Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Busy Baby Booster

Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Busy Baby Booster

What is Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Busy Baby Booster? Looking for a way to keep baby entertained while you’re preparing meals, cleaning up, or dining out? Discover the Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Busy Baby Booster! It has a toy tray that snaps right onto the feeding tray to keep baby busy (and the feeding tray clean). It grows with baby, too, from a baby booster chair with removable toy tray, feeding tray, and seat back, to a big-kid toddler booster seat for table-time. The perfect seat for baby during play time and feedings. The feeding tray and toy tray are both dishwasher safe. Feed Hungry Hands and Feed Tummies, too! Discover the secret to keeping baby entertained while you’re preparing meals, cleaning up, or dining out! With a spinning tree, clacker beads, slider froggie, and bobble elephant on the removable toy tray, the Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Busy Baby Booster offers hungry little hands lots of fun and action. And when it’s time to eat, the toy tray snaps off to reveal a clean feeding tray underneath! Both trays are dishwasher safe, so you can sanitize them right in the dishwasher. A Booster That Grows with Baby Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Busy Baby Booster is fully adjustable for baby’s comfort with a 3-position tummy adjustment and an adjustable 3-point restraint. The seat straps adjust to securely fit almost any chair. It grows with baby, too, from baby booster chair with trays and seat back, to big-kid toddler booster for table time! Part of the Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow collection. Nourish Developing Skills Colorful animal friends entertain baby with hands-on fun, enhancing fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Spinning, sliding, and bobble action engage baby’s sense of curiosity, leading to fun cause & effect discoveries! Age Grade Use only with a child who has enough upper body control to sit up unassisted. From baby booster chair to big-kid toddler booster for table time this seat will grow with baby. What’s in the Box? Includes one Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Busy Baby Booster Features Removable toy tray with spinning bee, clacker beads, froggie slider, and bobble elephant Removable feeding tray 3-position tummy adjustment Adjustable 3-point restraint Dishwasher-safe trays—sanitize them right in your dishwasher Easy to convert to toddler booster Folds for portability Convenient over-the-shoulder carry strap Non-skid feet Straps easily and securely to most dining chairs

Main features

  • Removable deluxe toy keeps baby occupied during meal preparation (or at restaurants)
  • Removable seat back and height adjustment make seat the right size for baby as baby grows
  • Seat is easy to clean, with no crevices to trap crumbs
  • Fewer germs sanitize feeding tray and toys in dishwasher
  • Folds compactly for storage and easy portability

Verified reviews


I think this should be in the toy category…for a DOLL

This seat is TINY! I opened up the box, put it together and thought, oh, is this one of the play doll seats? Oops, I thought it was for a baby! My daughter isnt all that big, she barely fits in it. She looks ridiculous sitting in it. It looks like a giant baby sitting in a dollhouse seat 🙂 The backrest barely goes to the middle of her back. She is 16 months old, 30″, I dont think you could fit a toddler in it. Its best for 6 months and under IF your baby is small for their size and can sit by themselves. Yes, its inexpensive, like they always say, you get what you pay for! I will keep it to take to restaurants, and get a regular sized one for the kitchen table. Also, the toy that attaches just easily pops right off, so, it gets tossed to the floor right away! No suprise, though, there is a giant baby sitting in the seat!!!

Arlene Cannon Beach, OR

As expected- LOVE the discover n grow booster!

We have the fisher price rainforest booster for my daughter, bought 4 1/2 years ago, and love it. My daughter is a petite 5 year old (36 lbs and 41 1/2 inches) and she still uses the seat (minus the toys, straps and back) to sit at the table. We knew we’d be looking for another fisher price booster when my little guy was ready for one. I went with the Discover n Grow booster this time. Apart from the theme and a few small things, both the boosters are pretty much the same.This booster is exactly what I expected it to be.- The colors are nice and the toys keep my 7 month old interested.- I love that there are no paper stickers that would peel off eventually after all the washing (this happened with the rainforest booster)- Easy to clean. The chair can be wiped, the table and toys can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher, and the straps can be removed for washing when it gets especially ‘gunky’! (I like soaking them in vinegar).- The seat cannot be adjusted for height like the rainforest booster but it doesn’t make a difference to us.- My son is a big fella. He’s 25 lbs and 29 1/2 inches at 7 months. He sits comfortably in it and isn’t squished.- I can remove the table with one hand easily while holding my little guy in the other arm.

