Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Activity Bouncer

Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Activity Bouncer

Encourage baby’s play with a bouncer that puts toys right in baby’s reach. Two toy arms get baby reaching and pulling, to activate fun songs and sounds. A rattle-ball bee, cute clacker bead monkey, spinning penguin, and swaying butterfly add to the fun. When playtime is done, remove the toy arms, turn on the calming vibrations, and let baby be cradled and soothed in a cushy seat. Baby activated music & fun-filled toys. Rowing motion arms develop baby’s visual sense as overhead toys swing back & forth. Extra-cushy, deep seat. Removable, machine washable & dryer safe seat pad. Requires 1 AAA battery and 1 D battery (not included)

Main features

  • Innovative open top design with dual toys handles that swing away for easy access to baby
  • Toys feature unique rowing action that encourages play
  • Music is activated as baby interacts with the toy handle
  • Adorable toys include a monkey that plays music, giraffe, swinging butterfly, spinning penguin and rattle ball bee
  • Comfortable seat pad is machine washable

Verified reviews


Toy bars are not good for baby!

I bought this bouncer for my 4 month old daughter because I wanted another seating option for her besides her swing or Boppy lounger. I thought this bouncer had a good concept with the interactive toy design. However, once I put together the bouncer and let my daughter sit in it, I saw that she couldn’t even really reach the monkey and butterfly toys at the top. She also couldn’t get the push and pull feature of the toy bars. I don’t know if she’s still too young and only knows how to bat at the toys but it just seemed like to me that she got bored very quickly sitting there staring at toys that she couldn’t play with. Perhaps an older baby may like this better but according to the bouncer description, you shouldn’t use this on a baby that can sit up on their own and that’s the only way I can see any baby being able to reach up for the high toys. Also, the music and monkey sounds that comes on when you move one of the handles gets really annoying after awhile. It would be good if there was an off button for the music rather than having to just remove the battery. Lastly, I thought the toy bars could be moved to the sides so you can easily take your baby in and out of the chair but it doesn’t. That means you have to lift your child from the top and slide their legs out from below the toys. Not a big deal but another annoying part of the toy design. I ended up returning this bouncer as it wasn’t worth the money for the badly executed design of the toys.

Leticia Glen Aubrey, NY

Wonderful Shower gift

We loved our bouncer but when my cousin got pregnant we couldn’t find the same one, so after reading many reviews and looking at MANY bouncers we decided on this one. It is so much cuter in person than in the picture. She is using a safari theme and loves monkeys and was so excited that this fit in perfectly. It does have blue on it, but is quite gender-neutral, and has the very important “vibrate” function that was like magic for our baby. The toys hanging over swing out, which is also a great feature. She was very excited, and it turned out to be the perfect baby shower gift!

Celia North Concord, VT

My baby loves this!

SO glad we bought this, my newborn has been happy in it since the day I brought him home. I love how the toy bars move in and out, it makes getting baby in or out super easy and less likely to get bonked on the head by a ton of toys! Nice quiet vibration and soothing music makes this a great buy!

Tessa Boswell, IN

Must be very entertaining!

We needed a lightweight bouncer we could take with us when we travel. My 2.5 mo old seems to just love this. I think it’s easy to get her in and out of and it’s the only item we have where she enjoys the vibrate feature. She especially loves the penguin and also kicks the rattle a lot.

Rhoda Coin, IA

Baby loves it

My son loves this bouncy and he is only 6 weeks old. He cant really work it yet but loves looking at the bright colors it has. The arms are adjustable as well, so he get actually reach it with his feet to kick it.

Cynthia Dacono, CO

Buy a different model to save your toes!

As far as my baby goes, he likes this bouncer okay. Only one of the arms plays music (or a monkey noise) when moved. I’m not sure if he’d get more entertainment from a different bouncer or not.But, both my husband and I have walked by the bouncer and tripped over it multiple times. The way the legs are positioned, just slightly larger than the actual bouncer, makes it very easy to trip over. I was inspired to write this review after my last trip incident today. I am sitting here with my pinky toe-nail ripped off due to this bouncer. I would honestly just recommend purchasing one with a different style base.

Alma Stuyvesant, NY


My baby stares at the toys and loves the massage she gets from the vibration in it. Just love it

Bettye Charlotte Court House, VA

Great purchase! Love this seat!!!!

Great purchase! Very cute bouncy seat. Seat is wide and comfortable. Toys are ok. Can just throw seat cover in washing machine. Very durable and very comfortable! Have actually purchased on more than one occasion. Great purchase!

Marcy Dawson, PA