Fisher-Price Deluxe Rock n’ Play Portable Bassinet

Fisher-Price Deluxe Rock n’ Play Portable Bassinet

Soothe baby to sleep with a gentle pushing motion. Fun, colorful toys will entertain baby. Features see-through, breathable, mesh material on side-panels. What Is The Fisher-Price Deluxe Rock ‘n Play Portable Bassinet? The Fisher-Price Deluxe Rock ‘n Play Portable Bassinet is just the right size to keep baby conveniently by your side – at home or on the go! The flat, elevated sleeping surface and rocking motion make it perfect for rest. A soft, linkable toy and mirror make it great for playtime, too. Baby Can Sleep Comfortably, Anywhere! Keep baby comforted and close by, in the perfect portable sleep environment. Extra-special touches like the deluxe, soft fabric and tailored skirt make it feel as sweet and cozy as it looks. The rocking motion (rocks with a gentle push from mom or dad) help soothe baby to sleep – or, twist and lock the feet for stationary use. When it’s time to play, a soft, linkable toy and mirror entertain. The Fisher-Price Deluxe Rock ‘n Play Portable Bassinet is lightweight and easily folds for portability from room-to-room or while you travel. The pad is machine washable and dryer safe. Better For Baby As baby drifts off to dreamland, a soothing sleep environment helps baby feel safe and secure. During playtime, baby’s senses will be delighted by a shiny mirror and a variety of interesting textures. Making Connections Help baby learn to self-soothe – to stop crying and calm down. The restful environment this bassinet provides helps baby understand when it’s time to wind down and relax. Features: Deluxe, soft fabric & tailored skirt Folds flat for portability Flat, elevated sleeping area Rocks with a gentle push Mirror & soft, linkable toy Twist & washable pad See-through, breathable, mesh side panels Lock feet for stationary use

Main features

  • Plastic, Fabric
  • A portable sleep environment for baby
  • The bassinet has a flat elevated sleeping surface for baby, breathable sides, and it rocks with a gentle push
  • Plush top rails and pleated skirt give this bassinet added comfort and fashion
  • A baby’s view mirror is attached to the side of the bassinet
  • Features a light weight, foldable frame perfect for at home or on the go
  • The bassinet has a flat, elevated sleeping surface for baby, breathable sides, and it rocks with a gentle push from mom

Verified reviews


Functional portable bassinet.

Before this we had a Pack ‘N Play bassinet. This time I wanted a smaller option that would easily fit beside the bed. Overall this is a great portable bassinet that doesn’t take up much room. It can be easily folded and stored, and I love the mesh sides for breathability. The bassinet comes with two small toy inserts–a mirror and koala type toy, and plush sides, which is very soft. The bottom is lined and padded, and can be removed for washing (only one included). Bassinet is on a flat surface, rocks, and is easy to set-up.The only thing I didn’t think about was with a Pack N Play you can buy a mini-mattress and sheets, which we were always washing from blow-outs and spit ups. With the Deluxe Portable Bassinet you get one inserts, so no other option. If you need to change the pad in the middle of the night you’ll have to lay something else down, or move baby elsewhere until you can get the padding cleaned. I’ll have to see what options there are that fit the dimensions of the padding.

Jaclyn Sheldon Springs, VT

Better than rock n’play sleeper

My baby is too big for this (so I’m saving it for number 2) but I have a friend who just had a baby boy and I let her borrow it. We also had the My Little Snagubunny Rock N’Play sleeper for my son when he was born, but I didn’t like that it was so snug and on an incline.This bassinet is more like a regular bassinet because it is flatter. It has breathable sides, but they are not the same mesh as is used on the Snugabunny Sleeper, which is good because I read that those were recalled for mold issues in the mesh. It rocks and has a cute toy and mirror inside for the baby to play with. Her baby is still really little yet for the mirrior to be of interest. Born at almost 11 pounds, her baby is a big one. He is one month old and around 12 pounds. The bassinet feels very secure and rocks smoothly. He sleeps well in it, as opposed to his crib, which he probably does not feel as secure in due to the larger wide-open space. The bassinet sits right next to her bed and is the perfect hieght for her older mattress (not the higher style). This works out great because she is breastfeeding.One disadvantage to this over the Snugabunny rocker is that only the pad insert is washable. On the Snugabunny you could take the entire thing off (besides the mesh) and toss it in the washer. Kind of a pain, as her baby is a spitter. She says it does wipe clean fairly easily, but I’m not sure that’s going to be enough over time.This folds up nice and she is able to fit it easily in her small car (Honda Civic) and she stores it out of the way during the day when not in use.I think if I had to choose between this and the Snugabunny rocker, I would buy this. Your baby will not get used to sleeping on an angle, and it will be an easier transition to the crib.

Angelina Pelican, AK

Not appropriate as a bassinet option

This unit was mentioned on several forums as a good option for bedside sleeping for newborns. When it arrived, I couldn’t imagine having my baby sleep in that for a nap, let alone for a full night. The bottom is very hard, nearly no padding. The rocking feature is nice but not worth the tip factor. I was also surprised by how deep it is. Already sitting below our mattress line, the bottom is about 10" below the top of the bassinet making lifting baby out for late night feedings very awkward. I’m glad I returned it for another option because I ended up having a c-section and it never would have worked for me.