Alexis Nineveh, NY

Small seat with really boring toys. Extremely low backing

When my baby was 6 months, I put him into this booster seat. It was so small for him! Furthermore, due to a lack of proper backing, my baby hit the back part of his head a couple of times when I fixed his seat on a dining chair. That was ridiculous, considering that my baby was 50th percentile for his weight and height at 6 months back then! The toys were really boring with a blue elephant with a head that can be moved vertically, a chimp on a tree with the latter that pivots on its axis, a frog that is movable back and forth the same curved track and a giraffe with rattling rings around its neck. That’s all. Pretty boring, isn’t it? It certainly is, in my (and my baby’s) opinion.

Aline Hewitt, TX

Easy to Use

This seat was easy to put together, quick to set up, and the toys are very cute. They keep my dauhter occupied during her meal times and can be taken down/apart with little hassle.

Brandie Dixfield, ME

Travel High Chair

We really like this high chair for eating out. The toy tray goes right in the dish washer along with the seat so you can clean everything every time you come home. It fits on any chair and you know that it is clean every time you go out. The toy tray pops off easily so you can use the clean feeding tray.

Wendi Elkland, MO

i brought it for my 9 months baby

This seat was easy to put together, quick to set up, and the toys are very cute. but the toys are hard to put it back and not easy to put it in either..

Carole Winsted, MN

Best booster out there

I’ve tried a couple other boosters and this one is by far the best in my opinion. My kids (17M & 3Y) seem to agree too. I bought one of these for my oldest and we took it whenever we went out to eat (restaurants, friends’/ family members’ houses, etc.). The back folds down and the strap can be used to carry it, so it’s very portable which I loved. I’m not a germaphobe, but it’s nice to know that your kid isn’t sitting in the same nasty chair as hundreds of other kids (who knows when the last time it was cleaned). The tray, and especially the removable toy insert, is a really nice touch. I decided to try another booster for my oldest when my youngest was ready to move out of his high chair. Bad idea. Two boosters later, I bought another one of these. The contoured seat and the high back seem to be what my wiggly kids need to stay in their seats during mealtimes.

Angelica Reynoldsburg, OH

No stickers, No mess!

We have had this in daily use for over six months now and it cleans up like new every time. The other ones I looked at had stickers but this activity base has been great. Great buy!

Lara Leesville, OH

fantastic for travel

This booster seat is great. I’d recommend it to everyone! The play tray keeps my baby busy for a while, but not for too long. The seat though is very easy to install and appears safe and sturdy. I feel totally comfortable putting my baby in this seat.

Louise Baldwin, MI

This seat allowed us to eat out again!

When my little one was pretty good at sitting up unpropped, we got her this seat to use as a high chair when we were traveling with her. She really liked it and was happy to sit in it for longer periods of time so we started using it when we went out to eat with her. She enjoyed the toys and played while we ate. It was such a great change from the previous attempts to eat with taking turns holding her on our laps! She couldn’t use the wooden high chairs in restaurants yet cause she was too small but this one fit her perfectly well. Plus it comes with toys! I still use it now that she’s 10 months as it’s clean unlike the restaurant chairs, and nice and light so I can easily carry it in and out of restaurants while still carrying her. I highly recommend it!

Elaine Loudon, NH

Grow out fast booster

The toy tray is unnecessary as it can only serve interest for a shirt while before my toddler simply want to pull it off and drop it by the floor. And when this s it, you have a loose piece of toy ‘furniture’/’junk’ if you will.

Alicia Tillery, NC