushy head rest will cocoon the baby in a secure fashion, without being SO cushy it provides a danger. The vibration feature switches on and off, and runs on a D battery.I do like the fact the cushion is washable, and from what I read in other reviews, this may need to be done on a weekly basis to prevent mold. Since this one hasn’t been put into actual use, I can’t really comment on the mold issue.The entire structure is easy to fold and can be easily stored in a closet or under a bed, or taken with you in the car.Overall, both my daughter and I are pleased with this Rock n’Play — and now we just wait until March to truly try it out!

Marva Loretto, MN

must have

life saver! holds my baby like a hammock and she sleeps great in this. we’ve graduated to the crib fro night time but still use this for travel and daytime naps. a plus that the vibration doesnt time out.

Elvia Supply, NC

Great for newborn

We got this for our newborn after she cried when she was laid flat to sleep. It came at the suggestion of a friend of my Mom’s and it is the best! She is now 6 1/2 weeks old and sleeps in it next to our bed. The headrest is very soft next to her skin which I love. We have not had to use the vibration feature much, but the rocking ability was a lifesaver early on. From laying in bed I could literally use one finger to rock it and she was asleep in no time. The cover is very easy to take off and wash, and stands up to being washed. Our baby never liked to be swaddled, she likes to have her hands free so the waist belt was easy to use on her. The incline is not too much, and I think it will continue to be her bed for a while longer. We had purchased a bassinet to use at first, but this was a much better buy and we haven’t used the bassinet yet. I love the mesh panels which allow air flow. Other reviews mentioned moisture buildup in the molded plastic base but I have had no problems at all with that. This is a great buy and a great product. It is very easy to fold up and move from room to room, I definitely recommend it for new babies!

Bobbi Afton, MN

practical, useful, portable, lightweight

This is a terrific little accessory for your baby. It’s easy to pick up with one hand and take with you from room to room as you go about your day. The rocking feature is easy to put in motion with a gentle movement of your hand or foot. The sleeper is sturdier than it looks and the fabric is nice and snuggly for cradling your baby.The vibrating feature is a terrific bonus to help sooth a fussy baby and I think the angle of the sleeper will help babies with reflux.The only real negative I can think of is that I wouldn’t leave a child to sleep in this for extended periods of time or unattended so “sleeper” as a description isn’t the best name for this (catnapper maybe?!).Others have noted that this wouldn’t meet the recommended requirements for sleeping as it isn’t a hard, flat surface.

Florence Charles City, IA

Tricky to Assemble but Finished Product is Cool

First of all I want to say that this was NOT easy to assemble. While the instructions are clear, fitting the base tubes together is a royal pain. I suppose this is a good thing because once they all ARE connected, they aren’t coming apart…ever. The instructions for the first step does say that “each hub is designed to fit on the base tubes one way. If one of the hub tubes does not seem to fit, try the other tube”. Okay. I tried that several times. I finally got the vaseline out (didn’t want to use WD-40 on a baby item). The vaseline helped but you still need muscle power. Thank goodness my neighbor dropped over unexpectedly and she was able to help me keep it stable while I fit the hubs on the tubes. So, that is the first thing, just plan on having someone help, especially if you are muscle challenged like me. Pay attention while putting together because the green hub buttons need to be facing out in order to access for folding the sleeper for transport or storage.Once put together the rocker sleeper seems very stable. I won’t have any qualms about putting my grandson in it this January.The plastic liner seems to be pretty hard and as others have said, I would certainly put something more cushiony between it and the fabric pad.The rocker features a vibrating motion (Fisher Price calls it a Soothing unit). This takes one “D” battery (not included). The vibration is calm but it is hard to tell how much a baby would like (or dislike) and there is no way to vary the vibration, only the choice to turn it on or off. The instructions mention that if the product begins to operate erratically, you may need to reset the electronics by sliding the power switch off and then back on. Yeah, with reading that I am not going to leave him alone in the sleeper while it is vibrating. I would have liked to see a little melody feature offered on the soothing unit. Maybe a different model of this sleeper offers one.The product is designed for newborns and babies up to 20 pounds. Overall, I think this rocker sleeper is a nice item to have. It is more versatile than a regular bassinet.

Olive Willow Springs, IL

Great addition to the newborn arsenal.

I really wish that this product was on the market with my first baby as I would most definitely have gotten it for him but thankfully it was available for our newest addition. My first baby had some breathing issues that were caused by his trachea not being completely formed. The angle of this sleeper would have been ideal and so much better than his flat bassinet. Therefore, I would highly recommend this for babies with reflux issues. Another wonderful feature of this sleeper is that it vibrates which can be controlled with a switch. My third baby likes the vibrating feature and she is able to get the sleeper rocking with her own movements at times. This is a must have baby registry item as it can really help during those early weeks.Update: We had to make a few trips this winter and often had to stay in hotels. This sleeper folded up so easily and our little one slept so much better in this than she sleeps in her portable crib. It really did make us wish that we had this item for the previous family trips that we took a few years ago. Very glad we chose this item and still highly recommend it!

Aida Kingston, RI