Essie Hackleburg, AL

Very convenient

This is a wonderful alternative to a traditional bassinet. First off, it’s portable and lightweight and even though it doesn’t weigh much, it still feels quite sturdy when the baby is inside. The slightly elevated design is fabulous for fussy babies, especially those with colic (like my son had). There is plenty of room to move around in there, but I wouldn’t keep my baby there past 2-3 months, at the most. It’s perfect for swaddled newborns and is just the right height to keep near the side of your bed. The rocking feature is nice too and comes in handy during the middle of the night when baby wakes up cranky and can’t get back to sleep. This is another great idea by Fisher-Price and I only wish they had this when my daughter was born! I would give this 5 stars but, unlike a pack-and-play which can be used as a sleeper for many months, this particular bassinet is more temporary. Like I said, it’s great for newborns and especially if you want something near you during the night, but it won’t hold up to a larger baby.

Arline Friedensburg, PA

Good portable bassinet

I think this is great for what it says it is. For a portable sleeper this is great. It’s light weight, it’s easy to move around, it’s great for grandma’s house with occasional use. It’s also good for a nap in the kitchen when you are busy and just want the kid close. It’s not really what I would use for a nightly sleeper. It isn’t super easy to clean thoroughly so if you’ve got an upset stomach or blow out diaper in a bad spot you spend some time wiping and scrubbing and I always find myself wishing I could just throw is all in the wash after I get the mess wiped down. The bulk of the cover *does* go in the wash it’s the mesh and hard plastic stuff that is permanently (I mean screwed on by the manufacture) that you have to scrub on. While it feels sturdy and I’m not worried about it being safe, it’s not something I think you’ll use for three kids and pass down to family for their kids.<UPDATED> So my youngest got a really bad cough and this was a lifesaver! He slept in this exclusively for about two weeks because it would elevate his head and let him sleep not on us. It was awesome. No issues, it did get washed several times and scrubbed on and has held up really well. For being hesitant at the beginning on this product we’ve used it a ton in the first 6 months and now I dread the day we outgrow it!

Maureen Rose Hill, IA

lightweight, breathable, and mobile!

I really love this bassinet! So convenient for moving from room to room when my baby was newborn. I love the breathable sides! Convenient for bringing with you when you bring baby to someone’s house, too.I kept my baby in it next to me until he was fine months old (and 24 inches long).

Noemi Donalds, SC

Weight limit win!

First of all this bassinet has a 25lb weight limit which far exceeds most bassinet weight limits. For first time moms who aren’t sure how quickly a baby grows I have a healthy 2 month old that was born 7lbs 5oz and is now almost 12 lbs. She is still in this bassinet by my bed and she fits in it with room to grow still. Keep in mind, most other bassinets have a 15lb weight limit.I love that it has a flat sleeping surface. This feature is nice because it is preparing my little one to move to her crib without a problem (instead of letting her sleep in a swing that cuddles her).I have a very tall bed and this bassinet comes flush with the top on my mattress which is good because I pull it right up to my bed and can reach in to soothe my little one.The colors are neutral and can work for either gender. Most others complain that the mat is hard… It is hard, but it seems comfortable enough. Another plus is that the mat is machine washable and super easy to take out.Love it. Wouldn’t have any other bassinet.

Corinne Eastchester, NY

Rock ‘N Play Bassinet v Rock ‘N Play Sleeper

I purchased the Rock ‘N Play Bassinet about two months before the birth of my son because Amazon was running a $20 off promo so this was a steal at $52. I looked at other bassinets and considered co-sleepers but at this price I thought, give it a shot.I received at my baby shower the Rock ‘N Play Sleeper, which has an inclined sleeping surface. It is about the same price as what I paid for the bassinet.In the first few weeks, I used the Bassinet at night and the Sleeper in the kitchen/living space as a place to put Baby for naps. Initially Baby preferred the incline because he was often spitting up and had gas. After a month, he didn’t need the incline and napped fine on any flat surface (Bassinet, Graco Pack ‘n Play or crib). We have packed away the Sleeper, which folds very conveniently. I didn’t want to continue to use the Sleeper because it didn’t look like his legs were comfortable. Baby kicks a lot and the Sleeper doesn’t have enough space for Baby to rest his legs in the appropriate ‘froggy leg’ position. I also didn’t want him to prefer an incline if he didn’t need it. Now that Baby is more awake during the day, we use a bouncer in the kitchen/living space in place of the Sleeper.The Bassinet is still being used at 7 weeks at night at our bedside. The ‘mattress’ (and I use that term loosely) is only 29 inches long and my son is already 23 inches long. He has room to wiggle but I am cautious to make sure that his head is not too close to the sides where it is not mesh. The mesh is only 16 or so inches long on the side.For our next Baby, I would use the Bassinet again but I would purchase a bassinet mattress. Obviously Fisher-Price only tests and recommends use of their pad, but the mattress pad is already looking worn and shrunken after 10 washes. I laundered it according to directions at least once a week and when there is severe spit up incidents.The top bar of the Bassinet is the height of our bed, which is convenient to peer into but being so low I have to get up out of bed to pick him up. I don’t use the rocking feature because Baby tends to lean into the side and the rocking motion assists in getting him pushed into the mesh. I don’t care the for mirror and I wish it was detachable.I hope to use the Bassinet for at least 3 months. He is 12 lbs and 23 inches at 7 weeks so it might not last. The weight limit is 25 lbs but I can’t imagine a baby that size in this. He should be rolling over before that weight! My biggest concern is that he will snuggle up to the side that is not mesh.There is room for improvement with the Bassinet but I found it to be a good value.

Leann White City, OR